The Holy Grail of .410s

Having been hanging out at my local skeet field, I often got to shoot with a tight-knit group of very serious retired Japanese guys who used Winchester 42s exclusively, as well as the short-lived Browning/Miroku reissues from the early ’90s now costing darn near as much as an original.

I became horrendously envious of those wand-like, properly scaled M42s that were easily a pound lighter than my BPS. To be honest, up until then most other .410s I’d seen at the club had been outrageously pricey O/Us — either dedicated .410 imports or less exorbitant Browning Citori 12-gauges with Briley tubes.

My “stopgap” solution for a seriously scaled-down .410 was a nice old Stevens Model 940D single-shot. As much fun as I had with it, I realized if I wanted to shoot doubles with something truly small-framed yet capable of repeat shots, I was going to have to get serious about finding a Model 42.