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  1. H.M. Riggs

    Just finished the latest hard copy of Guns. As usual the first thing read was Connor’s Odd Angry Shot..and yeah, had to go back to read part 1 on line…for some reason I missed the February issue. Great story teller that man is, probably deserves a raise. No, I’m not related! Now, John Taffin comes second when I sit down and read the magazine and I do have a comment about his Perfect Packing Pistol article. I’ve been searching the market for the perfect “woods gun” for years after realizing deep in the mountains where cell reception is unheard of and my one and only flashlight failed, that I just may not always be on top of the food chain. John writes: “Ruger’s big-bore cartridge is the 480 Ruger which has never been offered in a short barrel.” Mr. Taffin missed the Alaskan, offered in 480, and a couple of others (44 mag, 475). It is now my ‘perfect woods gun’ but downloaded quite a bit. Old age is catching up with me but the option of a large heavy lead slug at about 1000 fps is possible, even for us old guys with a little hand loading.

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