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Not so many decades ago, if you went into almost any gun shop anywhere in the country and asked for a box of cartridges for your Model 94, the clerk would likely slap down one of two brands, both virtually identical. Not so many years ago, if you asked for .380 ACP ammo, you might have had your choice of either 90-grain hollowpoints or 95-grain FMJs. Just a year ago, you might have come up completely empty-handed trying to get any kind of ammo, and if you got it, you compared the price to a tank of gas.

While the big-name, major ammo producers are still scrambling to meet market demands, new manufacturers are poppin’ up like daisies, “bargain brands” are blooming, shelves are steadily filling and the best part is, the quality, consistency and overall performance of ammo is improving daily. Here, for your perusal, are some picks from the litter.

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