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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010706 Letters to the Editor January 2007 Crossfire 6
G010708 Flying in a B-17. This legend lives on. Mike Venturino January 2007 Montana Musings 8
G010714 Rifle racing. Loud expensive things are all the same. Glen Zediker January 2007 Up on Ars 14
G010718 Fun with trail boss. Making a year-round rifle with reloads. Charles E. Petty January 2007 Handloader 18
G010720 The workhouse handgun. Massad Ayoob January 2007 Handguns 20
G010728 May I remind you? The use of very best thinking. Clint Smith January 2007 Ranging Shots 28
G010730 The Milano. The Italian savage. Holt Bodinson January 2007 Shotgunner 30
G010764 Profiles in apathy. David Codrea January 2007 Views News & Reviews 64
G010786 Be it resolved in 2007. John Connor January 2007 Odd Angry Shot 86
G010790 50 years of memories Part I: rifles. John Taffin January 2007 Campfire Tales 90
G010739 Jeff John January 2007 Questions & Answers 39
G010778 Bushmaster field maintenance products etc‰¥Ï Mike Cumpston Holt Bodinson January 2007 Quartermaster 78
G010740 Yeah it’s a .50! John Taffin January 2007 NEF’s Biggest and Baddest Handi-Rifle 40
G010744 An AR-15 can do anything. This one does one thing great. Glen Zediker January 2007 Big Little Gun 44
G010752 The 2006 Sniper’s Hide Cup Jacob Gottfredson January 2007 Clash of the Titans 52
G010760 Small arms of the cavalry and artillery. Mike Cumpston January 2007 Guns of the Late Unpleasantness 60
G020706 Letters to the Editor February 2007 Crossfire 6
G020708 Of wood. And stocks. Dave Anderson February 2007 Rifleman 8
G020714 Vehicle defense. Guns or trucks? Clint Smith February 2007 Ranging Shots 14
G020716 Saving ol’ Smokey. Relining the barrel. John King February 2007 The Smithy 16
G020720 Mouse gun fodder. Choosing ammo for our littlest defensive guns. Charles E. Petty February 2007 Ammo 20
G020722 About trusty Rusty. Rust on a handgun can signal problems more than skin deep. Massad Ayoob February 2007 Handguns 22
G020724 Smith & Wesson model 22-4 .45 ACP. Mike Venturino February 2007 Montana Musings 24
G020770 Wounded Marine awarded Navy Cross. David Codrea February 2007 Views News & Reviews 70
G020794 A pair of sevens. Two custom gems from the Guild. February 2007 A GUNS Medley 94
G0207114 The last of the breed. Col. Jeff Cooper 1920 – 2006. John Taffin February 2007 Campfire Tales 114
G020726 Fabrique Nationale’s FN-49 Holt Bodinson February 2007 Surplus Locker 26
G020747 Jeff John February 2007 Questions & Answers 47
G020796 Frankford arsenal electronic digital caliper‰¥Ï John Taffin John Connor Clint Smith February 2007 Quartermaster 96
G020748 Bigger isn’t always better. Mike Venturino February 2007 Rethinking the .357 Magnum 48
G020756 Tack driving accuracy from Sigarms’ P220 Single Action only .45 ACP. Massad Ayoob February 2007 A Heavenly Match 56
G020762 Savage’s even versatile 10 ML-11. Holt Bodinson February 2007 Feed all Frontstuffer 62
G020766 It’s not your grandpa’s .30-30. John Taffin February 2007 Lever Revolution 66
G030706 Letters to the Editor March 2007 Crossfire 6
G030708 After action. Now’s the time to fix what’s broke. Dave Anderson March 2007 Rifleman 8
G030716 The RCBS Grand; shotshell loading was never faster. Charles E. Petty March 2007 Handloader 16
G030720 Pachmayr: One of the original makers of fine custom 1911s. Clint Smith March 2007 Ranging Shots 20
G030722 The last gun. So you always say. Mike Venturino March 2007 Montana Musings 22
G030726 Polly wants a ‰¥Ï gram crak-r? Holt Bodinson March 2007 Shotgunner 26
G030732 Magazines. The gun kind. Glen Zediker March 2007 Up on Ars 32
G030770 Lunching wih legends. A reminiscence. Peter T. Tomaras March 2007 A Guns Medley 70
G030786 My dream job. Guns mud & high explosives. John Connor March 2007 Odd Angry Shot 86
G030790 50 years of memories. Part II Sixguns. John Taffin March 2007 Campfire Tales 90
G030728 The Ljungman AG-42. A most peculiar rifle. Holt Bodinson March 2007 Surplus Locker 28
G030735 Jeff John March 2007 Questions & Answers 35
G030738 The dead end begat a legend. Jeff John March 2007 The 1905 Colt .45 ACP 38
G030744 These two S&W revolvers are the ultimate big-bore snubbies. Hamilton Bowen March 2007 X-Fitted for Survival 44

7mm-08 Frontier Model 77. John Taffin March 2007 Ruger’s Super Scout 52
G030756 Ahhh! Varminting anew with fresh ideas. Mike Venturino March 2007 Rip Van Venturino wakes up! 56
G030762 There is nothing like a true bargain with extras. Charles E. Petty March 2007 The Taurus 1911 62
G040708 Return of the T-Bolt. And a sweet 22 scope. Holt Bodinson April 2007 Rimfires 8
G040714 Shoot it or save it? Choose wisely. Clint Smith April 2007 Ranging Shots 14
G040716 Major quarter bore. It’s finally catching on – and rightfully so. Dave Anderson April 2007 Rifleman 16
G040722 Remington power level ammo. Taming the ultra Mag. Charles E. Petty April 2007 Ammo 22
G040724 Surprising versatility. Bred for concealment this relatively new breed of handgun is well suited for other tasks too. Massad Ayoob April 2007 Handguns 24
G040732 Gunsmithing101. Or gee I always wanted to be a gunsmith. John King April 2007 The Smithy 32
G040774 May I be frank? David Codrea April 2007 Views News & Reviews 74
G040786 The dream comes true. Finally! John Taffin April 2007 A GUNS Medley 86
G0407102 Confessions of a knife knut. John Connor April 2007 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0407106 Beater guns. Here use this one. John Taffin April 2007 Campfire Tales 106
G040746 Jeff John April 2007 Questions & Answers 46
G040784 Dillon toolholder; Professional gunsmith screwdriver set. Charles E. Petty Mike Cumpston April 2007 Quartermaster 84
G040748 An oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words. Clint Smith April 2007 The Defensive Rifle? 48
G040752 The ArmaLite AR-24. Charles E. Petty April 2007 Turkish Delight 52
G040758 .357 Magnum Sixgunners do it eight times. John Taffin April 2007 S&W’s Super 8 58
G040768 Fun guns pure and simple. Mike Venturino April 2007 Pistol Cartridge Leverguns 68
G050706 Crossfire May 2007 Crossfire 6
G050708 Let’s talk turkey. It’s time to become dedicated. Holt Bodinson May 2007 Shotgunner 8
G050712 Shooting for group. A rifle’s application determines how it’s tested. Mike Venturino May 2007 Montana Musings 12
G050714 Match rifle sights. They help you hit where you’re looking – again and again. Glen Zediker May 2007 Up on Ars 14
G050718 Get a grip. Put beauty on the beast. Clint Smith May 2007 Ranging Shots 18
G050722 The ouch effect. Minding pain. Dave Anderson May 2007 Rifleman 22
G050724 Itty bitty bullets. Loading the .204 Ruger. Charles E. Petty May 2007 Handloader 24
G050762 Stand free or crouch in servitude. David Codrea May 2007 Views News & Reviews 62
G050778 Gun club memories. Glen Zediker May 2007 A GUNS Medley 78
G050790 Even a blind hog‰¥Ï good things do happen. John Taffin May 2007 Campfire Tales 90
G050408 Between the covers. Holt Bodinson May 2007 Surplus Locker 26
G050737 Jeff John May 2007 Questions & Answers 37
G050775 RCBS universal hand priming tool. John Taffin Charles E. Petty May 2007 Quartermaster 75
G050738 These knives’ll skin ’em all. Mac Overton May 2007 From Birds to Behemoths 38
G050750 Think before you shoot. Mike Venturino May 2007 Handgun Hunting 101 50
G050754 Airsoft a new breed of airgun has surprising applications. J.I. Galan May 2007 Shooting Softly 54
G050758 UFSA the leader in cowboy guns steps into the 20th century. John Taffin May 2007 Auto Retro 58
G060707 Letters to the Editor June 2007 Crossfire 7
G060708 What’s in a finish? Worn restored and reblued guns. Mike Venturino June 2007 Montana Musings 8
G060716 An American Classic. The snub-nosed combat Magnum. Massad Ayoob June 2007 Handguns 16
G060720 Pistol packing Maggie. Winchester’s magnum rules as an all-around outdoor cartridge. Holt Bodinson June 2007 Rimfires 20
G060722 See the light. Trijicon’s accupoint scope delivers fast accurate shots under any conditions. Dave Anderson June 2007 Rifleman 22
G060726 Ready‰¥Ï or not? Clint Smith June 2007 Ranging Shots 26
G060730 Headspace. Don’t let it be a headache. John King June 2007 The Smithy 30
G060786 Sport and war. Bringing troops together under fire in a good way. SPC. Debrah A. Robertson 40th Public Affairs Detachment. June 2007 A Guns Medley 86
G060794 Here I stand. The religion of piece. John Connor June 2007 Odd Angry Shot 94
G060798 50 years of memories. Part III reloading. John Taffin June 2007 Campfire Tales 98
G060734 Century’s .22 AKM Holt Bodinson June 2007 Surplus Locker 34
G060744 Jeff John June 2007 Questions & Answers 44
G060746 A sweet light over/under 20 gauge. Charles E. Petty June 2007 Kimber Marias 46
G060748 The Springfield .45 XD Compact can switch to a full-size duty gun too. Dave Anderson June 2007 Doube Duty Compact 48
G060756 The topper is still tops. John Taffin June 2007 One Good Shot 56
G060760 The best way to get them shooting – accurately. Mike Venturino June 2007 Feeding old Military Rifles 60
G060766 Take ’em all with A-Square’s dual-purpose magnum. Holt Bodinson June 2007 From Mice to Moose 66
G070710 A gun for a gun. The Liberator was new thinking back then. Clint Smith July 2007 Ranging Shots 10
G070714 Ready for an air shotgun? Holt Bodinson July 2007 Shotgunner 14
G070716 Triggers. Squeeze ’em. Dave Anderson July 2007 Rifleman 16
G070720 New and improved old and proven. Massad Ayoob July 2007 Handguns 20
G070724 Handy stuff. Tools keep getting better. Charles E. Petty July 2007 Handloader 24
G070728 Archiving your AR-15. Long term and short term storage considerations. Glen Zediker July 2007 Up on Ars 28
G070786 Reminiscing with Bill Jordan. Dave Anderson July 2007 Guns Medley 86
G070770 Grabbers all? David Codrea July 2007 Views News & Reviews 70
G070794 A bellyful. Tums won’t help. John Connor July 2007 Odd Angry Shot 94
G070798 Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. John Taffin July 2007 Campfire Tales 98
G070743 Jeff John July 2007 Questions & Answers 43
G070784 Jeepers Creepers! Where’d you get those peepers? Holt Bodinson John Connor July 2007 Quartermaster 84
G070744 These are them good ol’ days. Dave Anderson July 2007 Tack Driving Savage 44
G070748 Big enough to work small enough to conceal. Clint Smith July 2007 The 3 Cs of SIG’s C3 48
G070754 Replicas of our first cartridge guns are better than the originals. John Taffin July 2007 Cimarron Cartridge Conversions 54
G070764 World War II sniper rifles in Europe. Mike Venturino July 2007 Death from Afar 64
G080706 Letters to the Editor August 2007 Crossfire 6
G080710 The redoubtable Ruger SP101. Massad Ayoob August 2007 Handguns 10
G080714 Precision measuring instruments. John King August 2007 The Smithy 14
G080718 RCBS Chargemaster 1500 scale and dispenser. Jacob Gottfredson August 2007 Handloader 18
G080726 Run in the forest run! Clint Smith August 2007 Ranging Shots 26
G080728 Peacemakers & Schofields. Mike Venturino August 2007 Montana Musings 28
G080732 The ultimate ammo test. And other musings. Holt Bodinson August 2007 Rimfires 32
G080770 A very sound policy. David Codrea August 2007 Views News & Reviews 70
G080786 The Aston/johnson martial pistol of 1842. Mike Cumpston August 2007 A Guns Medley 86
G080798 The fabulous ’50s. Great guns great cars great cars. John Taffin August 2007 Campfire Tales 98
G080734 The 1893 and 1895 Mausers. Holt Bodinson August 2007 Surplus Locker 34
G080741 Jeff John August 2007 Questions & Answers 41
G080780 The spinloader/spinjag family. Holt bodinson August 2007 Quartermaster 80
G080744 Weatherby’s youth rifle offers room to grow. Dave Anderson August 2007 Looking to the Future 44
G080754 S&W’s Airlites are tough as nails too. Mike Venturino August 2007 Light as Feathers 54
G080760 How did such a good rifle get such a bad reputation? John Sheehan August 2007 Italy’s Mannlicher-Carcano 60
G080766 The .44 special turns 100. John Taffin August 2007 A special happy birthday. 66
G090706 Letters to the Editor September 2007 Crossfire 6
G090708 The double tap. Or is it a trouble tap? Clint Smith September 2007 Ranging Shots 8
G090716 Pipsqueaking. The .22 Long Rifle AR. Glen Zediker September 2007 Up on Ars 16
G090718 The cross-dominant eyes. Corrections are easy. Massad Ayoob September 2007 Handguns 18
G090720 Loading for Big Bore lever guns. There are a few quirks to consider. GUNS Allstars September 2007 Handloader 20
G090726 One gun only. It had better be special. Dave Anderson September 2007 Rifleman 26
G090730 When I retire. Some guns just grow on a feller. Mike Venturino September 2007 Montana Musings 30
G090774 The final frontier. David Codrea September 2007 Views News & Reviews 74
G090794 Lest we forget. World Trade Center steel shaped into USS New York. Commander Naval Reserve Force Public Affairs September 2007 A Guns Medley 94
G0907102 Who killed our kids? It’s not over. John Connor September 2007 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0907106 Cherished memories. No one can take them away. John Taffin September 2007 Campfire Tales 106
G090736 France’s MAS 36. A good rifle funny bolt handle and all. Holt Bodinson September 2007 Surplus Locker 36
G090792 Accuscope scope-sighting reference tool. John Connor Clint Smith September 2007 Quartermaster 92
G090748 Springfiled Armory’s 9mm EMP is a handy scaled-down 1911. Massad Ayoob September 2007 Micro Size Macro Punch 48
G090752 The DPMS .260 AR. Jacob Gottfredson September 2007 Big Boy AR 52
G090758 Don’t bother me – I’m pouring lead. Mike Venturino September 2007 Confessions of a Cast Bullet Nerd 58
G090764 Running out of Carano rifles the Italians turn desperate. John Sheehan September 2007 Italian Shoulder Arms of WWI 64
G100706 Letters to the Editor October 2007 Crossfire 6
G100708 Winchester’s little wildcat. Holt Bodinson October 2007 Rimfires 8
G100712 The possible bag. It’s a mountain man’s tradition but he’d never guess what’s in it today. Dave Anderson October 2007 Rifleman 12
G100718 Back-up guns. Say hello to my little friend. Clint Smith October 2007 Ranging Shots 18
G100722 Raising them right! All youth are not lost. Mike Venturino October 2007 Montana Musings 22
G100734 RCBS Pro 2000. It’s pert near perfect. John Taffin October 2007 Handloader 34
G100780 Freedomnomics. David Codrea October 2007 Views News & Reviews 80
G1007104 U.S. Marine receives the distinguished Flying Cross from Queen Elizabeth II. Gunnery Sgt. Donald E. Preston USMC October 2007 A Guns Medley 104
G1007118 Not another Vietnam. The stakes are higher. John Connor October 2007 Odd Angry Shot 118
G1007122 Superbly suitable. A centennial salute to the Special. John Taffin October 2007 Campfire Tales 122
G100749 Jeff John October 2007 Questions & Answers 49
G100792 Herrett’s Stocks. John Taffin Holt Bodinson John Connor. October 2007 Quartermaster 92
G100754 ParaOrdnance donates to protect our gun rights with these 1911s. John Taffin October 2007 Para-ing up With the NRA 54
G100760 Three self-defense winners – rifle pistol and shotgun. Sammy Reese October 2007 Wilson Combat’s Trifecta 60
G100768 ArmaLite’s AR-50 .50 BMG delivers – at 1 mile! Jacob Gottfredson October 2007 Far Shooter 68
G100776 The 12-gauge Browning Gold Rifled deer stalker fills the freezer with tasty corn-fed Iowa venison. Mark Hanten October 2007 Sluggin’ Deer 76
G110706 Letters to the Editor November 2007 Crossfire 6
G110708 Custom XDs. Do we need to do more? Of course! Clint Smith November 2007 Ranging Shots 8
G110712 Mil-dot reticles. They look quirky but the reasoning is sound. Jacob Gottfredson November 2007 Optics 12
G110716 Which pistol caliber for self defense? Massad Ayoob November 2007 Handguns 16
G110725 Taming the big .50s. It’s not so hard. John Taffin November 2007 Handloader 25
G110730 My shooting buddies. They make it all worthwhile. Mike Venturino November 2007 Montana Musings 30
G110734 The safe slug myth. Holt Bodinson November 2007 Shotgunner 34
G110782 A Fair Question. David Codrea November 2007 Views News & Reviews 82
G1107110 Silver screen legend X. A tribute to Hopalong Cassidy. Joel Dortch November 2007 A Guns Medley 110
G1107122 Out of the closet. John Taffin November 2007 Campfire Tales 122
G110736 Germany’s Gewehr 88. Holt Bodinson November 2007 Surplus Locker 36
G110752 Jeff John November 2007 Questions & Answers 52
G1107105 Trugle dual-clor multi-reticle 2x red dot sight. John Connor Clint Smith Holt Bodinson November 2007 Quartermaster 105
G110756 Have it all: close quarters battle and long-range rifle. Hunters benefit too. Jacob Gottfredson November 2007 Do-all rifle/scope system. 56
G110766 If a job needs a .44 Magnum these sixguns do it best. John Taffin November 2007 Ruger’s Winning Pair of .44s. 66
G110772 Let’s not forget them! John Connor November 2007 Christmas Gifts for the Serving Soldier 72
G110776 It’s not as hard as it seems! Mike Venturino November 2007 So you Want a Sniper Rifle? 76
G120706 Letters to the Editor December 2007 Crossfire 6
G120708 Combat marksmanship vs. range marksmanship. Clint Smith December 2007 Ranging Shots 8
G120716 Other careers in my personal experience. Mike Venturino December 2007 Montana Musings 16
G120718 Holster incompatibility issues. Massad Ayoob December 2007 Handguns 18
G120722 The hunting handload. Add more to your hunt. Holt Bodinson December 2007 Handloader 22
G120728 Training for hunting. Like any sport hunting requires some preparation. Dave Anderson December 2007 Rifleman 28
G120730 The world’s longest-lived rifle. Who’d a thunk it? Holt Bodinson December 2007 Rimfires 30
G120776 Not Obliged. David Codrea December 2007 Views News & Reviews 76
G1207102 Defending your Christmas castle. John Connor December 2007 Odd Angry Shot 102
G1207106 Kissin’. Sometimes it’s all it takes to turn a frog into a prince. John Taffin December 2007 Campfire Tales 106
G120734 Oh the horrors of it! Holt Bodinson December 2007 Surplus Locker 34
G120744 Jeff John December 2007 Questions & Answers 44
G120748 The 6.8mm Remington adds needed punch to a punchless rifle. Clint Smith December 2007 AR Efficacy 48
G120752 The Dangerous Game Rifle just got a whole lot handier. Holt Bodinson December 2007 Ruger’s Winning .375 52
G120760 Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 ACP. Mike Venturino December 2007 WWI Classic Returns 60
G120766 The 2007 Christmas Gift Guide. John Connor December 2007 Stuff Those Stockings Shooters! 66
G120770 It went by pretty darn fast too. John Taffin December 2007 My 40 Years as a Gunwriter 70
GAN0719 They too helped win the west. John Taffin Annual 2007 S&W Single Action Sixguns 19
GAN0724 Veteran shooters pass along some tips. Massad Ayoob Annual 2007 Secrets of the IPDA Classifier 24
GAN0730 Some come true. Sheppard W. Kelly Annual 2007 Double Dreamer 30
GAN0735 WWII saw standard infantry rifles pressed into service. Mike Venturino Annual 2007 Allied Sniper Rifles 35
GAN0742 Don’t forget the silver bullet. Massad Ayoob Annual 2007 The Curse of the Wheel Wolf 42
GAN0752 Belgium adopted the first clip-fed Mauser rifle. John Sheehan Annual 2007 MLE 1889 Belgian Mauser 52
GAN0760 Is the American shooter overgunned? Tom Turpin Annual 2007 Return to Basics 60
GAN0767 … in Brooklyn? Bill Goldstein Annual 2007 Shooting the .45-70 … 67
GAN0770 A collector’s realm with oodles of history. J.B. Wood Annual 2007 Sheath Trigger Revolvers 70
GAN0774 The .308’s little brother excels at long-range shooting. Jacob Gottfredson Annual 2007 .260 Remington Reborn 74
GAN0786 The grip/stock roundup. John Taffin Annual 2007 Exotica Handgun Style 86
GCA0708 The 18-shot Wonder 9 is back. Charles Petty Combat 2007 Para Ordnance Tac Five 8
GCA0714 Commemorative Remington 700. Clint Smith Combat 2007 Return of the M40 Scout Sniper 14
GCA0719 Analyze assess then act. Massad Ayoob Combat 2007 Tactical Toss Ups 19
GCA0726 Short fuses. accurate rifles. Glen Zediker Combat 2007 The Civilian Carbine 26
GCA0736 Gilding the Lily is so much fun. Mark Hanten Combat 2007 Customized Tactical Remington 870 36
GCA0744 Still the best. Dave Anderson Combat 2007 Belgium’s World-Class Battle Rifle 44
GCA0752 Just another ambush alley incident. John Connor Combat 2007 Fast Glass 52
GCA0760 Getting accuracy out of your old battle rifle. Mike Venturino Combat 2007 M1 Garand Shooting & Reloading 60
GCA0766 20 years later: the lessons and the legacy. Massad Ayoob Combat 2007 The FBI/Miama Shootout 66
GCA0778 The ins and outs of choosing a fixed blade knife. Pat Covert Combat 2007 Fixed Focus! 78
GCA0784 The farther you shoot the more you need to know. Jacob Gottfredson Combat 2007 Practical Exterior Ballistics 84
GCA0790 It’s a thining man’s game. Clint Smith Combat 2007 Guns Lights & Tactics 90
GCA0799 Romancing the tommy gun. Charles Petty Combat 2007 The American Chopper 99
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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