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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G011006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Jan-2010 Crossfire 6
G011008 Ranging The Shot: Do You Have Time? Dave Anderson Jan-2010 Rifleman 8
G011012 Kydex For Concealment: Comp-Tac Victory Gear is just the ticket. Clint Smith Jan-2010 Ranging Shots 12
G011014 Sig Sauer’s Classic P229 .22 Long Rifle: And it can be a centerfire too. Holt Bodinson Jan-2010 Rimfires 14
G011018 Smith & Wesson’s Latest: Demand for established guns delayed the new crop, but they’re worth the wait. Massad Ayoob Jan-2010 Handguns 18
G011020 Fantastic Fore-Ends Glen Zediker Jan-2010 Up On ARs 20
G011024 Marksmanship: It’s On Another Level Mike “Duke” Venturino Jan-2010 Montana Musings 24
G011026 Would Elmer Keith Want More? Handloading the .44 Magnum. John Barsness Jan-2010 Handloading 26
G011062 The Most Dangerous Game: Rachel Maddow says to leave guns at range. David Codrea Jan-2010 Views, News & Reviews 62
G011068 Long Range Magic: The guns of the snipers Hide Cup 2009. Jacob Gottfredson Jan-2010 A Guns Medley 68
G011078 New Year’s Resolutions.. Well… Sorta-Resolutions John Connor Jan-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G011082 Letters To Two Editors John Taffin Jan-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G011030 The Yugoslavian M-76 Sniper: Century’s sensational sporting version is built w/many original parts. Holt Bodinson Jan-2010 Surplus Locker 30
G011034 Burris Fullfield II 3-9X Tactical: This scope is just at home on a hunting rifle. John Barsness Jan-2010 Out of the Box 34
G011037 J. Stevens Arms Company/Primer Storage Jeff John Jan-2010 Questions & Answers 37
G011066 Insight Into Insight Lights Clint Smith Jan-2010 Quartermaster 66
G011072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Jan-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G011074 New Products GUNS Staff Jan-2010 New Products 74
G011076 S&W M&P .40 S&W GUNS Staff Jan-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G011080 Ad sales. Advertising Jan-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G011038 Time to pull out the plastic people. John Connor Jan-2010 2009 Guns Christmas Gift Guide 38
G011040 The STI Sentinel Premier 1911 Delivers For Sport And Defense Mike Cumpston Jan-2010 On Guard 40
G011048 The .22 Long Rifle Conversions From Bob Marvel John Taffin Jan-2010 Downsizing The Big Bore, Semi-Autos, Part I 48
G011052 Rifle and pistol combos keep things lively. Mike “Duke” Venturino Jan-2010 Same Caliber Combos 52
G011056 GUNS Magazine’s 55th Anniversary Coincides W/The 20th Anniversary For the .40 S&W Cartridge Massad Ayoob Jan-2010 The .40 At 20 56
G021006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Feb-2010 Crossfire 6
G021008 An Economic Performance Boost: Handloading the 28-guage. John Barsness Feb-2010 Handloading 8
G021012 Be Your Own Gunsmith: Save a buck for something else. Hamilton S. Bowen Feb-2010 Gunsmithing 12
G021014 Holsters: Leather Or Synthetic: Old school or high tech pistol packing? Is there room for both? Massad Ayoob Feb-2010 Handguns 14
G021016 A Truly Magic Black Box Mike “Duke” Venturino Feb-2010 Montana Musings 16
G021018 More For Less: Budget minded optics. Jacob Gottfredson Feb-2010 Optics 18
G021020 The Rifleman’s Rifle: The Book is Back Dave Anderson Feb-2010 Rifleman 20
G021022 One At A Time: Start them off with a single shot. Holt Bodinson Feb-2010 Shotgunner 22
G021024 Solving A Pain In The Neck: Where the little .22 Long Rifle shines. Clint Smith Feb-2010 Ranging Shots 24
G021064 Chicago Gun Ban Heads To Supreme Court David Codrea Feb-2010 Views, News & Reviews 64
G021078 To Honour The Charge They Made… John Connor Feb-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G021082 A Half Century With Sixguns: The .454 Casull John Taffin Feb-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G021026 STEYR AUG .223 Holt Bodinson Feb-2010 Surplus Locker 26
G021030 HK P30 9MM/Teague Knives Massad Ayoob Feb-2010 Out of the Box 30
G021034 Converted Chassepot Jeff John Feb-2010 Questions & Answers 34
G021071 Satern Custom Machining funnels/TOPS Survival Neck Wallet Gottfredson/Covert Feb-2010 Quartermaster 71
G021072 Guns Classifieds Guns Staff Feb-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G021073 Paid listings GUNS Staff Feb-2010 Custom Corner 73
G021074 New Products GUNS Staff Feb-2010 New Products 74
G021076 JK P30 0MM & HK Knife GUNS Staff Feb-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G021080 Ad sales. Advertising Feb-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G021036 America’s Military .30-06 rifles. Mike “Duke” Venturino Feb-2010 On The Frontline For Decades 36
G021040 The Savage Predator .243 John Barsness Feb-2010 Coyote Thumper 40
G021048 More .22 Long Rifle conversions. John Taffin Feb-2010 Downsizing The Big Bore, Semi-Autos, Part II 48
G021054 The French Mle 1886 Lebel. John Sheehan Feb-2010 The First And The Last 54
G021060 Leupold revives the storied scope line. Dave Anderson Feb-2010 Redfield Redux 60
G031006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Mar-2010 Crossfire 6
G031008 Ruger Fields Their Own .22 LR AR Holt Bodinson Mar-2010 Rimfires 8
G031010 Troubleshooting Glen Zediker Mar-2010 Up on ARs 10
G031012 “They” Tell Me I Need One… Do I? Clint Smith Mar-2010 Ranging Shots 12
G031016 Dynamic Ammo: Even in short barrel handguns.. Massad Ayoob Mar-2010 Handguns 16
G031018 “Wringing Out” Guns: You do and you may have to hang them up. Mike “Duke” Venturino Mar-2010 Montana Musings 18
G031022 Bullet Seating Depth: On both ends. John Barsness Mar-2010 Handloading 22
G031024 Two Super Varminters: It’s time to think about pest season. Dave Anderson Mar-2010 Rifleman 24
G031060 The Perfect Storm David Codrea Mar-2010 Views, News and Reviews 60
G031078 Black Rifle Buffet: Gussy ‘’er up. John Connor Mar-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G031082 Pride of Ownership: If you have it, you know. John Taffin Mar-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G031028 Guardia Civil’s 7.62 Short Rifle: Spain’s long-serving Mauser. Holt Bodinson Mar-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G031032 Improving the Grip: Glock 22 RTF .40 S&W. Dave Anderson Mar-2010 Out of the Box 32
G031035 Chamber Length Jeff John Mar-2010 Questions & Answers 35
G031070 8 Shot Speedloaders Jeff John Mar-2010 Quartermaster 70
G031070 Hard Chrome Finish From Les Baer Mike Cumpston Mar-2010 Quartermaster 70
G031072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Mar-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G031072 Paid listings GUNS Staff Mar-2010 Custom Corner 72
G031074 New Products GUNS Staff Mar-2010 New Products 74
G031076 Kimber 8400 Police & Leupold MK4 Scope GUNS Staff Mar-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G031080 Ad sales. Advertising Mar-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G031036 An American favorite returns in a commemorative issue. John Taffin Mar-2010 The Classic Winchester 1894 36
G031040 Special Forces combat assault rifle. Dave Douglas Mar-2010 The FNH Scar 40
G031046 Single-shot hunting rifles. John Barsness Mar-2010 Just One 46
G031050 Jim Chambers’ 50-caliber Kentucky flintlock pistol kit. Jeff John Mar-2010 Freedom Pistol 50
G031056 The .45 ACP in World War II Mike “Duke” Venturino Mar-2010 Enduring Stalwart 56
G041006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Apr-2010 Crossfire 6
G041012 Find, Range, Shoot: Bushnell’s Upside Down Christmas Tree Jacob Gottfredson Apr-2010 Optics 12
G041016 Shotshell Innovations: Faster, faster, faster. Holt Bodinson Apr-2010 Shotgunner 16
G041018 Timberwolf .338 Lapua Rifle: Filling the gap between the .300 Win Mag and .50 BMG. Clint Smith Apr-2010 Ranging Shots 18
G041020 The “Gun Of The Month Club”.. Use just one gun always. Oh really? Massad Ayoob Apr-2010 Handguns 20
G041022 Refinishing Cast Aluminum Parts: It’s tough, but a few shops do it well. Hamilton S. Bowen Apr-2010 Gunsmithing 22
G041026 The .300 Ruger Compact Magnum: A reloader-friendly cartridge. Dave Anderson Apr-2010 Rifleman 26
G041066 Senseless in Seattle. David Codrea Apr-2010 Views, News & Reviews 66
G041078 Pause and Remember: The 19th of April, 1775 John Connor Apr-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G041082 A Half Century With: Leverguns John Taffin Apr-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G041028 These Are Pistols! The big-bore military single shot. Holt Bodinson Apr-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G041034 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Jeff John Apr-2010 Questions & Answers 34
G041068 BLACKHAWK! KNOXX Compstock/Tag/Shellback Taffin/Smith Apr-2010 Quartermaster 68
G041070 New Products GUNS Staff Apr-2010 New Products 70
G041072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Apr-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G041072 Paid listings GUNS Staff Apr-2010 Custom Corner 72
G041076 Springfield Armory XD Sub Compact In Potent .40 S&W GUNS Staff Apr-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G041080 Ad sales. Advertising Apr-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G041036 The Model 10 BAS-K Police/Tactical rifle. Dave Anderson Apr-2010 Hard Core Savage 36
G041040 A 686+ .357 Magnum from S&W’s “Pro Series” Massad Ayoob Apr-2010 Lucky 7 40
G041048 Time to talk a gobbler. John Barsness Apr-2010 Turkey Talk 48
G041060 Hunting, that is. John Taffin Apr-2010 The Sixgunner Goes AR 60
G051006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers May-2010 Crossfire 6
G051008 Follow-Through: How much does a handgun shooter really need? Massad Ayoob May-2010 Handguns 8
G051012 Duke’s Defining Moment: Where a hobby began. Mike “Duke” Venturino May-2010 Montana Musings 12
G051014 Something Old, Something New: What we really use. Clint Smith May-2010 Ranging Shots 14
G051020 Reloading puzzles: And pieces thereof. Glen Zediker May-2010 Up On Ars 20
G051022 Enduring Power: The .300 Winchester Magnum John Barsness May-2010 Handloading 22
G051026 6MM Remington vs. .243 Winchester: Myth runs smack dab into fact. Dave Anderson May-2010 Rifleman 26
G051060 A Healthy Republic Needs More Than Guns David Codrea May-2010 Views, News & Reviews 60
G051070 Historical Targets: They Weren’t Just Bully’s-Eyes Matias Tugores Martorell May-2010 A Guns Medley 70
G051082 Seriously Seeking Someday: And making it happen. John Taffin May-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G051028 What IST Das? Ein Zimmerstutzen! Holt Bodinson May-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G051032 Diamondback .380 ACP John Taffin May-2010 Out of the Box 32
G051035 Not A Lebel/Kimber Pro CDP Jeff John May-2010 Questions & Answers 35
G051068 Clean Scene: There a lot of “right ways” Jeff John May-2010 Quartermaster 68
G051072 Paid listings GUNS Staff May-2010 Custom Corner 72
G051074 New Products GUNS Staff May-2010 New Products 74
G051076 Savage Predator .243 & Leupold 3.5-10X Scope GUNS Staff May-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G051080 Ad sales. Advertising May-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G051036 The Glock 34 and G22 Light/Laser. Jacob Gottfredson May-2010 Double Duty 36
G051048 Ruger’s Super Blackhawk turns 50. John Taffin May-2010 The Golden Years 48
G051052 Aka .45-70. Mike “Duke” Venturino May-2010 The .45 Government 52
G051056 So much has changed. John Barsness May-2010 Out-Of-The-Box Accuracy 56
G061006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Jun-2010 Crossfire 6
G061008 On The Softer Side: Cartridge case annealing. John Barsness Jun-2010 Handloading 8
G061014 Headspace: We all have it. Hamilton S. Bowen Jun-2010 Gunsmithing 14
G061016 King Quarter Bore: The .57 Weatherby Dave Anderson Jun-2010 Rifleman 16
G061018 The Robar SR60: The quintessential precision rifle. Clint Smith Jun-2010 Ranging Shots 18
G061022 Pointing: And patterning. Holt Bodinson Jun-2010 Shotgunner 22
G061024 Gun Boxes: A subtle collection. Mike “Duke” Venturino Jun-2010 Montana Musings 24
G061058 Cry Wolf David Codrea Jun-2010 Views, News & Reviews 58
G061078 The Boys Of Bedford: D-Day, June 6, 1944. John Connor Jun-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G061082 A Half Century With: Semi-Autos John Taffin Jun-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G061028 A Portugal’s Elegant Vergueiro: A smooth blending of pre-WWI technology. Holt Bodinson Jun-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G061030 Springfield Armory/Charter Arms John Taffin Jun-2010 Out of the Box 30
G061070 Crimson Trace XD Lasergrip/Mini 14 20- And 30-Round Mags Are Back Taffin/Carroll Jun-2010 Quartermaster 70
G061072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Jun-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G061073 Paid listings GUNS Staff Jun-2010 Custom Corner 73
G061074 New Products GUNS Staff Jun-2010 New Products 74
G061076 Small-Game Combo From Airforce Airguns GUNS Staff Jun-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G061036 Modern Science Gives Us Clues From The Actual Battle Sites. Mike “Duke” Venturino Jun-2010 Guns Of The Indian Wars 36
G061040 A .45 Yacht With A .380 Lifeboat, These, 1911s Are Sweet, And Not Sauer. Massad Ayoob Jun-2010 SIG’s Sublime Pair 40
G061048 Blue Ridge Rifles .300 Win Mag Jacob Gottfredson Jun-2010 Magnum Class Accuracy 48
G061052 How much rifle do you really need? John Barsness Jun-2010 Bear Necessities 52
G071006 Letters to the editor. Editor/Readers Jul-2010 Crossfire 6
G071014 V’s Box: Volkmann Adds Value Clint Smith Jul-2010 Ranging Shots 14
G071016 Be The Master Of Your Bullet Supply: In a leaden sort of way. Mike “Duke” Venturino Jul-2010 Montana Musings 16
G071020 Swift Scopes: Value and quality combined. Dave Anderson Jul-2010 Rifleman 20
G071022 Cheap handgun bullets: Of the cast variety. John Barsness Jul-2010 Handloading 22
G071024 Deep Cover Magnums: The NAA .22 WMR Mini Revolver and LaserLyte Mini Laser create a serious self-defense gun. Holt Bodinson Jul-2010 Handguns 24
G071064 Due Process For Second Amendment? David Codrea Jul-2010 Views, News & Reviews 64
G071078 Far More Than Words: Best bets for summer reading. John Connor Jul-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G071082 A Half-Century With Sixguns: Traditional single actions. John Taffin Jul-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G071028 The “Patchett” 9MM SMG: Century’s remarkable Type II Sterling Holt Bodinson Jul-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G071030 American Tactical At 92 Compact: This Turkish copy of the Beretta 92 is affordable and accurate. Mike Cumpston Jul-2010 Out of the Box 30
G071071 Lansky Folding Rat Tail Diamond Knife Sharpener/Manual: High Risk Civilian Contracting Cumpston/Smith Jul-2010 Quartermaster 71
G071072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Jul-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G071072 Paid listings GUNS Staff Jul-2010 Custom Corner 72
G071074 New Products GUNS Staff Jul-2010 New Products 74
G071076 CQB Wilson Combat/Custom Exotic Concealable GUNS Staff Jul-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G071036 How to choose the perfect knife for your hunt. Pat Covert Jul-2010 Hunting Steel 36
G071040 Kahr PM9 & Crimson Trace Laserguard John Taffin Jul-2010 Pocket Pistol Perfection 40
G071048 Clones, Copies & Reproductions. Mike “Duke” Venturino Jul-2010 Oldies Reborn 48
G071052 Happy Diamond Jubilee .357 Magnum John Taffin Jul-2010 75 Years Young 52
G071058 Side-By-Side Vs. Over-Under John Barsness Jul-2010 Twin Barrel Myths 58
G081006 Letters to the editor Readers/Editor Aug-2010 Crossfire 6
G081008 The Moonclipper: Competing w/the S&W Model 625 Performance Center .45 ACP Revolver Massad Ayoob Aug-2010 Handguns 8
G081012 A few tricks of the trade: Little ways to make life at the workbench easier. Hamilton S. Bowen Aug-2010 Gunsmithing 12
G081014 Quickload: This computer program may prove to be one of the handloader’s best friends. Jacob Gottfredson Aug-2010 Handloading 14
G081016 Swarovski Z3 3-9X36: High quality meets light weight. John Barsness Aug-2010 Optics 16
G081018 Dollar Stretching: The scope is one place good value can be found. Dave Anderson Aug-2010 Rifleman 18
G081022 The General Officer’s Colt Model 1903 (Gen. Jacob E. Smart) Mike “Duke” Venturino Aug-2010 Montana Musings 22
G081024 A conversation with the innovator of the Robinson XCR Clint Smith Aug-2010 Ranging Shots 24
G081056 Hatriot Games David Codrea Aug-2010 Views, News & Reviews 56
G081078 Paper Orphans II: Things I meant to say sooner or later. (RangerUp) John Connor Aug-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G081082 A Half-Century With Sixguns: The Really Big Bores John Taffin Aug-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G081030 LaRue Tactical Sheath Sniper AR-15 Upper Jacob Gottfredson Aug-2010 Out of the Box 30
G081034 The .32 Colt Jeff John Aug-2010 Questions & Answers 34
G081065 The FOBUS Evolution Paddle Holster Cumpston/Smith/John/Codrea Aug-2010 Quartermaster 65
G081070 Classifieds GUNS Staff Aug-2010 Guns Classifieds 70
G081070 Paid listings GUNS Staff Aug-2010 Custom Corner 70
G081074 Best of the web. GUNS Staff Aug-2010 Website Showcase 74
G081076 FMK 9C1, AL Mar Payara, Knife & ASAP Survival Kit GUNS Staff Aug-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G081080 Ad sales. Advertising Aug-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G081036 It’s especially important to understand when using a scope on the littlest rifles. John Barsness Aug-2010 The Parallax Mystery 36
G081040 The latest generation Glock 22 .40 S&W goes beyond a new grip treatment, in several ways. Massad Ayoob Aug-2010 Gen 4 40
G081052 With a handgun. Or is it a handrifle? Mark Hampton Aug-2010 Grand Slam 52
G091006 Letters to the Editor. Editors/Readers Sep-2010 Crossfire 6
G091008 The M&P15-22: S&W fields their own unique rimfire AR Holt Bodinson Sep-2010 Rimfires 8
G091014 The Truth About Gun Folk: What we do for each other counts. Mike “Duke” Venturino Sep-2010 Montana Musings 14
G091018 All-Time Favorites: Handloading the .38 Special and .357 Magnum. John Barsness Sep-2010 Handloading 18
G091026 Amega Mini-14 Scope Mount: This mount improves accuracy, too. Dave Anderson Sep-2010 Rifleman 26
G091028 Understanding Chambers: Let’s clear our throats. Glen Zediker Sep-2010 Up On Ars 28
G091030 Do Over: If you shoot a rifle enough, it will need to be rebuilt. Clint Smith Sep-2010 Ranging Shots 30
G091064 Monopoly Can Be A Deadly Game David Codrea Sep-2010 Views, News & Reviews 64
G091078 Hard Lessons: At the University of Hard Knocks. John Connor Sep-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G091032 CIA’s Centurion: A made in the USA AK. Holt Bodinson Sep-2010 Surplus Locker 32
G091035 Lee Factory Crimp Jeff John Sep-2010 Questions & Answers 35
G091067 Safety & Security: Got guns? Now keep ’em! John Connor Sep-2010 Quartermaster 67
G091072 Classifieds GUNS Staff Sep-2010 Guns Classifieds 72
G091072 Paid listings GUNS Staff Sep-2010 Custom Corner 72
G091076 American Spirit Arms AR-15 Countersniper Optics Scope GUNS Staff Sep-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G091080 Ad Sales Advertising Sep-2010 Advertiser Index 80
G091036 The Marlin 1895 SBL .45-70. Richard Mann Sep-2010 Levergun Perfection 36
G091040 Nighthawk Custom 12-gauge Tactical shotgun and T3 .45 ACP 1911 pistol. Dave Anderson Sep-2010 Solid Defense Duo 40
G091048 Shooting antique, obsolete or just plain old guns. Mike “Duke” Venturino Sep-2010 Obscurities 48
G091056 Ruger’s .327 Federal Magnums. John Taffin Sep-2010 Maxi Mice 56
G091060 Smith & Wesson’s Model 58 .41 Magnum. Clint Smith Sep-2010 The Resurrection 60
G101006 Letters to the editor. Editors/Readers Oct-2010 Crossfire 6
G101008 Little Bore Supreme: Remington’s Sporting .410. Holt Bodinson Oct-2010 Shotgunner 8
G101012 GA Precision’s FBI HRT: A very special .308 Winchester rifle. Clint Smith Oct-2010 Ranging Shots 12
G101016 Using Holdover Bars: Quickly now. Jacob Gottfredson Oct-2010 Optics 16
G101018 Sharps Rifle Terms & Cartridges: Setting the record straight. Mike “Duke” Venturino Oct-2010 Montana Musings 18
G101022 The Truth About Short Magnums: And some new powders for loading same. John Barsness Oct-2010 Handloading 22
G101024 Comfortable VS. Comforting: Finding the balance. Massad Ayoob Oct-2010 Handguns 24
G101026 Oh, Say Can You See…? The sights, of course. Hamilton S. Bowen Oct-2010 Gunsmithing 26
G101078 Garcon! There is something in my coffee. John Connor Oct-2010 Odd Angry Shot 78
G101082 A Half Century With Sixguns: Ruger Single Actions John Taffin Oct-2010 Campfire Tales 82
G101028 SIG’s Sensational Model 556: Will the gas piston rifles replace the AR-15? Holt Bodinson Oct-2010 Surplus Locker 28
G101030 Utility Hunter: Bob Dozier’s new folder is a winner afield. Pat Covert Oct-2010 Out of the Box 30
G101032 1863 Trapdoor Springfield? Jeff John Oct-2010 Questions & Answers 32
G101070 New Products GUNS Staff Oct-2010 New Products 70
G101072 Available literature. GUNS Staff Oct-2010 Catalog Showcase 72
G101075 Classifieds GUNS Staff Oct-2010 Guns Classifieds 75
G101075 Paid listings GUNS Staff Oct-2010 Custom Corner 75
G101076 Kimber 84L .30-06, Redfield 4-12X Scope GUNS Staff Oct-2010 Gun Of The Month 76
G101034 There’s a lot you can do before squeezing the trigger. John Barsness Oct-2010 Testing Rifle Scopes 34
G101040 Smith & Wesson’s Model 629 Big-Bore Personal Protection .44 Magnum John Taffin Oct-2010 Trail Bustin’ Power 40
G101046 Or is it? This project turned out so nice it might not stay on duty. Hamilton S. Bowen Oct-2010 A Tractor Rifle 46
G101052 HBO chronicles the WWII island battles against the Japanese Mike “Duke” Venturino Oct-2010 Guns of The Pacific 52
G111006 Letters to the editor. Editors/Readers Nov-2010 Crossfire 6
G111012 Purpose-Driven Guns: They’re kept cleaned, loaded—and handy. Mike “Duke” Venturino Nov-2010 Montana Musings 12
G111016 How Well Does Your Rifle Shoot? Good groups depend on many factors. John Barsness Nov-2010 Handloading 16
G111020 A Handgun For A Soldier: This particular 1911 represented more than a rite of passage for one young soldier Massad Ayoob Nov-2010 Handguns 20
G111024 AR-15 Triggers: Don’t trip here. Glen Zediker Nov-2010 Up On Ars 24
G111026 Cascading In Green: CCI’s new unleaded .22 Long Rifle. Holt Bodinson Nov-2010 Rimfires 26
G111074 UK Mass Shooting Shows Futility Of “Gun Control.” David Codrea Nov-2010 Views, News & Reviews 74
G111094 Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2010: The Living, The Dead, The Famed & The Forgotten John Connor Nov-2010 Odd Angry Shot 94
G111098 We Walk Among Heroes: Every day. John Taffin Nov-2010 Campfire Tales 98
G111032 Gatling’s Legacy: The US Armament Bulldog .45-70. Holt Bodinson Nov-2010 Surplus Locker 32
G111036 A Dream Realized: The CZ-USA Model 550FS 6.5x55mm. John Taffin Nov-2010 Out of the Box 36
G111086 Magpul PMAGs And ACS Stock Justin Carroll Nov-2010 Quartermaster 86
G111088 Classifieds GUNS Staff Nov-2010 Guns Classifieds 88
G111088 Paid listings GUNS Staff Nov-2010 Custom Corner 88
G111090 New Products GUNS Staff Nov-2010 New Products 90
G111092 Bushmaster M4 Carbine In 5.56mm NATO GUNS Staff Nov-2010 Gun Of The Month 92
G111044 The 2010 Military Christmas Gift Guide. John Connor Nov-2010 For The Serving Soldier 44
G111048 A superbly accurate precision .308 Win. Dave Anderson Nov-2010 Le Baer Tactical Rifle 48
G111056 Modern hunting clothes help in many ways. John Barsness Nov-2010 Gab About Garb 56
G111062 Winchester Model 1895 .30-40 Krag. Mike “Duke” Venturino Nov-2010 Classic Gun Classic Cartridge 62
G111068 Colt’ Single-Action Army. John Taffin Nov-2010 Thrivin’ Thumbusters 68
G121006 Letters to the Editor Readers/Editor Dec-2010 Crossfire 6
G121008 The Best Of The Old West: Duke’s top 3 picks Mike “Duke” Venturino Dec-2010 Montana Musings 8
G121010 Resizing Rifle Cases: Doing it well can boost accuracy. John Barsness Dec-2010 Handloading 10
G121012 Reflections On Safety: Common sense is the key. Massad Ayoob Dec-2010 Handguns 12
G121014 Basic Hand Tools: Crankin’ on guns will be measurably easier with the right ones. Hamilton S. Bowen Dec-2010 Gunsmithing 14
G121016 Glass With Class: Swarovski’s new scopes feature an improved holdover system using the BRX Reticle. Jacob Gottfredson Dec-2010 Optics 16
G121022 Parts & Pieces: Putting them together to form a working rifle. Clint Smith Dec-2010 Ranging Shots 22
G121026 The FNAR: This self-loading rifle performs. Dave Anderson Dec-2010 Rifleman 26
G121068 Going To The Dogs In Bali David Codrea Dec-2010 Views, News & Reviews 68
G121086 Gifts: Just a few. John Connor Dec-2010 Odd Angry Shot 86
G121090 Red And Wolf: Memories saved by Handmade Grips John Taffin Dec-2010 Campfire Tales 90
G121034 Dragooned! Pedersoli reproduces a musket seeing service throughout the Napoleonic wars. Jeff John Dec-2010 Out of the Box 34
G121038 Femaru Safe? Jeff John Dec-2010 Questions & Answers 38
G121078 The Gun Rights War/The Bond Arms Tactical Knife/Diamondhead Sight David Codrea/Sam Fadala/Clint Smith Dec-2010 Quartermaster 78
G121080 Classifieds GUNS Staff Dec-2010 Guns Classifieds 80
G121080 Paid listings GUNS Staff Dec-2010 Custom Corner 80
G121084 Lewis Machine AR in .308 Winchester GUNS Staff Dec-2010 Gun Of The Month 84
G121088 Ad Sales Advertising Dec-2010 Advertiser Index 88
G121040 The name Jack O’Connor and the .270 Winchester cartridge are inextricably linked together. Tom Turpin Dec-2010 Jack O’Connor’s Fabulous Duo 40
G121044 The Shooting Industry Academy Of Excellence Handgun of the Year: The Ruger SR9c. John Taffin Dec-2010 Perfect Packin’ Polymer Parabellum 44
G121052 A few tips to ensure success or at least a good experience. John Barsness Dec-2010 Booking A Guide Hunt 52
G121064 Something for every shooting sportsman. John Connor Dec-2010 Guns Magazine Christmas Gift Guide 64
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