Anyone can install them. Even Duke!

As with many of you readers, my eyesight is deteriorating normally with age. Unfortunately for me this is happening precisely when my interest in shooting vintage military rifles is at its peak. In fact my eyesight is poor enough that in order to tell if my handloads are delivering sufficient precision I must test fire them from my scoped sniper rifles (and replicas thereof) of the same calibers.

Then by accident on the Internet I encountered a small company named Accumounts. Their primary products are replica mounts for vintage sniper rifles, but it was another genre of mounts they offer that caught my attention. They are billed as “no-gunsmith” mounts for fitting scopes to many types of standard infantry rifles. Usually I become very wary when something is billed as “do it yourself.” As detailed in a previous column, I am so mechanically inept that even anvils are in danger around me.

But being an adventurous type (Yvonne says, “impetuous”), I ordered some of Accumounts no-gunsmith mounts, namely for a Swedish Model 1896 6.5x55mm and a Japanese Type 38 6.5x50mm. Those two iron-sighted rifles were chosen as my test subjects because the former has shown signs of fine accuracy, while the latter has shown no such signs at all.

Accumounts no-gunsmith mounts are made to work in two ways. The easiest by far is as scout-scope mounts. In this manner, the rear barrel sight is taken off the subject rifle and a long eye-relief scout scope installed. The second way requires an extender bar for the mount, which then places the scope further to the rear over the action. Then a standard scope can be mounted. This also requires an altered bolt action so it clears the scope. Not wanting to change vintage rifles, I went the scout scope route.

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4 thoughts on “Accumounts

  1. Joseph Brentzel

    Hi Duke,

    Accumounts are made to work in two ways but there is a third way a scout mount can be applied and we hold the patent pending. Our scout mount does not require removal of the rear sight and the iron sights remain usable below the scope as intended by Jeff Cooper. The mount is easier and quicker to install than any competing design. So easy in fact that Duke Venturino would have no trouble installing it, yet the blued steel mount is very solid and stable once in place. There is no modification to the rifle and the mount can be removed restoring the rifle to it’s original state with no need to remember what you did with the original parts.

    Check out the pictures on the above website under Brenshok Mounts. There are also pictures and discussion on We make several different models and continue to develop more. Current models for Swede 1896, Swede 96/38, K98, Yugo and CZ and Turk Mausers, Mosin-Nagant, Finn M39, Swiss K31 and K11, Enfield #1mk3 and 2A. Our mounts are hand made at present so we can’t produce large quantities but we are working on a solution. We sometimes consider new models on request. We also make a adjustable trigger block for the Mosin-Nagant action – also patent pending.

    If you’re interested you might consider obtaining a unit for evaluation. Thanks for your attention – we hope to hear from you.


    Joseph Brentzel –
    Dan Ogershok –

    Brenshok, LLC.

    1. Michael F. Duckett Sr.

      Joe & Dan :
      Some ideas for you.
      First.. You need to make a website. A dot com site is a
      must these days! need to put line drawings or photos of a
      tipical instalation on your site. need to put a price list on your site. need to put adds in shotgun news.
      5th.. get some scopes to sell as whole sets together
      (mount,rings, & scope as one package).

      Good luck Michael Duckett

  2. carl thomas zmuda

    After reading Mike’s article on the accumount i purchased one for my M96/38 Swedish Mauser.
    It took judicious use of a file to get the accumount attached to my Swede.
    I bore sighted it and i plan to take it to the range tomorrow to see how well it is aligned.

  3. Doug Sullivan


    I’ve been reading you for years, and always enjoy your articles. Several years ago, I acquired an 1894 Swedish Mauser carbine from a little ol’ lady in a church group I ate breakfast with regularly. Her late husband purchased the Swede years ago when they lived in Alaska.

    I gave it to my son, now a Border Patrol agent in Texas. He inquired with several gunsmiths about mounting a scope, and all told him they’d have to do alterations to the firearm. I checked Accumount’s website and they do make a mount for the ’94. I sent him your article and he’s ecstatic. Thanks for the info!


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