.38 Special Wadcutters At 100 Yards

Roy’s Insider Tips #038
January 2015

Shooting .38 Special Wadcutters is a favorite of American Handgunner Editor Roy Huntington. Taking a target out to 100 yards, Roy uses a Smith & Wesson Model 14 and J-Frame to make hits. Which one is more accurate?

One thought on “.38 Special Wadcutters At 100 Yards

  1. Scott Wages

    I would bet on the mod 14. I had one of these great revolvers until some low life broke in and stole it along with several other fire arms including an old Mossburg. It had great sentimental value. That was 35 years ago. A couple years ago I got to thinking about that rifle and I started looking on the auction sites. I was able to find the same model in very good condition and I bought it. It is in the safe now I take it out and look at it. I may even take it out and shoot it one of these days. Thank you for a great magazine Scott Wages.


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