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2003 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010310 Letters to the editor January 2003 Crossfire 10
G010312 K.I.S.S. Holt Bodinson January 2003 Shotgunner 12
G010314 Wild Bill’s Leather & CornerLock & Lee Shooter Program Jim Gardner January 2003 Quartermaster 14
G010320 Power, style and rugged disability define Ruger’s Bisley Glenn Barnes January 2003 American Classic 20
G010324 Pistol-caliber carbine with several novel features JB Wood January 2003 Kel-Tec Sub 2000 24
G010330 Proper lubrication of working parts Dave Anderson January 2003 Rifleman 30
G010332 Electronic Powder Scales Charles E Petty January 2003 Handloader 32
G010334 Arm yourself with informaion before selecting a gun safe Holt Bodinson January 2003 The Gun Safe Maze 34
G010340 More than .45s come from the Les Baer shop Charles E Petty January 2003 Premiere II 9×19 40
G010344 Even in the age of CNC, quality requires careful hand work Charles E Petty January 2003 Visit to Les Baer Custom 44
G010358 A wealth of good loads for one of America’s favorites John Taffin January 2003 Levergun Loads: .30-.30 58
G010363 Warne’s exercise in versatility for the handgun hunter John Taffin January 2003 Multi Optic System 63
G010366 Rabbit eared double from Russia Jim Gardner January 2003 EAA’s New Hammer Double 66
G010382 The teacher learns a lesson John Tafffin January 2003 Campfire Tales 82
G020312 Two good tips Charles E Petty February 2003 Handloader 12
G020318 Wild, Wonderful World of Chokes Holt Bodinson February 2003 Shotgunner 18
G020320 For the Better Half Dave Anderson February 2003 Rifleman 20
G020323 It isn’t all sixguns for the man in the big hat John Taffin February 2003 Casull CA-3800 23
G020326 A to-die-for custom Springfield you can win Tom Turpin February 2003 ACGG’s Project No. 18 26
G020330 Latest in high speed hardware from H&K Charles Cutshaw February 2003 Cutting-Edge Compacts 30
G020340 Is this the ultimate evolution of the bolt-action precision rifle? Charles Cutshaw February 2003 R93 Tactical from Blaser 40
G020349 Lessons from Matches Can Reflect Lessons from the Street Massad Ayoob February 2003 Handguns 49
G020350 Five holsters that have stood the test of time Cameron Hopkins February 2003 Five Proven Holsters 50
G020354 Would this have turned the tide in the trenches? Charles E Petty February 2003 The Top Secret of WWI 54
G020360 No bigger than a venison sandwich, say Douglas Dave Douglas February 2003 LRF1200 Laser Rangefinder 60
G020382 Don’t you ever forget Audie Murphy12 John Taffin February 2003 Campfire Tales 82
G030308 Letters to the editor March 2003 Crossfire 8
G030312 Loading down Charles E Petty March 2003 Handloader 12
G030314 Insight Technology’s M3 & Lyman classic rifle dies & Old West Reproductions Glenn Barnes March 2003 Quartermaster 14
G030318 The Real Ladies Gun Massad Ayoob March 2003 Handguns 18
G030322 The latest scoop on new products from Remington Charles E Petty March 2003 News from “Big Green” 22
G030326 Smith shares the secrets of successful BP cartridge loading Clint Smith March 2003 Black Powder for Dummies 26
G030334 No holds barred review of two popular combat optics David Fortier March 2003 Battle Sight Showdown 34
G030340 S&W’s 386PD offers the most performance for the least weight Jim Gardner March 2003 Minimum Magnum 40
G030348 Outstanding performance right from the box Dave Anderson March 2003 Weatherby’s TRR 48
G030358 Kimber’s M84 turnbolt stands up to a hunting ordeal Cameron Hopkins March 2003 Alaska Tough Kimber 58
G030364 What looks 100 years old on the outside, yet shoots like new? John Taffin March 2003 Cimarron “Originals” 64
G030381 Anschutz 1717D HB Dave Anderson March 2003 Rifleman 81
G030382 Memories John Taffin March 2003 Campfire Tales 82
G040310 Letter to the Editor April 2003 Crossfire 10
G040314 Alpen binoculars & Walter’s wads & Blue Wonder gun cleaner. Jim Gardner April 2003 Quartermaster 14
G040320 Reloading safety. Dave Anderson April 2003 Rifleman 20
G040322 Survival tips for the used gun buyer. Glenn Barnes April 2003 More Bang for Your Buck 22
G040328 Here’s the basics on a worthwhile skill. Zachary Foster April 2003 Cast Bullet Primer 28
G040332 Forging gunsmiths since 1945 David Fortier April 2003 Lassen College 32
G040340 Petty falls for the Cooper Varminter Charles E Petty April 2003 Romance on the Range 40
G040346 A look inside Cooper Firearms of Montanta Charles E Petty April 2003 Touring Cooper 46
G040351 The real reason we Massad Ayoob April 2003 Handguns 51
G040352 Levergun loads for one of JT’s favorites John Taffin April 2003 Loading the .35 Remington 52
G040369 An Ackley Improved AR from ISSI Dave Anderson April 2003 Pumping up the .223 69
G050312 Remington’s 2002 Classic Rifle Charles E Petty May 2003 Handloader 12
G050314 Spec-Ops Pack-Rat & C&R Ammo’s First Shot & Lahti Tripod Adapter David Fortier May 2003 Quartermaster 14
G050318 The Shooting Sling Dave Anderson May 2003 Rifleman 18
G050320 Seeking tiny groups with the .221 Fireball Charles E Petty May 2003 Quest for Perfection 20
G050324 Gun Show Treasure Holt Bodinson May 2003 Shotgunner 24
G050332 Small Handgun Attitude Massad Ayoob May 2003 Handguns 32
G050334 Zeiss scope proves tougher than a Maine winter David Fortier May 2003 Zeiss Conquest 6.5×20 34
G050340 Smooth shooting and handsome to boot Massad Ayoob May 2003 Time of the Billenium 40
G050346 A selection of good fixed blade hunters Dexter Ewing May 2003 Sportsman’s Steel 46
G050352 Does Ruger’s new cartridge really measure up? John Taffin May 2003 Perfect Packin’ .480 52
G050370 Ballard rifle performs superb restorations Jim Gardner May 2003 Meet the Gunsmith 70
G050382 Grandpa’s Guns John Taffin May 2003 Campfire Tales 82
G060308 Savage AccuTrigger TM Dave Anderson June 2003 Rifleman 8
G060312 Reach for the Tico Tool Holt Bodinson June 2003 Shotgunner 12
G060314 Gunner Grips form Simonich Knives LLC & Mildot Master & Cold Steel’s Urban Pal and Super Edge David Fortier June 2003 Quartermaster 14
G060320 A new 1911 from Uselton Arms, Inc Dick Williams June 2003 Carry Classic 1911 20
G060324 Charlie finds real performance and accuracy Charles E Petty June 2003 .300 WSM Adventures 24
G060328 Part three looks at selecting used long guns Glenn Barnes June 2003 More Bang for Your Buck 28
G060334 Interesting ammo form south of the border David Fortier June 2003 Aguila’s Exotic Rimfires 34
G060340 Is it really better than the Ar-15? Charles Cutshaw June 2003 Return of the AR-180 40
G060348 Refinishing tips and tricks for hard-use guns Holt Bodinson June 2003 Touching up Old Betsy 48
G060352 JT continues his popular series with the .38-55 WCF John Taffin June 2003 Levergun Loads: .38-55 52
G060359 Latest Entries from Smith & Wesson Massad Ayoob June 2003 Handguns 59
G060368 Travel to Russia to test fire the Bizon 2 SMG David Fortier June 2003 Cold Vodka – Hot Steel 68
G060382 Dear Dad John Taffin June 2003 Campfire Tales 82
G070312 Hallway Howitzer for Home Defense? Clint Smith July 2003 Ranging Shots 12
G070314 Bushnell Yardage Pro Quest & Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter & Black Hills Gold Ammunition David Fortier July 2003 Quartermaster 14
G070318 Rites, Rituals, and other ways to waste time Charles E Petty July 2003 Handloader 18
G070320 The most basic and least appreciated skill Dave Anderson July 2003 Offhand Shooting 20
G070328 Read the incredible story of the “Frisco War” J Wolf Hardin July 2003 The Guns of Elfego Baca 26
G070336 .300 WSM power for the handgun hunter Sam Fadala July 2003 Fist Full of Fury 36
G070340 Fortier reviews two fine European spotting scopes David Fortier July 2003 Great Glass! 40
G070344 The finest sixgun of the frontier still survives John Taffin July 2003 Colt’s Legendary SAA 44
G070352 The unwashed truth of “cowboys” then and now Clint Smith July 2003 Cowboy Shooting 52
G070358 Both yesterday and today, this some rifle Jim Gardner July 2003 Ballard’s No. 5 Pacific 58
G070370 They’re easy to kill, but hard to wear out Charles E Petty July 2003 Wear Out a Gun? 70
G070390 Time Marches on John Taffin July 2003 Campfire Tales 90
G080308 Letters to the Editor August 2003 Crossfire 8
G080312 Easy and effective Dave Anderson August 2003 Rifleman 12
G080314 Warne Scope Rings & KUSA WER-Suit & Quality Cartridge David Fortier August 2003 Quartermaster 14
G080320 Use Enough Gun? Clint Smith August 2003 Ranging Shots 20
G080322 Out of Alaska comes a take-down powerhouse Dick Williams August 2003 Second Best Co-Pilot 22
G080327 Handguns of the Generals Massad Ayoob August 2003 Handguns 27
G080328 The CP99 offers realistic looks and loads of cheap fun J.I. Galan August 2003 Spittin Image 28
G080332 Great New Shotgunning Accessories for 2003 Holt Bodinson August 2003 Shotgunner 32
G080340 Starline Brass Charles E Petty August 2003 Handloader 40
G080344 Two of Winchester’s least known cartridges the .375 & .356 John Taffin August 2003 Levergun Loads 44
G080348 Best of the breed is Charlie’s verdict Charles E Petty August 2003 SW 99 .45 ACP 48
G080356 Barnes finds a loquacious sample of S&W’s M28 Glenn Barnes August 2003 Talking Sixgun? 56
G080362 FABARM FP6- utterly reliable and novel in appearance David Fortier August 2003 Italian Alley Sweeper 62
G080398 Old Warriors John Taffin August 2003 Campfire Tales 98
G090308 Letters to the Editor September 2003 Crossfire 8
G090312 Hey, this is fun! Holt Bodinson September 2003 Shotgunner 12
G090314 MercWorx Equatorian & Norma Reloading Components & Angle Cosine Indicator David Fortier September 2003 Quartermaster 14
G090318 Better than ever, in every respect, For CCW Massad Ayoob September 2003 Handguns 18
G090328 Riflery: A lost art Clint Smith September 2003 Ranging Shots 28
G090330 Stocking the Brass Locker Dave Anderson September 2003 Rifleman 30
G090332 Five good binoculars for your inspection David Fortier September 2003 Eyes Like an Eagle 32
G090338 We put the hype aside to see how they perform Holt Bodinson September 2003 Season with the Shorts 38
G090344 A close look at this hard-hitting compact David Fortier September 2003 Para’s C7 .45 CO LDA 44
G090360 How to blow up a rifle Charles E Petty September 2003 Handloader 60
G090362 Making the most of a rare opportunity John Taffin September 2003 Guns in the Classroom 62
G090367 Sometimes, it just feels right Charles E Petty September 2003 Remington’s 332 67
G090376 This month: CZ 527 Carbine, EMF Great Western II and FNMI’s FNP-9 Jim Gardner September 2003 Out of the Box 76
G090390 The rarest Ruger John Taffin September 2003 Campfire Tales 90
G100310 The .45 ACP Approaches Its Centennial Massad Ayoob October 2003 Handguns 10
G100312 Leupold’s New Rifleman Series Dave Anderson October 2003 Rifleman 12
G100314 Superknife & Nosler Match Projectiles & Lyman 1200 DPS David Fortier October 2003 Quartermaster 14
G100318 Romance of the Plastic Shell Holt Bodinson October 2003 Shotgunner 18
G100320 Barnes Triple Shock X Bullet Charles E Petty October 2003 Handloader 20
G100324 Not every black cloud has a silver lining Glenn Barnes October 2003 Tale of Pete Haggins 24
G100330 He’s talented and he’s one of us Jim Gardner October 2003 R.S. Wright, Artist 30
G100338 All good things come to he who waits John Taffn October 2003 The Searcher 38
G100348 A fun, low-maintenance woods rifle Charles E Petty October 2003 Marlin’s 1894SS 48
G100352 A built to be better Ar for serious work David Fortier October 2003 Thunder Ranch Carbine 52
G100374 “Big Green” goes retro with the Guide Rifle Holt Bodinson October 2003 Remington’s 673 74
G100380 An essential item for the hunting camp Carolee A Boyles October 2003 Camp Stove Review 80
G100393 Who? Why? It’s fun to wonder Sam Fadala October 2003 Mute Witness 93
G1003106 No Lawyers John Taffin October 2003 Campfire Tales 106
G110306 Letters to the editor November 2003 Crossfire 6
G110310 The Niche of the Double Action Auto Massad Ayoob November 2003 Handguns 10
G110312 The Universal Shotgun Holt Bodinson November 2003 Shotgunner 12
G110314 LaserLyte QD Laser System & Katz Knives Safari Kit & Wolf Adds .308 Winchester Dave Fortier November 2003 Quartermaster 14
G110318 Go outside and play! Clint Smith November 2003 Ranging Shots 18
G110320 Modern style with pre-charged power J.I. Galan November 2003 Airforce Talon SS 20
G110330 It’ll do in a pinch– a well-travelled MRE wrapper November 2003 Memo from Iraq 30
G110332 Good things come in threes Dave Anderson November 2003 Rifleman 32
G110334 Lyman 1200 DPS Charles E Petty November 2003 Handloader 34
G110336 A great how-to treatise on boltgun manipulation Dave Anderson November 2003 Reflexive Reloading 36
G110344 MVA’s long scopes for long rifles Clint Smith November 2003 Period Precision 44
G110358 JT continues his popular series with the .44-40 WCF John Taffin November 2003 Levergun Loads 58
G110364 Guns and gear for our most challenging gamebird Holt Bodinson November 2003 Let’s Talk Turkey 64
G110381 This month: Ruger Super Blackhawk, Caldwel rests and Rock River Commander Glenn Barnes November 2003 Out of the Box 81
G110384 Caywood’s guns are a study in refinement Jim Gardner November 2003 First-Class Flinters 84
G110398 Guns-n-Roses John Taffin November 2003 Campfire Tales 98
G120308 Conduct Counts Jim Gardner December 2003 On a Positive Note 8
G120310 Seen at the 2003 SHOT show Holt Bodinson December 2003 Shotgunner 10
G120312 Two Useful Shooting Positions Dave Anderson December 2003 Rifleman 12
G120314 Carl Zeiss tripler & Merit Adjustable Iris Disk & RIMZ Moon Clips David Fortier, Jim Gardner, Brown Ryle December 2003 Quartermaster 14
G120318 What Zero for your Fighting Rifle? Clint Smith December 2003 Ranging Shots 18
G120322 Bullet Casting Charles E Petty December 2003 Handloader 22
G120324 Big plans to make the most of a small space Holt Bodinson December 2003 Reloading in Small Spaces 24
G120330 Useful high-tech addition to the hunter’s gear Zachary Foster December 2003 No Two Way About it 30
G120336 A fistful of .500 from Reeder Custom Gary Paul-Johnston December 2003 Reeder’s Ultimate .500 36
G120342 Weatherby’s biggest .30 offers huge potential Tom Turpin December 2003 A Second Look 42
G120355 Good corporate citzenship supports shooting GUNS Staff December 2003 Doing the Right Thing 55
G120358 Sleek steel for multi-mission use Pat Covert December 2003 Crossover Cutters 58
G120364 .500 Jeffery, .50-110 and .50 Alaskan , oh my! John Taffin December 2003 Biggest of the Boomers 64
G120370 Is the 392PD too much of a good thing? Charles E Petty December 2003 S&W’s Flyweight .44 70
G120389 Magnum Lite Rifle, Les Baer Ar and Beretta Stampede Dick Wiliams December 2003 Out of the Box 89
GAN0307 Cowboy holster makers are sprouting up across the country. Dave Douglas Annual 2003 Cowboy Leather 7
GAN0322 Express yourself – AO sights for combat handgunning. Andy Stanford Annual 2003 Express Sights 22
GAN0327 In praise of the humble Sten SMG. Charles Karwan Annual 2003 Plumber’s Nightmare 27
GAN0338 Some consider it a knock off of the most popular, small S&W. Massad Ayoob Annual 2003 Taurus C.I.A. 38
GAN0348 Foot-deep in snow, a writer wrestles Professional Ordnance’s Type 97s. David Fortier Annual 2003 Carbon Copy of One 48
GAN0368 Cast bullet loads for the original magnum. John Taffin Annual 2003 .357 Cast Bullet Loads 68
GAN0374 Jacketed bullet loads for the original magnum. John Taffin Annual 2003 .357 Jacketed Loads 74
GAN0380 Adventures with the .22 benchrest. Charles E Petty Annual 2003 Loading the .22 Bench Rest 80
GAN0384 This grand old cartridge has its place. Massad Ayoob Annual 2003 The .38 Super Today 84
GAN0394 The never-say-die cartridge. Sam Fadala Annual 2003 The Workhorse .30-30 94
GCA0306 A special Kimber meets the needs of LAPD. Gary Paul Johnston Combat 2003 SWAT Selects 6
GCA0313 What weighs 8 pounds and hit like… Dick Williams Combat 2003 Hammer of Thor 13
GCA0319 High-speed additions for your ’15. Zach Foster Combat 2003 Best-Dressed AR 19
GCA0326 A look at China’s new 5.8×42. David Fortier Combat 2003 Intel Report: China 26
GCA0338 Is our current service round costing lives? Seth Nadel Combat 2003 Failure of the 5.56 38
GCA0359 Long-range upgrade for the Armalite. David Fortier Combat 2003 SSK’s .300 WSM AR-10 59
GCA0367 Fail to pay attention, and you may become roadkill. Dave Douglas Combat 2003 Hell on Wheels 67
GCA0374 Everything else is just a game, says Clint Smith. Roy Huntington Combat 2003 Zen of Pistolcraft 74
GCA0384 Hands-on look at the latest from H&K. Charles Cutshaw Combat 2003 Heckler & Koch Update 84
GCA0392 Big honkin’ steel for the troops. Zach Foster Combat 2003 Combat Choppers 92
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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