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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010806 Letters to the Editor January 2008 Crossfire 6
G010808 Advanced basics for the 1911. Clint Smith January 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G010812 Familiarity. It doesn’t always breed contempt. Sometimes it fills the larder. Dave Anderson January 2008 Rifleman 12
G010816 Parallax vs. focus. No big deal to hunters, but target shooters need to know how to use this tool. Jacob Gottfredson January 2008 Optics 16
G010820 You may SAY you can, but I doubt it. Mike Venturino January 2008 Montana Musings 20
G010824 The handguns of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables. Massad Ayoob January 2008 Handguns 24
G010826 Hodgon’s Varget. This powder lives up to its name. Mike Venturino January 2008 Handloader 26
G010830 CIA’s Ultra 87. An improved 870. Holt Bodinson January 2008 Shotgunner 30
G010862 A huge success! David Codrea January 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 62
G010848 A classis American hunting rifle. Jeff john January 2008 A Guns Medley 48
G010886 Paper orphans. Random notes our wandering correspondent almost never used. John Connor January 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G010890 Good friends, good guns. John Taffin January 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G010832 Mauser’s first repeater. Holt Bodinson January 2008 Surplus Locker 32
G010838 Jeff John January 2008 Questions & Answers 38
G010872 Walt Ostin’s Tom threepersons. John Taffin, Holt Bodinson January 2008 Quartermaster 72
G010840 The Surgeon Razor Hunter delivers more. Jacob Gottfredson January 2008 When Precision Counts 40
G010844 Springfield Armory’s 10mm Long Slide can. Mark Hanten January 2008 Could a 1911 Hunt? 44
G010856 A handier type of long arm. Mike Venturino January 2008 Carbines 56
G010856 A handier type of long arm. Mike Venturino January 2008 Carbines 56
G010479 Letters to the Editor February 2008 Crossfire 6
G020808 The backup is back up! The S&W Model 40. Clint Smith February 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G020814 Return of the full-size nine. Massad Ayoob February 2008 Handguns 14
G020816 AR-15 Furniture. Grips and stocks. Glen Zediker February 2008 Up on Ars 16
G020820 Slugging barrels. Size does matter. Mike Venturino February 2008 Montana Musings 20
G020824 Oregon trail bullets. Better bullets than you can cast yourself. John Taffin February 2008 Handloadng 24
G020828 The revolutionary nylon 66 rifle. And it’s nearly indestructible. Holt Bodinson February 2008 Rimfires 28
G020830 Happy Anniversary Model 77! Dave Anderson February 2008 Rifleman 30
G020866 “Privileges” watch. David Codrea February 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 66
G020876 The Thompson submachine gun: shooting a 20th century icon. Mike Cumpston February 2008 A Guns Medley 76
G020886 The unashamed American. John Connor February 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G020890 Don’t touch the triple lock. Not that way. John Taffin February 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G020832 Traditions 1858 Remington .44. Holt Bodinson February 2008 Surplus Locker 32
G020839 Jeff John February 2008 Questions & Answers 39
G020874 Muzzleloader drop-in bore light. Holt Bodinson, John Connor February 2008 Quartermaster 74
G020840 These variations of the cocked-and-locked P220 .45 definie practicality. Massad Ayoob February 2008 Short and Handy 40
G020844 This .204 is as accurate as a varmint rifle and portable as a hunting rifle. Dave Anderson February 2008 Weatherby Sub MOA Varmint 40
G020850 The 1903 Springfield. Mike Venturino February 2008 Duke’s Newfound Love 50
G020856 Another era comes to a close. John Taffin February 2008 Sixguns of the Silver Screen 56
G020862 Uselton Arms Mountain Lite Warbird. Jacob Gottfredson February 2008 Long Range Precision 62
G030806 Letters to the Editor March 2008 Crossfire 6
G030808 Set goals, do them. It’s later than you think. Dave Anderson March 2008 Rifleman 8
G030812 New ammo for U.S. military service pistols? Massad Ayoob March 2008 Handguns 12
G030816 Hastings’ smokin’ 20-gauge slug. Who needs a rifle? Holt Bodinson March 2008 Shotgunner 16
G030820 Understanding and choosing optics Part I. Jacob Gottfredson March 2008 Optics 20
G030824 Make your own medicine. Clint Smith March 2008 Ranging Shots 24
G030826 Guns I’ll never shoot again! Mike Venturino March 2008 Montana Musings 26
G030830 Handloading for precision Part I. Jacob Gottfredson March 2008 Handloading 30
G030874 The hallowed halls of learning. David Codrea March 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 74
G030894 Jim Cirillo, rest in peace. Massad Ayoob March 2008 A Guns Medley 94
G0308102 True confessions. The horror and the heresy. John Connor March 2008 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0308106 Of heroes and helpers. John Taffin March 2008 Campfire Tales 106
G030834 India’s Enfield 2A/2A1. Holt Bodinson March 2008 Surplus Locker 34
G030845 Jeff John March 2008 Questions & Answers 45
G030846 The levergun revolution continues. John Taffin March 2008 Come Aboard the Marlin Express 46
G030852 Les Baer’s SRP combines accuracy with reliability – something its maker is famous for. Massad Ayoob March 2008 Swift Response Pistol 52
G030860 Mossberg 100 ATR vs. Savage 116 and the winner is‰¥Ï Jeff John March 2008 Shootoff! 60
G030864 It wasn’t just one gun, but it was one type of gun. Mike Venturino March 2008 What Guns Really Won the West 64
G030870 This short-barreled carbine works. Clint Smith March 2008 Noveske N4 Light Carbine 70
G040806 Letters to the Editor April 2008 Crossfire 6
G040808 The year of the rollers. Mike Venturino April 2008 Montana Musings 8
G040818 Sprucing up a bargain. Dave Anderson April 2008 Rifleman 18
G040819 Mighty mini self-loader. Holt Bodinson April 2008 Rimfires 19
G040820 I lost the rubber. Buttplate, that is. Clint Smith April 2008 Ranging Shots 20
G040822 Service rifle slings. Overt and effective discomfort. Glen Zediker April 2008 Up on Ars 22
G040824 Handloading for precision Part II. Jacob Gottfredson April 2008 Handloading 24
G040826 Happy 50th Anniversary Bianchi gunleather. Massad Ayoob April 2008 Handguns 26
G040860 Homegrown terrorists. David Codrea April 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 60
G040872 On safari! With a “60 something.” John Sheehan April 2008 A Guns Medley 72
G040886 Sorting out the sheeple. John Connor April 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G040890 Great shots. Where skill meets luck. John Taffin April 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G040830 Mosin Nagant sniper. Holt Bodinson April 2008 Surplus Locker 30
G040836 Jeff John April 2008 Questions & Answers 36
G040870 Bore blast – the ultimate cleaning gadget. Holt Bodinson, John Taffin April 2008 Quartermaster 70
G040838 And a hunter. Jacob Gottfredson April 2008 The 6.8 is a Panther 38
G040842 The polymer Ruger SR9 pistol. Massad Ayoob April 2008 New Approach 42
G040850 Still the best of the Old West’s cartridges. Mike Venturino April 2008 The Dual-Digit WCFS 50
G040856 The Glock G21SF .45 ACP. Massad Ayoob April 2008 Perfecting Perfection 56
G050806 Letters to the Editor May 2008 Crossfire 6
G050808 AH-H-H, for the warm days of spring. And varmint hunting. Dave Anderson May 2008 Rifleman 8
G050814 Squounds and Crak-Rs. You read right. Read on. Holt Bodinson May 2008 Shotgunner 14
G050816 Understanding and choosing optics Part II. Jacob Gottfredson May 2008 Optics 16
G050820 All for 231. And 231 for all. Clint Smith May 2008 Handloading 20
G050822 Who’s a rifleman? It’s more than just shooting. Mike Venturino May 2008 Montana Musings 22
G050824 The .40 somethings. Massad Ayoob May 2008 Handguns 24
G050826 All ammo is good ammo‰¥Ï or is it? Clint Smith May 2008 Ranging Shots 26
G050860 The wrong questions. David Codrea May 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 60
G050878 17th annual historic artillery march. And mortars, too. Civil War Artillery Match May 2008 A Guns Medley 78
G050886 It’s the little thing‰¥Ï John Connor May 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G050890 A tale of two classics. John Taffin May 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G050828 Mauser 98 Shotgun Holt Bodinson May 2008 Surplus Locker 28
G050834 Jeff John May 2008 Questions & Answers 34
G050874 Surefire X300 handgun Weaponlight. John Connor, Clint Smith May 2008 Quartermaster 74
G050838 The Kahr TP45 .45 ACP. Massad Ayoob May 2008 Light and modern Defined 38
G050842 The SIG Sauer 556 redefines reliable self-loaders. Dave Anderson May 2008 A Superlative Semiauto 42
G050848 Some were Colts, some weren’t. Mike Venturino May 2008 The Other Old West Sixguns 48
G050852 The hunter’s most effective edge? Pat Covert May 2008 The Venerable Drop Point 52
G050856 Thompson/Center’s G2 contender. John Taffin May 2008 Wonderful 1 Shot 56
G060806 Letters to the Editor June 2008 Crossfire 6
G060808 Shotguns. Still a great option. Clint Smith June 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G060814 Something old, something new. And nothing to be blue about. Holt Bodinson June 2008 Rimfires 14
G060818 The perfect shot. Or, “where do I aim?” Dave Anderson June 2008 Rifleman 18
G060820 Guns I’ve ruined. No braggin’ here. Mike Venturino June 2008 Montana Musings 20
G060822 Handgun ammo prices in perspective. Massad Ayoob June 2008 Handguns 22
G060824 Extraction. It’s spent, get it outta there. Glen Zediker June 2008 Up on Ars 24
G060826 Heavy duty hunting loads for the .45 Colt. John Taffin June 2008 Handloading 26
G060876 The root of the problem. David Codrea June 2008 Views, news, & Reviews 76
G060894 Pilots honored with distinguished Flying Crosses. Sgt. 1st class Rick Emert June 2008 A Guns Medley 94
G0608102 The “huh” files. John Connor June 2008 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0608106 Who needs an assault rifle? Does John? John Taffin June 2008 Campfire Tales 106
G060830 CIA AK-47 Bullpup. Holt Bodinson June 2008 Surplus Locker 30
G060846 Jeff John June 2008 Questions & Answers 46
G060892 Speer reloading manual no. 14. Mike Cumpston, John Taffin June 2008 Quartermaster 92
G060848 The big .50 has much to offer. Just like Charles Atlas. Jacob Gottfredson June 2008 Handloading ArmaLite’s AR-50 48
G060852 It’s accurate, reliable, and designed by seasoned good guy gunfighters. What’s not to like? Massad Ayoob June 2008 The Kimber SIS .45 ACP 52
G060860 ‰¥Ï To grenades. John Sheehan June 2008 From rifles‰¥Ï 60
G060866 There’s a difference. Mike Venturino June 2008 Collecting or Accumulating? 66
G060872 Just in case. Holt Bodinson June 2008 The Mossberg Solution 72
G070806 Letters to the Editor July 2008 Crossfire 6
G070808 Affordable home defense. Clint Smith July 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G070814 The Glock 22. America’s best-selling police pistol. Massad Ayoob July 2008 Handguns 14
G070818 Real cowboy loads for the .45 Colt. John Taffin July 2008 Handloading 18
G070822 Conqueror Big Bore. The .357 Ruger. Dave Anderson July 2008 Rifleman 22
G070824 5.11 tactical ballistic watch. Jacob Gottfredson July 2008 Optics 24
G070826 I’m ba-a-a-ck! The return of the 5mm Remington rimfire Magnum. Holt Bodinson July 2008 Rimfires 26
G070828 The M1 Carbine. An inspiring gun in an uninspiring round. Mike Venturino July 2008 Montana Musings 28
G070864 How you can become a “gun felon.” David Codrea July 2008 Views, News, & Reviews 64
G070876 A young’un’s gun. The Winchester model 40A single-shot .22 rifle. Martin J. Miller, Jr. July 2008 A Guns Medley 76
G070886 Child soldiers? They don’t know Jack. John Connor July 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G070890 Whatever happened to cowboy action shooting? John Taffin July 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G070838 Jeff John July 2008 Questions & Answers 38
G070830 Egypt’s Rasheed. A mini Ljungman 7.62x39mm. Holt Bodinson July 2008 Surplus Locker 30
G070872 The Shooters Ridge steady point handgun rest. Mike Cumpston July 2008 Quartermaster 72
G070840 Once the dominant sixgun for target and police work it still maintains a popular following with shooters. Massad Ayoob July 2008 The Classic 6 Revolver 40
G070844 Robar’s Xtreme metal frame Glock. Dave Anderson July 2008 0 Plastic 44
G070850 This great English design was issued to US troops in greater numbers than the venerable M1903. Mike Venturino July 2008 These Enfields Really Weren’t 50
G070854 Frontier gunsmiths solved problems with the new-fangled ca’tridge guns. Jeff John July 2008 American Innovation 54
G070860 STI maker of premier 1911s now makes the other great single action. John Taffin July 2008 The Texican 60
G080806 Letters to the Editor August 2008 Crossfire 6
G080808 What’s hot and what’s hotter. Dave Anderson August 2008 Rifleman 8
G080810 Lugers an iconic arm. Mike Venturino August 2008 Montana Musings 10
G080814 Reloading 101 Part I. John Taffin August 2008 Handloading 14
G080818 21st century super slugs. Holt Bodinson August 2008 Shotgunner 18
G080820 The business of practice‰¥Ï meets the business of ammunition. Clint Smith August 2008 Ranging Shots 20
G080824 Saving $$$. .22s for practice. Massad Ayoob August 2008 Handguns 24
G080826 Extraction and ejection. Glen Zediker August 2008 Up on Ars 26
G080870 To plant a seed. David Codrea August 2008 Views News & Reviews 70
G080882 The MEU (SOC) .45. The 1911 soldiers on. Justin Carroll. August 2008 A Guns Medley 82
G080894 No moss but many moments. John Connor August 2008 Odd Angry Shot 94
G080898 Who are you saving them for? Have some fun already. John Taffin August 2008 Campfire Tales 98
G080830 The Nagant Sporter Revolver. Holt Bodinson August 2008 Surplus Locker 30
G080842 Jeff John August 2008 Questions & Answers 42
G080878 Gun slick cleaning rods. Jacob Gottfredson Jeff John August 2008 Quartermaster 78
G080844 Traditions XLT Extreme. Holt Bodinson August 2008 Hot Pursuit 44
G080848 The Steyr Mannlicher Classic. Jeff John August 2008 Fit For an Emperor 48
G080856 The Kel-Tec PLR-16 .223 is a dandy hunting gun and doubles as a Walter Mitty fun gun. John Taffin August 2008 Semiauto Surprise 56
G080860 18th century martial muskets. Mike Cumpston August 2008 The Guns of Empire 60
G080864 Such a deal. Mike Venturino August 2008 Used Guns 64
G090470 Letters to the Editor September 2008 Crossfire 6
G090808 On Safari. Things are a bit better than in Elmer Keith’s time. Dave Anderson September 2008 Rifleman 8
G090814 Lessons learned. Ruger recalls the SR9. Massad Ayoob September 2008 Handguns 14
G090818 Reloading 101 Part II. John Taffin September 2008 Handloading 18
G090822 Zeiss Hits the Mark. Jacob Gottfredson September 2008 Optics 22
G090826 Favorite things. I use these everyday. Clint Smith September 2008 Ranging Shots 26
G090828 Production feats. American manufacturing did wonders during WWII. Mike Venturino September 2008 Montana Musings 28
G090880 Getting the lead out. David Codrea September 2008 Views News & Reviews 80
G0908102 The Cody firearms museum. Peter T. Tomaras September 2008 A Guns Medley 102
G0908110 The storm crow speaks. John Connor September 2008 Odd Angry Shot 110
G0908114 Are you in good hands? John Taffin September 2008 Campfire Tales 114
G090830 The Russians are coming! Holt Bodinson September 2008 Surplus Locker 30
G090848 Jeff John September 2008 Questions & Answers 48
G090898 G96 Gun Blue Cr̬me Jeff John Clint Smith September 2008 Quartermaster 98
G090852 Ruger’s .22 LR Charger is an exceptional varmint and small game pistol. John Taffin September 2008 Get a Charge 52
G090856 The S&W Performance Center dshes up a special M&P 9mm just for competitive shooters. Massad Ayoob September 2008 Winner’s Choice 56
G090864 The real shoot now die tomorrow rifle. Jacob Gottfredson September 2008 The .416 Barrett and the Bors 64
G090868 1945 – 2008. Mike Venturino September 2008 Guns of Iwo Jima 68
G090874 The Edge and The Guardian. Mike Cumpston September 2008 1911 Heaven From STI 74
G100806 Letters to the Editor October 2008 Crossfire 6
G100808 Truly Good? A Good Start is to Choose Wisely. Clint Smith October 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G100814 An Axis Sniper Rifle. Mike Venturino October 2008 Montana Musings 14
G100818 Sustaining Revolver Fire Part I. Massad Ayoob October 2008 Handguns 18
G100820 Competition Cartridge Choices. Glen Zediker October 2008 Up on Ars 20
G100822 Hercules and Alliant Unique. Mike Cumpston October 2008 Handloading 22
G100826 Elegance Defined. Dave Anderson October 2008 Rifleman 26
G100832 2-Shot Autos Holt Bodinson October 2008 Shotgunner 32
G100876 The Heller High Watermark Holt Bodinson October 2008 Shotgunner 76
G100898 Remembering Ray Chapman Massad Ayoob October 2008 A Guns Medley 98
G1008110 The Billy Can Rules John Connor October 2008 Odd Angry Shot 110
G1008114 Who Says You Can’t Go Back? John Taffin October 2008 Campfire Tales 114
G100834 America’s T48. It Almost Won! Holt Bodinson October 2008 Surplus Locker 34
G100851 Jeff John October 2008 Questions & Answers 51
G100894 Timney’s New AR-10 Trigger Jacob Gottfredson Holt Bodinson October 2008 Quartermaster 94
G100852 The Bushmaster 450 AR-15 Mike Cumpston October 2008 Stretching the Envelope 52
G100856 Savage Model 14 .250-3000 John Taffin October 2008 A True American Classic 56
G100864 How to maintain and improve the performance of your knife. Pat Covert October 2008 Stay Sharp! 64
G100868 S&W’s new model 24 .44 Special & model 25 Colt .45. Mike Venturino John Taffin October 2008 A Tale of Two Classics 68
G110806 Letters to the Editor November 2008 Crossfire 6
G110808 Remington’s masterpiece. The venerable 870 shotgun. Clint Smith November 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G110814 Sustaining revolver firepower Part II Massad Ayoob November 2008 Handguns 14
G110818 New love? Or old love? Mike Venturino November 2008 Montana Musings 18
G110822 The Hawkeye borescope. What evil lurks in your barrel? Jacob Gottfredson November 2008 Optics 22
G110826 Shoot a doe. They’re tasty too – and it’s important. Dave Anderson November 2008 Rifleman 26
G110830 The GSG fun gun. Holt Bodinson November 2008 Rimfires 30
G110836 Cast bullets and great sixguns. John Taffin November 2008 Handloading 36
G110872 Chi-town’s pell-Mell gun laws. David Codrea November 2008 Viewns News & Reviews 72
G110894 On Safari. Minimum legal alternatives. John Sheehan November 2008 A Guns Medley 94
G1108102 Veterans Day – November 11th. John Connor November 2008 Odd Angry Shot 102
G1108106 Don’t mess with the old guy! John Taffin November 2008 Campfire Tales 106
G110840 The Model 1911 Schmidt Rubin. Holt Bodinson November 2008 Surplus Locker 40
G110844 Jeff John November 2008 Questions & Answers 44
G110890 Bino pouch system. Jeff John Clint Smith John Connor Holt Bodinson November 2008 Quartermaster 90
G110848 New ultra light arms. Richard Mann November 2008 The Melvin Rifle 48
G110852 Ruger’s two new defensive handgun concepts. Massad Ayoob November 2008 Mighty Mice Guns 52
G110858 The 5 000 foot-pound marlin. M.L. McPherson November 2008 The .510 Kodiak Express 58
G110862 Smith & Wesson’s M&p .45 ACP. John Taffin November 2008 Combat Ready 62
G110866 M1 Thompson Submachine Gun Mike Venturino November 2008 Uncle Sam’s Burp Gun 66
G120806 Letters to the Editor December 2008 Crossfire 6
G120808 Choose: simple. And try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Clint Smith December 2008 Ranging Shots 8
G120812 Field Positions. It’s the final test for a hunter. Dave Anderson December 2008 Rifleman 12
G120816 Lessons learned. Illuminating the problem. Holt Bodinson December 2008 Shotgunner 16
G120820 Trigger slap. The pros and cons of the method. Massad Ayoob December 2008 Handguns 20
G120824 Triggers. These slender things get everything moving. Mike Venturino December 2008 Montana Musings 24
G120826 Sixgun shotshells. Roll your own. John Taffin December 2008 Handloading 26
G120830 Savvy sizing. The case that is. Glen Zediker December 2008 Up On Ars 30
G120862 Use the first lose the second. David Codrea December 2008 Views News & Reviews 62
G120874 Operatioon Azada Wosa. 24th MEU Public Affairs December 2008 A Guns Medley 74
G120886 An August Chrismas missive. John Connor December 2008 Odd Angry Shot 86
G120890 Our readers are special! In a .44 kind of way. John Taffin December 2008 Campfire Tales 90
G120832 Those curious Carcanos. Holt Bodinson December 2008 Surplus Locker 32
G120838 Jeff John December 2008 Questions & Answers 38
G120872 Bob Allen intercept gun case. Clint Smith Dave Anderson December 2008 Quartermaster 72
G120840 Mossberg Model 464 .30-30. John Taffin December 2008 A Modern American Classic 40
G120844 S&W’s new hunting rifle is affordable accurate and dependable. Dave Anderson December 2008 Hunter’s Delight 44
G120852 Stand by to stuff some stockin’s shooters! John Connor December 2008 The 2008 Christmas Gift Guide 52
G120856 The German Army in WWII fielded some relatively obsolete and some rather cutting edge arms. Mike Venturino December 2008 Small Arms of the Wehrmacht 56
GAN0808 The Glock 21 goes on a diet. Massad Ayoob Annual 2008 Glock 21 SF 8
GAN0819 The gun that won’t die. Jeremy Clough Annual 2008 Detonics 19
GAN0826 Custom cartridges from a custom gunsmith. John Taffin Annual 2008 Gary Reeder Cartridges 26
GAN0830 Reach out and touch it – way out. Mark Hampton Annual 2008 Quarter Mile Handguns 30
GAN0836 Still ready for duty. Mike Venturino Annual 2008 WWII Bolt Guns 36
GAN0844 Still killin’ steel chickens after all these years. Mike Venturino Annual 2008 20 years of BPCRS 44
GAN0854 Where you’re part of the food chain – you up to the challenge? WM. Hovey Smith Annual 2008 Black Powder in Africa 54
GAN0858 The undisputed king of lever guns. John Taffin Annual 2008 Make Mine a Marlin 58
GAN0874 Can the M&P stand the heat? Charles Petty Annual 2008 M&P Torture Test 74
GAN0876 All the fun without the noise. J.I. Galan Annual 2008 Airgun Round Up 76
GAN0886 Cut slash poke or scrape – there’s one for you. Pat Covert Annual 2008 Choosing the Right Knife 86
GAN0892 The real stars of Western movies! John Taffin Annual 2008 Old West Movie Guns 92
GAN08101 Handgun hunting hoooorahhs. Mark Hanten Annual 2008 S&W .460 Mag 101
GCA0808 AR-15 of your dreams. Sammy Reese Combat 2008 D&L Sports Custom Rifle 8
GCA0814 A classic package. John Taffin Combat 2008 Wilson Combat .38 Super 14
GCA0820 Effective but underutilized. Sheppard W. Kelly Combat 2008 Combat Shotgun 20
GCA0828 The Red Eagle years. Don Findley Combat 2008 Bill Ruger’s .22 28
GCA0835 From beast to beauty. Pat Cascio Combat 2008 1911 Project Gun 35
GCA0841 The next millitary cartridge – or not? Clint Smith Combat 2008 The 6.8 41
GCA0846 The riddle of steel – made simple. Mike Black Combat 2008 Knife Steel Mythology 46
GCA0848 An airsoft replica that rocks. J.I. Galan Combat 2008 M3a1 Grease Gun 48
GCA0850 How far can you go? John Connor Combat 2008 Stretching Rimfires 50
GCA0852 Cutters with muscle and mojo. Mark Hampton Combat 2008 Battle Blades & Backups 52
GCA0868 Ultimate packin’ pistol. John Taffin Combat 2008 S&W Model 500 68
GCA0874 Good rifle with a bad reputation. John Sheehan Combat 2008 Mannlicher-Carcano 74
GCA0880 Shooting in three dimensions. Barrett Tillman Combat 2008 Aerial Gunnery 80
GCA0890 The multi-purpose combat knife. Michael Janich Combat 2008 Tatang 90
GCA0896 Brave men. Clint Smith Combat 2008 B-25 Bomber 96
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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