Coyote Shredder

Under their Federal Premium label, Federal has followed Remington, Winchester and Hevi-Shot by cooking up a real coyote shredder of a load under the label “Heavyweight Coyote.” This 12-gauge, 3" load combines 1-1/2 ounces of buffered Heavyweight BB shot with Federal’s patented Flitecontrol wad. Muzzle velocity is right up there at 1,350 fps.

Federal’s proprietary Heavyweight shot is 35 percent more dense than lead, while the Flitecontrol wad keeps the shot string together, until the wad’s integral air brakes slow it down after leaving the muzzle. The combination produces very dense patterns across a range of loads running from turkey and waterfowl to buckshot and this latest coyote load.

The Midway/Caldwell coyote target pictured here comes complete with replaceable centers. It’s a lot of fun to use. The pattern produced by the Federal coyote load was fired at 40 yards with a modified—not full, not extra-full—choke in a Winchester Super X2. The result speaks for itself—it’s a coyote shredder load.