Birchwood Casey Targets

By Jeff John

For me, plinking is a method of keeping my eye sharp for other pursuits, including hunting and target shooting. I prefer iron sights for some reason, and as I age, I find I prefer open barrel sights to peeps, although I often don’t shoot them as well (especially beyond 100 yards).

Somewhere along the line I picked up an early pre-WWII British-proofed FN Takedown .22, one of John Browning’s excellent inventions. It is wonderfully reliable and decently accurate, and the perfect candidate for rapid fire shooting at Birchwood Casey’s Rigid Clay Holder Stand folding target. The RCH is easily filled with clay pigeons, holds up well enough to replace the targets over and over again if you don’t hit the stand too often and goes right into the recycle bin when you’re through. Friend Roger and I shot this over a daylong session and it is now ready for the bin.

I like using one for pistol practice. Instead of obsessing over groups, just smashing a 4-5/16-inch diameter clay pigeon shows you are hitting close enough to count in a defensive scenario, and rewards you with instant feedback. The .22 LR doesn’t often fracture a clay bird on the first shot, requiring several rounds and perhaps a few follow-ups to finish it off. No deal breaker, mind you, just an observation.

The unit comes with 3 sheets of stick on Shoot-N-C bull’s-eyes to use in between the clays, and if you reverse the target, it will hold 4 targets edge-on as your skills sharpen. The downside of the reverse for me is by the time my eyes are sharp enough to shoot clays edge-on, I’ve shot the darn stand to pieces.

Reasonably priced at $7.60, the Birchwood Casey’s Rigid Clay Holder Stand folding target makes a great combination for a day of informal shotgun practice, followed by rimfire or centerfire plinking.


Birchwood Casey’s Rigid Clay Holder (above) is a fun little target for
plinking. Inexpensive and the refillable target lasts pretty long, unless
you miss a whole lot. Big bores like the little Charter Arms Bulldog age
it fast, though. The target sets up any place safe to shoot (below). It
took several .22 LR rounds from Jeff’s little Browning to finish off a
clay, but the .44 made short work of them.


Birchwood Casey
7900 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 937-7933

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