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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010906 Letters to the Editor Jan 2009 Crossfire 6
G010908 Back to Basics: No One Advances Until They Master the Basics. Massad Ayoob Jan 2009 Handguns 8
G010912 It’s Broke! Or is it? Who am I to Say? Clint Smith Jan 2009 Ranging Shots 12
G010916 What’s with the WRF? It’s Back and It’s Still Viable Holt Bodinson Jan 2009 Rimfires 16
G010918 Reloading the .30 Winchester Centerfire. Today We Just Call it the .30-30. John Taffin Jan 2009 Handloading 18
G010922 Click It. Don’t Guess. Dave Anderson Jan 2009 Rifleman 22
G010926 The PPSH41 Submachine Gun. Rude and Crude, But Way too Effective. Mike Venturino Jan 2009 Montana Musings 26
G010928 What Price Power? Sometimes Magnification is More Curse than Blessing Jacob Gottfredson Jan 2009 Optics 28
G010964 The Lady of the Gun David Codrea Jan 2009 Views, News & Revies 64
G010976 A Modern American Collectible: The Wicklife Rifle was an Elegant, But Short Lived Single Shot John Johnston Jan 2009 A Guns Medley 76
G010986 Tap, Point, Tap: First, My Country … John Conner Jan 2009 Odd Angry Shot 86
G010990 Someday … Sometimes Comes. John Taffin Jan 2009 Campfire Tales 90
G010932 Finland’s Modle 39. The Ultimate Mosin-Nagant Holt Bodinson Jan 2009 Surplus Locker 32
G010936 MTM Shooter’s Range Box: Keeping it All Organized Jan 2009 Out of the Box 36
G010974 Tac-Pac; Birchwood Casey’s Universal Gun Cleaning System Clint Smith; Holt Bodinson Jan 2009 Quartermaster 74
G010940 40 Years with the Colt SAA Mike Venturino Jan 2009 Thumb Buster Lover 40
G010944 Is This the Short, Handy Rifle of the Future? Holt Bodinson Jan 2009 FN’s Spacey Bullpup 44
G010950 The New Model S303 .300 Winchester Magnum John Taffin Jan 2009 Sweet and SAUER Semi-Auto 50
G010954 America’s Classic Rimfire Handguns John Taffin Jan 2009 The Wide World of the .22 Long Rifle 54
G010958 The Austro-Hungarian Model 1895 Mannlicher John Sheehan Jan 2009 The Successful Straight Pull 58
G020906 Letters to the Editor Feb 2009 Crossfire 6
G020908 Browning’s New Maxus: Evolutionary Becomes Revolutionary Holt Bodinson Feb 2009 Shotgunner 8
G020912 Loading the Big Bore Leverguns: .45-70 Gov’t. .450 Marlin, .444 Marlin John Taffin Feb 2009 Handloading 12
G020916 When One is Enough. Two Hands are Better than One, unless… Clint Smith Feb 2009 Ranging Shots 16
G020918 The Traveling Holster; A Wardrobe for Handguns. Massad Ayoob Feb 2009 Handguns 18
G020920 Where’s the Safety? Mostly Between your Ears Dave Anderson Feb 2009 Rifleman 20
G020924 Case Sizing: The Inside Glen Zediker Feb 2009 Up On ARs 24
G020926 Return to Progressives: High Volume Reloading Mike Venturino Feb 2009 Montana Musings 26
G020964 “Authorized Journalists” David Codrea Feb 2009 Views, News & Reviews 64
G020978 Gunwriterese: Sounds Good on the Surface, but It Sometimes Makes all too Little Sense John Barsness Feb 2009 A Guns Medley 78
G020986 The Tacticripple Chronicles: Part 1. John Connor Feb 2009 Odd Angry Shot 86
G020990 Preacher’s Pistols John Taffin Feb 2009 Campfire Tales 90
G020930 Recreating a Classic: The Auto Ordnance M1A1 Paratrooper Holt Bodinson Feb 2009 Surplus Locker 30
G020934 Some Like it Hot: White Hots!; BLACKHAWK! CQC Carbon Fiber Holsters Sam Fadala, John Taffin Feb 2009 Out of the Box 34
G020976 Mountain Plains Targets; Tomahawk Dave Anderson, Clint Smith Feb 2009 Quartermaster 76
G020940 State of the Art Features on a Conventional Style Double Action Service Auto Massad Ayoob Feb 2009 The Beretta PX4 Storm 40
G020944 Springfield Armory’s XD(M) just Might be a Success in the Police and Military Markets, too. Dave Anderson Feb 2009 Match Master 44
G020950 AWA Style John Taffin Feb 2009 Lightning Strikes Twice 50
G020954 A High Quality Precision .308 Rifle from G.A. Precision Clint Smith Feb 2009 The Hammer 54
G020958 It Shouldn’t Have Happened this Way Mike Venturino Feb 2009 Farewell Winchester Lever Guns 58
G030906 Letters from the Editor March 2009 Crossfire 6
G030908 Thoughts on PC, but in a Good Way Clint Smith March 2009 Ranging Shots 8
G030912 GunVault Biometric Gun Safe. Are We Ready for High-Tech, Fingerprint Access Lock Boxes? Massad Ayoob March 2009 Handguns 12
G030914 Rifle Guy or Cartridge Guy? It’s Possible to be Both Dave Anderson March 2009 Rifleman 14
G030918 Getting the Lead Out. The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire goes Green Holt Bodinson March 2009 Rimfires 18
G030920 Keep Both Eyes Open. It’s More Important than You Think Jacob Gottfredson March 2009 Optics 20
G030923 Life Anew for an Old Friend. New Powders in the .30-06. John Taffin March 2009 Handloading 23
G030926 Guns I Won’t Miss. Well, Some I Will, But Not by Much Mike Venturino March 2009 Montana Musings 26
G030968 Hope and Change David Codrea March 2009 Views, News & Reviews 68
G030986 Dr. Maynard’s Cap Gun. Some Ideas Survive with Surprising results Martin J. Miller, Jr. March 2009 A Guns Medley 86
G030994 The Glue Ain’t All That’s Crazy. And the Nuts are Mixed and “Fancy” John Conner March 2009 Odd Angry Shot 94
G030998 Friendly Firearms John Taffin March 2009 Campfire Tales 98
G030930 No AK This. The Czech Sa vz.58. Holt Bodinson March 2009 Surplus Locker 30
G030934 Red Light District: The Crimson Trace Laser Grip Improves Hitability with the Ruger LCP… John Taffin, John Barsness, J.B. Wood March 2009 Out of the Box 34
G030978 The Victorinox Champ: Sidewinder; Reeder Custom Guns … Mike Cumpston, Clint Smith, John Taffin March 2009 Quartermaster 78
G030944 S&W is Back in the Shotgun Business Mark Hanten March 2009 Pheasants Forever! 44
G030948 Concealed Carry Pistols from STI. Mike Cumpston March 2009 Pocket Power 48
G030956 Taurus .45 ACP Model 24/7 John Taffin March 2009 Day and Night Defense 56
G030958 Savage Model 12F 6.5×284 Open F-Class Jacob Gottfredson March 2009 Winning Budget Benchrest Rifle 58
G030962 Sharp Model 1874s Mike Venturino March 2009 Far Shooters 62
G040906 Letters to the Editor April 2009 Crossfire 6
G040907 Hunter’s Paradise: Anticosti Island Dave Anderson April 2009 Rifleman 7
G040910 Other Guns; some More Top Choices in Defensive Handguns Clint Smith April 2009 Ranging Shots 10
G040912 Primers. Where the BOOM Starts Glen Zediker April 2009 Up on ARs 12
G040914 Advantage Sights. A New Handgun Sighting Concept Offers Promise Massad Ayoob April 2009 Handguns 14
G040916 The Green Scene. Bis is Back! Hello, Greenlite and ITX, but .410 Steel? Holt Bodinson April 2009 Shotgunner 16
G040918 The 4-to-1 Rule. Do the Math. John Barsness April 2009 Handloading 18
G040920 John Moses Browning, Genius. The Master’s Works Survive and Thrive Mike Venturino April 2009 Montana Musings 20
G040968 The Message of Mumbai. David Codrea April 2009 Views, News & Reviews 68
G040978 Day of the Condor. Fraud Starts the Lead Ban in Ammunition Holt Bodinson April 2009 A Guns Medley 78
G040986 “Why do You Carry a Gun?” Best of John Connor from J/A 2005 American Handgunner John Conner April 2009 Odd Angry Shot 86
G040990 The Learning Never Stops John Taffin April 2009 Campfire  Tales 90
G040922 Czechoslovakia’s Skorpion. The Rattle’s Gone, but the Cachet is There. Holt Bodinson April 2009 Surplus Locker 22
G040930 Hi-Point Model JHP: A Cheap and Reliable .45 ACP. What’s Not to Like? EAA Model 88… John Taffin, Mike Cumpston April 2009 Out of the Box 30
G040972 Cunard’s Glass Powder Vials; Corbon Non Toxic .223 Jeff John April 2009 Quartermaster 72
G040940 I Thought Some Were Mine, But I Was Wrong Mik Venturino April 2009 My Wife’s Guns 40
G040944 Stag Arms Leads the Way in Modern Day AR Rifles Dave Anderson April 2009 Portable Precision 44
G040952 The Mini-Uzi and AKS-74U J.I. Galan April 2009 Full Auto Fun With Softies 52
G040957 Two “Bobs” from Kimber Richard Mann April 2009 Return of the .257 Roberts 57
G040962 It’s Time to Thin Dogtown John Barsness April 2009 Prairie Dog Report 62
G050906 Letters to the Editor May 2009 Crossfire 6
G050908 Monster Mag. The .30-378 Weatherby and Other Thoughts Dave Anderson May 2009 Rifleman 8
G050912 Scopy Savvy Part 1. Reticle Hashmarks. Jacob Gottfredson May 2009 Optics 12
G050916 Zip Guns. Spring in the Air. Clint Smith May 2009 Ranging Shots 16
G050918 Dummy Handguns for Dummies. Inert, Realistic Duplications of Handguns Have a Number of Valid Uses Massad Ayoob May 2009 Handguns 18
G050922 Eureka! It’s a Steyr-Daimler-Puch Zephyr Holt Bodinson May 2009 Rimfires 22
G050924 A Salute to Our Military. From Shiloh Sharps, with Respect Mike Venturino May 2009 Montana Musings 24
G050926 A Primer on Primers. Rifle and Handgun Primers Start Everything Going John Barsness May 2009 Handloading 26
G050966 Outside the Choir David Codrea May 2009 Views, News & Reviews 66
G050977 Single Shot vs. AR-15. Custom Build Rifles Are More Accurate than Repeaters … Jacob Gottfredson May 2009 A Guns Medley 77
G050983 Nuclear Bullets. And Cranked Concentration John Conner May 2009 Odd Angry Shot 83
G050990 The Learning Never Stops. Part 2: The legacy of TR John Taffin May 2009 Campfire Tales 90
G050928 C-est Magnifique! France’s 8x50R Ammo Returns Holt Bodinson May 2009 Surplus Locker 28
G050932 From Mighty to Mini: Magnum Research, Better Known for Cannons, Gives us the Micro Desert Eagle … John Taffin May 2009 Out of the Box 32
G050976 Nosler Custom Ammunition Jeff John May 2009 Quartermaster 76
G050940 When a Knife is Too Much or Not Enough Pat Covert May 2009 Cut How? 40
G050944 The Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum takes on a whole new attitude at Performance Center… John Taffin May 2009 Stealth Hunter 44
G050952 The New Model 70 Winchester Holt Bodinson May 2009 Return of a Classic 52
G050954 Rifles for African Plains Game John Barsness May 2009 Myth “Meats” Realit 54
G050960 The M1, M1A1 & M2 Mike Venturino May 2009 Carbines 60
G060906 Letters to the Editor June 2009 Crossfire 06
G060908 Folding & Collapsible Stocks. Innovation in Mechanized Warfare Mike Venturino June 2009 Montana Musings 08
G060910 Fighting Shotguns. Mossberg’s Battle Proven Tacticals Coming Your Way Holt Bodinson June 2009 Shotgunner 10
G060914 Carrying Concealed. Some Thoughts on Clothing Selection and Other Matters Clint Smith June 2009 Ranging Shots 14
G060916 Loading for the Hunting AR-15. Hunters Use Different Twists and Bullet than Target Shooters John Barsness June 2009 Handloading 16
G060920 Rise of the Featherweight. Becoming Hugely Popular Again, More .380 ACP Handguns … Massad Ayoob June 2009 Handguns 20
G060922 Plastic Tip Bullets. Fly Flatter and Expand Better. Dave Anderson June 2009 Rifleman 22
G060924 Hashmark Hash. Using Reticle Hashmarks Part II Jacob Gottfredson June 2009 Optics 24
G060958 An Anti-Gun Coalition of Mayors David Codrea June 2009 Views, News & Reviews 58
G060978 The Mumbai Model, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You? John Conner June 2009 Odd Angry Shot 78
G060982 The Learning Never Stops Part 3: The Old Masters John Taffin June 2009 Campfire Tales 82
G060928 The Civil War Percussion Sharps. More Percussion Rifles Were Made Than Cartridge Models Holt Bodinson June 2009 Surplus Locker 28
G060931 The American Gold Trigger. A Quantum Leap in AR Shootability … Jacob Gottfredson, John Barsness June 2009 Out of the Box 31
G060968 Mars, 2A Today for the USA, Diamond D Custom Leather Clint Smith, David Codrea June 2009 Quartermaster 68
G060938 You Cam Make 1st Round Hits at 1,000 Yards Jacob Gottfredson June 2009 Long-Range Shooting 38
G060942 SIG’s P250 .45 ACP Massad Ayoob June 2009 Modular Magic 42
G060948 David Rooney’s Tactical Rifle Delivers Dave Anderson June 2009 Uncompromising Quality 48
G060952 In the Eye of the Beholder Mike Venturino June 2009 The Truest of True Classics 52
G070906 Letters to the Editor July 2009 Crossfire 6
G070908 Big Guns. Taming the Beasts Glen Zediker July 2009 Up On ARs 8
G070912 The Happiest Place on Earth. My Shooting House. Mike Venturino July 2009 Montana Musings 12
G070914 Lot of Rifle Rounds. With Accuracy. John Barsness July 2009 Handloading 14
G070916 Grip Adapters. A Less-Expensive Alternative to Custom Revolver Stocks Maasad Ayoob July 2009 Handguns 16
G070918 Other Eyes. Practice Shooting from the Other Eye as well as the Other Hand Clint Smith July 2009 Ranging Shots 18
G070920 Space Gun Redux. Return of the Whitney Wolverine Holt Bodinson July 2009 Rimfires 20
G070924 Optic Oddballs. Some were Good Ideas, Others Weren’t Dave Anderson July 2009 Rifleman 24
G070962 Holder Shows Hand Too Soon David Codrea July 2009 Views, News & Reviews 62
G070970 Be Prepared. Physically. John Sheehan July 2009 A Guns Medley 70
G070978 Shrap & frags. Keep your Helmet Close. John Conner July 2009 Odd Angry Shot 78
G070982 The Learning Never Stops: Part 4: Today’s Teachers John Taffin July 2009 Campfire Tales 82
G070928 The Mcnelly Sharps. Cimarron’s Model 1859 .50-70 Texas Rangers Classic Holt Bodinson July 2009 Surplus Locker 28
G070931 Cast it, Don’t Slug it; Blackhorn 209 Powder, a Smokeless Substitute for Black Powder Holt Bodinson, Jeff John July 2009 Out of the Box 31
G070968 Javelin, Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edition Clint Smith, John Taffin July 2009 Quartermaster 68
G070936 The Historical 9x19mm Mike Venturino July 2009 An Enduring Cartidge 36
G070940 USPSA Production Division Dave Anderson July 2009 Every Man’s Game (And Every Woman’s) 40
G070946 The Birth of a Sporterized Military Rifle Jeff John July 2009 An American First 46
G070952 Ruger’s .44 Special Flattop John Taffin July 2009 Victory at Last! 52
G070956 Reloading the Accurate .25s John Barsness July 2009 Quarter Bore Heaven 56
G080906 Letters to the Editor Aug 2009 Crossfire 6
G080908 Raising Them Right – Part II. The Hunting Tradition is Alive and Well in Montana Mike Venturino Aug 2009 Montana Musings 8
G080912 The Vise. Center of the Gunsmithing Universe Hamilton Bowen Aug 2009 Gunsmithing 12
G080914 Budget Binos. You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune Jacob Gottfredson Aug 2009 Optics 14
G080916 Ahh, Sweet 16. Handloading the “Middle” Gauge John Barsness Aug 2009 Handloading 16
G080918 Shotgun Malfunctions. Clear ’em Clint Smith Aug 2009 Ranging Shots 18
G080920 The Perfect Deer Rifle. And the Winner is… Dave Anderson Aug 2009 Rifleman 20
G080922 Pack Guns. The Wood’s Loafers Delight Holt Bodinson Aug 2009 Shotgunner 22
G080924 “Ladies’ Guns” Bad Advice Abounds. Let’s Apply Some Logic Massad Ayoob Aug 2009 Handguns 24
G080956 A Red Herring David Codrea Aug 2009 Views, News & Reviews 56
G080978 Pickin’ and Choosin’. Or Snoozin’ and Losin’ John Conner Aug 2009 Odd Angry Shot 78
G080882 A Half Century with Sixguns. The .357 Magnum John Taffin Aug 2009 Campfire Tales 82
G080926 Century’s VZ.58V. And This One Shoots! Holt Bodinson Aug 2009 Surplus Locker 26
G080930 Featherweight Magic, Kahr’s New P380 Pistol. Spyderco’s Rust-Free Aqua Salts … Massad Ayoob, Pat Covert Aug 2009 Out of the Box 30
G080934 The Pocket Smith II, a 1911 Multi-Tool from Caspian Arms … Mike Cumpston, Clint Smith, Jeff John Aug 2009 Quartermaster 64
G080936 Modern Goose Loads Bring Home the Big Birds John Barsness Aug 2009 Those Heavenly Honkers 36
G080940 Kimber’s Police Tactical Rifle Now Chambers the Potent .300 Winchester Magnum Dave Anderson Aug 2009 Magnum Force 40
G080946 Everything Went into the Hungry Maw of this Conflict Mike Venturino Aug 2009 Small Arms of the Korean War 46
G080950 Les Baer Brings Quality to an Entry Level AR-15 for Police and Civilians Clint Smith Aug 2009 Police Special 50
G080952 Nosler’s .270 WSM M48 Sporter Jacob Gottfredson Aug 2009 Great Bullets, Great Rifles 52
G090906 Letters to the Editors Sept 2009 Crossfire 6
G090908 So You Want a Bigger Gun? Heidi Has the Answer! Clint Smith Sept 2009 Ranging Shots 8
G090912 Clapped in Irons.  Sights, That is. Dave Anderson Sept 2009 Rifleman 12
G090916 Survival of the Fittest. Armalite’s AR-7 Holt Bodinson Sept 2009 Rimfires 16
G090918 Is it Slickup Time? With Ammo Too Scarce for Shooting, Spend your “Gun Budget” in other … Massad Ayoob Sept 2009 Handguns 18
G090920 A Weekend Blast. Full Auto Fun. Mike Venturino Sept 2009 Montana Musings 20
G090922 Light Loads with IMR’s Trail Boss. The Sixgunner’s Safe, Sane, Subdued Sixgun Shells John Taffin Sept 2009 Handloading 22
G090926 Carbine Configuration. Make the Handy AR Handler Glen Zediker Sept 2009 Up On ARs 26
G090970 A Walk in the Park David Codrea Sept 2009 Views, News & Reviews 70
G090978 New Life. Browning’s Single Shot Rifle Revitalized Winchester Jeff John Sept 2009 A Guns Medley 78
G090986 “Interesting Times?” Oh, Yeah! John Conner Sept 2009 Odd Angry Shot 86
G090990 A Half Century with Sixguns. the .45 ACP. John Taffin Sept 2009 Campfire Tales 90
G090928 Surplus Reading. Buy a Book or Two Holt Bodinson Sept 2009 Surplus Locker 28
G090932 Rimfire Fun Gun, The Henry .22 Golden Boy; A Victorian Classic, the New Model Navy Revolver J.B. Wood, Mike Cumpston Sept 2009 Out of the Box 32
G090976 Old West Reproductions John Taffin Sept 2009 Quartermaster 76
G090940 Browning BLR Takedown .30-06 Mike Venturino Sept 2009 Porta-Power 40
G090944 ArmaLite AR-10 .338 Federal Holt Bodinson Sept 2009 Big Bore Surprise 44
G090952 Wilson Combat;s 1911 .460 Rowland John Taffin Sept 2009 Ol’ Slabsides Turns Hunter 52
G090956 Ruger’s New LCR Massad Ayoob Sept 2009 The 21st Century Revolver 56
G090962 Cimarron Brings Back Winchester’s 1876 .50-95 Jeff John Sept 2009 Little Big .50 62
G100906 Letters to the Editor Oct 2009 Crossfire 6
G100908 Back Up Gun Drills. Stay Up to Speed with Your Hideout Gun Massad Ayoob Oct 2009 Handguns 8
G100912 Optical Illusions. Do You See What You’re Seeing? Jacob Gottfredson Oct 2009 Optics 12
G100914 Handloaders for Hunting. The Steering End of the Case Matters Most John Barsness Oct 2009 Handloading 14
G100918 Barrel Turning Green? Just Clean It Dave Anderson Oct 2009 Rifleman 18
G100922 The 1918 Colt 1911. “Duke’s Luck” Strikes Again Mike Venturino Oct 2009 Montana Musings 22
G100926 Rifle Ready? Hunting Season Prep. Hamilton Bowen Oct 2009 Gunsmithing 26
G100928 AR Stuff. Good Gear for Your Rifle Clint Smith Oct 2009 Ranging Shots 28
G100932 Remington’s New Weather Beater. The Model 887 Excels where Other Guns Just Rust Holt Bodinson Oct 2009 Shotgunner 32
G100966 This Attack on Guns Rights Shouldn’t Fly David Codrea Oct 2009 Views, News & Reviews 66
G100994 The Face of GI Joe. He Wasn’t a Toy John Conner Oct 2009 Odd Angry Shot 94
G100998 A Half-Century with Sixguns. The .45 Colt John Taffin Oct 2009 Campfire Tales 98
G100934 An Enfield Gem. Tje L39A1 Holt Bodinson Oct 2009 Surplus Locker 34
G100938 Turning .50, Guncrafter Industries’ Glock .50 GI Conversion Unit John Taffin Oct 2009 Out of the Box 38
G100982 Sidearmor Holsters; Atlas Bipod Justin Carroll, Clint Smith Oct 2009 Quartermaster 82
G100944 Thinking of a New Rifle? Here Are Some Guidelines to Ensure Success John Barsness Oct 2009 Mule Deer Rifles 44
G100948 Ruger and Hornady’s Compact Magnums Deliver Power in a Small Package Dave Anderson Oct 2009 Might Mini Magnum 48
G100956 When it Comes to Technology, Which Knives Make the Cut? Pat Covert Oct 2009 Hi-Tech Vs. Traditional 56
G100960 The 7.92x57mm Mauser Cartridge Mike Venturino Oct 2009 Germany’s Masterpiece 60
G100964 It Shoots Like a Bolt Gun? Dave Douglas Oct 2009 Fabrique Nationale’s Autoloader 64
G110906 Letters to the Editor Nov 2009 Crossfire 6
G110908 Let There Be Light. And Other Everyday Things Clint Smith Nov 2009 Ranging Shots 8
G110912 Muzzle Attachments. Redirecting the Gas Glen Zediker Nov 2009 Up On ARs 12
G110916 Ballistic Coefficient. There’s Only One Way to Find the Bottom of this Mystery John Barsness Nov 2009 Handloading 16
G110920 Walther’s Revolutionary SP22. Fun, Versatile and Accurate Holt Bodinson Nov 2009 Rimfires 20
G110924 WWII Reproductions Abound. Numrich’s Zf41 Scope & Accumounts’ Base Mike Venturino Nov 2009 Montana Musings 24
G110928 Does the Chute Help You Shoot? Magazine Well “Chutes” Have Been Getting Bigger and Bigger … Massad Ayoob Nov 2009 Handguns 28
G110930 Give it a Rest. Seriously. Dave Anderson Nov 2009 Rifleman 30
G110966 Meanwhile, Across the Pond in Sarah Brady Paradise David Codrea Nov 2009 Views, News & Reviews 66
G110984 The Red Chip Buck. Young Hunters Jacob Gottfredson Nov 2009 A Guns Medley 84
G110994 It’s Not About Products. It’s About People John Conner Nov 2009 Odd Angry Shot 94
G110998 A Half-Century With Sixguns. The .44 Special John Taffin Nov 2009 Campfire Tales 98
G110932 AR Goes Rimfire. Colt’s Exciting, New M4/M16 Are Dedicated to the .22 Long Rifle Holt Bodinson Nov 2009 Surplus Locker 32
G110936 The “Earl”, A New Mini Mag from North American Arms John Taffin Nov 2009 Out of the Box 36
G110980 ICC Jot Ammunition; Precision Pro Grips; Barnes Amazing Bullets, GG&G Mount Clint Smith, John Taffin, Jacob Gottfredsor Nov 2009 Quartermaster 80
G110944 4The S&W K-22, K-32 and K-38 and now the New Classics Model 17 and Model 14 John Taffin Nov 2009 They Were Called The Masterpiece 44
G110948 Springfield Armory Custom Shop XD(M) 9mm Massad Ayoob Nov 2009 A Touch of the Master 48
G110954 Casting Good Bullets – And Enough of Them Mike Venturino Nov 2009 Molten Mysteries 54
G110958 “AR” Now Stands for “A Ruger” Dave Douglas Nov 2009 The New SR 556 58
G110962 Pheasant Guns and Loads John Barsness Nov 2009 Bring Home the Big Birds 62
G120906 Letters to the Editor Dec 2009 Crossfire 6
G120908 What Can You See in the Mirror (Image)? … Massad Ayoob Dec 2009 Handguns 8
G120910 Ithaca’s on a Roll. The Model 37 is a Petite 28-Gauge Gun Holt Bodinson Dec 2009 Shotgunner 10
G120914 Girl Stuff. You Guys Might Learn Something Too Heidi & Clint Smith Dec 2009 Ranging Shots 14
G120916 Handloading to Change Shotgun Patterns. change Patterns at Breech End John Barsness Dec 2009 Handloading 16
G120920 Arresting Recoil. Don’t Break the Stock Dave Anderson Dec 20009 Rifleman 20
G120922 Some Essential Revolver Tools. Wheelguns Need Love Too. Hamilton Bowen Dec 2009 Gunsmithing 22
G120926 Historical Guns. They Mean a Little More Mike Venturino Dec 2009 Montana Musings 26
G120928 Can you see it? Resolving power matters. Jacob Gottfredson Dec 2009 Optics 28
G120964 Will Feds Kill “Firearms Freedom Act”? David Codrea Dec 2009 Views, News & Reviews 64
G120986 Dickie’s Star. A Christmas Carol John Conner Dec 2009 Odd Angry Shot 86
G120990 A Half-Century With Sixguns. The .44 Magnum John Taffin Dec 2009 Campfire Tales 90
G120930 Para-USA .45 ACP Gi Expert. Easy on the Wallet, Heavy on Performance John Taffin Dec 2009 Out of the Box 30
G120932 The Revolutionary Hall. Let Me Count the Ways Holt Bodinson Dec 2009 Surplus Locker 32
G120979 Dominator 1; Simply Rugged Leather Clint Smith, John Taffin Dec 2009 Quartermaster 79
G120940 Remington’s 870 SPS is a Significant Slug Gun Advancement Richard Mann Dec 2009 Slug Happy 40
G120944 Taurus PT 845 .45 ACP John Taffin Dec 2009 Pistol Innovation 44
G120952 When Guns Speak Mike Venturino Dec 2009 Whispering Iron 52
G120956 A Short History of Big Game Bullets John Barsness Dec 2009 Sprouting Mushrooms 56
G120960 For the Serving Soldier John Conner Dec 2009 The 2009 Military Gift Guide 60
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