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Blessing Or Curse? It Depends….

Is there a proper word to describe an object that lends itself to accessorizing? Would that quality be called something like “accessorizability”? Beats me, but every time I see a firing line of AR-15s in a carbine class, the array of bolt-on baubles, clamp-on tchotchkes and screw-in gizmos stuns me. Without a doubt, Gene Stoner’s platform is the most accessorized and customized firearm in history. It seems like you could drag a bare bones AR down the aisle of a gunshop and optics, lights, lasers, slings, bipods-tripods-monopods and monkey-pods would leap off the shelves and attach themselves.

It’s not a bad thing; in fact it’s great to be able to set up your AR with precisely the gear you want for a given application. I have to question the utility of mounting a hydraulic clam-digger or an electric MRE heater on your quad rail though. Here we’ll try to show you some purely practical gadgets, OK?

Back-Up Twenty

The Back-Up Twenty buttstock by US Tactical Systems, a division of Versa-Pod, is a must-have for police cruiser carbines, but it’s also eminently practical for a citizen’s “truck carbine” too. It neatly stores a loaded mil-spec metal 20-round magazine in a spring-loaded compartment, sealed from dust and debris. When you need it, you just pull out and down on the recessed T-latch, swing the buttplate hatch open, and punch the button on the right side to pop it right out. There’s even a window so you can visually confirm a mag’s presence.

Constructed of DuPont Zytel, it’s the same length as a standard A2 buttstock, and just as strong. The Back-Up Twenty mounts on your rifle-length receiver extension and uses your standard buffer and spring. It comes in a non-reflective dark gray finish, and is equipped with a fixed steel 1.25″ sling loop in the toe. I’ve had one on a Rock River carbine for months now, and really like it. Price is $199.95
By John Connor

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