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2002 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010220 Speer offers new dry-lubed bullets to the handloader. C. Rodney James January 2002 New Bullets From Speer 20
G010224 Hints on preservation and long-term storage. Holt Bodinson January 2002 Guns Should Last A Lifetime 24
G010228 Walking the razor’s edge between preparedness and safety. Massad Ayoob January 2002 Loaded, Ready, Safe 28
G010232 Potent new flashlights are changing our self defense options. Jim Gardner January 2002 Fight Against The Darkness 32
G010236 Our shooting editor tells why these are four of the best choices for hunters. Dave Anderson January 2002 Four Favorite Sevens 36
G010240 A good looking and great shooting pistol from S&W. Charles E. Petty January 2002 S&W Performance Center 945-.40 40
G010246 Taffin examines the Classic to see if it’s worthy or the name. John Taffin January 2002 T/C’s New Classic .22 Autoloader 46
G010248 Making a good gun even better. R.K. Campbell January 2002 A.P.&W. Custom Beretta M92 48
G010254 Surplus rifles offer first class value. Mike Cumpston January 2002 Yugoslavian Mauser K98 54
G010268 Step-by-step, a problem rifle in transformed. Charles E. Petty January 2002 Incremental Accuracy Improvement 68
G020221 Are these the ultimate binoculars? Charles E. Petty February 2002 Eagle Eyes 21
G020223 The latest from Weatherby Dave Anderson February 2002 New Products From Weatherby 23
G020226 The latest from Springfield includes an exotic new pistol design. Jim Gardner February 2002 Springfield Armory’s Newest 26
G020228 A modern muzzle loader tough enough for smokeless powder. Sam Fadala February 2002 Savage M10ML-II 28
G020232 How to carry that hogleg in the hunting field. John Taffin February 2002 Favorite Field Holsters 32
G020240 Kimber’s Custom Eclipse is just too good for limited production. Massad Ayoob February 2002 Observing The Eclipse 40
G020246 A look at the very finest in cowboy leather goods. Barrett Tillman February 2002 Old West Reproductions 46
G020250 Testing Hodgdon’s load data for this potent long-range cartridge. Charles E. Petty February 2002 Loading The 7mm Utra Mag. 50
G020252 A look at carry leather that works – form someone who knows. Massad Ayoob February 2002 Today’s Concealment Holsters 52
G020256 Compact, versatile and elegant — there are many reasons to consider a single shot. Holt Bodinson February 2002 Return Of The Single Shots 56
G030220 Defensive handgun ammunition from a street perspective. Massad Ayoob March 2002 Today’s Best Duty Loads 20
G030224 Cowboy Action Shooting has helped resurrect several great old cartridges. John Taffin March 2002 Factory Cowboy Shooting Loads 24
G030228 A look a the work of one of America’s most creative gunsmiths. Dick Williams March 2002 Meet The Gunsmith: Gary Reeder 28
G030232 A great-shooting lightweight for the high-country hunter. Dave Anderson March 2002 Remington’s M-700 Titanium 32
G030236 Enjoy a virtual testfire of Russia’s most advanced service rilfe. David Fortier March 2002 An-94 Nikonov 36
G030248 Dan Wesson is a force to be reckoned with on the silhouette range. Todd Spotti March 2002 Smacking Steel With The .414 48
G030252 Charley takes a close look at the state of factory match loads. Charles E. Pettery March 2002 Match Rifle Ammunition 52
G030256 The top authority on sporting optics shares his experiences. Jacob Gottfredson March 2002 Choosing A Spotting Scope 56
G040221 When it all comes down to one shot, it’s comforting to know you did it right. Holt Bodinson April 2002 Loading For The Hunt Of A Lifetime 21
G040232 The finish formula for a precision rifle. David Foriter April 2002 Sako’s Sniper — The TRG-22 32
G040240 Built from the ground up to be the ideal carry gun, the Companion is reliable, accurate and safe. Massad Ayoob April 2002 Par-Ordnance Companion LDA 40
G040246 Ask a panel of SWAT cops and Special Forces about optics, and this is what you get. Charles E. Petty April 2002 Leupold’s New CQ/T 45
G040248 A second opinion on Leupold’s ground-breaking combat optic. Barry Dueck April 2002 An Operator’s Perspective 48
G040252 Innovation in arms design form down under. Robert Bruce April 2002 Metal Storm Warning 52
G050220 A sharp edge in the pocket beats a custom 1911 in the safe. R.K. Campbell May 2002 Workingman’s Defensive Folders 20
G050230 This valuable shooter’s tool will change the way you look at your firearms. Holt Bodison May 2002 Through The Looking Glass 30
G050234 A good knife can be more than a mere working tool. John Taffin May 2002 Sentimental Favorites 34
G050236 Gunsmith Jack Brooks recreates the gentleman’s pistol. Bill Ball May 2002 The Philadelphia Pistol Reborn 36
G050240 Start from a clean sheet to design a superior precision rifle, and this is what you get. Barry Dueck May 2002 Accuracy International’s AWP 40
G050246 A close look at the custom blades of Rob Simonich. Pat Covert May 2002 Cutting Edge Cowboy 46
G050252 Don’t you deserve a superb quality and affordable over/under? Dave Anderson May 2002 Beretta’s Onyx And Whitewing 52
G050256 This rifle was sleek and exciting when introduced nine decades ago— it still is. Timothy Case May 2002 Remington Model Eight 56
G050260 A slick M4-type carbine from a company known for quality. Charles E. Petty May 2002 Rock River Arms Tactical Carbine 60
G050264 A bargain trainer that performs way out of relation to its costs. J.I. Galan May 2002 Daisy’s 717 Air Pistol 64
G050267 Book review. David Fortier May 2002 The Hunter’s Guide To Ballistics 67
G060228 A longtime fan of the .270 Winchester,Holt says that the new .270 WSM is a winner. Holt Bodinson June 2002 Winchester’s .270 WSM 28
G060232 A few thoughts on a necessary chore. John Taffin June 2002 Cleaning Guns 32
G060236 This capable French battle rifle is not well known on this side of the Atlantic. David Fortier June 2002 MAS 49/89 36
G060240 After giving it a critical inspection, Petty says the new Springfield is a winner. Charles E. Petty June 2002 Sprinfield’s X-Treme Duty 40
G060241 Ayoob takes a close look at Sprinfield’s new duty pistol. Massad Ayoob June 2002 The XD-40 In The Field 41
G060252 Don’t clean hard – just smart. Massad Ayoob June 2002 Lazy Man’s Guide To Gun Cleaning 52
G060258 A look at which cleaning materials the GUNS staff uses. Guns Staff June 2002 Keep ’Em Clean 58
G060260 Feast your eyes on this impressive example of the gunmaker’s art. Tom Turpin June 2002 ACGG’s Project No. 17 60
G070220 Doc Petty’s prescription for fun is a quartet of obsolete cartridges. Charles E. Petty July 2002 Loading The Dash Cartridges 20
G070226 A wonderful reader letter too good to keep to ourselves. GUNS Staff July 2002 “To John Taffin” 26
G070232 Stunningly beautiful rifles from Lone Star and Ballard LLC. Holt Bodinson July 2002 Two New Single-Shots 32
G070236 Meet Mikhail Kalashnikov and have a look at the finest AKs made in the U.S.A. David Fortier July 2002 Made In America 36
G070240 Replica Winchesters from across the pond are a cowboy favorite. Case color July 2002 Uberti’s Winchester ‘73 40
G070249 ”Pure sixgunnin’ pleasure,” says Taffin. John Taffin July 2002 Cimarron’s Richards-Mason 49
G070256 New ammunition form CCI revitalizes the .22 WRF. C. Rodney James July 2002 Rimfire That Wouldn’t Die 56
G070270 A few words about ”a very good thing“. Jim Gardner July 2002 Classic Attire 70
G080220 Can’t get to the range? Th author says your training need not suffer. J.I. Galan August 2002 Training With Airguns 20
G080226 From a sea of usable propellants, Fadala tells us why we should search for the ideal. Sam Fedala August 2002 Compatible Powders 26
G080232 A neglected cartridge and a disparaged pistol combines to form an interesting project. Charles E. Petty August 2002 Loading The 8mm Nambu 32
G080236 A merciless test program proves the ruggedness of DSA’s FAL rifles. David Fortier August 2002 10,000 Round DSA Torture Test 36
G080256 Power, good looks, and accuracy — it’s all there, says Taffin. John Taffin August 2002 Big-Bore Bulls From Taurus 56
G080260 How to harvest small game and keep vermin in check without alarming the neighbors. Holt Bodinson August 2002 Airguns Are For Hunting 60
G080266 Premium performance at a bargain price. Charles E. Petty August 2002 Winchester’s USA JHP Ammunition 66
G080270 Classic custom muzzle loading rifles from the Pine Tree State. David Fortier August 2002 Meet The Gunsmith: Adolphsen 70
G090220 A serious shooter’s portable rest.“Solid As The Rocky Mountains,“ says Hopkins. Cameron Hopkins Sept. 2002 Going Steady 20
G090236 Holt reviews an excellent riflescope at a fair price. Holt Bodinson Sept. 2002 Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Scopes 36
G090240 A slick .45 ACP wheelgun designed for the practical shooter. Massad Ayoob Sept. 2002 S&W Performance Center M+625 40
G090246 You know a piece of gear is good when everyone wants to borrow it. David Fortier Sept. 2002 Meopta HS-75 Spotting Scope 46
G090250 Novel and effective sighting system for the modern rifleman. Jacob Gottfredson Sept. 2002 TDS Tri-Factor Reticle 50
G090260 Superb quality and outstanding accuracy, all in the right size package for the backcountry. John Taffin Sept. 2002 Freedom Arms M-97 60
G100220 Okay, we all know these are neat gadjets – but Fadala asks, “What ar they good for?” Sam Fadala Oct. 2002 Laser Rangefinders 20
G100226 Long experience has convinced the author this is the truly superior holster. Col. Gregory Akers Oct. 2002 Versatile Yaqui Slide 26
G100234 Don’t permit lack of preparation to handicap your big-game hunting. Holt Bodinson Oct. 2002 Holt’s Vital List For Hunters 34
G100238 One of the most famous single-shot rifles is available again, and it’s a beauty. Charles E. Petty Oct. 2002 The 1885 High-Wall Reborn 38
G100244 Perhaps the most significant rifle of the 20th century, the M1 Garand is again in production. Charles Karwan Oct. 2002 Springfield Amory’s New M1 44
G100254 Stock Marlins are fine rifles, but there’s always some talented fella with an idea to make them better. John Taffin Oct. 2002 Custom Marlin Leverguns 54
G110220 The popular Mark II is made in many version, but this may be the best. Glenn Barnes Nov. 2002 Ruger Competition Gov’t Model 20
G110229 A quick look at an unusually nice handloader’s press. Jim Gardner Nov. 2002 S-Press From Corbin 29
G110234 Over 100 years of experience goes into great gear for the hunter. Sam Fadala Nov. 2002 Woolrich: Walking Shelter 34
G110238 Contray to popular myth, you don’t need a quarter-mile rifle to hunt pronghorn. Dave Anderson Nov. 2002 Antelope Heresy 38
G110246 Holt tells us it’s easier than you think and immensely satisfying. Holt Bodinson Nov. 2002 Build Your Own Dream Rifle 46
G110250 Fortier wrings out this Russian rifle chambered for the 5.46×39 cartridge. David Fortier Nov. 2002 Russian Wild Boar: The Vepr IIK 50
G110259 What is a day afield without a good gun dog? John R. Falk Nov. 2002 Gun Dogs For The Choosing 59
G120220 This new loading may be the best yet for small-game. C. Rodney James Dec 2002 CCI’s Velocitor 20
G120224 Low-tech means high-excitement, says Fadala. Sam Fadala Dec 2002 High-Tech, No! 24
G120232 Benelli offers the best of modern shotguns for all uses and tastes. Cameron Hopkins Dec 2002 Bountiful Benelli 32
G120240 Grab your passport — Fortier is taking us to Russia again! David Fortier Dec 2002 SV-98 — New Russian Sniper 40
G120244 These accurate, affordable rifles are America’s best bargain. Dave Anderson Dec 2002 Savage Arms’ 110 Series 44
G120254 Not quite a resurrected Triple-Lock, but darn fine all the same. John Taffin Dec 2002 S&W Hand-Ejector .45 Colt 54
G120260 Navy Arms’ new 1892 Winchester gets high grades from Charley. Charles E. Petty Dec 2002 Navy’s 1892 Stainless-Steel 60
G120278 The best of the boy’s rifles is back again. Jim Gardner Dec 2002 A New Favorite 78
GAN0206 Concealed with blistering ballistics, these popular sub-compacts score high. Charles W. Karwan Guns Annual 2002 Potent Pocket Glocks 6
GAN0220 Built for jump-shooting deer in thickets, this hunting rifle rekindles a tradition Ruger began in 1960. Massad Ayoob Guns Annual 2002 Ruger Deerfield .44 Mag. Carbine 20
GAN0227 Gun owners can choose the right holster from hundreds of designs. Roger Combs Guns Annual 2002 Holsters 2001 27
GAN0240 Reflecting a classic history, these compack, versatile rifles are built for today’s adventurer! Dave Anderson Guns Annual 2002 Modern Bolt-Action Carbines 40
GAN0264 These exceptional recreations of 19th-century rifles are a shooter’s passage to America’s history. Dick Williams Guns Annual 2002 Winchester’s Historical Lever Actions 64
GAN0273 The recoil of the 12 ga. combat shotun can be violent. Here are proven thips for making it kinder and gentler! Massad Ayoob Guns Annual 2002 Taming The Brutal 12 73
GAN0285 Welcome to the world’s fastest growing shooting sport. It’s time to have fun! John Taffin Guns Annual 2002 Cowboy Action Shooting 85
GAN0289 No matter your budget, tight or unlimited, there is a western revolver just right for you! John Taffin Guns Annual 2002 Cowboy Action Sixguns 89
GAN02105 Never the star firearm, these scatterguns still play an important and fun role for today’s cowboys! John Taffin Guns Annual 2002 Cowboy Action Shotguns 105
GAN02118 The model 97 is “Right Sized” in this chambering – but still to be discovered by many shooters. Dick Williams Guns Annual 2002 Freedom Arms .41 Magnum 118
GAN02125 Guns Staff Guns Annual 2002 Catalog of currently manufactured handguns, rifles and shotguns. 125
GCA02011 The new standard for heavy rifle long-range performance. Barry Dueck Guns Combat Annual 2002 Dave Lauck’s MR30 Precision Rifle-LW 11
GCA0224 Superior everyday workhorse performance from yesterday’s Bolt-Actions. Charles W. Karwan Guns Combat Annual 2002 Low-Tech Combat Rifle 24
GCA0230 Soviet-era AKs are reborn in a Texas factory. Charles Cutshaw Guns Combat Annual 2002 Arsenal USA’s American-made AKs 30
GCA0252 The fusion of man and machine. Andy Stanford Guns Combat Annual 2002 Seal Sniper 52
GCA0262 Seven of the best for you inspection. Pat Covert Guns Combat Annual 2002 Tacticals 2001 62
GCA0267 There’s something to be said for familiarity. Massad Ayoob Guns Combat Annual 2002 One Man, One Gun 67
GCA0272 One man’s mission to keep his castle safe. Shane Gericke Guns Combat Annual 2002 A Glock & A Mossberg 72
GCA0283 Only the Italians could transform Garand’s classic combat rifle into a piece of fine art. Willis Ball Guns Combat Annual 2002 Beretta’s BM59: The Ultimate Garand 83
GCA0298 From woodsman to doughboy, the Mason-Dixon to Vietnam… A history fo American sniping. Jim Gardner Guns Combat Annual 2002 A History Of American Sniping 98
GCA02110 Colonel Coopers rifle course. Tom Ozbirn Guns Combat Annual 2002 Valhalla Revisited 110
GCA02115 The essential elements of close-quarter edged-weapon combat are invaluable self-defense skills. James Williams Guns Combat Annual 2002 Stick ‘Em Good 115
GCA02125 Guns Staff Guns Combat Annual 2002 Catalog Of Currently Manufactured Handgun, Rifles and Shotguns 125
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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