Bolt Rifle Meets AR Magazines

Mossberg’s Sensational MVP Varminter.

There’s an advantage being a family owned and managed firearms business. If your financing is in place, you can turn on a dime, design and produce some of the most contemporary, stylistic and appealing models in the business. Alan Mossberg and his son, Iver Mossberg, are doing just that. This year, the company produced its 10-millionth Model 500 Series shotgun, a feat accomplished 9 years earlier than Remington’s 10-millionth Model 870. Even more impressive is the recent rollout of their hunting and tactical AR platform—the Mossberg Modern Rifle—new hunting and tactical lever actions and three new families of centerfire bolt-action rifles, including the striking Mossberg Varmint-Predator (MVP) line that accepts standard AR magazines.

From muzzle to butt, Mossberg’s MVP bespeaks of exceptional design, quality and features normally associated with only custom guns. The MVP pictured here is a dedicated varmint rifle. With its benchrest-style stock, 24″ medium bull barrel and mounted with Nikon’s ballistic compensating P-223 scope and my Limbsaver sling, it weighs in at 9 pounds, 4 ounces. It’s not a walkabout varmint rifle, but it is the perfect style rifle for prairie dog hunting or for spotting and potting woodchucks along country back roads. That’s why I like to team it up with Caldwell’s lightweight, portable, DeadShot FieldPod for a deliberate style of shooting in the field.

Two features of the MVP immediately grab your attention as a hunter. The first is its use of AR-15 magazines. Removable magazines of any type are a real plus in my experience. They enhance the safety of a rifle since you can remove all the unfired cartridges, except the one in the chamber, with a quick, simple motion of detaching the magazine from the rifle. Along the same line, your rifle can be kept completely unloaded until you need it and then readied by slapping a magazine into the action. In addition, having a spare, loaded magazine on your person makes reloading a quick, effortless task.
The MVP comes factory furnished with a 10-round magazine, and depending upon your state’s game laws, you may want to supplement that with a 5-round magazine or two. In my mind, fitting the MVP with standard AR-15 magazines holding 20 to 30 rounds makes the most sense for prairie dog hunting or for tactical and target shooting purposes.

In use, the MVP action fed flawlessly from 10-, 20- and 30-round magazines due to the design of the bolt head which features a hinged lip at the 6 o’clock position that drops down and pushes the rounds forward from the magazine lips. Mossberg calls it a “Drop Push” bolt design, and it’s patent-pending.
By Holt Bodinson

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