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G010039 A fascinating man and a fascinating life come together in the design of a great gun. Bodinson, Holt January 2000 Arthur Savage: The Man Behind the Gun 39
G010024 A practical overview of tools and training for the realistic tactical marksman. Taylor, Chuck January 2000 Sniper 101 24
G010036 Savage 1899 After 100 years of production, this classic lever gun is passing into the pages of history. Bodinson, Holt January 2000 Farewell to the Savage 1899 36
G010058 Anti-gun politicians exploit the tragedy at Columbine. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul January 2000 Ambush! 58
G010047 Conclusion: As we enter a new age, we look forward at the future of guns and gun owners in America. Sundra, Karwan, Rees January 2000 Guns of Our Age 47
G010048 In the coming years, our guns may surpass our ability to use them. Sundra, Jon January 2000 Sporting Guns of the Millennium 48
G010052 Made for fast action and leisurely days afield, these shotguns are true fall classics. Rees, Clair January 2000 Today’s Greatest Pheasant Guns 52
G010070 Quail, deer and world-class clay shooting make this 30-year-old club a shotgunner’s paradise. Owen, Richard January 2000 Let’s Visit: Back Woods Trail Club 70
G010064 Shooters who seek accuracy but wanbt to minimize bench time will love this versatile machine. Williams, Dick January 2000 Dillon’s AT 500 Reloader 64
G010050 The greatest advances in military hardware may be the high-tech accessories used to enhance today’s weapons. Karwan, Charles January 2000 Military Guns of the Millennium 50
G010056 P-32 When they say, “Good things come in small pkgs,” they’re talking about this gun. Galan, J.I. January 2000 Kel-Tec P-32 56
G020054 A simple, innovative conversion kit turns an obsolete rifle into a delightful varmint plinker. Bodinson, Holt February 2000 5mm Centerfire 54
G020026 Long-range cowboy shooters and hunters Taffin, John February 2000 Marlin’s .38-55 26
G020038 New lighjt factory loads from Winchester tame this powerful sixgun cartridge. Bodinson, Holt February 2000 The Lighter Side of the .454 Casull 38
G020056 GUNS Ruger’s most powerful sixgun gets an awesome turbocharge. Taffin, John February 2000 Super Redhawk .454 56
G020070 Steyr, maker of the world’s finest specialty rifles, offers a gun that does it all Tillman, Barrett February 2000 Steyr Scout Rifle 70
G020040 The beauty of damascus, the utility of stainless steel, together at last in a fabulous knife by Mike Norris. Sundra, Jon February 2000 Stamascus! 40
G020052 Thompson Sub Gun The good ol Tommy gun can still turn heads at the shooting range. Murphy, Tom February 2000 Thompson! 52
G020016 The gun you use isn’t as important as how you use it when danger threatens. Ayoob, Massad February 2000 Ayoob’s Tactical Techniques 16
G020044 These extraordinary pistols blazed the way for today’s compact handguns. Petty, Charles E. February 2000 ASP & Devel 44
G030040 A new electronic rifle and ultra-high performance cartridge from Big Green. Sundra, Jon March 2000 Remington 2000 40
G030044 Vektor CP-1 A radical new high-tech South African 9mm defensive pistol. Petty, Charles March 2000 Vektor CP-1 44
G030072 From humble beginnings, the folks in South Dakota have created a world-class reputation. Petty, Charles March 2000 Inside Black Hillsd Ammunition 72
G030080 It’s what anti-gun politicians have been demanding for years–but maybe it’s not a bad idea. Kopel, David March 2000 Treat Guns Like Cars! 80
G030078 Like a desert oasis, this fine shotgun range beckons shooters across the Nevada sands. Owen, Richard March 2000 Let’s Visit: Sage Hill Clay Sports 78
G030054 The Belgian Rattlesnake earned a formidable reputation in the trenches of WWI. Bruce, Robert March 2000 The Lewis Gun 54
G030028 Outfitter The fast, handy levergun may be thge perfect brush rifle. Taffin, John March 2000 Marlin 444 Outfitter 28
G030065 This hard-hitting version of the .45-70 may be one of the best big-game rounds available today. Taffin, John March 2000 The Ultimate Hammerhead 65
G030062 Turning blackpowder sixguns into cartridge revolvers is his specialty. Cannon, Jerry March 2000 Meet the Gunsmith: Bob Millington 62
G030052 With light bullets and schrching velocities, this military round is a great varminter. Bodinson, Holt March 2000 Calhoon’s Amazing .19 Caliber 52
G040036 A tough new 12 gauge great for turkey or waterfowl Bodinson, Holt April 2000 Benelli Nova 36
G040060 State-of-the-art design makes this sniper rifle boh reliable and affordable. Petty, Charles April 2000 Steyr SBS Tactical 60
G040046 The desire to keep guns away from criminals has created an unauthorized gun registry. Drs. Gallant and Eisen April 2000 Checkmate: The NICS Dilemma 46
G040070 This high-tech weapon being tested by the army may be the ultimate battle rifle. Bruce, Robert April 2000 Phase IV: The OICW Rifle 70
G040073 Up-to-minute specs on the army’s latest high-tech weapon. Bruce, Robert April 2000 OICW Spec Sheet 73
G040038 World’s smallest .40 offers power and accuracy of a full-size handgun. Ayoob, Massad April 2000 Kahr MK40 Micro 38
G050028 Before the .357, the powerful .38-44 HV was king of the sixgun cartridges. Taylor, Chuck May 2000 .38-44: The Original Magnum 28
G050045 Designing pistols for combat and competition is a lifetime endeavor for this master gunsmith. Petty, Charles May 2000 Meet the Gunsmith: Ed Brown 45
G050060 For unqualified shooting fun, this semi-auto, BB-shooting Glock look-alike is hard to beat. Galan, J.I. May 2000 Gamo auto 45 60
G050024 Four talented gunsmiths demonstrate just how versatile the lever-action rifle really is. Taffin, John May 2000 Custom Leverguns 24
G050064 Rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. This great gun is still available from Colt. Taffin, John May 2000 The New Colt Single Action Army 64
G050046 Spring’s finest outdoor sport combines precision shooting with an impressive equipment checklist. Sundra, Jon May 2000 Varmint Hunting Today 46
G050040 This defensive pistol by Ed Brown combines the best features of the 1911 and a round-butt revolver. Petty, Charles May 2000 Bobtail 1911 (cover) 40
G050048 This fine craftsman combines a love of guns and a distinctive painter’s touch. Turpin, Tom May 2000 Terry Wallace: Gun Engraver 48
G060046 Maxim England’s “grim reaper” changed the military prception of automatic weapons. Bruce, Robert June 2000 The Maxim Machine Gun 46
G060040 Simple and compact, this pocket gun is a practical self-defense weapon. Huntington, Roy June 2000 Kel-Tec P-32 (cover) 40
G060056 The acion that embodied Africa’s golden age is once again available from gunsmith Mike Roden. Bodinson, Holt June 2000 The Magnum Mauser–Returns! 56
G060024 A practical formula for choosing a load to hunt the high-flying birds of autumn. Maund, Bill June 2000 Goose Loads 24
G060016 What lessons can we learn fom Y2k, “the disaster that wasn’t?” Ayoob, Massad June 2000 Disaster Survival 16
G060060 The spirit of the Old West lives on in these replica lever action rifles and carbines. Taffin, John June 2000 The Leverguns of Navy Arms 60
G070056 A candid conversation with one of America’s most controversial self-defense proponents. Springmann, Christopher July 2000 GUNS Interview: Gavin de Becker 56
G070016 A controversial verdict holds lessons for all American police oficers and gun owners. Ayoob, Massad July 2000 Self-Defense and the Diallo Case 16
G070052 Bobby McCreight prepares military and police snipers for action in the “real world.” Oakes, Mike July 2000 Five Principles of Sniper Training 52
G070028 Exotic weapons can’t replace the humble pistol as the ultimate CQB weapon. Taylor, Chuck July 2000 SWAT Handguns 28
G070048 Forget the Hollywood hype, the facts about sound suppressors will suprise you. Hopkins, Cameron July 2000 Silencer 101 48
G070060 This durable, innovative over/under is a tribute to the classic shotguns of yesterday. Bodinson, Holt July 2000 Winchester Supreme 60
G070024 Superior styling and craftsmanship distinguish this hunting rifle by Ed Brown. Sundra, Jon July 2000 The Model 702 24
G070070 This tough old cartridge can handle nearly any creature that walks the earth. Rees, Clair July 2000 .375 H&H Magnum: a Hunting Classic 70
G080070 Foes of the Second Amendment seek to bend tragedy to their own political ends. Gallant, Paul & Eisen, Joanne August 2000 With Ghoulish Intent 70
G080040 1911 History of the versatile, robust 1911, still strong after 90 almost years. Petty, Charles August 2000 America’s Fighting .45 (cover) 40
G080060 Franchi 612, 620 New Italian autoloaders are great for clays or quail.. Sundra, Jon August 2000 Franchi 612 and 620 60
G080020 Administrative handling fopr today’s combat handguns. Smith, Clint August 2000 Conditions of Carry 20
G080039 Pictorial tour of the colorful and delightful outfits. Leatham, Nyle August 2000 The Unforgettable Costumes of Winter Range 39
G080056 Raising the ante with six-shooters chambered in .414 SuperMag and .460 Rowland. Taffin, John August 2000 Powerhouse Sixguns of Dan Wesson 56
G080034 Spirit of the Old West inspires today’s cowboy shooters. Tillman, Barrett August 2000 Winter Range 2000 34
G090040 20,000 gun loaws have created a thriving black market for guns. Gallant, Dr. Paul & Eisen, Dr. Joanne September 2000 The Myth of Black Market Guns 40
G090044 Expert .45 A close look at HK’s newest–and biggest–USP pistol. Petty, Charles September 2000 HK USP Expert .45 (cover) 44
G090042 Classic levergun designed to compete among powerful single-shot frontier rifles. Taffin, John September 2000 The Winchester 1996 42
G090054 Custom gun is as graceful as the cats it was made to hunt, by gunmaker Sterling Davenport and engraver Jere Davidson. Hopkins, Cameron September 2000 The Lion Rifle 54
G090052 Drop-in accessories turn your rimfire into a customized, high-performance shooter. Petty, Charles September 2000 Ruger 10/22: From Factory to Fantasy 52
G090078 M-14 More than 1.5 million of these rifles accompanied soldiers into battle. Smith, Clint September 2000 This Is My Rifle: The U.S. M-14 78
G090050 Shiloh Sharps .45-110 Most revered Old West rifle still appeals to modern frontiersmen. Taffin, John September 2000 The Shiloh Sharps .45-110 50
G090056 The new version of the “Rifleman’s Rifle” may just be the best bolt-action gun yet. Hopkins, Cameron September 2000 The Model 70: A Great Dangerous Game Gun 56
G090058 These two old-world craftsmen have created a classic lion rifle for the modern hunter. Hopkins, Cameron September 2000 Gunmakers: Jere Davidson and Sterling Davenport 58
G090026 This sixgun fires big-bore cartridges without magnum-class recoil. Taylor, Chuck September 2000 The .45 Auto Rim 26
G100078 Low-profile, ultralight revolver can handle the hottest +P ammo and is a perfect choice for back-up or home defense Galan, J.I. October 2000 Taurus Police 85 78
G100042 Modern shooters love these big-bore, super-accurate cowboy rifle replicas Taffin, John October 2000 Frontier Single-Shot Rifles 42
G100024 .450 Marlin New levergun cartridge, ideal for hunting deer and black bear Sundra, Jon R. October 2000 The .450 Marlin 24
G100052 Part rifle, part shotgun, perfect for turkey or varmint hunting Bodinson, Holt October 2000 The Crossfire 52
G100072 Save wear-and-tear on your rifle (and your shoulder) with these accurate, mild-mannered handloads. Bodinson, Holt October 2000 Hunting Downloads 72
G100080 The ballistic data provided by this simple electronic device is indispensable to serious hunters, shooters and reloaders Petty, Charles E. October 2000 Handloading & The Chronograph 80
G100028 Yesterday’s standard for handgunning skill still has practical and tactical applications Ayoob, Massad October 2000 Pistols At 50 Yards 28
G100076 You can win a high-tech Mateba .44 Mag. Auto-Revolver from Kiesler Wholesale October 2000 Gun Of The Month 76
G110050 A pull-no-punches look at what does–and does not–consititute the perfect gun for hunting North America’s finest game. GUNS staff November 2000 Elk Rifles 50
G110056 A target-quality Swiss rimfire pistol with a price tag less than $500? Now that’s news! Petty, Charles November 2000 The Hammerli Trailside 56
G110065 Advice from one of America’s premier custom knife makers Fowler, Ed November 2000 Six Tips To Choose A Hunting Knife 65
G110052 Before you spend hundreds on custom rifle work, try this simple method to optimize your cartridge length. Petty, Charles November 2000 Overall Length & The Handload 52
G110064 From handy little folders to fixed-blade skinners, today’s selection of field cutlery offers something to suit every need and budget. Huntington, Roy November 2000 Hunting Knives 64
G110020 Handloaders continue the search for design changes which yield significant advancement in cartridge performance. Petty, Charles November 2000 The Wildcat: An Endangered Species 20
G110016 In combat or law enforcement, the role of the pistol may be changing with the times. Ayoob, Massad November 2000 The Future Of The Service Handgun 16
G110044 Once offered only in 100 percent steel, this outstanding CCW 9mm finally lightens up by going polymer. Bodinson, Holt November 2000 Kahr P9 44
G110022 Realistic range practice and the ability to adapt to adverse circumstances in unpredictable fields are what hunters must focus on in order to prepare for the elk hunt of a lifetime. Ayoob, Massad November 2000 Hunting Elk Creek Smith, Heidi 22
G110087 The guns and gear you need for the fall hunting season. Taffin, John November 2000 Bonus! Hunting Showcase 87
G110028 True to the spirit of the riders of the frontier, these replica single-shot rifles will delight cowboy enthusiasts and collectors alike Taffin, John November, 2000 The Model 1885 High Wall 28
G110076 You can win a pair of Casull ARms CA2000 revolvers Petty, Charles November 2000 Gun Of The Month 76
G120078 After 70 years, this pleasant little varmint cartridge still features a great deal of style and verstatility. Johnson, Dan December 2000 Handloading the .22 Hornet 78
G120072 Although some see the .44 as just an underpowered magnum, savvy reloaders know this round has a performance niche all its own. Taffin, John December 2000 .44 Special Handloads: Too Good To Be Forgotten 72
G120026 Don’t settle for second-rate performance when hunting in winter weather; use this data to tailor loads for the icy extremes Bodinson, Holt December 2000 Cold Weather Hunting Handloads 26
G120058 One of the most recognized and legendary revolvers of the Old West is back in the holster again with this replica from Cimarron Arms. Williams, Dick December 2000 Return of the Buntline 58
G120040 The right scope can enhance the performance of a fine firearm. The wrong scope can turn a beautiful firearm into an awkward clunker. Bodinson, Holt December 2000 Rifle and Scope: The Perfect Balance 40
G120044 Tough, rugged and accurate, Ruger’s semi-auto, centerfire pistols just keep getting better. Ayoob, Massad December 2000 Ruger P97 44
G120076 Win a Weatherby Fibermark rifle in AcuSport’s Grand Slam hunting package. GUNS Staff December 2000 Gun of the Month 76
G120052 From the Pacific islands to the deserts of Israel, this innovative rifle was the predecessor of today’s high-tech combat weaponry Bruce, Robert December 2000 The Johnson Light Machine Gun 52
GAN0083 An ankle holster is defensive shooter’s secret weapon. Ayyoob, Massad GUNS Annual 2000 A Hidden Ally 83
GAN0092 Custom gunmakers are exploring the style and beauty of these fine firearms. Hughes, Steven Dodd GUNS Annual 2000 Single-Shots, Muzzleloaders and Shotguns 92
GAN0028 Guns, gear and glory of Old West. Tillman, Barrett GUNS Annual 2000 Gone Cowboy 28
GAN0017 If one Glock is good, a 2-in-1 Glock for defense and competition must be better. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 2000 Double Glock 17
GAN0041 New breed of defensive ammo proves that combat shotguns don’t have to punish the user. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 2000 Tactical 12 gauge: Next Generation 41
GAN0061 M68 Sighting Systems Magnum Remington vs. Ruger .22 Mag autoloaders Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 2000 Remington vs. Ruger: Rimfire Magnum School 61
GAN0052 Ruger’s “best buy” .45 semiauto pistol just got better. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 2000 The Magnificent Ruger P97 (cover) 52
GAN0078 Tactical tips from Thunder Ranch to survive and win. Smith, Clint GUNS Annual 2000 Single-Handedly Save the Day 78
GAN00103 These airguns from around the world can be addictive. Galan, J.I. GUNS Annual 2000 Hooked on CO2 103
GAN0047 Versatile pistol offers Browning Hi-Power styling and performance at easy price. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 2000 Gun Test: Arcus 94 Pistol 47
GAN0068 Siren’s song of lever-action rifles calls out to gun lovers. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 2000 Bewitched By Saddle Guns 68
GCA0011 A brief history of the legendary Belgium arms maker that today owns Browning and Winchester. Petty, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Who Is FN? 11
GCA0060 Ammuntion alternatives for the social shotgun. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Beyond Buckshot 60
GCA0006 P-90 Belgium’s premiere gunmaker offers a radical new machinepistol for the millennium warrior. Petty, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 2000 FN P-90 (cover) 6
GCA0036 Ohio Ordnance offers an exciting recreation of the legendary BAR in a semiauto version. Johnston, Gary Paul GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Raising the BAR 36
GCA0022 Combat rifle training. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Combat Rifle Drills 22
GCA0018 Handpicked– best tactical folders for the urban warrior. Covert, Pat GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Factory Folders: A Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Knives 18
GCA0094 Master gunsmith Rich McCann converts the M1 to.338 Win. Mag. and other magnum calibers including .458! Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Tactical Deployment 94
GCA0028 Ruger offers amazing value for the dollar with its P-series semiautomatics. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Ruger: The Value .45 Auto 28
GCA0012 Street-wise tips on surviving an edged weapon attack. Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Five to Stay Alive 12
GCA0074 The Army hired gun designers JD Pedersen and John C Garand to create a new semiautomatic rifle Karwan, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 2000 The M1 Garand 74
GCA0092 The Civilian Marksmanship Program allows you to shoot a match and then buy a Grand at about half its current market value. Karwan, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 2000 How to Buy a Garand From the US Government 92
GCA0070 Today’ streets are tomorrow’s battlefields. Here’s an overview of riflecraft for the urban warrior. Germani, Justin GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Urban Sniper 70
GCA0066 When the chips are down, it’s a good idea to double up. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 2000 The Rule of Twos 66
GCA0042 What we’ve learned in the last 30 years. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 2000 Combat Survival: 30 Years of Lessons 42
Item Article Author Issue Title Page