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Can Life Imitate Art?

Kahr Arms K9 25th Anniversary

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America’s largest ammunition manufacturer goes small

Mossberg Patriot
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Springfield Armory SAINT Pistol

When Springfield Armory introduced its SAINT Victor and Edge pistols, they became immediately popular, and based on the public response, Springfield has announced the SAINT Pistol in 5.56mm.
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Industry News

Fighting Back:...

Hollywood couldn’t make this up: a David v. Goliath drama pitting grassroots gun owners against a billionaire-backed lobbying group, an unfriendly...
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Gun Control by...

Money is the “life’s blood of politics,” a fact that Virginia gun owners — now looking into 2020 bleakly with an anti-gun governor and Democrat...
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Former head of...

People attending the “Gun Rights Rally” in Washington, D.C. earlier this month got a bit more than they expected when Dan Gross, former president of the...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns


Shooting pre-cartridge black powder revolvers is solidly ensconced in worldwide shooting culture.
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Bustin’ Banana...

Every year, it’s there — resting seductively on the #2 loading rack of the Hunter Pistol Silhouette Range. Next to it, a heaping bag of handloads, used...
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Steven Model 555

The Sixteen gauge is a sleeper but the “forgotten gauge” may be clawing its way back from undeserved exile in a number of shotgun production lines.
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Leupold Mark 5HD...

Can you even see a target at 2,000 meters? I can’t, at least not with the naked eye, but having recently rung an 18" steel plate steel at 1.2 miles, I can...
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Black Hills...

Along with the vast array of handgun models available for personal protection, there’s also been a flood of self-defense ammunition. One of the best...
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Case Astro:...

He was just a kid of 11 or 12, visiting a mall store which sold knives and sword canes, hunting clothes, guns and other cool stuff. Malls were rare for...
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I Like Big Bores

What sucks wind faster than a corrupt mayor answering the door to a 60 Minutes camera crew? A big-bore airgun, that’s what.
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Lyman Electronic...

When you’re a firearms journalist, one of the standard tools of the trade is a trigger pull gauge.
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450 Bushmaster...

OK, so you’ve decided you want to shoot something bigger out of your AR15 and have decided to skip the intermediate stuff and go all the way to the .45...
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Daniel Defense DD5V4 Rifle
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