3 thoughts on “Behind The Byline: Mike “Duke” Venturino

  1. rick hillier

    looking for info regarding an old 1890s bresica bolt rifle, wont take 6.5 carcano or swiss. Does any other similar ammo for Italian military rifle come into mind? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Gary Maynard

    I just finished reading your “Making the case for 2nd generation peacemakers”, April 2018 GUNS. A melancholy state fell upon me as I read about your Mack & Dave’s experience. I lived at Wilsondale, WV on a tract of land bordering Cabwaylingo State Forest in Wayne County, graduated from Crum High School in May, 1965, enrolled in Marshall University in Fall, 1965, worked for Anderson Newcomb Company at $1.25 per hour while going to Marshall full time which enabled me to buy my first pistol from Mack & Dave’s Bill Morris in 1966. It was a Ruger Mark I with walnut grips. I loved that pistol. It started a relationship between Bill and me that lasted until his passing in 2016. Mack & Dave’s closed their doors for the last time in February of 2017 when Dave Cohen was in his 90’s and the family decided Dave, who was suffering from dementia, could no longer maintain and no one else wanted to continue. Mack Webb, his original partner, had passed decades earlier. Dave was there to the end speaking with the customers not fully realizing what was happening, in my opinion.
    Speaking of the Hatfield & McCoys:
    As a child I remember an old man, Richard Vance, who lived about 3 miles above where I was raised and I was told he actually fought with the Hatfields. My father and I went to “Devil Anse” grave site in Logan.
    Because of your interest in military history and weapons:
    My father was drafted from Marshall College in 1942, served with the 80th Infantry Division, then transferred into the Army Air Corps and flew with the 20th Air Corp, 29th Bomb group and flew 15 missions on the B-29 Superfortress from North Field on Guam over many cities in Japan. I have his 7.7 rifle, a samauri sword, a p-38 with holster and extra mag, and a 7.65 walther liberated with papers.

    I knew you were a WV boy and I’m glad you have gained such success in your writing. I wish you the best with your knee replacement. I can fully understand what you’re going through as I detached an ACL in 1975 and after 2 surgeries, probably need a replacement now. I’ll just put it off as long as I can.

    May God bless and keep you and yours.


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