30-Shot .22 Magnum Pistol

The Kel-Tec PMR-30.

In polymer-based firearms design, the people at Kel-Tec are Masters. Observe their latest: a pistol in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire chambering, with a magazine holding 30 rounds. The model designation refers to both points. “Pistol, Magnum, Rimfire, 30 (rounds).

It is the work of two of the “Masters” at Kel-Tec, George Kellgren and Chief Design Engineer Tobias Obermeit. With these two on it, it’s not surprising there are numerous neat little design points. The most important one is a barrel that is allowed to move, lengthwise, in an amount determined by cartridge case adhesion.

The .22 WMR has, of course, a very long case. And, there are several different loads. This results in varying degrees of case expansion, and also differences in duration, measured in micro-seconds. In the PMR-30, the moving barrel simply adjusts to these factors. It’s a brilliant design.

There is another design point that is also related to the removal and ejection of that long cartridge case. The PMR-30 has dual extractors. The primary one, on the right side, has the usual sharp-rim-contact beak. The left one has a rounded end, and its only function is to keep the case load in contact with the breechface and extractor beak until the instant of ejection.

The external controls are perfectly located. The magazine release is at lower rear, and is pushed inward (forward) in operation. The slide stays open after the last shot, and the release latch is at the top of the left grip. The ambidextrous safety levers are at upper rear. Clicked downward to fire position, they expose a red signal bar.

The nicely shaped trigger has no annoying vertical ridges. Take-up is minimal, and there is a rear flange that limits over-travel. On my pistol, the crisp pull averaged 3.6 pounds. Perfect. The grip-frame has ample space for even a large hand, and the shape is excellent. Obviously, George and Tobias spent a lot of time on this.

The sights are also excellent. The non-adjustable rear sight has orange-red fiber optic dots on each side of the square notch. The front sight has a single dot in bright green. It is laterally adjustable (dovetail-mounted), but the manual cautions against do-it-yourself drifting. Have a gunsmith do it, with a sight-mover.
By J.B. Wood

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4 thoughts on “30-Shot .22 Magnum Pistol

  1. Marc Rocque

    I’ll buy ALL of the PMR-30s you can find and ship for the $145.00 price shown at the end of this month’s “Out of the Box” article. I paid right at $300.00 for mine(one of ther 1st 100 shipped)and after they “fixed” it with some tweaking and a new barrel, it is a fantastic pistol to shoot; about the most fun of all my firearms. Guns America & GunBroker have them listed for as high as $710.00 (post-recall) and MSRP is $415 to $449, depending on color.

  2. jordan schottenstein

    December 11, 2012

    Champion Traps & Targets

    Dear J. B. Wood,

    I have been interested the Kel-Tec PMR 30 for about 2 years.
    From what I have read and viewed I have concluded that the PMR 30
    would be a lot of fun for me and my grandchildren.

    The article in the February 2013 issue of GUNS MAGAZINE on the
    PMR 30 has heated up my interest even more than ever.

    I have called a number of dealers in Cleveland and Akron area to
    purchase one and they all tell me they have not seen one for over a year.

    Could you please tell me where I can purchase one of the newest
    versions. That is either version 7 or 8.

    Your help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.

  3. Mike Beames

    I have been looking for one of these and I have seen nothing but obscene prices, gunbrokers? Man, I see them up on the site for 1400.00 1700.00 and higher! it’s disgusting..

    Find one in town? no ones seen one for sale in so long they barely know what I am talking about.

    Makes me sick to my stomach what people are actually getting for these things these days. really irraates me that they probably will not come down where i can lay my hands on one. what in the heck is this world coming to?


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