21st Century Hunting Rifle

The Ambush 6.8 SPC Redefines The “Modern Sporting Rifle” Concept.

By now, it is abundantly clear AR-based rifles in milspec Carbine trim or tricked out as varmint rifles or, chambered for up-powered civilian cartridges, are outstanding field rifles both for general utility and as primary hunting tools. By and large, regardless of intended use, the cosmetics of these rifles strongly reflect their military origins. The Ambush Arms Carbine, introduced in 2011, establishes a paradigm shift in esthetics much like the earlier service rifles that morphed into the 19th and 20th century hunting/sporting standbys.

Ambush Arms is the civilian/sporting branch of the very tactical Daniel Defense, a well-established supplier of military-pattern small arms, parts and accessories. The parent company is strongly identified with military-type arms and caters to a weapons-oriented demographic. Ambush Arms resides at the same physical address and shares the manufacturing facilities however it maintains a separate website and channels of contact. The desire to maintain a separate identity geared toward the hunter and outdoorsman is evident in key features of the Ambush product and in the promotional material.

The 6.8 Ambush Carbine is presented as a lightweight dedicated hunting arm in an effective caliber, modular in construction to allow you to adjust it to your preferences. These features include an adjustable Magpul stock different from the milspec in that the release lever is totally enclosed. This prevents inadvertent release of the stock in contact with a bench or field-expedient rest. It also allows the shooter to adjust the stock for ideal fit in keeping with personal measurements and regardless of the clothing worn at the time. The distinctive shotgun-pattern fore grip is also moveable to suit the individual user.

Finish options include basic black as well as Real Tree, Mossy Oak, Break Up or Infinity. The lower unit is basic AR but fitted with the highly respected Geissele 2-stage trigger, which is non adjustable but ideal at a 2-1/2 pounds with 2-1/2 pounds of take-up and release. Unlike the Daniel Defense tactical arms, the Ambush has no forward assist.
By Mike Cumpston
Photos By Robbie Barrkman

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