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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010606 Letters to the Editor January 2006 Crossfire 6
G010608 Handgun commonality; how long term muscle memory is reinforced. Massad Ayoob January 2006 Handguns 8
G010612 AR-15 triggers. Good ones. Glen Zediker January 2006 Up on Ars 12
G010616 Big bore boomin’. A new use for Trail Boss powder. Charles E. Petty January 2006 Handloader 16
G010620 Winchester’s lever gun calibers. Filling the niche. Mike Duke Venturino January 2006 Montana Musings 20
G010624 The 28-gauge fever. It’s catching. Holt Bodinson January 2006 Shotgunner 24
G010626 Utilities: It’s not always about guns. Clint Smith January 2006 Ranging Shots 26
G010670 Beware of moles. Hall of unsung heroes. David Codrea January 2006 Views News & Reviews 70
G010686 The 9-11 wake up wave. John Connor January 2006 Odd Angry Shot 86
G010690 Honesty always? John Taffin January 2006 Campfire Tales 90
G010634 SIG Mosquito. The Walther Nighthawk. Charles E. Petty January 2006 Out of the Box 34
G010638 Jeff John January 2006 Questions & Answers 38
G010677 Weaver all steel scope base. Glenn Barnes Holt Bodinson January 2006 Quartermaster 77
G010640 The side-by-side shotguns still have a place in competition home defense and of course hunting. Clint Smith January 2006 The Double Gun 40
G010644 This bird may not actually fly but it sings loud and straight. Charles E. Petty January 2006 Kimber’s Grand Raptor 44
G010654 Some guns for some reason just stick to a fellar. Mike Venturino January 2006 My Better Than Guns 54
G010660 Two decades two generations later. John Taffin January 2006 Linebaugh Custom Sixguns 60
G010664 A gun expressly for the slow relazed gentlemanly sport of 200-yard target shooting. Jeff John January 2006 The Schuetzen Rifle 64
G020606 Letters to the Editor February 2006 Crossfire 6
G020608 Can cops shoot? If so how well? Massad Ayoob February 2006 Handguns 8
G020614 Love at first sight. Jim Gardner February 2006 Optics 14
G020618 The .38 Special. One of our favorite rounds. Charles E. Petty February 2006 Ammo 18
G020623 American military rifle cartridges. Mike Venturino February 2006 Montana Musings 23
G020626 Creepy crawlie safari. Holt Bodinson February 2006 Rimfires 26
G020628 Technology vs. technique Clint Smith February 2006 Ranging Shots 28
G020686 Guns & cars shooting & driving. John Connor February 2006 Odd Angry Shot 86
G020690 The four horsemen. John Taffin February 2006 Campfire Tales 90
G020630 The ACOG is here! Holt Bodinson February 2006 Surplus Locker 30
G020632 Center of mass tactical holsters etc. John Taffin February 2006 Out of the Box 32
G020638 Jeff John February 2006 Questions & Answers 38
G020640 A great shooter designs a great rifle – the Tubb 2000! Dave Anderson February 2006 The T2k 40
G020644 A nifty accurate little pocket pistol. Charles E. Petty February 2006 HK P2000 SK 44
G020650 Smooth as a National Match this high-end factory custom 1911 delivers accuracy and controllability. Massad Ayoob February 2006 A Premium Predator 50
G020654 The world’s ugliest battle rifle started life as a 3-shooter. How dumb was that? John Sheehan February 2006 The French Berthier 54
G020662 The early years. Mike Venturino February 2006 S&W N-Frames 62
G030608 Bolt carriers; a horse of a different weight. Glen Zediker March 2006 Up on Ars 8
G030612 Montana home defense guns. It’s a little different here. Mike Venturino March 2006 Montana Musings 12
G030614 Of tubes and bends. When a gun needs a face-lift. Holt Bodinson March 2006 Shotgunner 14
G030616 A decade of IDPA. This game created useful skill testing for police and citizens alike. Massad Ayoob March 2006 Handguns 16
G030624 big-bore bolt. The Brockman .450 Marlin bolt action is just the ticket for dangerous game. Dave Anderson March 2006 Rifleman 24
G030628 Adjusting dies. The procedure for adjusting loading dies is straightforward but here are a few tips. Charles E. Petty March 2006 Handloader 28
G030680 Thunderbawl David Codrea March 2006 Views News & Reviews 80
G0306110 Random shots & random thoughts March 2006 Odd Angry Shot 110
G0306114 Don’t ask don’t tell. March 2006 Campfire Tales 114
G030618 Britain’s big .577 Snider Charles E. Petty March 2006 Surplus Locker 18
G030651 March 2006 Questions and Answers 51
G030692 Garrett cartridges .44 Magnum Hammerheads John Taffin Clint Smith Etc‰¥Ï March 2006 Quartermaster 92
G030654 Rexroat knives. Rochelle Canfield March 2006 The Edge of Excellence 54
G030656 This custom pistol isn’t a budget-buster. Dave Anderson March 2006 SA XD Carry Pro 56
G030662 The blaser K-95 is the ultimate in a mountain rifle. George Calef March 2006 New Rifle New Country 62
G030674 Born in the civil war this is the indian war’s version of our military’s first good repeater. Mike Venturino March 2006 Taylor & Co. Spencer 56-50 74
G040606 Letters to the Editor April 2006 Crossfire 6
G040608 Baby and me. The way it was. Holt Bodinson April 2006 Rimfires 8
G040610 Predictions. So what do I know? Mike Venturino April 2006 Montana Musings 10
G040618 Fireball fun. High volume shooters should choose their caliber wisely. Dave Anderson April 2006 Rifleman 18
G040624 Stock service pistols. The most popular IDPA division. Massad Ayoob April 2006 Handguns 24
G040628 10 tips to bina bliss. Jim Gardner April 2006 Optics 28
G040630 Berger bullets; quality where it counts. Charles E. Petty April 2006 Handloader 30
G040672 When aliens attack! David Codrea April 2006 Views news & Reviews 72
G0406102 Carts & horses. John Connor April 2006 Odd Angry Shot 102
G040614 Astra 400. Holt Bodinson April 2006 Surplus Locker 14
G040640 April 2006 Questions & answers 40
G040682 Champion critter series targets etc. Glenn Barnes John Taffin Holt Bodinson Mike Cumpston April 2006 Quartermaster 82
G040646 The 1/2 bore fans get a new cartridge and a stellar one it is. John Taffin April 2006 Freedom Arms’ Biggest Bore 46
G040652 The DSA SA58TAC updates the storied FN/FAL into the modern Tactical Carbine. Dave Anderson April 2006 Tops in Tactical 52
G040662 Three guns three guys and a lot of ammo. Charles E. Petty April 2006 S&W 1911 Today 62
G040666 Such a popular revolver was bound to have many variations. Mike Venturino April 2006 The Other Colt Single Actions 66
G050606 Letters to the Editor May 2006 Crossfire 6
G050608 Is the .357 dead? The truth is somewhere in between. Charles E. Petty May 2006 Ammo 8
G050610 IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol. Massad Ayoob May 2006 Handguns 10
G050616 Austin & Halleck fields a fowler. Holt Bodinson May 2006 Shotgunner 16
G050620 Big bell low mount. The VX-L scope is brighter and sits lower for a goood cheekweld. Dave Andersoon May 2006 Rifleman 20
G050626 Brick slingers; bigger and slower is sometimes better. Clint Smith May 2006 Ranging Shots 26
G050630 Factory letters; some surprises may just await. Mike Venturino May 2006 Montana Musings 30
G050668 O Canada. David Codrea May 2006 Views news & Reviews 68
G050690 Specialized big boars. John Taffin May 2006 Campfire Tales 90
G050624 Spain’s FR-8. What’s a country to do with its old bolt-action rifles? Holt Bodinson May 2006 Surplus Locker 24
G050639 Jeff John May 2006 Questions & Answers 39
G050678 Dixie gun works scissor molds. Mike Cumpston Jeff John May 2006 Quartermaster 78
G050640 Strength and stamina play a hand in this most arduous competition. Jacob Gottfredson May 2006 25 Hour Match 40
G050652 If black-powder cartridges wiped out the buffalo they can still harvest deer and elk. Mike Venturino May 2006 Hunting Handloads the Old Timey Way 52
G050658 Choosing your first custom knife. Ed Fowler May 2006 The Good The Bad and the Ugly 58
G050662 Militia arms of the US Civil War. Mike Cumpston May 2006 Guns of the Late Unpleasantness 62
G060606 Letters to the Editor June 2006 Crossfire 6
G060612 Loading the .460 S&W Magnum; It’s truly a work in progress. Charles E. Petty June 2006 Handloader 12
G060616 My favorite military rifle. It’s not considered the most beautiful or the best but‰¥Ï Mike Venturino June 2006 Montana Musings 16
G060618 Dynamite duo; a handy rifle with a dandy scope. Holt Bodinson June 2006 Rimfires 18
G060622 Superior shooting. Some thoughts. Dave Anderson June 2006 Rifleman 22
G060626 What if‰¥Ï? Scenario planning rarely goes as planned. Clint Smith June 2006 Ranging Shots 26
G060674 Brazil nuts. David Codrea June 2006 Views News & Reviews 74
G0606106 Jesse James? John Taffin June 2006 Campfire Tales 106
G060630 The AK-47. Holt Bodinson June 2006 Surplus Locker 30
G060645 Jeff John June 2006 Questions & Answers 45
G060693 Safe sized VCI Emitters Holt Bodinson Tom Turpin Jeff John June 2006 Quartermaster 93
G060648 Troubled beginnings for a young hunter turn to joy. Jacob Gottfredson June 2006 The Dakota Youth Hunter Rifle 48
G060660 Ivan fell in love with S&W’s top-break revolver and made it over in their own image. Navy Arms delivers a faithful copy. Mike Venturino June 2006 Russian Revolution 60
G060664 Taffin’s top 10 tips for smoking with the double action. John Taffin June 2006 Spinning the Wheel 64
G060668 The Marine’s Remington 700 served well in Vietnam and it’s back in a special commemorative. Clint Smith June 2006 Return of the M40 Scout Sniper 68
G070606 Letters to the Editor July 2006 Crossfire 6
G070608 The Merkel KR1. An odd yet interesting rifle. Clint Smith July 2006 Ranging Shots 8
G070616 Black powder cartridge pistols. Mike Venturino July 2006 Montana Musings 16
G070620 IDPA Enhanced service revolvers. Massad Ayoob July 2006 Handguns 20
G070622 Of titanium and carbon. Shotguns enter the 21st century. Holt Bodinson July 2006 Shotgunner 22
G070624 Dillon RL-550B automatic case feeder. The best gets better. Charles E. Petty July 2006 Handloader 24
G070626 Portable loading. Transporting success. Glen Zediker July 2006 Up on Ars 26
G070694 Ice picks sledgehammers and cat-scan slices. John Connor July 2006 Odd Angry Shot 94
G070698 We are not alone. John Taffin July 2006 Campfire Tales 98
G070632 Those magnificent Webleys. Holt Bodinson July 2006 Surplus Locker 32
G070642 Jeff John July 2006 Questions & Answers 42
G070682 Leupold golden ring binoculars. Charles E. Petty Jeff John Kevin Gibson July 2006 Quartermaster 82
G070648 A next generation varmint rifle. Charles E. Petty July 2006 Volquartsen Evolution .223 48
G070656 New models from Uberti through their new parent. John Taffin July 2006 Beretta Goes West 56
G070662 Shoot more cowboy loads for less and better. Mike Venturino July 2006 Hull Stuffin’ 62
G070666 Big-bore semiautos from DPMS. Jacob Gottfredson July 2006 Power Surge 66
G080606 Letters to the Editor August 2006 Crossfire 6
G080610 From this to this! The 10/22 is our most reasonably priced custom platform and Boyds’ makes it easy. Holt Bodinson August 2006 Rimfires 10
G080614 Choosing hunting ammo. Regular or premium? Charles E. Petty August 2006 Ammo 14
G080616 Stock service revolver: The easiest and cheapest way to start IDPA competition. Massad Ayoob August 2006 Handguns 16
G080618 Peacemaker specialists; ultimate weapons. Mike Venturino August 2006 Montana Musings 18
G080620 Feeding. The smooth reliable way. Dave Anderson August 2006 Rifleman 20
G080674 Terror havens or gun show pinholes? David Codrea August 2006 Views news & Reviews 74
G0806102 The importance of ERT John Connor August 2006 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0806106 Shooter honesty. John Taffin August 2006 Campfire Tales 106
G080624 The splendid US Krags Holt Bodinson August 2006 Surplus Locker 24
G080643 Jeff John August 2006 Questions & Answers 43
G080646 The American Civil War spurs worldwide firearm development. John Sheehan August 2006 Europe Discovers the Cartridge 46
G080652 Springfield’s Armory’s SOCOM-II moves the concept forward. Massad Ayoob August 2006 21st Century battle Rifle 52
G080660 Black powder never had it so good. Sam Fadala August 2006 The In-Lines 60
G080664 S&W set the bar for magnum handgun performance. John Taffin August 2006 Smith & Wesson’s 50th Anniversary Model 29 64
G080668 Image polishing and myth busting. Mike Venturino August 2006 Buffalo Hunters and Their Rifles 68
G090608 2 is 1. Some math adds up differently. Clint Smith September 2006 Ranging Shots 8
G090612 Should you cast bullets? Yes. No. Well maybe. Mike Venturino September 2006 Montana Musings 12
G090614 The basic battery. At the starting line we have‰¥Ï Dave Anderson September 2006 Rifleman 14
G090616 Varget. One of our most versatile powders. Charles E. Petty September 2006 Handloader 16
G090620 The scholastic clay target program. Holt Bodinson September 2006 Shotgunner 20
G090626 AR-15 maintenance. The barrel. Glen Zediker September 2006 Up on Ars 26
G090672 Well Regulated David Codrea September 2006 Views News & Reviews 72
G090694 With all due respect. John Connor September 2006 Odd Angry Shot 94
G090698 The end of civilization as we know it. John Taffin September 2006 Campfire Tales 98
G090628 The stop gap 1917’s. Holt Bodinson September 2006 Surplus Locker 28
G090686 Turtle skins etc‰¥Ï Dave Anderson September 2006 Quartermaster 86
G090644 A still young centenarian. GUNS staff September 2006 Happy Birthday .30-06 44
G090648 The 1911 steps up to .50 and gets a rail. Dave Anderson September 2006 Bye Bye .45 48
G090654 A rifle for us lefties. Charles E. Petty September 2006 The CZ model 452 American 54
G090656 A golden age of riflescopes. Dave Anderson September 2006 Optical Innovation 56
G090666 Certain characteristics make a feller keep a gun sometimes. Mike Venturino September 2006 The Gun Within 66
G100606 Letters to the Editor October 2006 Crossfire 6
G100608 Western movies live! And the guns and gear are righteous. Mike Venturino October 2006 Montana Musings 8
G100612 Military .22s. Big heavy and yet a lot of fun to collect and shoot. Holt Bodinson October 2006 Rimfires 12
G100618 Coping with recoil. Gloves and compensators help but‰¥Ï Massad Ayoob October 2006 Handguns 18
G100622 8 tips to an accurate rifle. John King October 2006 The Smithy 22
G100624 Recoil management. How you hold makes all the difference. Dave Anderson October 2006 Rifleman 24
G100626 Black hills ammo teams with Barnes bullets. Charles E. Petty October 2006 Ammo 26
G100672 Happy trails silver screen Legend IX David Codrea October 2006 Views news & Reviews 72
G1006110 T.S.A.: Thoroughly screwed up air travel. John Connor October 2006 Odd Angry Shot 110
G100628 Surplus training ammo. Holt Bodinson October 2006 Surplus Locker 28
G100644 Jeff John October 2006 Questions & Answers 44
G100696 The 40$ Borescope Holt Bodinson Clint Smith October 2006 Quartermaster 96
G100652 The SA XD-45 combines ergonomics high capacity and stopping power in a less than a handful package. Charles E. Petty October 2006 A Perfect Gun in a Perfect Caliber 52
G100656 Browning’s LongTrac .30-06 semiauto offers accuracy with class. John Taffin October 2006 The Gentleman’s Sporting Aut 56
G100666 The model 1903 Springfield in WWI. John Sheehan October 2006 Battlefield Tack Driver 66
G110606 Letters to the Editor November 2006 Crossfire 6
G110608 Of mulies and open spaces and the pleasure of the hunt. Dave Anderson November 2006 Rifleman 8
G110612 Gone the way of the dinosaur: rumors of the revolvers extinction‰¥Ï Massad Ayoob November 2006 Handguns 12
G110614 Favorite .45 ACP loads; raising the fun factor. Charles E. Petty November 2006 Handloader 14
G110622 AR-15 Maintenance Part II; beyond the barrel. Glen Zediker November 2006 Up on Ars 22
G110626 The bolt. And how to work it. Clint Smith November 2006 Ranging shots 26
G110628 The mother lode. Shotshell reloading never had it so good. Holt Bodinson November 2006 Shotgunner 28
G110670 Guns in schools. David Codrea November 2006 Views News & Reviews 70
G1106102 Spock would curl up and die. John Connor November 2006 Odd Angry Shot 102
G110632 The old three-line. Still a great value. Holt Bodinson November 2006 Surplus Locker 32
G110645 Jeff John November 2006 Questions & Answers 45
G110692 Caudill custom stocks. Mike Cumpston Glenn Barnes John Taffin. November 2006 Quartermaster 92
G110648 Taffin’s favorite-est handgun returns. John Taffin November 2006 Ruger’s 50th Anniversary .44 Blackhawk 48
G110652 A 1911 with decidedly Sig-Sauer styling. Dave Anderson November 2006 SIG Revolution 52
G110662 You can go as far as you want. Jacob Gottfredson November 2006 Benchrest for Beginners 62
G110666 These ain’t your daddy’s wheelguns. Charles E. Petty November 2006 Dan Wesson 1911 Pistols 66
G120606 Letters to the Editor December 2006 Crossfire 6
G120608 Women who outshoot men. Massad Ayoob December 2006 Handguns 8
G120610 The world’s most popular .22. Holt Bodinson December 2006 Rimfires 10
G120614 The foundlings; which sleeping dogs should be left to lie? John King December 2006 The Smithy 14
G120616 Selecting home defense ammo. What’s best for you? Charles E. Petty December 2006 Ammo 16
G120618 Of slings and things. Innovative solutions. Clint Smith December 2006 Ranging Shots 18
G120624 The truth aout bison hunting. It’s not what you think. Mike Venturino December 2006 Montana Musings 24
G120672 Blast from the past. David Codrea December 2006 Views News & Reviews 72
G1206106 Being thankful. John Taffin December 2006 Campfire Tales 106
G120622 Cleaning up. And other corrosive thoughts. Holt Bodinson December 2006 Surplus Locker 22
G120640 Jeff John December 2006 Questions & Answers 40
G120691 Hoppe’s elite copper terminator. Holt Bodinson John Taffin Mike Cumpston December 2006 Quartermaster 91
G120646 The guns of Robar define custom utility. Jeff John December 2006 Accurate Reliable Durable 46
G120652 The original Short Magnum holds its own in the Ruger M77. Holt Bodinson December 2006 Return of a Classic 52
G120658 The Pedersoli Model 1874 mounted with a Leatherwood 6x scope is second to none in terms of accuracy and performance. Mike Venturino December 2006 Shoestring Sharps 58
G120662 No more achin’ back. John Taffin December 2006 Packin’ Lightly 62
G120666 Stocking stuffers for happy hunters & serious shooters. John Connor December 2006 Christmas Gift Guide 2006 66
GAN0608 A unique blend of experience. Massad Ayoob Annual 2006 The Guns of Dave Lauck 8
GAN0626 It’s surprising what you learn about yesterday’s battle rifles. Mike Venturino Annual 2006 Old Rifle Shooting 26
GAN0632 Where we are today. Massad Ayoob Annual 2006 CCW Reciprocity 32
GAN0636 Getting the most bang for your buck. Dave Anderson Annual 2006 Working Man’s Optics 36
GAN0644 Saluting a fne sixgun made by a master. John Taffin Annual 2006 The No. 5 Single Action 44
GAN0650 Big enough for today’s work? Pat Covert Annual 2006 The Bowie ‰¥ã Then and Now 50
GAN0667 Shooting more and paying less by rolling your own. Jim Gardner Annual 2006 Dollars and Sense 67
GAN0674 Part 1: Everyday working loads. John Taffin Annual 2006 Favorite Sixgun Loads 74
GAN0679 Part 2: Heavy-duty hunting loads. John Taffin Annual 2006 Favorite Sixgun Loads 79
GAN0685 The Steyr SSG 20 years down the road. Jim Gardner Annual 2006 A Simply Superb Gun 85
GAN0690 Big bore quartet for the S&W .500 John Taffin Annual 2006 Monster Maximum Magnum 90
GCA0619 Stay alive here’s how (Best of GUNS Magazine) Clint Smith Combat 2006 Six Part Tactical Series 19
GCA0629 Does one knife style have an edge over another? Pat Covert Combat 2006 Fixed Blade vs. Folder 29
GCA0633 How one kid learned to ‘prang’ a throwing knife. Roy Huntington Combat 2006 Throw Back 33
GCA0636 The gold standard of submachine guns. Massad Ayoob Combat 2006 Heckler and Koch MP5 36
GCA0642 Why do we need gizmos? Jacob Gottfredson Combat 2006 Combat Sights 42
GCA0656 Fighting handguns of the US Cavalry. Mike Venturino Combat 2006 Horse Pistols 56
GCA0662 US Troops using government-issue and commercial optics. Jim Gardner Combat 2006 Eyes of the Eagle 62
GCA0667 Law enforcement light rifles. Clint Smith Combat 2006 When Light is Right 67
GCA0672 From humble beginnings a world-class arms maker was born. Dave Anderson Combat 2006 Heckler & Koch Innovation 72
GCA0684 Ruger’s underappreciated Mini-14. Massad Ayoob Combat 2006 The Mighty Mini 84
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