Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman Series

Custom Cast Ammo For Hunters

Tim Sundles, owner of Buffalo Bore Bullets, constantly tests his ammunition
in real world scenarios where the unexpected can always happen.

About 30 years ago, an adventurous and enterprising young man wanted to live in the mountains of his favorite hunting haunts without having to punch a time clock. More importantly, he wanted to maintain his independence. He figured if delivery trucks could reach him, he could make a living doing something he loved — loading ammunition was that calling. He’d been doing it since the age of 13 under the watchful eye of his father.

The man is Tim Sundles, owner of Buffalo Bore Ammunition. You may have heard of it. If not, you’re missing out on some of the finest custom ammunition on the market. If you have, you know for whence I speak.

The .45 ACP +P is one of Tank’s favorite loads in the Outdoorsman line.
A 255-grain hunk of lead going 925 FPS is impressive indeed!


It takes more than a solitary lifestyle to be successful, and believe me, Sundles knows plenty about handloading quality ammunition. He’s been doing it for 51 years. He keeps up to date on all the latest powders, primers and bullets. He personally checks every lot of new powders he receives for consistency, comparing previous burn rates, and then fine tuning each new lot of powder for every load he offers, making sure it performs to his standards. Does this extra testing take time? You bet! But it’s just one of the many keys to Sundles’ success. To this day Sundles says he’s still learning ways to make his ammunition better.

Plus, being an avid hunter, he knows what works by continuously field testing his ammunition. Nothing beats real experiences to learn how something will perform. Those who use Sundles’ ammo know it to not only be top shelf, but also having top velocity, without being over-pressured. As Jeff Quinn fondly said, “Tim doesn’t cheat you on powder.”

My own experience has shown time and again his ammo to be the most accurate when testing new guns and I’ve yet to ever have a cartridge case “stick” in the chamber from over pressure. I’ve never had a round not chamber, or misfire either.

The Heavy 10mm Outdoorsman is one of the best rounds there is for 10mm semi-autos.

The Outdoorsman Series

Sundles offers one of my favorite lines of Buffalo Bore Ammunition, The Outdoorsman, featuring good cast bullets with large nose flats, loaded to top velocities. As a matter of fact, famed Alaskan brown bear guide Phil Shoemaker dispatched an unruly grizzly with a 9mm semi-auto pistol while guiding a fishing client. Sundles’ 9mm Outdoorsman line was the ammo used during the attack. Needless to say, an undersized handgun in the hands of an expert with quality ammunition can just about pull anything off.

Cast Performance

I’ve always enjoyed the characteristics of cast bullets. Besides being economical and fun to make, they have properties exceeding jacketed soft nosed bullets in penetration. A bullet wound is nothing more than a stab wound. The deeper a bullet penetrates, the more damage it inflicts. Deep, penetrating bullets are like long, sharp knives, inflicting more damage the deeper they are driven.

For those of you not casting your own slugs or handloading yet, fear not. Buffalo Bore Ammunition has a load for your gun featuring properly shaped, hard cast slugs loaded to maximum potential. It will be one of the most accurate loads for your gun too! A nice benefit when buying ammunition from someone with Sundles’ experience.

Tank’s custom 454 Casull from Magnum Research loves Buffalo Bore ammo!


The Outdoorsman line runs from .32 H&R to .500 Linebaugh. Some may have noticed not all the calibers shown aren’t listed as “Outdoorsmen” and the reason is quite simple — calibers like .480 Ruger and the 475 and 500 Linebaugh are geared for outdoorsmen already. So why be redundant? That’s how Tim Sundles thinks. He’s direct and to the point, taking things literally. These are traits you want in a man making ammunition your life could depend on.

The Outdoorsman series transforms mediocre cartridges into useful cartridges by using cast bullets and driving them as fast as SAAMI pressure specs allow. This turbo-charges these cartridges to another level. Using cast slugs of the same weight as a jacketed bullet, you’ll pick up roughly 100 FPS. The cast slug will drive deeper too, making larger wound channels.

Sundles uses Rim Rock Bullets, made by Frank and Frankie Brown of Montana. I’ve personally toured their factory and was impressed by the quality and quantity of bullets they shell out every day. The ammo has been field tested by one of the best, so you won’t have to. Load your gun with confidence and enjoy your day knowing you have the best there is for the great outdoors.

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