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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010506 Letters to the editor Various January 2005 Crossfire 6
G010508 Welcome to Guns Magazines Golden 50th Anniversary Issue Jeff John January 2005 Editorial 8
G010510 Take it to the Mat: Movement and Tactic Clint Smith January 2005 Ranging Shots 10
G010512 The Best Shooting Game: BPCR combines all the best elements to satisfy a competitive spirit Mike Duke Venturino January 2005 Montana Musings 12
G010516 Picking Nuts: marching on manufacturers with pitchfork and torch raised Dave Anderson January 2005 Rifleman 16
G010522 The Combat Shotgun Holt Bodinson January 2005 Shotgunner 22
G010528 1955 A Vintage Year for Handguns Massad Ayoob January 2005 Handguns 28
G010530 The AR-15 is perhaps the most versatile rifle Glen Zediker January 2005 Up On ARs 30
G010538 Wringing out the revolvers gracing the cover of issue no 1 John Taffin January 2005 Great Scott! Those Original Great Westerns! 38
G010544 The scandium/aluminum framed S&W 1911 is a light tough durable and reliable Commander sized pistol Charles E Petty January 2005 A Commanding Configuration 44
G010556 Here’s how to avoid the worst of troubles Sam Fadala January 2005 Hunting Hazards 56
G010562 The past century with an almost complete and diametric reversal of the traditional paradigm Massad Ayoob January 2005 50 Years of Police Guns 62
G010568 David Codrea January 2005 Views News & Reviews 68
G010586 About this Gunwritin’ thing John Connor January 2005 Odd Angry Shot 86
G010590 Me n’ TR: have you ever met your hero? Maybe you can. John Taffin January 2005 Campfire Tales 90
G020508 Experts and Bullets Clint Smith February 2005 Ranging Shots 8
G020510 Gun Show Fever: Disposing of disposable income in a god way Mike Duke Venturino February 2005 Montana Musings 10
G020514 Ranging Reticles: Leupold makes long shots a little easier Dave Anderson February 2005 Rifleman 14
G020518 Oh Canada! Workmanlike steel from Canadian cutler George Tichbourne Jim Gardner February 2005 Knives 18
G020522 Vroom! It’s Hornady’s Mach 2 The .17 HMR gets a little brother Holt Bodinson February 2005 Rimfires 22
G020530 Handloader’s manual of cartridge conversions Charles E Petty February 2005 Handloader 30
G020540 Winning this game means proficiency with rifle pistol and shotgun Dave Anderson February 2005 Three Gun Competition 40
G020544 Kel-Tec’s innovative SU-16 Folder Jim Gardner February 2005 Stealth Carbine 44
G020550 Nope these mouse guns can handle big fat rats John Taffin February 2005 These Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Pocket Pistols 50
G020554 Choosing the right holster Glenn Barnes February 2005 Skin Pickin’ 54
G020564 Auto pistols a definition J.B. Wood February 2005 The Name Game- Part 1 64
G020570 Safe Schools David Codrea February 2005 Views News & Reviews 70
G020586 Sissies Idjits Morons: And the patented memsaab mug-wipe John Connor February 2005 Odd Angry Shot 86
G020590 Measure once cut twice John Taffin February 2005 Campfire Tales 90
G030506 Letters to the editor various March 2005 Crossfire 6
G030510 Reloading is fun and cheap only when done safely Mike Duke Venturino March 2005 Montana Musings 10
G030514 Tubes: The Orginal Trick Glen Zediker March 2005 Up On Ars 14
G030518 The .22 Long Rifle Charles E Petty March 2005 Ammo 18
G030522 Older folks need guns more and sometimes their choice needs tailoring Massad Ayoob March 2005 Handguns 22
G030524 A First Deer Rifle Dave Anderson March 2005 Rifleman 24
G030540 Russian small arms of WW1- Part 1 John Seehan March 2005 Arming Ivan 40
G030548 Takin’ Glocks from ho-hum to whoa dude! John Connor March 2005 Beyond Basic Black 48
G030554 Do too many safeties make a gun unshootable? A top armorer proves you can have your cake and shoot it too Massad Ayoob March 2005 Lawyer Gun Shooter Gun 54
G030558 Celebrating 50 years along with GUNS mag John Taffin March 2005 Ruger’s Hawks: Black Red and Gold 58
G030566 Revolvers J.B. Wood March 2005 The Name Game Part 2 66
G030594 The Downsides of Gunwritin’ John Connor March 2005 Odd Angry Shot 94
G030598 Legends John Taffin March 2005 Campfire Tales 98
G040506 Letters to the editor April 2005 Crossfire 6
G040508 Handloads are for sport and training not defense Massad Ayoob April 2005 Handguns 8
G040510 The perfect sharps hunting rifle Mike Duke Venturino April 2005 Montana Musings 10
G040516 RCBS Chargemaser 1500 scale and dispenser Charles E Petty April 2005 Handloader 16
G040518 The .41 Mag Clint Smith April 2005 Ranging Shots 18
G040520 Many factors contribute to how a rifle handles Dave Anderson April 2005 Rifleman 20
G040524 Tactical folders still rule the roost Jim Gardner April 2005 Knives 24
G040536 The Bear begs borrows and bus guns to stay in the fight John Seehan April 2005 Arming Ivan 36
G040548 Krebs’ Kustom Kalasnikov Dave Anderson April 2005 AK Attack! 48
G040556 The Goal: shoot every type of gun ever made Mike Duke Venturino April 2005 A Lifetime of Guns 56
G040562 50 years of handloading Charles E Petty April 2005 The Reloading Revolution 62
G040570 Rights Watch: Thinking of England David Codrea April 2005 Views News & Reviews 70
G040594 Not while I’m eating ok? John Connor April 2005 Odd Angry Shot 94
G050506 Letters to the editor May 2005 Crossfire 6
G050508 Environmently friendly ammo is here for the long haul Clint Smith May 2005 Ranging Shots 8
G050510 Gun Testing & Markmanship Mike Duke Venturino May 2005 Montana Musings 10
G050514 Lead free ammo: when solutions beget problems Charles E Petty May 2005 Ammo 14
G050516 Flash from federal: new loads new materials and new components Holt Bodinson May 2005 Shotgunner 16
G050520 Baby Boomers: Today’s compact versions are better than yesteryear’s Massad Ayoob May 2005 Handguns 20
G050538 We still use 100-year-old rifle designs. It’s how they’re made that has evovled Dave Anderson May 2005 50 years of Sporting Rifles 38
G050544 The return of the wondernine Charles E Petty May 2005 S&W Sigma 44
G050550 Care and appreciation of the Japanese sword Jim Gardner May 2005 Sacred Steel 50
G050556 Shoot kinder gentler ammo in your semi-retired old warrior Mike Duke Venturino May 2005 Throttle back 56
G050568 Rights Watch: Marine Reservist Makes Longest Shot David Codrea May 2005 Views News & Reviews 68
G050586 How can you believe anyone with an Ex- in his title John Connor May 2005 Odd Angry Shot 86
G050590 Being prepared John Taffin May 2005 Campfire Tales 90
G060506 Letters to the editor June 2005 Crossfire 6
G060508 What armed citizens can learn from cops Massad Ayoob June 2005 Handguns 8
G060514 Tatics: sometimes it’s how to think not what to think Clint Smith June 2005 Ranging Shots 14
G060516 The best load myth: your gun will tell you what it likes Mike Duke Venturino June 2005 Montana Musings 16
G060518 Four-in-one rifles Holt Bodinson June 2005 Rimfires 18
G060520 The .30-30 Winchester Charles E Petty June 2005 Handloader 20
G060522 Sharpening 101 Jim Gardner June 2005 Knives 22
G060544 A man-sized magnum semiauto pistol John Taffin June 2005 The Wildey Survivor 44
G060550 The facts have been twisted over the years but the real story is still astounding Mike Duke Venturino June 2005 The Battle of Adobe Walls 50
G060556 Small-bore doubles are just as much fun as the big bores Clint Smith June 2005 Merkel Doubles 56
G060562 Weapons of choice David Codrea June 2005 Views News & Reviews 62
G060586 Weird crime From across the pond Let the games begin & BBC Fuzz John Connor June 2005 Odd Angry Shot 86
G070506 Letters to the editor July 2005 Crossfire 6
G070508 Some thoughts on handgun recoil Massad Ayoob July 2005 Handguns 8
G070512 S&W Model 21 .44 Special Mike Duke Venturino July 2005 Montana Musings 12
G070514 In and out the door Clint Smith July 2005 Ranging Shots 14
G070516 Block that kick! Holt Bodinson July 2005 Shotgunner 16
G070522 .45 ACP Ammo Charles E Petty July 2005 Ammo 22
G070524 Thoughts on accuracy: The Weatherby Vanguard SUB MOA delivers Dave Anderson July 2005 Rifleman 24
G070535 It ain’t no Sharps but it shoots like one Holt Bodinson July 2005 Ruger’s Buffalo Rifle 35
G070538 50 years of gun replicas reproductions and reintroductions Mike Duke Venturino July 2005 Repeating History 38
G070544 Les Baer’s lightweight Custom Carry Commanche John Taffin July 2005 The .38 Super Chief 44
G070554 Adventures with the .17 Mach 2 Charles E Petty July 2005 4×17=FUN 54
G070558 Once considered a sissy gun the 1911 in 9mm is increasingly popular today Massad Ayoob July 2005 Springfield Armory 1911A1 9MM 58
G070564 Failing the test David Codrea July 2005 Views News & Reviews 64
G070586 I ain’t going back and you can’t make me: Downhill from SHOT & Its called PDS John Connor July 2005 Odd Angry Shot 86
G070590 Happy Trails Children’s Foundation Silver Screen Legends VIII John Taffin July 2005 Campfire Tales 90
G080510 Hallways: A dangerous place to face a threat Clint Smith August 2005 Ranging Shots 10
G080512 Dual of the Titans: Two exceptional folders exemplify state-of-the-art Jim Gardner August 2005 Knives 12
G080514 Loading Wildcat Cartridges Charles E Petty August 2005 Handloader 14
G080518 The Bench Vise: plus some ruminations on the vice borrowing Dave Anderson August 2005 Rifleman 18
G080520 The Pleasures of .22 Handguns Holt Bodinson August 2005 Rimfires 20
G080526 Passive Firing Pin Locks: are they really necessary? Massad Ayoob August 2005 Handguns 26
G080546 This massive semiauto defines the phrase two-handed gun John Taffin August 2005 The Desert Eagle of Magnum Research 46
G080552 Taking the P226 to new levels Dave Anderson August 2005 Sigarms X-Five 52
G080562 the modern transformation of our favorite pistol- the Colt 1911- just happens to coincide with the debut of GUNS Charles E Petty August 2005 50 Years with ol’ slabsides 62
G080568 Rifles for black powder cartridge rifle silhouette Mike Duke Venturino August 2005 Steel Meat 68
G0805102 Packin’ Pig-iron John Connor August 2005 Odd Angry Shot 102
G0805106 Ahead of its time: this sixgun’s time wasn’t very long unfortunately John Taffin August 2005 Campfire Tales 106
G090506 Letters to the editor September 2005 Crossfire 6
G090508 The .40 Smith & Wesson: this round came along at the right time in the right place Charles E Petty September 2005 Ammo 8
G090512 Speed Draw: don’t have unrealistic expectations for speed of drawing and firing a hidden handgun Massad Ayoob September 2005 Handguns 12
G090518 Stairways: a most dangerous place Clint Smith September 2005 Ranging Shots 18
G090522 Chambers Glen Zediker September 2005 Up on Ars 22
G090524 Franchi and stoeger get benelli’s inertia drive Holt Bodinson September 2005 Shotgunner 24
G090528 Gone but not forgotten: Winchester’s 9422 Lever Action Dave Anderson September 2005 Rifleman 28
G090544 For those who only use a .45 because a .50 isn’t available John Taffin September 2005 The Fightin’ .50 GI 44
G090554 50 years of guns and scopes Dave Anderson September 2005 Through the looking glass 54
G090558 The majority of WWII was fought with turnbolt design like these Mike Duke Venturino September 2005 WWII Bolt Actions 58
G090562 Bolt action or double rifle for dangerous game? John Seehan September 2005 Triple Trouble with a Double 62
G090570 Rifles J.B. Wood September 2005 The Name Game Part III 70
G090574 California dreamin’ David Codrea September 2005 Views News & Reviews 74
G090598 Am I missing something John Taffin September 2005 Campfire Tales 98
G100506 Letters to the editor October 2005 Crossfire 6
G100508 Putting our money where oour mouth is Jeff John October 2005 Editorial 8
G100512 Enhancing the draw Part 1: Access Massad Ayoob October 2005 Handguns 12
G100514 Rifle Maintenance Dave Anderson October 2005 Rifleman 14
G100522 IMR Trail Boss Powder Mike Duke Venturino October 2005 Montana Musings 22
G100524 Loading for Automatic Pistols Charles E Petty October 2005 Handloader 24
G100526 Corners Clint Smith October 2005 Ranging Shots 26
G100538 Rimfire Glass: Even short-range rifles need first class scopes Jim Gardner October 2005 Optics 38
G100550 Meat for the pot John Taffin October 2005 Ruger’s Critter Gitters 50
G100560 A pert-near perfect packin pistol John Taffin October 2005 Rugers’ Powerhouse .454 Alaskan 60
G100568 Your gun just might shoot better than you think Holt Bodinson October 2005 Give it a rest 68
G100572 The orginal and the sharp Montana repros Mike Duke Venturino October 2005 The Sharps Model 1874 72
G100578 Shotguns J.B. Wood October 2005 The Name Game Part IV SHOTGUNS 78
G100582 The Bear Necessities David Codrea October 2005 Views News & Reviews 82
G1005112 Browning Solar Powered Ear Muffs Kim Terlecky October 2005 Spotlight 112
G1005112 Back home at last John Taffin October 2005 Campfire Tales 122
G110506 Letters to the editor November 2005 Crossfire 6
G110508 Enhancing the draw part II: Presentation Massad Ayoob November 2005 Handguns 8
G110510 The gas system: when more isn’t better Glen Zediker November 2005 Up on Ars 10
G110522 Tatics: The Last Word: don’t be too gung-ho Clint Smith November 2005 Ranging Shots 22
G110524 The Metro Gun: putting the long in long-term Holt Bodinson November 2005 Shotgunner 24
G110526 Reduced Recoil Ammo Charles E Petty November 2005 Ammo 26
G110542 John Browning first design for Winchester is loving recreated Holt Bodinson November 2005 The High Road for the High-Wall 42
G110546 Convertible fun with a 9mm and a .22 L.R. J.B. Wood November 2005 Dual Purpose Hi-Power 46
G110554 The Beretta 87 is a sleek flat smooth to run and sweet to shoot elegant little .22 pistol Massad Ayoob November 2005 Target Lite 54
G110558 Dispelling some of those strange myths told by the campfire Sam Fadala November 2005 10 Great Gun Controversies 58
G110562 Winchester’s Model 1892 perfected the pistol-caliber lever action Mike Duke Venturino November 2005 Setting the Standard 62
G110570 Are you connected? David Codrea November 2005 Views News & Reviews 70
G110594 Home Home on the range- Sorta John Connor November 2005 Odd Angry Shot 94
G120506 Letters to the editor various December 2005 Crossfire 6
G120508 Enhancing the Draw Part III: Completion Massad Ayoob December 2005 Handguns 8
G120510 What’s in a Number? IMR vs Hodgdon Charles E Petty December 2005 Handloader 10
G120514 Old Gun Prices: Judging the difference between cost and value Mike Duke Venturino December 2005 Montana Musings 14
G120518 Gunsights: Today’s battle rifles take full advantage of technology Dave Logan December 2005 Optics 18
G120526 Buck Fever Dave Anderson December 2005 Rifleman 26
G120528 Shoot! Notice how often we rehash the same stuff? Maybe in the magazines maybe also in life? Clint Smith December 2005 Ranging Shots 28
G120544 The Gunmakers Guild honors our favorite round Tom Turpin December 2005 Happy Centennial .30-06 44
G120548 Ed Brown’s marine sniper gives new meaning to the phrase Best of the Best Charles E Petty December 2005 Born to Serve 48
G120554 This barrel cocking air rifle defines adult airgun JI Galan December 2005 The Gamo Hunter 54
G120562 Cowboy Action has touched every aspect of shooting to the betterment of our sport in general Mike Duke Venturino December 2005 Thank A Cowboy 62
G120570 Storm Warning David Codrea December 2005 Views News & Reviews 70
G120594 And a cartridge in a bare tree John Connor December 2005 Odd Angry Shot 94
G120598 Diamond dot unleashed John Taffin December 2005 Campfire Tales 98

Springfield’s excellent XD Charles Karwan Annual 2005 The Long and Short of it 6
GAN0524 Carbine Williams 䴋 father of the GI carbine Glenn Barnes Annual 2005 American Gun Maker 24
GAN0535 Single action sixgun savvy John Taffin Annual 2005 Taffin’s Tips 35
GAN0540 Mechanical horse as a rifle-rest? Clint Smith Annual 2005 A Rifleman’s ATV 40
GAN0549 .20 vs .223 䴋 and the winner is? Dave Anderson Annual 2005 The Tactical Twenty 49
GAN0554 Taffin’s tasty ideas for the SAA John Taffin Annual 2005 Customizing the Colt SAA 54
GAN0575 Classic cutlery in the flesh Kim Terlecky Annual 2005 Schrade Hits the Big 100! 75
GAN0583 Huh? a sixgun chambering 19 calibers? Gary Johnston Annual 2005 Gary Reeder Scorpion 83
GAN0588 Photographer-magician Roy Huntington Annual 2005 Ichiro Nagata 88
GAN0592 Ten tips to boost field accuracy Sam Fadala Annual 2005 Shoot Well When it Counts 92
GCA0506 LMT’s multi-task AR receiver Darryl Bolke Combat 2005 One Weapon Any Mission 6
GCA0524 America’s battle rifle still rocks. Clint Smith Combat 2005 The M14/M1A 24
GCA0535 Tough match for tough guys! Barrett Tillman Combat 2005 Mcmillan’s Sniper Match 35
GCA0544 Tactical folders galore! Patrick Covert Combat 2005 Hot Steel 44
GCA0554 Cool gear for armchair warriors James McGregor Combat 2005 Combat Essentials 54
GCA0561 Steyr’s little rifle ‰¥ã revisited Jerry Catania Combat 2005 Return of the Scout 61
GCA0573 Before the AR there was the Henry! Holt Bodinson Combat 2005 First U.S. Assault Rifles 73
GCA0579 A Beretta 92 gets the works! Mark Hanten Combat 2005 Extreme Makeover 79
GCA0585 SIG’s newest: X-Five SA auto Stefan Perry & Jens Tigges Combat 2005 Symphony in Steel 85
GCA0591 Optics or irons ‰¥ã who needs what? Clint Smith Combat 2005 Sight Seein’ 91
GCA0597 Non-resident CCWs Shane Gericke Combat 2005 Crossing the Line 97
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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