Another June, Another Time

And an invitation….

For many military historians, mentioning “June” instantly brings to mind Hattin, Waterloo, Bunker Hill and Operation Overlord, Normandy, 1944; battles which fundamentally altered history. But there was another battle in another June which also profoundly changed the world—and redefined America’s place in it.

By the time America entered World War I in April 1917, the British Imperial and French armies had been all but bled dry, having lost 2 million killed in action and over 6 million wounded. While Germany and its allies had also suffered horrendous casualties, they knew the American army was pitifully small, ill-equipped, inexperienced and an ocean away from intervention.

They were right. The process of conscripting and outfitting 2.8 million men and transporting them to France meant there was virtually no American presence on the battlefield until the spring of 1918, and even then, the Yanks initially deployed in relatively small numbers. In the meantime, Germany’s fortunes had changed dramatically. The Russian armistice on the Eastern Front freed up 50 divisions of battle-hardened troops to be thrown against the shaky and shell-shocked trenchlines of France.

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4 thoughts on “Another June, Another Time

  1. David H Daniels

    My vote for the Official State Gun of Massachusetts is the Springfield Rifle(s) in any of its models from muzzle loader to 1903. I prefer the latter.

    What other gun would be appropriate for the location of the Cradle of Liberty and of the Springfield Armory?

    NRA Benefactor/Gun Owner’s Action League

  2. Ofc. John Erwin, Ret.

    My brothers and I love reading your column in Guns Magazine. I live in the State of Michigan! I select the Red Ryder BB gun, originally from Plymouth, Michigan. I know people will bitch that it is not a “true” firearm. My first gun was a Daisy, Christmas gift from my folks.

  3. jake benson

    My name is Jake and my vote for the official gun of the state Idaho would be the Smith and Wesson 29 .44 mag. Elmer Keith lived in Idaho and help develop the 44 mag by hand loading the .44 special.

  4. Michael Car

    My vote for the official state gun of Arizona is the Colt Peacemaker. NO, WAIT! It already IS our state firearm. Arizona was the first state to have an official firearm.


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