ATI-GSG’s 1911

And It’s A .22 LR

An endearing quality of the .22 rimfire is it can, and has been, chambered in every significant handgun and rifle design since its inception. The great benefit of the rimfire’s adaptability is we can enjoy a variety of “understudy” firearms. By “understudy,” I mean a rimfire handgun or rifle that approximates the style, size, features, weight and handling characteristics of a classic centerfire model.

Good examples would be the Winchester Model 52, Kimber M-57M, CZ 452 or Anschutz 1710D for a bolt action; a Marlin 39A, Browning BL-22 or one of the many Henry models for a lever action; a Colt/Walther M4/M16, Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 or Ruger SR-22 for an AR, a Freedom Arms Model 83 or 97, Taurus Tracker, EAA Bounty Hunter, S&W M 617 or Ruger Single-Six for a revolver. However, when it comes to the semi-automatic handgun, a rimfire Model 1911 clone clearly dominates the field like the Kimber Tactical, Colt Ace, Chiappa 1911-22 and the latest entry, German Sport Guns’ GSG-1911.

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