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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G011106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers January Crossfire 6
G011108 A Gun Guy’s Life Phases Mike “Duke” Venturino January Montana Musings 8
G011110 Saving Time and Motion John Barsness January Handloading 10
G011114 Armalite SPR-1 Dave Anderson January Rifleman 14
G011118 Langsford’s Squeeze-Bore Rimfires Holt Bodinson January Rimfires 18
G011120 Up on ARs Glen Zediker January Why I Like the AR-15 20
G011124 Shhhh! Quietly Now Goin’ to the Can Clint Smith January Ranging Shots 24
G011126 The Light and The Handgun Massad Ayoob January Handguns 26
G011164 Leatherman Mut Pat Covert January Knives 64
G011166 Who Needs “Gun Control” You Can Simply Ban Ammo? David Codrea January Views, News & Reviews 66
G011186 “Top Tickoffs of 2010” John Connor January Odd Angry Shot 86
G011190 Campfire Tales John Taffin January Got Books? 90
G011128 Those Lovely Yugos Model 98 Mausers, of course Holt Bodinson January Surplus Locker 28
G011134 Aimpoint Micro Sights John Taffin January Out of The Box 34
G011138 Questions & Answers Jeff John January Questions & Answers 38
G011176 Tech-Tools & Dazzling Lights John Connor January Quartermaster 76
G011140 The Sig 2SUM 2-guns-in-1 kit offers fascinating options. Massad Ayoob January More Than The Sum of its Parts 40
G011144 The nex 100 years starts right here, right now! John Taffin January Colt’s New Agent .45 DAO 44
G011150 EAA’s /45-70 Sabati Double Rifle. Roy Huntington January All Things Sublime 50
G011156 About lightweight hunting rifles. John Barsness January Nothing But The Truth 56
G011160 DS Arms SA58 .308 Mike “Duke” Venturino January FN/FAL Paratrooper 60
G011180 Guns Classifieds G Staff January Guns Classifieds 80
G011182 New Products G Staff January New Products 82
G011184 Gun of The Month G Staff January Gun of The Month 84
G011188 Advertiser Index G Staff January Advertiser Index 88
G021106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers February Crossfire 6
G021108 Youth Rifles Dave Anderson February Rifleman 8
G021110 Rifle Bullet Seating Depth John Barsness February Handloading 10
G021114 Lights More on use and deployment Clint Smith February Ranging Shots 14
G021116 Quickie Handgun Grip Refinishing Hamilton S. Bowen February Gunsmithing 16
G021118 The Shoulder Holster Massad Ayoob February Handguns 18
G021120 Time Well Spent Mike “Duke” Venturino February Montana Musings 20
G021122 Burris Eliminator Jacob Gottfredson February Optics 22
G021126 Remington’s Versa Max Holt Bodinson February Shotgunner 26
G021158 Two for The Trial Pat Covert February Knives 58
G021160 Open Carry Still Dangerous-Even Where “Legal” David Codrea February Views, News & Reviews 60
G021178 Not-So-Famous Quotes John Connor February Odd Angry Shot 78
G021182 A Half Century With Sixguns John Taffin February Campfire Tales 82
G021130 Bianchi Leather John Taffin February Out of The Box 30
G021132 Norma Holt Bodinson February Surplus Locker 32
G021135 Questions & Answers Jeff John February Questions & Answers 35
G021171 .22 Rimfire Chamber Ironing Swage and Shooters Ridge Gorilla Bag Mike Cumpston & John Taffin February Quartermaster 71
G021136 A reliable, affordable big-bore defensive pistol. Mike Cumpston February Stoeger Cougar .45 ACP 36
G021140 Remington’s R-15/30 and .30 Rem AR cartridge delivers. Holt Bodinson February A Truly Modern Sporting Rifle 40
G021146 Iron sights for hunting rifles. John Barsness February Slay It With Iron 46
G021152 World War II sniper rifles-how good were they? Mike “Duke” Venturino & Dave Emary February Myth Meets Fact 52
G021173 Guns Classifieds G Staff February Guns Classifieds 73
G021173 Custom Corner G Staff February Custom Corner 73
G021174 New Products G Staff February New Products 74
G021176 Gun of The Month G Staff February Gun of The Month 76
G021180 Advertiser Index G Staff February Advertiser Index 80
G031106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers March Crossfire 6
G031108 Running Shots Dave Anderson March Rifleman 8
G031112 ATI-GSG’s Sensational 1911 Holt Bodinson March Rimfires 12
G031116 Thank You Texas Collie Rescue Mike “Duke” Venturino March Montana Musings 16
G031120 True Grit? Clint Smith March Ranging Shots 20
G031124 Bolt Carrier Assembly Glen Zediker March Up on ARs 24
G031126 Reloading Holland’s Classic John Barsness March Handloading 26
G031130 (Re)Acquainting with the 1911 Massad Ayoob March Handguns 30
G031168 Cutting Finery Defined Pat Covert March Knives 68
G031170 Is Victory in the Eye of the Beholder? David Codrea March Views, News & Reviews 70
G031194 The Two Americas John Connor March Odd Angry Shot 94
G031198 Clinging to Guns, Relgion, and… John Taffin March Campfire Tales 98
G031132 Beretta’s US M9 9mm Holt Bodinson March Surplus Locker 32
G031136 Magnum Research .44 Mag John Taffin March Out of The Box 36
G031136 Rock River Arms Varmint EOP Jacob Gottfredson March Out of The Box 36
G031142 Questions & Answers Jeff John March Questions & Answers 42
G031186 Lancer Systems L5 Magazine Clint Smith March Quartermaster 86
G031186 It’s Magic Jeff John March Quartermaster 86
G031186 Burris Fast Fire II Mike Cumpston March Quartermaster 86
G031144 Tactical Solutions red, that is. John Taffin March Diamond Dot Sees Red! 44
G031148 Kimber defines the big-bore concealed-carry pistol. Massad Ayoob March The Super Carry Pro .45 ACP 48
G031156 The twists and turns of gun collecting. Mike “Duke” Venturino March My 600th Gun 56
G031160 Browing X-Bolt White Gold .243, that is. John Barsness March Gold Found in Utah! 60
G031164 Keith Brown’s way. Steven Dodd Hughes March Resurrecting the Roper Grip 64
G031188 Guns Classifieds G Staff March Guns Classifieds 88
G031188 Custom Corner G Staff March Custom Corner 88
G031190 New Products. Guns Staff March New Products 90
G031192 Gun of The Month G Staff March Gun of The Month 92
G031196 Advertiser Index G Staff March Advertiser Index 96
G041106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers April Crossfire 6
G041108 No 1911 4 U Clint Smith April Ranging Shots 8
G041112 Why We Appreciate .45s Massad Ayoob April Handguns 12
G041116 Accurizing the Factory Ruger 10/22 Rifle Hamilton S. Bowen April Gunsmithing 16
G041118 Rifle Cartridges in Handguns John Barsness April Handloading 18
G041122 “That’s an Awesome Wife!” Mike “Duke” Venturino April Montana Musings 22
G041124 The Camera Sight Jacob Gottfredson April Optics 24
G041128 Classic Rifles & Cartridges Dave Anderson April Rifleman 28
G041130 Buck & Ball Holt Bodinson April Shotgunner 30
G041160 This Pig Will Hunt Pat Covert April Knives 60
G041162 When Enforcers Have an Agenda David Codrea April Views, News & Reviews 62
G041186 Serious Summer Slackin’-Off Stuff John Connor April Odd Angry Shot 86
G041190 Keep the Change John Taffin April Campfire Tales 90
G041134 Varmints Beware John Taffin April Out of The Box 34
G041136 The General’s Tommy Gun Holt Bodinson April Surplus Locker 36
G041140 Questions & Answers Jeff John April Questions & Answers 40
G041174 Catalog Showcase G Staff April Catalog Showcase 74
G041177 A Feast of Firearm Fodder John Connor April Quartermaster 77
G041142 And quickly renders a decision on doves. Holt Bodinson April The Circuit Judge Arrives 42
G041144 Springfield Armory’s new Range Officer 1911 .45 ACP. Massad Ayoob April The Range is Hot 44
G041150 Rethinking how to break in a rifle barrel. John Barsness April Stop the Madness 50
G041154 There were more than our Garands. Mike “Duke” Venturino April Self-Loading Infantry Rifles of WWII 54
G041180 Guns Classifieds G Staff April Guns Classifieds 80
G041180 Custom Corner G Staff April Custom Corner 80
G041182 New Products G Staff April New Products 82
G041184 Gun of The Month G Staff April Gun of The Month 84
G041188 Advertiser Index G Staff April Advertiser Index 88
G051106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers May Crossfire 6
G051108 Danger Close Clint Smith May Ranging Shots 8
G051110 ISSC’s Hybrid Combat Pistol Holt Bodinson May Rimfires 10
G051114 A Nice Era Dave Anderson May Rifleman 14
G051118 Other Reasons for Buying Guns Mike “Duke” Venturino May Montana Musings 18
G051120 Carrying the 1911 Massad Ayoob May Handguns 20
G051122 Don’t Get Rolled Glen Zediker May Up on ARs 22
G051124 The Mysteries of Pressure Standards John Barsness May Handloading 24
G051160 Still in the Game! Pat Covert May Knives 60
G051162 Press Continues the Assault David Codrea May Views, News & Reviews 62
G051178 No, the Sky Ain’t Falling John Connor May Odd Angry Shot 78
G051182 “This Gun Won’t Shoot!” John Taffin May Campfire Tales 82
G051128 General Burnside’s Little Carbine. Holt Bodinson May Surplus Locker 28
G051132 NAA Mini .22 WMR Mike Cumpston May Out of The Box 32
G051134 Questions & Answers Jeff John May Questions & Answers 34
G051168 Cleaner Guns & Sweeter Shootin’ John Connor May Quartermaster 68
G051136 Looking inside a rifle barrel can solve many mysteries. John Barsness May Take A Peek 36
G051140 The Beretta Storm Px4 Model F .45 ACP. Mike Cumpston May Storm Arrival 40
G051148 The great admiral, commanding a fllet of ships. Jeff John May Nelson’s Bane 48
G051154 The Colt 1911 Government Model. Mike “Duke” Venturino & John Taffin May America’s Greatest Pistol 54
G051174 New Products Andrew Oram May New Products 74
G051176 Gun of The Month G Staff May Gun of The Month 76
G051180 Custom Corner G Staff May Custom Corner 80
G051180 Guns Classifieds G Staff May Guns Classifieds 80
G051180 Advertiser Index G Staff May Advertiser Index 80
G061106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers June Crossfire 6
G061108 “Going to the Mountains!” Clint Smith June Ranging Shots 8
G061112 Triggers and Grip. Dave Anderson June Rifleman 12
G061114 Hex Shot and Rubber Bullets Holt Bodinson June Shotgunner 14
G061118 Cavities Mike “Duke” Venturino June Montana Musings 18
G061120 Handloading the .338 Lapua Magnum John Barsness June Handloading 20
G061126 Glass with Class Jacob Gottfredson June Optics 26
G061128 Too Many Bullets? Massad Ayoob June Handguns 28
G061130 Files Hamilton S. Bowen June Gunsmithing 30
G061164 Son of Sebenza! Pat Covert June Knives 64
G061166 Has “Project Gunrunner” Become “Project Gunwalker”? David Codrea June Views, News & Reviews 86
G061186 Another June, Another Time John Connor June Odd Angry Shot 90
G061190 Keep Shootin’ John Taffin June Campfire Tales 90
G061132 Learn It, Love It Holt Bodinson June Surplus Locker 32
G061134 A Better Way to Range Jacob Gottfredson June Out of The Box 34
G061136 CZ Hammer Classic Rick Staples June Out of The Box 36
G061138 Questions & Answers Jeff John June Questions & Answers 38
G061178 Uncle Mike’s Trunk Organizer Jeff John June Quartermaster 78
G061178 Rusty’s Rags John Taffin June Quartermaster 78
G061178 Surefire’s Sonic Defender Earplugs Jacob Gottfredson June Quartermaster 78
G061140 The age-old pocketknife is making a strong comeback. Pat Covert June Slip-Joint Resurgence! 40
G061144 S&W Performance Center’s .44 Magnum Hunter. John Taffin June The King of Sixguns 44
G061152 Great Britain entered WWII with many obsolete & some cutting edge firearms. Mike “Duke” Venturino June Tommy’s Fighting Arsenal 52
G061158 Continuing improvements lead to less recoil, longer shots and greater barrel life. John Barsness June The Incredible Shrinking Varmint Cartridge 58
G061180 Guns Classifieds G Staff June Guns Classifieds 80
G061180 Custom Corner G Staff June Custom Corner 80
G061182 New Products Andrew Oram June New Products 82
G061184 Gun of The Month G Staff June Gun of The Month 84
G061188 Ad Index G Staff June Ad Index 88
G071106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers July Crossfire 6
G071108 Playing Polymer Pathways Massad Ayoob July Handguns 8
G071110 Nighthawk 1911 & the Ti-Rant Clint Smith July Ranging Shots 10
G071112 Chamber Headspace Glen Zediker July Up on ARs 12
G071116 Long-Range Hunting Dave Anderson July Rifleman 16
G071120 Versatile Varminter Holt Bodinson July Rimfires 20
G071122 Good Gun Books Mike “Duke” Venturino July Montana Musings 22
G071126 Lighter 12-Gauge Loads John Barsness July Handloading 26
G071164 Bird of Prey! Pat Covert July Knives 64
G071166 Outing “FOIDers” David Codrea July Views, News & Reviews 66
G071186 The Other Guys John Connor July Odd Angry Shot 86
G071190 Do the Math John Taffin July Campfire Tales 90
G071130 Ruger SR40 .40 S&W John Taffin July Out of the Box 30
G071134 The KWC BB Mini-Uzi J.I, Galan July Out of the Box 34
G071136 1811 Swiss Vetterli Holt Bodinson July Surplus Locker 36
G071139 Q & A John Connor July Questions & Answers 39
G071174 Home & Self-Defense John Connor July Quartermaster 74
G071140 Brown Classic Arms .327 Federal Magnum Custom Sixguns. John Taffin July Purty Popguns 40
G071144 The superbly built M4 v 5 Carbine by Daniel Defense is reliable & accurate. Holt Bodinson July AR Excellence 44
G071152 The right glass improves your chances afield. John Barsness July Modern Deer Scopes 52
G071158 Chamber Headspace Glen Zediker July 30 Years of Sharps Rifles 58
G071180 Guns Classifieds G Staff July Guns Classifieds 80
G071180 Custom Corner G Staff July Custom Corner 80
G071182 New Products Andrew Oram July New Products 82
G071184 Gun of The Month G Staff July Gun of The Month 84
G071188 Ad Index Guns Staff July Ad Index 88
G081106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers August Crossfire 6
G081108 CZ’s Upland Ultralight Holt Bodinson August Shotgunner 8
G081112 The Far Shot Jacob Gottfredson August Optics 12
G081116 Airy Thoughts Dave Anderson August Rifleman 16
G081118 Good Gear August Ranging Shots

G081120 New Life Hamilton S. Bowen August Gunsmithing 20
G081122 The .270 Without H4831 John Barsness August Handloading 22
G081126 Mastering Multiple Handguns Massad Ayoob August Handguns 26
G081128 Black Beauty Mike “Duke” Venturino August Montana Musings 28
G081166 Black Beauty Pat Covert August Knives 66
G081168 Patrol Rifles Good, Assault Rifles Bad? David Codrea August Views, News & Reviews 68
G081186 Do Not Press 1 for English! John Connor August Odd Angry Shot 86
G081190 Gunrider Misteaks John Taffin August Campfire Tales 90
G081132 Roller Locking Wonder Holt Bodinson August Surplus Locker 32
G081136 Rough Rider .45s John Taffin August Out of the Box 36
G081138 Q & A Jeff John August Questions & Answers 38
G081174 Tactical Arms & Accessories John Connor August Quartermaster 74
G081140 The Ruger LC9 9mm. John Taffin August Pocket Power 40
G081144 Savage 110 BA .338 Lapua delivers. Dave Anderson August Long Shooter 44
G081152 Germany’s MP44 7.92x33mm Kurz. Mike “Duke” Venturino August Sturmgewehr: The First Assault Rifle 52
G081156 Illuminated reticle and night-vision scopes. John Barsness August Do You See It? 56
G081162 The rifle according to the late John Nosler. Holt Bodinson August The Model 48 Legacy 62
G081178 New Products Andrew Oram August New Products 78
G081180 Guns Classifieds G Staff August Guns Classifieds 80
G081180 Custom Corner G Staff August Custom Corner 80
G081182 Website Showcase Guns Staff August Website Showcase 82
G081184 Gun of The Month G Staff August Gun of The Month 84
G081188 Advertiser Index G Staff August Advertiser Index 88
G091106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers September Crossfire 6
G091108 Mossberg’s Neat “Plinkster” Tactical Holt Bodinson September Rimfires 8
G091114 Range Slobs Dave Anderson September Rifleman 14
G091118 California Dreamin’ Clint Smith September Ranging Shots 18
G091122 Firmly in the Middle Mike “Duke” Venturino September Montana Musings 22
G091124 Still Going Strong John Barsness September Handloading 24
G091126 Defensive Handgun Ammo Massad Ayoob September Handguns 26
G091128 What Keeps It Running? Glen Zediker September Up on ARs 28
G091162 Occam’s Ranger Pat Covert September Knives 62
G091164 We Should Each Take “Gun Control” Personally David Codrea September Views, News & Reviews 64
G091178 Home, Home on the Range John Connor September Odd Angry Shot 78
G091182 The Drought is Over! John Taffin September Campfire Tales 82
G091130 Charter Arms Patriot .327 John Taffin September Out of the Box 30
G091132 Civil War Muskets Holt Bodinson September Surplus Locker 32
G091135 Questions & Answers Jeff John September Questions & Answers 35
G091168 Safety and Security John Connor September Quartermaster 68
G091136 Dynamic Research Technologies intriguing bullet. Holt Bodinson September Magic Bullet 36
G091140 The CZ 75 B 9mm performs as good as it looks. Dave Anderson September Eye Catcher 40
G091148 Winchester’s Model 1886 short rifle. Mike “Duke” Venturino September Return of The Shorty .45-70 48
G091152 Five myths you should “unlearn.” John Barsness September Accurate Hunting Handloads 52
G091158 Ruger Mark III Hunter fills the pot. Mike Cumpston September Game Getter 58
G091172 Guns Classifieds G Staff September Guns Classifieds 72
G091172 Custom Corner G Staff September Custom Corner 72
G091174 New Products Andrew Oram September New Products 74
G091176 Gun of The Month G Staff September Gun of The Month 76
G091180 Advertiser Index G Staff September Advertiser Index 80
G101106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers October Crossfire 6
G101108 The Glock’s 25th Anniversary Massad Ayoob October Handguns 8
G101112 Installing A Rifle Trigger Hamilton S. Bowen October Gunsmithing 12
G101116 You Might Be A Brain Surgeon Clint Smith October Ranging Shots 16
G101118 Rifle Stock Fit Dave Anderson October Rifleman 18
G101120 Bushnell Fusion Jacob Gottfredson October Optics 20
G101122 Why I Don’t Work On Guns Mike “Duke” Venturino October Montana Musings 22
G101124 The .300 Weatherby Magnum John Barsness October Handloading 24
G101128 The Tip-Top “Topper” Holt Bodinson October Shotgunner 28
G101166 Techno-Runt Duo Pat Covert October Knives 66
G101168 Homeland Security’s “Active Shooter” Instructions Betray Founding Intent David Codrea October Views, News & Reviews 68
G101194 Just Another Day At The Office John Connor October Odd Angry Shot 94
G101198 Rober Auth John Taffin October Campfire Tales 98
G101134 Chiappa’s Radical Rhino .357 Massad Ayoob October Out Of The Box 34
G101136 The C39 7.62x39mm Holt Bodinson October Surplus Locker 36
G101142 Questions & Answers Jeff John October Questions & Answers 42
G101180 Combat Sights and Optics John Connor October Quartermaster 80
G101144 A fun game by any name. Mike “Duke” Venturino October Vimbar/Vimsar 44
G101148 With sleek looks and ergonomic feel, all-new Kimber 9mm pistol. Massad Ayoob October Going Solo 48
G101156 Lever and pump rifles are fast, accurate and reliable. John Barsness October No Handicap 56
G101162 After years of rumors, Ruger’s Government Model is finally here in the centennial celebration of this storied pistol. John Taffin October The SR1911 .45 ACP 62
G101184 New Products Andrew Oram October New Products 84
G101186 Gun of The Month G Staff October Gun of The Month 86
G101188 Custom Corner G Staff October Custom Corner 88
G101190 Catalog Showcase G Staff October Catalog Showcase 90
G101196 Advertiser Index G Staff October Advertiser Index 96
G111106 Letters to the Editor Editor/Readers November Crossfire 6
G111108 Old Stuff Clint Smith November Ranging Shots 8
G111112 The .338 Winchester Magnum John Barsness November Handloading 12
G111116 A Matter of Choice Massad Ayoob November Handguns 16
G111118 Small Scale 1911 Holt Bodinson November Rimfires 18
G111124 Power! Mike “Duke” Venturino November Montana Musings 24
G111126 Basic Break Down Glen Zediker November Up on ARs 26
G111128 The Basic Rifle Dave Anderson November Rifleman 28
G111168 That’s “Mister Satu” to You! Pat Covert November Knives 68
G111170 It Takes a Village David Codrea November Views, News & Reviews 70
G111186 A Card, A Can, A Plan John Connor November Odd Angry Shot 86
G111190 Remembering Roy John Taffin November Campfire Tales 90
G111130 .310 Martini Cadet Holt Bodinson November Surplus Locker 30
G111134 S&W Bodyguards Semi-Auto and Revolver Mike Cumpston November Out of the Box 34
G111138 Questions & Answers Jeff John November Questions & Answers 38
G111178 SmartReloader Ammo Box 50 Jeff John November Quartermaster 78
G111178 Buffalo Bore .45 Colt Mike Cumpston November Quartermaster 78
G111140 The 1911 Centennial continues to bring forth more and more models. Mike “Duke” Venturino November 4 x 1911 40
G111144 Ruger’s .308 M77 Gunsite Scout rifle. Holt Bodinson November Versatility Defined 44
G111152 Musings of a minimalist hunter. Jacob Gottfredson November Light Walker 52
G111156 The Fausti 28-gauge DEA SL shotgun. John Barsness November Strolling Side-by-Side with Elegance 56
G111162 The 2011 Military Christmas gift guide. John Connor November For the Serving Soldier 62
G111180 Guns Classifieds G Staff November Guns Classifieds 80
G111180 Custom Corner G Staff November Custom Corner 80
G111182 Products Andrew Oram November New Products 82
G111184 Gun of The Month G Staff November Gun of The Month 84
G111188 Advertiser Index G Staff November Advertiser Index 88
G121106 Letters to The Editor Editor/Readers December Crossfire 6
G121108 Concepts to Reality Clint Smith December Ranging Shots 8
G121114 Glass Care Jacob Gottfredson December Optics 14
G121116 Cartridge X vs Cartridge Y Dave Anderson December Rifleman 16
G121118 Baserri Shotguns Holt Bodinson December Shotgunner 18
G121122 Riflewoman Mike “Duke” Venturino December Montana Musings 22
G121126 The .357 SIG in Perspective Massad Ayoob December Handguns 26
G121128 More Shot Please! John Barsness December Handloading 28
G121130 The Smartest Man I Know Hamilton S. Bowen December Gunsmithing 30
G121170 A 2-Run Homer! Pat Covert December Knives 70
G121172 Norway Massacre Justifies Disarmament? David Codrea December Views, News & Reviews 72
G121194 The Ho-Ho Holiday Rules John Connor December Odd Angry Shot 94
G121198 Remembering Skeeter John Taffin December Campfire Tales 98
G121132 Milsurp Miscellany Holt Bodinson December Surplus Locker 32
G121134 The HK P30L 9mm Massad Ayoob December Out of the Box 34
G121136 Umarex MP5K-PDW and Steel Storm BB Shooters J.I. Galan December Out of the Box 36
G121142 Questions & Answers Jeff John December Questions & Answers 42
G121184 Multi Torque Driver Jacob Gottfredson December Quartermaster 84
G121184 Rydon Tactical Protective Eyewear John Connor December Quartermaster 84
G121184 Caldwell’s Shootin’ Gallery John Taffin December Quartermaster 84
G121144 Ruger’s SR-556E 5.56mm NATO. Mike Cumpston December The “Essential” AR 44
G121148 SIG Sauer P226 Extreme .40 S&W, that is. John Barsness December Going Extreme 48
G121156 All in wood and steel. Mike “Duke” Venturino December A Century of Us Army Infantry Rifles 56
G121162 This custom Marlin 1894 shoots as precisely as a bolt-action or single-shot
M.L. McPherson December Varmint Leverage 62
G121166 Better than fighting the mobs at the mall! John Connor December The 2011 Christmas Gift Guide 66
G121188 Guns Classifieds G Staff December Guns Classifieds 88
G121189 Custom Corner G Staff December Custom Corner 89
G121190 New Products Guns Stuff December New Products 90
G121192 Gun of The Month G Staff December Gun of The Month 92
G121196 Advertiser Index G Staff December Advertiser Index 96
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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