Feeding And Function

Both wadded and star-crimped blanks can feed in autoloaders, but the star- crimped blanks are generally more reliable. The rounded nose mimics the ogive of a bullet, which helps it find its way in the chamber. Wadded blanks often have the case mouth slightly rounded over to retain the wadding. It also helps reduce the chance of them hanging up on the feed ramp or chamber mouth. The wadded blank case mouth looks a little like what you would get if you let an orangutan run empty cases through your reloading press with the roll crimping die set too low. In fact, you can crimp wadded blanks in precisely this manner.

A common problem with using standard cases for blanks is they may be too short to feed reliably. A longer case of the same base dimensions to get the blank cartridge’s length closer to the live round’s is often the solution. For example, you can make 9x19mm and .45 ACP blanks from crimped 9mm and .45 Winchester Magnum cases.