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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010408 Of myths and legends. Clint Smith January 2004 Ranging Shots 8
G010410 Yes you can! Brownells. Holt Bodinson January 2004 Shotgunner 10
G010412 Safari ching sling. Dave Anderson January 2004 Rifleman 12
G010414 Outers pistol perch & Nosler sporting handgun bullets. Glenn Barnes January 2004 Quartermaster 14
G010418 How light a trigger pull do you really need? Massad Ayoob January 2004 Handguns 18
G010424 The .500 S&W Magnum. Charles E Petty January 2004 Handloader 24
G010426 A look back at the influence of Ruger’s rifles. Dave Anderson January 2004 Rugged Rugers 26
G010432 New and capable optics for the hunter. Holt Bodinson January 2004 Eye-Popping Optics 32
G010436 Slow down and enjoy life – at least occasionally. John Taffin January 2004 Big Bore Practice Loads 36
G010442 This month: Britain’s fighting Lee Enfield Holt Bodinson January 2004 Surplus Locker 42
G010454 Behind the scenes look at building a legend’s rifle. Bill Ball January 2004 A Rifle for the Alamo 54
G010458 Recreating Davy Crockett’s first rifle. GUNS Staff January 2004 Caywood’s Crockett 58
G010460 Here’s the right tool to start your youngsters. Charles E Petty January 2004 The Savage Cub 60
G010463 35 years of making life easier for shooters. Jim Gardner January 2004 MTM: Darn Good Gear 63
G010469 Clint shoots down the myth of short barrels. Clint Smith January 2004 Short-Barrelled Boomer? 69
G010479 Ready! Aim! Fire! John Taffin January 2004 Campfire Tales 79
G020406 Letters to the Editor February 2004 Crossfire 6
G020408 14 tips to better sporting clays. Holt Bodinson February 2004 Shotgunner 8
G020410 Stuck case removal. Charles E Petty February 2004 Handloader 10
G020412 RCBS APS hand priming tool & Burris handgun optics and Galco SAO holster. Clint Smith February 2004 Ranging Shots 12
G020418 Field testing the .22 WRM version of this fun rifle. Massad Ayoob February 2004 Handguns 18
G020420 Turn off the television and make a sheath knife. Sam Fadala February 2004 Return of the Favorite 20
G020426 .17 and .19 caliber rifles are real performers. Zachary Foster February 2004 Do it Yourself Cutter 26
G020430 The Remington Lee. Holt Bodinson February 2004 Life Before .22 30
G020438 A CCW holster that really works. Dave Anderson February 2004 Rifleman 38
G020444 The sign of a serious marksman says Petty. Massad Ayoob February 2004 The Hi-Power Today 44
G020452 Use it as a front loader or convert it to cartridges. Charles E Petty February 2004 The Tang Sight 52
G020458 If you’re going to romp in the woods do it right. John Taffin February 2004 Ruger’s Grand Old Army 58
G020462 The scoop on what’s new from our Industry Editor. Glenn Barnes February 2004 Joy of Woodsbumming 62
G020468 Win a wonderful Pac-Lite receiver from Tactical Solutions! Russ Thurman February 2004 NASGW Report 68
G030406 Letters to the Editor March 2004 Crossfire 6
G030408 Intriguing Shotgunning Facts Holt Bodinson March 2004 Shotgunner 8
G030410 Cooper Arms Varminter Dave Anderson March 2004 Rifleman 10
G030412 New Loading Manuals Charles E Petty March 2004 Handloader 12
G030414 Stoney Point Universal Bore Guide Marble’s Tang Sight Kalispel Aluminum pistol cases. Glenn Barnes March 2004 Quartermaster 14
G030420 First look at a new import semiauto pistol. GUNS Staff March 2004 TT .45 From ADCO 20
G030424 Target indicators. Clint Smith March 2004 Ranging Shots 24
G030426 It’s a sweetheart is Holt’s verdict. Holt Bodinson March 2004 Remington’s New Rimfire 26
G030432 It’s simple reliable and really cranks em out. Glenn Barnes March 2004 RCBS Pro-2000 32
G030438 Kimber’s new rimfires are sweet shooters. Charles E Petty March 2004 Delightful Diversion 38
G030454 JT tests heavy factory loads for leverguns. John Taffin March 2004 Serious Ammunition 54
G030460 This month we learn the secrets of the P38. Holt Bodinson March 2004 Surplus Locker 60
G030464 Testing Austin & Halleck’s classic plains rifle. Sam Fadala March 2004 Equal to the Legend 64
G030470 Cylinder & Slides’ kit is a modification that matters. Jim Gardner March 2004 Safety Fast Shooting 70
G030476 This month: Navy Arms’ Founder’s Model and Zeiss Z-Point. March 2004 Out of the Box 76
G040406 Letters to the Editor April 2004 Crossfire 6
G040408 Trijicon AccuPoint Scope Dave Anderson April 2004 Rifleman 8
G040410 Sight Picture Options Massad Ayoob April 2004 Handguns 10
G040412 End of the Season musings. Holt Bodinson April 2004 Shotgunner 12
G040414 RCBS Lock-out die & Cold Steel’s Laredo Bowie & Click n Shoot. Glenn Barnes April 2004 Quartermaster 14
G040420 The Finnish formula for performance and value. Dave Anderson April 2004 Tikka T3 20
G040426 There but for the Grace of God: Hodgdon Powder. Charles E Petty April 2004 Handloader 26
G040428 Distictly different version of America’s pistol. Massad Ayoob April 2004 SIGarms GSR 28
G040436 What’s this? JT shooting itty bitty bullets? John Taffin April 2004 Levergun Loads: .25-20 36
G040442 Rest your eyes on these beauties. GUNS Staff April 2004 Rifles to Dream On 42
G040450 The .50 Gov’t cartridge still has a lot to offer. Holt Bodinson April 2004 America’s First Fifty 50
G040458 Of red hot steel ringing anvils and hard won skill. Jim Gardner April 2004 Swamp Fox Knives 58
G040464 The Carcano is an overlooked surplus champ. Holt Bodinson April 2004 Surplus Locker 64
G040479 This month: Weatherby SAS shotgun and Kimber RCP II. April 2004 Out of the Box 79
G040490 The rest of the story. John Taffin April 2004 Campfire Tales 90
G050408 Handguns and holsters for concealed carry. Clint Smith May 2004 Ranging Shots 8
G050410 Classic Cool: the 1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer Carbine. Dave Anderson May 2004 Rifleman 10
G050412 Welcome to the G.A.P. Massad Ayoob May 2004 Handguns 12
G050414 Bowen Rough Country Adjustable Rear Sight RCBS Trim-Pro 3 Way Cutter and Brownells Designated Driver. Glenn Barnes May 2004 Quartermaster 14
G050418 Columbia’s Hi-Tech Waterflowing Chart Holt Bodinson May 2004 Shotgunner 18
G050426 Remington’s M700 Classic in .300 Savage. Glenn Barnes May 2004 Classic Combo 26
G050432 A bright idea from Hodgdon. Charles E Petty May 2004 Handloader 32
G050434 Fine custom rifles from the shop of Fred Zeglin. Dick Williams May 2004 Meet the Gunsmith 34
G050440 On duty a sharp edge is a good thing. Suzi Huntington May 2004 A Cop Needs an Edge 40
G050444 There’s a lot to life in the soft-shooting compact. Massad Ayoob May 2004 Springfield’s Novel 9mm 44
G050454 This month: The much maligned Arisaka. Holt Bodinson May 2004 Surplus Locker 54
G050456 Lightweight handsome and they shoot great. John Taffin May 2004 Pac-Lite Conversions 56
G050460 These little known guns are smooth shooters. Charles E Petty May 2004 Forgotten Remingtons 60
G050469 The finest .44 Special revolver yet? John Taffin May 2004 Freedom Arms M97 .44 69
G050490 Grandpa Willie’s Guns John Taffin May 2004 Campfire Tales 90
G060408 Social Butterflies Clint Smith June 2004 Ranging Shots 8
G060410 Can the science of cryogenics improve the performance of your shotgun? Holt Bodinson June 2004 Shotgunner 10
G060412 Zeiss 3-12×56 MC riflescope. Dave Anderson June 2004 Rifleman 12
G060414 Lee Hand Press & Shooter’s Choice Lead Remover & Old West Reproductions. Glenn Barnes June 2004 Quartermaster 14
G060418 Return of the Chest Holder. Massad Ayoob June 2004 Handguns 18
G060422 It only takes a little care to make em last. Glenn Barnes June 2004 Twenty-Five Tips 22
G060424 A most exotic rifle: The Swiss K31. Holt Bodinson June 2004 Surplus Locker 24
G060426 Custom inspired folders with class. Jim Gardner June 2004 Sweet Onions 26
G060440 Sometimes sentiment is what makes it special. Charles E Petty June 2004 My Favorite Gun 40
G060444 Wilson combat crafts more than .45s. Dave Anderson June 2004 Wilson Tactical Carbine 44
G060462 A versatile middle of the road big bore. John Taffin June 2004 Levergun Loads: .444 62
G060468 A look at what’s new from Big Green. Charles E Petty June 2004 News From Remington 68
G060479 This month: Taurus .17 HMR Tracker Henry .22 Pump and Stevens 411 SxS. Dick Williams June 2004 Out of the Box 79
G060490 Hog Wild. John Taffin June 2004 Campfire Tales 90
G070406 Letters to the Editor July 2004 Crossfire 6
G070414 Assets of CCW. Clint Smith July 2004 Ranging Shots 14
G070416 Caliber confusion. Dave Anderson July 2004 Rifleman 16
G070418 Holstering the big iron. Massad Ayoob July 2004 Handguns 18
G070420 Essential but often overlooked components. Glenn Barnes July 2004 Of Mounts and Rings 20
G070427 Lightly recoiling loads tame your rifle. Charles E Petty July 2004 Managed Recoil 27
G070432 A saga of skill simplicity and looking good. Clint Smith July 2004 Babes and War Babies 32
G070436 Yes shoot those old ones but treat em right. John Taffin July 2004 Shooting Classic Sixguns 36
G070440 New technology for an old problem. Kevin Gibson July 2004 Corner Shot 40
G070444 Nostalgic good looks and race-ready performance. Jim Gardner July 2004 Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 44
G070452 One man’s way of making the most of his hunts. Nick Barbar July 2004 Time Traveler 52
G070462 Invisible Gun & RCBS Vibratory Case Cleaner – 2 & Mt. Baldy bullets. Glenn Barnes July 2004 Quartermaster 62
G070471 Sometimes a poodle shooter just won’t do. Clint Smith July 2004 A Full Throttle Rifle 71
G070479 This month: Hartford Armory Remington and Bianchi Pack. Dick Williams July 2004 Out of the Box 79
G070490 For the children. John Taffin July 2004 Campfire Tales 90
G080406 Letters to the Editor August 2004 Crossfire 6
G080412 Dealing with the Dingus. Massad Ayoob August 2004 Handguns 12
G080414 The reliable rifle. Dave Anderson August 2004 Rifleman 14
G080416 Kissing the rifle: Stoney Point Products Charles E Petty August 2004 Handloader 16
G080418 Make your own luck. Clint Smith August 2004 Ranging Shots 18
G080420 A rifle without a sling is like a pistol without a holster. Sam Fadala August 2004 Sling Slang Slung. 20
G080434 Hornady’s Handsome and handy scales & Light in the Darkness & Big Green Goes Cutting Edge & Alumagrips. Glenn Barnes August 2004 Quartermaster 34
G080438 Vintage Rugers make super custom sixguns. John Taffin August 2004 Good Guns Made Better 38
G080442 Cooper’s .22-250 shoots great and looks even better. Charles E Petty August 2004 A Straight Shootin Rifle 42
G080446 An ancient design that just keeps hanging around. Jim Gardner August 2004 Neck Knives 46
G080450 Beretta’s new carbine shows 21st century style. Charles E Petty August 2004 Storm Warning 50
G080474 Who says you can’t be ten years old again? Glenn Barnes August 2004 100 Years of Memories 74
G080484 Of mountain guns and rattlesnake tales. Ed R Brown August 2004 Up Against the S Word 84
G080492 Backyard pests beware they’re about to get a dose of Russian hot air! J.I. Galan August 2004 Air Power 92
G0804106 Tangling with the Feds. John Taffin August 2004 Campfire Tales 106
G090406 Letters to the Editor September 2004 Crossfire 6
G090412 High primer hi-jinx. Charles E Petty September 2004 Handloader 12
G090414 Fighting new gun fever? Brownells to the rescue. Dave Anderson September 2004 Rifleman 14
G090416 Wheel guns are real guns. Clint Smith September 2004 Ranging Shots 16
G090418 Mag-Ban bull: GIS are in danger. Massad Ayoob September 2004 Handguns 18
G090420 Blackhawk Hydrastorm Force 5 PAST Shooting Gloves Surefire X200A Tactical Light and American Ammunition Glenn Barnes September 2004 Quartermaster 20
G090432 Secret loads from the Sixgunner himself. John Taffin September 2004 The 45-70. 32
G090436 Simple serious – and user friendly. Jim Gardner September 2004 Leupold’s MK4 Rifle Scope 36
G090440 There’s a reason people love this gun and Charley tells you why. Charles E Petty September 2004 S&W .45 Colt Mountain Gun 40
G090442 Who says you can’t build your own 1911? Jim Gardner September 2004 C&S School of the .45 42
G090444 What’s this – a Colt with two cylinder latches? Charles E Petty September 2004 A Pair of Kings 44
G090454 Big and brawny this classic sixgun still appeals. Glenn Barnes September 2004 Colt’s New Service 54
G090470 And you thought shotgun shells just went bang? Holt Bodinson September 2004 Dragons Breath 70
G090482 Kimber’s BP ten Wide-body 1911 Peltor Comtac Electronic muffs Lil’ Ears and Big Ears hearing magic Walther Nighthawk CO2 Pistol. Jim Gardner Dick Williams Barrett Tillman September 2004 Out of the Box 82
G090498 The Gun Show loophole and it ain’t about politics. John Taffin September 2004 Campfire Tales 98
G100406 Letters to the Editor October 2004 Crossfire 6
G100410 Scared spitless & Lectrical Lyman. Dave Anderson October 2004 Rifleman 10
G100414 Powder secrets. Charles E Petty October 2004 Handloader 14
G100416 Trigger Tips: The man/machine interface. Massad Ayoob October 2004 Handguns 16
G100420 Personakery touch open Model 201 & Redding Profile Crimp Dies & Kalispel Ammo Carry Case Glenn Barnes October 2004 Quartermaster 20
G100428 Cool custom cutlery. Jim Gardner October 2004 Bright Steel 28
G100434 Ruger’s .204 varminter vanquisher. Dave Anderson October 2004 The Newest .20 34
G100440 Elizabethan elegance automatically. Dave Anderson October 2004 .455 Webley-Fosbery 40
G100442 Poker chips and bird dogs southern style. Charles E Petty October 2004 Sporting Quails & Casinos 42
G100444 Make mine a Mak! Holt Bodinson October 2004 Makarov 44
G100448 Putting bullet holes in buildings. Clint Smith October 2004 Holey Places 48
G100454 Could this be a Presidential Flintock? Jon Love October 2004 Old Tips Gun 54
G100456 Feds score new DEA AR-15. Charles E Petty October 2004 Rock River 56
G100464 The .32 gets a big brother. JB Wood October 2004 Seecamp .380 64
G100466 Blue Wonder grants kid’s wishes. GUNS Staff October 2004 Hunt of a Lifetime 66
G100489 Cimarron Freedom Arms and Walther. John Taffin October 2004 Out of the Box 89
G110406 Letters to the editor November 2004 Crossfire 6
G110408 The Quest for excellence Clint Smith November 2004 Ranging Shots 8
G110410 The Real Story: Glock Trigger Pull Weights Massad Ayoob November 2004 Handguns 10
G110416 The Hatfields ain’t feudin’ no more Holt Bodinson November 2004 Shotgunner 16
G110418 Upgrades from the Weatherby custom shop Dave Anderson November 2004 Rifleman 18
G110434 Roller-Locking Hot Shots! Holt Bodinson November 2004 Surplus Locker 34
G110438 A .50 caliber kick and .22 fun! Dave Anderson November 2004 Fat Man and Little Boy 38
G110442 From mice to moose the venerable 06 can take em all Sam Fadala November 2004 The Do-All .30-06 42
G110446 The Brazilian-made polymer framed pistol lives up to its name Dave Douglas November 2004 The Taurus 24/7 46
G110452 Once the quintessential cop gun the Dick speciall still serves Clint Smith November 2004 Colt Snubbies 52
G110476 Idwell The Rock JR & Remington’s Youth Ear Muffs & Galco Rifle Slings & Speer .38 Special +P 135 Grain GDHP Glenn Barnes November 2004 Quartermaster 76
G110480 Harris Bipod Gamo Compact Target Auto-Ord WWII 1911 November 2004 Out of the Box 80
G110494 For the children John Taffin November 2004 Campfire Tales 94
G120406 Letters to the editor December 2004 Crossfire 6
G120408 What I learned at Camp Perry Massad Ayoob December 2004 Handguns 8
G120412 The TST Clint Smith December 2004 Ranging Shots 12
G120420 CMC Super Match: Trigger Group for AR-15 Rifles Dave Anderson December 2004 Rifleman 20
G120422 Good things from Gerber Jim Gardner December 2004 Knives 22
G120424 The Remarkable World of Rimfire Holt Bodinson December 2004 Rimfires 24
G120426 The Rossi Puma .480 Ruger Navy Arms Long Range Rolling Block December 2004 Out of the Box 26
G120440 C96 Germany’s mechanical masterpiece Holt Bodinson December 2004 Surplus Locker 40
G120444 It’s not just for revolvers John Taffin December 2004 .357 Magnum Levergun Loads 44
G120448 Christmas tips from the GUNS underground gift guru John Connor December 2004 Stocking Stuffers 48
G120452 An accurate fun little semi-auto .22 LR for those bored by wood and bolts Charles E Petty December 2004 Walther G-22 Bullpup 52
G120460 The discriminating shooter’s pistol Glenn Barnes December 2004 Thompson/Center G-2 60
G1204106 Get real! John Taffin December 2004 Campfire Tales 106
GAN0407 Dave’s technical opinion? It’s a hoot! Dave Anderson Annual 2004 Sweet Sweet .17 7
GAN0416 In-line ML rifle with the big red W. Sam Fadala Annual 2004 Winchester X-150 16
GAN0423 The next generation is the future of shooting. Charles Cutshaw Annual 2004 Passing the Torch 23
GAN0430 It’s not all sixguns and lever actions. Seth Nadel Annual 2004 Big Hats – Long Rifles 30
GAN0438 What would D.B. Wesson think? Massad Ayoob Annual 2004 S&W’s New 1911 38
GAN0448 Blam snick-snick Blam snick-snick. Yee Haw! John Taffin Annual 2004 Specialized 1866 48
GAN0458 Best-grade optics – at a price. David Fortier Annual 2004 Professional Grade 58
GAN0467 Ready to step up to the challenge? Glenn Barnes Annual 2004 Hunting Revolvers 67
GAN0476 If only you could smell the Hoppe’s. Jim Gardner Annual 2004 Ounce of Prevention 76
GAN0492 It slices it dices and a whole lot more. David Fortier Annual 2004 E Is For Essential 92
GAN0497 A fine bargain says the author. Steve Smith Annual 2004 Varmint Lightning 97
GCA0406 Beretta’s new carbine is sleek and stylish. Charles E Petty Combat 2004 Storm Warning 6
GCA0416 Was this British-born rifle the best in the trenches? Chuck Karwan Combat 2004 M1917 Enfield 16
GCA0424 Picture book technique may not save your bacon. Andy Stanford Combat 2004 One Hand Tactics 24
GCA0436 Lifesaving tools or merely good luck charms? Clint Smith Combat 2004 Military Handguns 36
GCA0450 Need a tack-driving rifle? Here’s the source. Dave Douglas Combat 2004 Precision Arms 50
GCA0458 The straight scoop on concealed carry from a pro. Dave Douglas Combat 2004 Ten Tips For CCW 58
GCA0466 They’re becoming standard to meet today’s threats. Massad Ayoob Combat 2004 Patrol Rifles 66
GCA0475 Fewer widgets equals better results with the shotgun. Clint Smith Combat 2004 A K.I.S.S. For You 75
GCA0496 For the wise copper second guns come first. Massad Ayoob Combat 2004 Backup Guns 96
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