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1999 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G049938 Power, speed, accuracy in awesome hunting handguns. Williams, Dick April 1999 Bolt Pistols 38
G049944 Custom pocket pistols from Scott, MacDougall & Assoc. Huntington, Roy April 1999 Highlanders 44
G049934 Tikka All-Weather Hunter delivers in extreme weather. Rees, Clair April 1999 Fury of the North 34
G049936 Rebirth of .22 WMR may signal new age of rimfire rifles. Sundra, Jon April 1999 Magnum Renaissance 36
G049952 Assemble “combat clone” AR-15 from existing parts. Murphy, Tom April 1999 Clone Warrior 52
G049978 Volquartsen custom shop single-handedly transforms the Ruger 10/22. Petty, Charles April 1999 A Devastating Shooting Machine 78
G049920 Radical proposal may be only way to fight latest anti-gun battle. Burnett, H. Sterling April 1999 Fight Fire With Fire 20
G089940 ACGG raffle guns are breathtaking example of turn-of-the-century classic firearms. Turpin, Tom August 1999 A Gentleman’s Collection 40
G089944 S&W polymer pistol gets update for defense & law use. Petty, Charles August 1999 Sigma: Enhanced (cover) 44
G089952 Originated in 1914 by John Browning, these stylish little rimfire pistols are still going strong. Rees, Clair August 1999 The Buck Mark Story 52
G089958 Classic defensive team tactics for millenial riot concerns. Smith, Clint August 1999 Tactics 2000 58
G089978 August 1999 Website Showcase 78
G089922 Groundbreaking rimfire rifle was first plastic rifle. Gangarosa Jr., Gene August 1999 A Plastic Classic 22
G089960 Reliability and accuracy of new rifle are so remarkably consistent, they’re almost unremarkable. Sundra, Jon August 1999 Sako 75 Varminter 60
G129942 Some creative means of self-protection before Y2K. Stanford, Andy December 1999 60 Seconds To Midnight 42
G129958 The Guild clelbrates the glory of custom firearms with a beautiful Browning shotgun. Turpin, Tom December 1999 ACGG Raffle Gun 2000 58
G129970 Why not carry a gun made entirely of this unique, lightweight material? Galan, J.I. December 1999 Total Titanium: By Taurus 70
G129924 Newest revolver from Freedom Arms is also their biggest gun yet. Taffin, John December 1999 Model 757: .475 Linebaugh 24
G129930 A series of essays on how to reclaim the Constitution and Second Amendment. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul December 1999 Bookshelf—Send in the Waco Killers 30
G129940 You may have trouble telling this stackbarrel from one costing $50,000 or more. Fasano, John December 1999 Galazan’s Affordable Masterpiece 40
G129954 As the role of the military has changed, so have the guns we use in battle. Karwan, Charles December 1999 Military Guns of the Century 54
G129956 The search goes on for a gun that surpasses the elegance and function of those we shot in 1899. Sundra, Jon December 1999 Sporting Guns of the Century 56
G129978 A state-of-the-art rifle with high-tech camo and optics makes a great hunting rig for Alaskan black bear. Johnston, Gary Paul December 1999 Steyr SBS ProHunter Mossy Oak 78
G129951 Part I: A retrospective of the guns we have come to know and–sometimes–love in the 20th century. Petty, Karwan, Sundra December 1999 Guns of Our Age 51
G029944 Give up 1 round, you’ll see Kahr Covert is fine carry gun. Ayoob, Massad February 1999 Blood Sacrifice (cover) 44
G029966 Fine handguns too good to be relegated to history books. Gangarosa, Gene Jr. February 1999 The Classics Never Go Out of Style 66
G029954 From sniping to CQB, the SR-25 combat rifle does it all. Stanford, Andy February 1999 Warrior Supreme 54
G029978 This Volquartsen custom rifle wrings the most out of the .22 WRM. Petty, Charles February 1999 This Magnum Won’t Disturb the Neighbors 78
G029920 Custom-made cartridge still offers advantage over factory ammo. Sundra, Jon February 1999 The Spell of the Wildcat 20
G029932 Whittington Center is perfect range for cowboy shooting match. Cannon, Jerry February 1999 The Mountains Rise Toward the Sky 32
G029940 Remington’s R&D center is breaking new ground in the world of shooting. Petty, Charles February 1999 A Realm of Pure Theory 40
G019942 Taurus PT-111 is dependable handy 9mm CCW gun. Rees, Clair January 1999 Armed for the Millenium 42
G019944 Kimber’s Compact Stainless proves this company is serious about handguns. Petty, Charles January 1999 Reality Shift 44
G019952 These powerful single-shot handguns from Thompson/Center reign supreme. Taffin, John January 1999 Beyond Contention 52
G019954 The fearsome LeMat of the Civil War is back again. Stinson, Robert January 1999 Dieu d-Guerre 54
G019960 Fire lapping improves accuracy of a fine old rifle. Bodinson, Holt January 1999 Under Pressure 60
G019922 Rex Applegate worked to train those who must put themselves in harm’s way. Ayoob, Massad January 1999 Honor, Courage and Steel 22
G019959 Re-enactors bring Civil War glory to life in 20th century. Stinson, Robert January 1999 When Johnny Comes Marching Home 59
G019966 Political cure for violent crime may be worse than problem itself. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul January 1999 Poison Little Pill 66
G019978 Pronouncements of demise of this cartridge may be premature. Ayoob, Massad January 1999 Long Live the 10mm 78
G079954 Enchanting lightweight revolver can save your life. Petty, Charles July 1999 S&W AirLite Ti: A Little Bit of Magic 54
G079940 Gunsmith is single-minded in his passion for accuracy. Hopkins, Cameron July 1999 Zealot: Gunsmith Don Golembieski 40
G079952 Blackpowder rifle hunt rekindles spirit of America’s west. Smith, Clint July 1999 Buffalo Runner 52
G079926 History’s finest fighting, hunting and shooting cartridges. Sundra, Jon July 1999 The 10 Greatest Cartridges of all Time 26
G079930 True effects of Australia’s totalitarian gun laws being felt. Douglas, Dave July 1999 Cruel Irony 30
G079960 Robbie Barrkman’s high-tech metal finishes gave him a new beginning. Petty, Charles July 1999 The Finisher 60
G079966 Ancient warriors knew th value of edged weapons, as should you. Ayoob, Massad July 1999 Blade 66
G079989 This world-class shotgun ange is one of the finest in the Southwest. Owen, Richard July 1999 Let’s Visit: Raahauge’s 89
G069938 Magnum Research’s onePRO combines best design features of CZ and Sig. Rees, Clair June 1999 Storm from the East 38
G069944 Street-proven Chiefs Special reborn for new millenium. Ayoob, Massad June 1999 Double Identity 44
G069936 Message to Shilen Custom: Make a rifle that shoots like nothing else on earth. Fasano, John June 1999 .308 Ultimatum 36
G069942 This years rifles a not so much innovations as variations. Sundra, Jon June 1999 Rifles 99 42
G069952 JD Jones ballistic innovations sound like a whisper. Petty, Charles June 1999 SSK: Tlaking About a Revolution 52
G069955 Diamond Precision’s (formaerly AMT) rimfire rifles are as tough and precise. Fowler, Mickey June 1999 Diamonds in the Rough 55
G069978 New rifles from Marlin bring back love of the .45-70 levergun. Taffin, John June 1999 Spirits of the Frontier 78
G069960 Tips you can use to stretch your kill zone to the extreme. Bodinson, Holt June 1999 The Outer Limits 60
G069968 When anti-gunners can’t prove the facts, they try to re-define the truth. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul June 1999 Believe the Lie 68
G039948 The sleek Beretta 9mm Mini-Cougar rules the shadowy realm of concealed carry. Ayoob, Massad March 1999 Night Stalker (cover) 48
G039962 Accuracy and simplicity distinguish this custom Ruger Mk II pistol. Rees, Clair March 1999 King of the Custom Rimfires 62
G039964 These awesome guns from Magnum Research laugh at puny .357 and .44 magnums. Bodinson, Holt March 1999 Extreme Revolvers 64
G039930 Examining role of marksman within the urban jungle. Stanford, Andy March 1999 Urban Sniper 30
G039958 Scopes are bigger and stronger, but do they improve our shooting? Sundra, Jon March 1999 Slaves of Power 58
G039944 Weapon system from FN to take police into 21st century. Petty, Charles March 1999 The Shape of Things to Come 44
G039960 Jim Stroh’s Alpha Precision is first and last word in big-bore revolvers. Taffin, John March 1999 The Omega Man 60
G039976 When a handgun isn’t enough, these tactics can be your ace in the hole. Stanford, Andy March 1999 Trump Card 76
G059944 Made to carry, the SIG P-245 may be the ultimate defensive pistol. Ayoob, Massad May 1999 Street Legal (cover) 44
G059954 A copy of the military M9, this air pistol is fun and accurate. Galan, J.I. May 1999 Winds of War 54
G059956 U.S. Fire Arms Manufacturing sixguns capture spirit of settlers who tamed the West. Rees, Clair May 1999 With Swords and Plowshares 56
G059980 Two magnums from S&W Performance Center push the .357 to the limit. Taffin, John May 1999 Magnum to the Max 80
G059952 Stylish Marlin Guide Gun, Tasco Optima 2000 combo has certain devil-may-care charm. Bodinson, Holt May 1999 A Dashing Rogue 52
G059960 The heart of Winchester’s classic semi-auto beats true in the new Super X2. Bodinson, Holt May 1999 Noble Bloodline 60
G059964 And I must confess my sin: I have never liked the .30 cal. Sundra, Jon May 1999 I Am a Worm 64
G119926 Whether you like .45 Colt or .45 ACP, this revolver from Freedom Arms is for you. Williams, Dick November 1999 Model 97 Convertible 26
G119952 The guns of 100 years ago are put to the test against the best of today’s firearms in a unique, head-to-head shoot. Smith, Clint November 1999 1899-1999: The Century Battery 52
G119930 In the wake of Littleton, one senator moves beyond hysteria and finger-pointing. U.S. Sen. Larry Craig November 1999 Who’s To Blame? 30
G119954 A look at the high-tech materials that bed today’s rifles. Sundra, Jon November 1999 The Stock Market 54
G119956 The turn of the millennium may put the urban carbine to its ultimate test. Hopkins, Cameron November 1999 The Y2K Rifle 56
G119978 These rimfires offer X-ring performance without an Olympic price tag. Rees, Clair November 1999 .22 Target Rifles 78
G109946 New Ruger & Remington rifles take hunting burden off. Sundra, Jon October 1999 Hard-Hitting Lightweights 46
G109950 Elegant yet affordable, as hunting rifle should be. Bodinson, Holt October 1999 Raptor: The $249 Hunting Rifle 50
G109960 Lively O/U delivers top performance for modest price. Rees, Clair October 1999 Budget Shotgun: The Orion Upland 60
G109964 Magnum Research enters field of traditional revolvers in style. Taffin, John October 1999 Mxine & Little Max 64
G109966 Students in this fast-moving class learn power of .223. Tillman, Barrett October 1999 Awerbuck On The Tactical Carbine 66
G109936 Disguised as scientific research, the latest push for data may be a thinly veiled attempt to register guns and their owners. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul October 1999 More Information Please 36
G109965 From .22 Hornet to .45-70, these handloads strutted stuff in BFRs from Magnum Research. Taffin, John October 1999 Handloading the Mega-Revolvers 65
G109988 Power of a magnum revolver and functionality of an auto come together in value-priced S&W tactical pistol. Ayoob, Massad October 1999 .357 SIGma 88
G099959 In a tactical gun, which caliber does the prudent shooter choose? Ayoob, Massad September 1999 The Timeless Debate: 9mm vs. .40 S&W (sidebar) 59
G099962 Popular Southwest cowboy match comes of age in 1999 Tillman, Barrett September 1999 Tales of Winter Range 62
G099968 Specialty shotgun is rugged, wiley as the birds it hunts. Bodinson, Holt September 1999 Browning Gold Turkey 12 Gauge 68
G099978 Spectacular gun show is crowning achievement in a century of great custom firearms. Turpin, Tom September 1999 The 1999 ACGG/FEGA Show 78
G099997 Mathematical look at tradeoff of power for performance. Petty, Charles September 1999 .38 +P vs. .32 H&R Magnum 97
G099936 Bill Ruger walks among the giants. Rees, Clair September 1999 50 Years of Ruger Genius 36
G099944 When crime strikes, proper equipment and tactics will make your home a safe zone. Ayoob, Massad September 1999 Urban Battleground 44
G099948 Western aficionados will be delighted with this affordable duo of scattergun and revolver. Taffin, John September 1999 Bounty Hunters: Classic Cowboy Guns 48
G099952 Tough enough for combat, but versatile enough for competition shooting. Ayoob, Massad September 1999 The Glock 34 (cover) 52
G099970 You may have to look close to distinguish these enjoyable air pistols from real S&W revolvers. Galan, J.I. September 1999 Smith & Wesson Air Pistols 70
G099988 A look at the complex lessons learned in S&W’s prestigious Advanced Defensive Handgun class. Springmann, Christopher September 1999 Voices of the S&W Academy 88
GAN9906 Plinking enjoyment with a reliable rimfire from S&W. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1999 Smith & Wesson’s Superb .22s 6
GAN9915 Lessons to learn from gunfights of the Old West. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1999 Deadly Shootouts 15
GAN9921 Fun and challenging sport, pin shooting up your alley. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1999 Pin Poppin’ 21
GAN9937 Precision rifle is tack driver in heavy- and lightweight. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1999 Off the Scale AR-15 37
GAN9946 Remington’s lively pair of scatterguns. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1999 Dynamic Duo 46
GAN9952 Performance Center’s high quality autopistol for carry. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1999 RECON .45 (cover) 52
GAN9959 Rimfire lever guns have a timeless appeal. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1999 The Lure of Lever Rifles 59
GAN9966 Taking 50,000 volts of electricity to teach survival. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1999 Amped Out 66
GAN9992 A fine custom rifle reflects personality of owner. Hughes, Steven Dodd GUNS Annual 1999 Building A Dream 92
GAN99101 Make sure next hunt is successful. Nadel, Seth R. GUNS Annual 1999 10 Tips for Sighting In 101
GAN99104 What +P is. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1999 +P: The Definition of Power 104
GAN99111 Fast paced action is name of the game. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1999 Shotgun Sports 111
GCA9906 M68 Sighting Systems Karwan, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Aimpoint Joins the Army 6
GCA9914 Anytime, anywhere weapons of self-defense. Lapwing, Alan GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Practical Defensive Folders 14
GCA9922 Week of basics at thge legendary shooting school in AZ. Clapp, Wiley GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Gunsite Diary 22
GCA9928 How to use your tactical folder to save your bacon. Tarani, Steve GUNS Combat Annual 1999 The Defensive Edge 28
GCA9936 Tactics, techniques to fight in the dark with a firearm, aided by a strong flashlight, at SureFire Institute. Tanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Night Fighter U 36
GCA9944 How SWAT teams and military Spec Ops train today. Taylor, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Training the Best of the Best 44
GCA9955 A look back a Eugene Stoner’s remarkable rifle. Karwan, chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Black Gun! 55
GCA9960 Extremely Close-Quarters Shooting (ECQS) Lapwing, Alan GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Too Close for Comfort 60
GCA9966 A carbine version of the M16 is Army’s choice for tomorrow’s battlefield. Karwan, Charles GUNS Combat Annual 1999 M4 (cover) 66
GCA9981 A special pistol for the Special Forces, based on USP. GUNS Staff GUNS Combat Annual 1999 SOCOM Offensive Handgun 81
GCA9983 Ruger’s unassault rifle gets upgraded for urban combat. Lapwing, Alan GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Maximizing the Mini-14 83
GCA99100 Muzzle flash analysis. Tillman, Barrett GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Shots in the Dark 100
GCA99104 Pump or auto, ultimate house gun is a 12 ga. shotgun. Taylor, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1999 Home Defense Manstopper 104
GCA99109 SOF Combat Shoot and Three-Gun Match Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1999 SOF: The Real Combat Shooter’s Match 109
Item Article Author Issue Title Page