Bacon Wrapped Dove

I have three passions – hunting, shooting and cooking. Combining those passions into cooking what I hunt and shoot is even more of a passion. Over the years, I’ve collected hundreds of recipes from friends, hunting camps; lodges and some I’ve just created myself. Collecting and trying these recipes has connected me to outdoor groups, fundraising organizations and youth groups who’ve used cookbooks to raise money for good causes. Along the way, I’ve discovered some unique and delicious ways to cook what I’ve hunted.

Sharing recipes is a way of taking the hunting experience even further. I always try to cook what I hunt, but even though I have hundreds of recipes, I’m always on the prowl for new ones I can try, so if you have an old family recipe your proud of, email it to me and I’ll be happy to try it and share it with others as well.
By Shari LeGate

Bacon Wrapped Game Bird

A chef shared this recipe from a hunting lodge in Idaho many years ago. I had the pleasure of hunting on this preserve with a group and was having a particularly good hunting day. Use any type of game bird for this recipe; Quail, Chukar, Dove, Pheasant or even Waterfowl such as duck or goose.

Over the years, I’ve changed the recipe a little, preferring to grill it outdoors instead of broiling it in the oven and moving the cheese from inside the bacon to melting it on top. Either way, it still comes out very tasty and makes a great meal. I’ve served this for guests it always gets rave reviews.

For this particular plate, I used Eurasian Dove, which have a bigger breast than Morning Dove or White Wing.

All the ingredients laid out and ready to placed on the bacon.
After rolling it all up, skewer it with a toothpick.


3 Breast from Game Bird, deboned. 1 breast equals 2 halves.
1 Granny Smith Green Apple – cored and sliced
3 Serrano Pepper – slice in half, seeds removed, slicing each half into two pieces.
1 pkg. Hickory smoked thick sliced bacon – 1 slice per breast
1 Pepper Jack cheese – 1 slice for each piece (1 ½” long x 1” wide, about ¼ inch thick or slightly less.


Preheat the grill to a high heat. Lay out one slice of thick cut bacon, placing 1 half breast, 1 slice of green apple and 1 piece of Serrano Pepper on the bacon. Roll the bacon with the ingredients inside into a ball. Use a long toothpick to secure everything in place.

Place on the grill for approximately 12 minutes turning often to evenly cook the bacon. At approximately 11 minutes, or when bacon is close to fully and evenly cooked, place 1 slice of Pepper Jack cheese on top of the ball and cook for 1min. or until cheese melts over bacon.

Remove and serve immediately with wild rice and salad.

The cheese has melted over the bacon wrapped dove enhancing the flavor of the dove and apple. The rice and salad compliment the dove. Top it off a nice red wine and it’s a complete meal.

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