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Holsters for Springfield SA-35

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed offers Holsters for Springfield Armory SA-35 pistols. The SA-35 is a modern interpretation of the classic P-35 handgun designed by John Moses Browning. Holsters include IWB and OWB models like the SuperTuck, SnapSlide, DropSlide and more. CrossBreed’s hook-and-loop style off-body pistol holsters and mag carriers are also available for the SA-35. MSRP: From $36.95 depending on model. For more info: (888) 732-5011,

28-Gauge 3" Super Black Eagle 3s

Benelli USA

The new 28-Gauge 3″ Super Black Eagle 3 models are part of Benelli USA’s Super Black Eagle series. Offered in 3″ chamber 28-gauge, the SBE 3s meet the needs of water fowlers who hunt flooded timber in the southern regions as well as the beaver dams and cattails of the north. These models perform as well as the Super Black Eagle but in a lightweight, faster-handling package. They work with standard 2 ¾” shot shells as well as the new class of 3″ loads. MSRP: From $1,799. For more info: (301) 283-6981,

R3D Suppressor/RMR Height Sights

XS Sights

XS Sights introduces the R3D Suppressor/RMR Height Sights for the HK VP9 Optics Ready pistol. These taller sights give a clear view of the target as well as accurate alignment while using a suppressor. They also work as backup sights for optics and allow a lower 1/3 co-witness with the Holosun 507, Vortex Viper and Trijicon RMR series of red dot sights. The XS R3D Night Sight offers a traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post sight picture with the notch 15% wider than the front sight. MSRP: $143. For more info: (888) 744-4880,


Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight Inc. introduced a laser model of its ultra-compact TLR-6 rail-mounted weapon light. It fits the Taurus GX4 micro-compact handgun. The new model uses a bright white LED to deliver 100 lumens and 2,000 candela over a beam distance of 89 meters. It is also equipped with a 640–660nm red aiming laser. The TLR-6 is 2.5″ long and weighs 1.12 oz. MSRP: TLR-6 for the Taurus GX4 is $187.43. For more info: (800) 523-7488,

B-TM Heat Shield for Ruger 10/22

Samson Mfg. Corp. 

The B-TM Heat Shield for Ruger 10/22 from Samson Mfg. adds tactical style and is the ideal replacement for factory heat shields. Made of a durable, impact-resistant injection molded glass-filled polymer, the heat shield is precision-contoured to fit. It converts your favorite .22 into a Mini-14 look-alike. The matte black heat shield accessory easily and securely installs in minutes without gunsmithing using a single screw. MSRP: $23.99. For more info: (888) 665-4370,

Holsters for Springfield Hellcat Pro

1791 Gunleather

Holsters for Springfield Hellcat Pro are now offered by 1791 Gunleather. The Hellcat Pro is compatible with many of 1791 Gunleather’s Optic-Ready holsters: 1) the Optic-Ready BHC; 2) Ultra Custom BHC; 3) Ultra Custom Size 3; 4) Smooth Concealment Holster Size 3; and 5) Fair Chase Size 3. For carrying without optics, 1791 Gunleather’s 2-, 3- and 4-way holsters will fit the Hellcat Pro. MSRP: From $59.99 depending on model. For more info: (800) 407, 2792,

Silent Hero 4

TOPS Knives

Introducing TOPS Knives’ first new model of 2022: the Silent Hero 4! It’s an EDC version of the original Silent Hero, designed by Anton Du Plessis. The handle and blade shape of the full-sized knife were ideal for a variety of tasks. While the smaller version looks the same as its predecessor, there are differences: The blade is 1/8″ instead of 3/16″; the finish is Sniper Grey Cerakote instead of Black River Wash; and the knife comes with a Kydex sheath instead of leather. MSRP: $255. For more info: (208) 542-0113,

.375 Winchester Bullets

Northern Precision

Northern Precision offers a new line of .375 Winchester Bullets made in 180-, 200-, 225- and 250-grain flat tips. Bullets are custom-made in the weight of your choice. The bullets’ thin jackets offer extra expansion and can be made in bonded core for nearly 100% weight retention. Spitzer bullets are also available for single-shot pistols as well as big game rifles. These can be made using either thin or heavy jackets, making them ideal for varmints, deer and other large game. MSRP: $35 for 50 bullets. For more info: (315) 955-8679,

Golden Turkey TSS


Fiocchi expands its Golden-series line of hunting shotshells with Golden Turkey TSS. TSS or Tungsten Super Shot delivers deep-penetrating performance at long range and dense shot patterns. Fiocchi makes available four models in today’s popular platforms — 1) 12-gauge, 3″, #7 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1,200 fps; 2) 12-gauge, 3″, #9 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1,200 fps, 3) 20-gauge, 3″, #9 shot, 1 3/8-oz., 1,225 fps; and .410 bore, 3″, #9 shot, 13/16 oz., 1,100 fps. MSRP: About $54 per box. For more info: (417) 449-1039.

Rust Prevention Gun & Ammo Bag


Engineered with advanced materials to wick moisture, the BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Gun & Ammo Bag protects handguns, ammunition, accessories and tools from rust. The patented Absorbits material pulls moisture from the inner mechanisms of hard goods. Constructed of heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon, the Gun & Ammo Bag holds two handguns up to .45, five magazines and a tool kit. MSRP: $29.99. For more info:

Gen3 Sound Mitigation Buffer SMB


The Armaspec Gen3 Sound Mitigation Buffer SMB is a single-stage captured drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring. It is designed to keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube, removing a lot of the twang you would normally hear from a mil-spec buffer spring. It also creates a linear motion to provide smoother and more consistent cycling. MSRP: $59.99. For more info: [email protected],


Wildlife Research Center

Buck Nip is a powerful deer attractor made from secret plant derivatives. It is one of three premium scents added by Wildlife Research Center to its popular pressurized spray cans. The other two are Golden Scrape and Golden Estrus Elk, both with Scent Reflex Technology. Simply spray in your hunting area and watch the results. They will bring in deer all season long. These 3-oz. pressurized cans come standard with a high-output sprayer. MSRP: From $15.99 to $19.99. For more info: (800) 873-5873,

Vault Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ

ALPS OutdoorZ’s Vault Blind Bag is a technical pack for hunters pursuing birds in flooded timber and wet blind environments. The dual-compartment modular internal shelf and external support system allows the pack to be secured out of water and mud while giving hunters access to essential gear. The Vault Blind Bag comes in Realtree’s Timber camo pattern. MSRP: $229.99. For more info: (800) 344-2577,

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