Federal Personal
Defense .22 LR


For our Quartermaster section, I always use the product at hand before passing judgement. However, I’m going to talk about something I’ve not been able to fully test because I’m told the authorities frown on magazine editors shooting evildoers at random, even if they fully deserve it.

Federal’s new Punch Personal Defense Ammo for .22 LR is unique. Dispensing with meeting the standard FBI ammunition tests — which no .22 LR (to date) would meet — Federal decided to focus purely on penetration. This makes sense as a .22 is woefully underpowered as a fight-stopper but it can be rapidly fatal if employed accurately to critical organs.

In this regard, the flat-nosed 29-grain non-expanding bullet is claimed to have nearly 14″ of penetration in 10% ballistic gel while speeding along at 1,070 fps from a 2″ revolver. This certainly seems like it would get a bad guy’s attention if judiciously applied. I’m highly hesitant to recommend a .22 LR when your life is on the line, but as they say, “Some gun is better than no gun.” The Punch .22 LR might do better than just “some.”
MSRP: $9.99 per 50


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