A Better Way To Range

Pride-Fowler’s New 2.5-10x40mm RR900

I have written about and followed the Pride-Fowler series of scopes since their inception. I liked their first line of scopes, and they just keep getting better. With their new tactical entry, I am even more impressed. Like many other American companies, they provide the specifications and the Japanese build them accordingly.

I happen to be a fan of their reticle system. This one, although following the same concept, is a quite radical departure from their signature reticle. It is a progressive subtention design, using the same subtention increments they have in the past. This new scope, however, incorporates a unique ranging system that I found quite innovative for the military or law enforcement, although the system could be used by hunters or competitors as well. For the rest of us, the scope can be obtained with Pride-Fowler’s original RR800 design in the near future.

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