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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G010124 A new breed of sporting shotguns from Bretta Bodinson, Holt January 2001 Modern Shotgun Trio 24
G010150 A great host of stocking-stuffers for gun owners who are onSanta’s good list. Bodinson, Holt January 2001 A Shooter’s Last-Minute Gift Guide 50
G010152 Return to a time whent this company was known for world-class bolt-action rifles. Petty, Charles January 2001 Kimber’s New .22 Rifles 52
G010170 This carbine combines German design with the power of the good ol’ American .45 ACP. Petty, Charles January 2001 Hecker & Koch USC .45 70
G010116 Your leather gear should match the task at hand, not your fashion sense. Ayoob, Massad January 2001 Concealed Carry Holsters 16
G010135 This handy tactical carbine gets a turbocharge in a new .40 S&W chambering. Petty, Charles January 2001 Ruger PC4 Cruiser Carbine 35
G010136 Restoring vintage military rifles to as-issued condition is this company’s specialty. Hopkins, Cameron January 2001 The Guns Of Miltech 36
G010140 This remarkable hunting rifle is now chambered in Big Green’s new cartridge. Anderson, Dave January 2001 Remington Sendero .338 Ultra Mag 40
G010148 There’s more to home defense and security than just firearms. Anderson, Dave January 2001 Fortress America 48
G010156 These multi-purpose blades give new meaning to the term “survival tool.” Huntington, Roy January 2001 Tactical Knives 56
G020124 Is a user-dedicated handgun the Holy Grail of safety, or an accident wating to happen? Ayoob, Massad February 2001 State Of The Smart Gun 24
G020140 Choosing the right means of conveyance for your gun requires serious consideration. Huntington, Roy February 2001 Methods Of Carry 40
G020144 One of the rarest elements lends ist muscle to S&W’s classic self-defense .357 Petty, Charles February 2001 The J-Frame Goes Scandium 44
G020158 Politcal rhetoric aside, these is more to a gun lock than just turning a key. Huntington, Roy February 2001 Gun Locks & Security Devices 58
G020160 Created to surpass the .44 this cartridge is still a favorite among handloaders Taffin, John February 2001 The Wildcat .41 Special 60
G020142 This high-performance cartridge is chambered in one of the first hunting rilfes on the market. Bodinson, Holt February 2001 Steyr .376 ProHunter 42
G020152 An empirical test of 223 carbines reveals surprising evidence about barrel length and bullett protection. Barrett Tillamn February 2001 Ballisitic Realities 52
G020166 In a ge of high-tech pistols, the sixgun holds its own as veapons for home difsence and personal protection. Clint Smith February 2001 Defensive Revolves 66
G020176 Uniqe design elements make this gun a real collector’s piece – and a very enjoyalbe shooter. Gamgarposa. Gem February 2001 Argentina’s Ballester-Molina Pistols. 76
G030116 The Govenment Model isn’s neccessarily synonymous with .45 ACP. Ayoob, Massad March 2001 The ”Other“ 1911’s 16
G030128 Concealed Carry Clothing Anderson, Dave March 2001 The Perfect Trigger 28
G030140 Take a look at this versatile, compact defensive carbine from ZM Weapons Hopkins, Cameron March 2001 The LR=300 Tactical Rifle 40
G030146 An incredible little handle that offers a wide array of tactical visual options. Hopkins, Cameron March 2001 The Wilcox Power Grip 46
G030150 Inconventional handloading techiques turn tactical pistols into pleasant plinkers. Taffin, John March 2001 Cast Bullets For Semi-Autos 50
G030160 High-tech designs give today’s shooters a lot of options in handgun loads. Petty, Charles March 2001 Self-Defense Ammo 60
G030134 A unique and demanding event that challenges the skills of the modern tactical rifleman. Tillman, Barratt March 2001 World Sniper Championship 34
G030161 choose your defensive ammo based on more than just marketing hype. Petty, Charles March 2001 The Performance Factor 61
G030170 These classic handguns are designed and crafted with serious field use in mind. Taffin, John March 2001 The Custom Pistols Of Gary Reeder 70
G040116 Don’t disparage the little five-shot revolver – they’re more capable than you think. Ayoob, Massad April 2001 Suprisingly Accurate Snubbies 16
G040120 Remington’s new Model 710 is ready-to-go, right out of the box. Anderson, Dave April 2001 The World’s Easiest Hunting Rifle 20
G040128 Shooters and hunters can learn some great acccuracy tricks from this demanding sport. Wright, Dick April 2001 Benchrest Shooting 2001 28
G040138 State-of-the-art design makes this sniper rifle boh reliable and affordable. McPherson, M.L. April 2001 Barrel Temperature & Accuacy 38
G040140 The Model 9000 is the latest in a long line of respectable Italian mid-caliber pistols. Ayoob, Massad April 2001 Beretta’s Fabulous .40s 40
G040148 An array of guns and gear for the serious shooter. GN Staff April 2001 GUNS Catalog Showcase 48
G040170 This innovative battle rifle led the way into the modern age of small arms. Bruce, Robert April 2001 Armalite AR-10 70
G040159 To help rasie $1 million for charity, one philanthropist put this fine rifle on the block. Murphy, Tom April 2001 Guns At Auction: The .700 H&H Double 59
G040160 Three seasoned guides give advice on which smoothbores can withstand the rigous of hotbarrel hunting. Sisley, Nick April 2001 Workhorse Shotguns 60
G050120 Short, long, magnum…Which action lenth is right for you, and why? Anderson, Dave May 2001 Long & Short Rifle Actions 20
G050122 Heavier than lead, harder than steel and priced to not put a hole in your wallet. Bodinson, Holt May 2001 New Non-Toxic “Heavishot” 22
G050136 Does the primer you use make a difference in your handload performance? Maybe not! Petty, Charles May 2001 The Myth Of Primer Brands 36
G050146 Factory ammo and handloads turn out surprising performance in the Desert Eagle. Williams, Dick May 2001 Accuracy Testing: .50 AE 46
G050148 A hunter’s perspective of the 99/44 Deerfield and the .45-70 No. 1 single shot. Taffin, John May 2001 Ruger’s Big Bores 48
G050150 This rugged, high-tech red dot sight isn’t just for competition anymore. Karwan, Charles May 2001 The Aimpoint In Combat 50
G050160 History tells us that the time is ripe for a new wave of ballistic performance. Anderson, Dave May 2001 The State Of The Cartridge 60
G050172 Training with the tactical folder is just as important as with the personal-defense gun. Tarani, Steve May 2001 The Knife & The Gun 72
G060126 The old standard 6-48 may not be good enough any more. Find out why. Anderson, Dave June 2001 The Facts About Scope Base Screws 26
G060132 New software lets you push the limits without endangering yourself or your guns. Petty, Charles June 2001 Measuring Pressure On Your PC 32
G060134 New technology takes the sting out of heavy loads and puts more shot on target. Bodinson,Holt June 2001 Turkey Chokes For Tight Columns 34
G060140 A top-grade, heavy-barrled AR-15 guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA or better. Anderson, Dave June 2001 The Les Bear Super Varmint 40
G060148 Handloaders can now combine Western nostalgia with 21st centruy performance. Taffin, John June 2001 .450 Marlin: A Magnum In Disguise 48
G060164 Learn why this mild, versatile powder has been a handgun favorite for 100 years. Taffin, John June 2001 Handloading With Unique 64
G060136 A radical new cartridge for hunters who want compact rifles with magnum power and range. Bodinson, Holt June 2001 Hunting With The .300 WSM 36
G060152 This somethinges-ignored, often-misunderstood cartridge comes into its own. James, Rodney C. June 2001 The .22 WMR Today 52
G060168 Proper cleaning and maitenance can help your guns stand up to a lifetime of recreational shooting. Bodinson, Holt June 2001 Gun Cleaning 101 68
G070119 This classic handload combines the best of auto and revolver cartridges. Petty, Charles July 2001 Handloading The .45 Auto Rim 19
G070134 Real-world ballistic data is the only way to be sure you have the right bullet for your hunt. Johnson, Dan July 2001 Bullet Performance 34
G070136 From target revolvers to leverguns for big game, this gunsmith can meet your needs. Taffin, John July 2001 Clements Custom Guns 36
G070140 A classic pistol that just may be one of the best guns ever made. Petty, Charles July 2001 SIG P-210 40
G070146 These classic leverguns are back in the saddle again with today’s cowoboy shooters. Taffin, John July 2001 Navy Arms Model 1873 & 1892 46
G070162 Check out Henry’s .22 leverguns, pump rifles and handy survival guns. Taffin, John July 2001 Henry Frontier Rimfires 62
G070124 With a 15-round magazine and a working slide, this look-alike airgun is an enjoyable plinker. Galan, J.I. July 2001 The Walther PPK/S BB Pistol 24
G070128 This off-the-beaten-path pistol is one of the best bargains available in a defensive handgun. Wood, J.B. July 2001 The Daly DDA 10-40 28
G070148 A political insider’s view of the new strategy to erode the Second Amendment. Hyslop, Chad July 2001 Gun Control: Moving To New Ground 48
G080116 Rediscover the shoulder holster for cold-weather self-defense. Ayoob, Massad August 2001 Specialty CCW Holsters 16
G080132 Few handloaders know the facts that make powder selection so important. Bodinson, Holt August 2001 Gunpowder: An Insider’s View 32
G080140 This high-tech pump proves just how far the CQB shotguns has come. Hopkins, Cameron August 2001 Ultra-Tech 870 40
G080148 Find the gear you need this season – on line. AH Staff August 2001 GUNS Web Site Showcase 48
G080168 Before you write a check to your gunsmith, try this effective accuracy tune-up. Petty, Charles August 2001 Firelapping For Accuracy 68
G080120 You’ll be amazed at the power and performance you can achieve with these long-range varmint loads. McPherson, M.L. August 2001 The Ultimate High-Velocity .22-250 Loads 20
G080138 These magnum-class airguns are second to none in the realm of pure power. Galan, J.I. August 2001 Gamo Air-Rifles: Stutzen & Hunter 1250 38
G090120 High-performance powders give your riflesw or handgun a boost. Petty, Charles September 2001 Ramshot Powders 20
G090124 There really is a reason to buy a scope that cost more than your life. Bodinson, Holt September 2001 Supreme Hunting Scopes 24
G090136 The man and the company that changed the shooting world. Anderson, Dave September 2001 Weatherby 36
G090140 Inside this easy-to-carry compact is the power of a full-sized .45. Cutshaw, Charles September 2001 Taurus PT 145 40
G090148 These powerbul cartridges can make you a better shot, if you know how to use them. Bodinson, Holt September 2001 Hunting The Super-Magnums 48
G090152 The many faces — from plain to fancy — of this classic over/under. Sisley, Nick September 2001 The Browning Superposed 52
G090168 Beautiful blades for the budget-conscioius hunter or sportsman. Covert, Pat September 2001 Dozier Custom Hunting Knives 68
G100118 Engraver Michael Gouse possesses a rare talent. Cumpston, Michael October 2001 Meet The Gunsmith 18
G100122 Today’s cast bullets are the product of a century of development. Taffin, John October 2001 Classic Cast Bullets 22
G100126 The quintessential American levergun goes smoothbore. Bodinson, Holt October 2001 Winchester’s Model 9410 26
G100130 Winchester’s famed Model 70 continues to live up to its reputaion. Anderson, Dave October 2001 The Winchester Model 70 30
G100134 Don’t pack for your next hunting trip before you read this. Taffin, John October 2001 Taffin’s Top Ten 34
G100140 Three great rifles that ruled the plains. Smith, Clint October 2001 Buffalo Rifles 40
G100142 Guns and loads for “America’s favorite game bird”. Bodinson, Holt October 2001 Dove Guns 42
G100144 Smooth, sleek and ready to strike describes this custom carry gun. Hopkins, Cameron October 2001 SideWinder 44
G100154 Expand the versatility of your AR-15 with a rimfire top-end. Cutshaw, Charlie October 2001 The Victor Arms V-22 54
G100173 Here is the information you need for today’s hottest products. Guns Staff October 2001 Special Catalog Showcase 73
G110120 In response to requests, Taffin reveals his best cast bullet sources. Taffin, John November 2001 Bullets By Request 20
G110128 Centuries old tactics still apply to the modern armed citizen or peace officer. Tarani, Steve November 2001 Lessons From The Ancients 28
G110130 This sentimental favorite performs as well as ever. Anderson, Dave November 2001 America’s Rifle Cartridge: .30-’06 30
G110140 American ingenuity sets the standard for very high power rifles. Cutshaw, Charles November 2001 Barrett’s .50 BMG Rifles 40
G110148 Selecting a caliber can be a lot easier than finding a bull. Bodinson, Holt November 2001 Elk Cartridges 48
G110150 Decades of refinement have produced the finest hunting bullets ever known. Bodinson, Holt November 2001 It’s The Bullet 50
G110158 Selecting a compact companion for the lonely places. Fadala, Sam November, 2001 The Forty-Five Auto On The Trail 58
G110170 Firearms refinishing is all they do — and they do it right. Williams, Dick November 2001 Meet The Gunsmith: Glenrock Blue 70
G120130 Manufacturers have answered the needs of wetlands hunters. Bodinson, Holt December 2001 The Evolving Waterfowl Gun 30
G120132 Extreme precision in a good looking package. Cutshaw, Charles December 2001 Ed Brown’s M-702 32
G120134 Taffin shares the how and why of heavier tahn standard .44 Magnum bullets. Taffin, John December 2001 .44 Magnum Heavyweight Bullets 34
G120136 The latest in modern equipment can improve your hunting success. Bodinson, Holt December 2001 High-Tech Hunting 36
G120140 RN’s new HP-DA brings modern features to an old favorite. Petty, Charles December 2001 Double Action Hi-Power 40
G120150 Five rifling methods outlined for your edification. Petty, Charles December 2001 Barrel Making 50
G120158 Ruger’s .30-caliber revolver is a fine performer in the right hands. Cumpston, Mike December 2001 Ruger’s .30 Carbine Blackhawk 58
GAN0106 Here arethe top ten handguns that provide maximum quality and function for the dollar. Ayoob, Massad Guns Annual 2001 Best Buy Handguns 6
GAN0117 Kel-Tec pistols pack maximum performance in a pint-sized package! Standford, Andy GUNS Annual 2001 Perfectly Small 17
GAN0124 Well designed and well built, this general purpose rifle has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Tillman, Barrett GUNS Annual 2001 Savage Scout Rifle 24
GAN0140 How do you blend a handgun into your lifestyle without being tortured? Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 2001 Concealed Carry Comfort 40
GAN0152 After 38 years, this classic bolt action is still America’s favorite rifle. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 2001 The Remington 700 52
GAN0161 Worked over by the Gunsite Custom Shop, this Smith & Wesson Model 442 Airweight is ready for business. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 2001 The Gunsite Tactical Revolver 61
GAN0174 Beyond conversations, these tailor-made autoloaders provide exceptional performance and accuracy. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 2001 Hot 10/22 Customs 74
GAN0180 From the dusty streets of the Old West to far flung front lines, here are the masterpiece firearms that did battle. Karwan, Charles GUNS Annual 2001 Classic Fighting Handguns Of All Time 80
GAN01103 El Paso Saddlery has been supplying quality leather to gun owners for 111 years. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 2001 Excellence In Leather 103
GAN01113 Protecting your firearms from damage only takes a bit of time and the right products. Boyles, Carolee GUNS Annual 2001 Long-term Storage For Your Guns 113
GAN01119 Guns Staff GUNS Annual 2001 Catalog Of Currently Manufactured handguns, Rifles and Shotguns 119
GCA0111 Moral values and the warrior ethic in modern society. Williams, James GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Virtue Of The Sword 11
GCA0117 Ten tips from the master. Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Bullets And Blades 17
GCA0134 Specail Focus: Navy Seal weapons in Vietnam. Ask a SEAL pointman what he thinks about the man-stopping power of 00 buck. The shotgun was favored weapon for SEAL patrols. Bruce, Robert GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Combat Scatterguns 34
GCA0140 Specail Focus: Navy Seal weapons in Vietnam. When the mission called for up close and personal contact, the SEALs relied on special suppressed weapons. Bruce, Robert GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Silent Killers 40
GCA0136 Specail Focus: Navy Seal weapons in Vietnam. Underwater fighters and nonmagnetic knives, the SEALs had hardcore combat cutlery. Bruce, Robert GUNS Combat Annual 200 Seal Knives 36
GCA0146 Specail Focus: Navy Seal weapons in Vietnam. Founded by President Kennedy, Naval Special Warfare has a short, buy glorious history. Bruce, Robert GUNS Combat Annual 2001 A Short History Of The SEALs 46
GCA0150 Specail Focus: Navy Seal weapons in Vietnam. The SEALs used a variety of grenade launchers to augment their rifles and machineguns. Bruce, Robert GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Thumper! 50
GCA0164 one shot stops, 9mm vs. .45, magic bullets — The controversy rages in the debate over terminal ballistics. Campbell, Bob GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Handgun Stopping Power 64
GCA0168 A totally radical new weapon with a sizzling new cartridge,Hk’s personal defense weapon is the latest innovation from the engineers in Oberndorf. Gorka, Sebestyen GUNS Combat Annual 2001 HK PDW 68
GCA0172 There are times when being able to sneak your gun out undetected can save your life. Here are some street-proven tricks. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Stealth Draw 72
GCA0176 What are the four stages of combat handgun retention? How would you handle someone bigger and stronger who got his hands on your weapon? What if that person was a “no-shoot” subject? Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Combat Handgun Retention 76
GCA0194 How to select a fighting knife. Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 200 Choose Your Weapon 84
GCA01102 Stuck between the legendary garand the long-lived M16, America’s ”between wars“ battle rifle never attained the accolades it deserves. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 2001 The M14 102
GCA01114 The newest long range series, featuring an illuminated reticle and other models with mildot reticles, is the hands-down choice of SWAT snipers. Petty, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Leupold Tactical Scopes 114
GCA01119 Guns Staff GUNS Combat Annual 2001 Catalog Of Currently Manufactured Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns 119
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