Accurizing The Factory Ruger

10/22 Rifle

A Little Trick Does The Trick

Introduced in 1964, Ruger’s 10/22 autoloading rifle is one of the most popular members of the rimfire genre ever. No greater compliment is paid these well-engineered guns than the cottage industries that spring up yearly making accessories and performance parts. Despite all the available upgrades-in-a-box, some of us like doing our own work. The 10/22 is amenable to many simple do-it-yourself modifications.

My sporter model was reasonably accurate but not spectacular. Rather than purchase a new barrel, I elected to see if improved accuracy would be obtained simply from better chamber throat specifications and better headspacing. Many others have written well, and in great detail, before about such modifications but they bear repeating here.

Most .22 target arms are chambered with dedicated match-spec reamers, with shorter chamber body and throat sections than the standard “sporting” chambers. While more finicky about ammo and function, the match chambers center cartridges and minimizes bullet jump to the rifling, thereby improving relative accuracy. My reamer is of the popular “Bentz” pattern and came from Manson Precision Reamers. The body section is about .100″ shorter than the standard chambers.

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