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1998 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G049840 Tiny pistols ruled parlors and back alleys of Old West. Hardin, J. Wolf April 1998 Guns of the Fallen Angels 40
G049848 The S&W 22A pistol features surprising accuracy and versatility. Petty, Charles April 1998 Quite Out of the Ordinary 48
G049872 This powerful full-sized airgun is a great backyard plinker. Galan, J.I. April 1998 RWS C-225: Rapid Fire Fun 70
G049820 A look inside the robust Johnny-come-lately of the rifle world. Sundra, Jon April 1998 Making a Modern Classic: Ruger 77 20
G049842 Modern cowboys love these short=barreled carbines from Marlin. Taffin, John April 1998 Trappers 42
G049886 LOD countersniper rifle is mean, green precision machine. Fasano, John April 1998 Loaded and Ready for Battle 86
G049886 Do-it-yourself mobile dog-hunting platform. Link, sheila April 1998 Varmint Trailer 15
G049844 These craftsmen practice an art form handed down from the 16th century. Col. Swetzer, robert L. April 1998 The Master Gunsmiths of Suhl 44
G049880 Objective data becomes target of slurs from anti-gun “researchers.” Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul April 1998 Integrity Under fire 80
G049891 This rugged gun case isn’t afraid of a little drag through the mud. Fasano, John April 1998 Drag Bag 91
G089848 These S&W pistols are ready to battle forces of evil. Ayoob, Massad August 1998 Paladin & The Fireball 48
G089871 Little-known Polish gunmaker triumphs over Soviet oppression. Gangarosa, Gene Jr. August 1998 The Indomitable Spirit of Radom 71
G089858 Rediscover the lost legacy of the Mauser Sporter rifles. Bodinson, Holt August 1998 The Mausers That Time Forgot 58
G089886 Winchester’s Trail’s End 94 is a hit with modern-day gunslingers. Taffin, John August 1998 Cowboy Carbines 86
G089826 Bill Jordan’s legacy lives on in teachings and tactics. Ayoob, Massad August 1998 “Hold Onto Life With a Tenacious Grip” 26
G089842 Amazing 16 lb. .50 BMG rifle and other wild guns from Harris Gun Works. Bodinson, Holt August 1998 Any Gun You Want 42
G129848 Walther’s high-tech .40 leaves Cold War pistols in dust. Ayoob, Massad December 1998 Bond to the 21st Century 48
G129842 Unique kit turns shotgun into inexpensive double rifle. Petty, Charles December 1998 Poor Man’s Double 42
G129862 State-of-art air rifles too much fun to be without. Galan, J.I. December 1998 Got Air? 62
G129872 Godfather of US battle rifles exert strong influence. Gangarosa, Gene Jr. December 1998 The Family Garand 72
G129856 Tour of beautiful guns at 1998 ACGG/FEGA Show. Billeb, Steve December 1998 Immortal Appeal 56
G129844 New SIG rifle combines Swiss craftsmanship at attractive price. Sundra, Jon December 1998 Bargain Beauty 44
G129846 Many overlooked these potent hunting cartridges. Rees, Clair December 1998 Magnums of the Wasteland 46
G029838 Terry Tussey’s revolver is formidable. Springmann, Christopher February 1998 Hardcore J-Frame 38
G029844 Gold Match .45 is 1911 lover’s dream. Petty, Charles February 1998 Midas Touch 44
G029858 Ruger’s sixgun is history in making. Taffin, John February 1998 The Vaquero Story 58
G029835 Ruger’s .44 Mag. slams on Texas boar hunt. Bodinson, Holt February 1998 Brush Master 35
G029836 Yes, you can hunt with semi-auto BAR. Bodinson, Holt February 1998 The BAR has Come a Long Way 36
G029852 Ruger’s defensive carbine assuages anxiety. Ayoob, Massad February 1998 “It Prevents Tizzies and Fits of Vapors” 52
G029824 Tips to avoid overpriced rip-off. Huntington, Roy February 1998 The Five-Minute Gun check 24
G029840 Tiny varmint round most popular in history. Fasano, John February 1998 Gotta Love that .223 40
G029854 Technology pushing traditions into history. Sundra, Jon February 1998 Is This Really Hunting? 54
G029874 Nosler’s sabot slug performs in muzzleloader. Bodinson, Holt February 1998 .44 Slug For Muzzleloaders 74
G029878 Semi-auto for hunters, collectors, shooters. Zutz, Don February 1998 History of Excellence: Beretta 390 78
G019844 Springfield’s turbo-charged defensive V10 is practical and affordable. Farrell, Scott January 1998 Tuned for Performance 44
G019856 P-38 may be relic of WW II: a pawn shop find. Galan, J.I. January 1998 Herr Fegelien’s Mauser 56
G019880 The newest .380 from Colt for saving your life. Petty, Charles E. January 1998 One Trick Pony 80
G019842 Two great blackpowder rifles. Taffin, John January 1998 Something Old, Something New 42
G019852 What happened to yesterday’s classic stocks? Sundra, Jon January 1998 Where’s Walnut? 52
G019824 They’ve finally discovered what years of anti-gun lies have done to us. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul January 1998 A Product of Incessant Fear Mongering 24
G019836 Innovative work by today’s master gunsmiths. Turpin, Tom January 1998 Custom Guns: State of the Art 36
G019860 Some best CCW holsters by Mitch Rosen. Petty, Charles E. January 1998 “You can Judge the Quality with Your Nose” 60
G019866 Young gun owner sheds light on simple Second Amendment truth . Psurny, Shaun January 1998 Gun Control: An Innefective solution 66
G019878 Gun combines knife utility & security of a .38. Bodinson, Holt January 1998 A Comforting Companion 78
G079844 This custom Colt captures the high-rolling Old West. Huntington, roy July 1998 The Six of Diamonds: A Gambler’s Pistol 44
G079838 Aftermarket accessories make this great gun better. Rockefeller, John W. July 1998 The Ruger Mini-14 Gets Tough 38
G079839 You can add optics to your Mini-14. Rockefeller, John W. July 1998 Scoping Out the Mini-14 39
G079840 Mini-14 remains a great tactical rifle. Ayoob, Massad July 1998 Surviving the Storm 40
G079878 The Savage Short Action is the gun shooters have been anticipating for 10 years. Sundra, Jon R. July 1998 Worth the Wait 78
G079826 Vehicle defensive tactics to keep you safe on the move. Smith, Clint July 1998 Rolling Thunder 26
G079852 The 1998 Winter Range shootout brings Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. Tillman, Barrett July 1998 To Dare the Mighty 52
G079838 Celebrating the revitalization of S&W’s Model 41 pistol. Petty, Charles June 1998 38
G069844 A new revolver with the power and panache of a mounted knight. Huntington, Roy June 1998 A .44 In Shining Armor 44
G069851 The Airlite .22 is the gun to carry when even a snub-nose .44 is too much. Taffin, John June 1998 Squire to the Knight 51
G069842 The epic story of an awesome new high-velocity .30 caliber cartridge. Bodinson, Holt June 1998 Hannibal & The Pegasus 42
G069880 when English doubles ruled the African Savannah. Murphy, Tom June 1998 Iron Men & British Doubles 80
G069826 Fast-moving, hard-hitting history of varmint cartridges. Sundra, Jon June 1998 From Smoke to Sizzle 26
G069856 Why didn’t Merkel produce a fine sporting clays gun before now? Zutz, Don June 1998 Nobody Ever Asked 56
G069860 Midway, Fajen, Winchester a short drive from St. Louis. Bodinson, Holt June 1998 A Gunner’s Midwest Tour 60
G069870 Ever reloading bench should have an RCBS Powdermaster. Petty, Charles June 1998 A Grain of Accuracy 70
G039814 Defensive tips for women, handgun carriers. Ayoob, MassadGUNS March 1998 Myths About Women and Guns 14
G039836 Rugged T/C Encore chambered in .260 Rem. Dvorchak, George E. Jr. March 1998 Tough Guy 36
G039848 Custom gun a thing of magic, Damascus 1911 Huntington, Roy March 1998 From An Age of Might and Chivalry 48
G039842 High tech advances revolutionizing this precision sport. Turpin, Tom March 1998 Varmint Rifles 42
G039844 Exclusive first look at Remington’s new rimfire autoloader. Petty, Charles E. March 1998 Catch .22 44
G039886 Big bore monster guns, .500 Nitro Express +. Murphy, Tom March 1998 The Mystique of the Double Rifle 86
G039826 Anti-gunners use faulty data to obscure the facts about public safety. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul March 1998 Nobody has Jurisdiction over the Truth 26
G039855 Wizardly gunsmithing skills of Terry Tussey. Huntington, Roy March 1998 He Hath Crafted a Knightly Weapon 55
G039857 Damascus knife reminiscent of heroic blades. Huntington, Roy March 1998 Be Thou Ever Worthy of this Sword 57
G039858 Modern look at man’s oldest weapon: sheath knife. Fadala, Sam March 1998 The Teeth of Battle 58
G039874 Classic American doubles with Old World appeal and style. Zutz, Don March 1998 The Guns of Galazan 74
G059838 CO2 pistol that looks, feels and shoots like a 1911. Galan, J.I. May 1998 Ait Colt 38
G059844 New micro-sized carry pistol unleashed-the Kahr MK9. Ayoob, Massad May 1998 A Small Dog With a Wicked Bite 44
G059840 The levergun takes to field for deer, bear, other game. Taffin, John May 1998 Cowboy Rifles for Hunting 40
G059878 Spectacular raffle rifle for 1998 by Gunmakers Guild. Turpin, Tom May 1998 Mauser Masterpiece 78
G059852 Potent cartridges form Lazzeroni shatter some established ballistic concepts. Bodinson, Holt May 1998 Magnum 2000 52
G059854 Go back to school for a primer on how, when and why to clean your guns. Petty, Charles May 1998 Gun Cleaning 101 54
G059856 Remington’s lightweight 11-96 eases the burden of the upland hunter. Rees, Clair May 1998 A matter of Ounces 56
G059860 Worn and tarnished, these guns capture a moment in history. Murphy, Tom May 1998 GUNS at Auction: The Guns of Bonnie and Clyde 60
G059861 The sister of the infamous clyde Barrow tells of the outlaw couple’s exploits. Murphy, Tom May 1998 GUNS Interview: Marie Barrow 61
G119852 Uncompromising quality of new polymer SIG pistol. Ayoob, Massad November 1998 The Standard Of Battle (cover) 52
G119860 Lights, lasers for your handgun from Wilcox electronics. Ayoob, Massad November 1998 Slice The Night 60
G119864 You don’t need Goliath carry gun to bring down a giant. Williams, Dick November 1998 The Sling of David 64
G119838 One word embodies philosophy of ultimate practicalrifle Bodinson, Holt November 1998 Scout 38
G119848 Spectacular version of classic Mauser again available. Bodinson, Holt November 1998 Magnificent Mauser Magnums 48
G119820 The double-barrel shotgun is still formidable weapon. Smith, Clint November 1998 Duality 20
G119846 The .45-70 still commands respect. Taffin, John November 1998 Nothing Stands in the Way 46
G119872 Truth & fiction merge in anti-gunners claims that guns cause crime. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul November 1998 Blurring the Lines 72
G119888 Unique look through the Springfield Govt. Model scope. Darwan, Charles November 1998 Eyes on Target 88
G119897 LeMat — The Man, The Gun Wood, J.B. November 1998 Bookshelf 97
G109854 The machine pistol fills a specialized tactical role. Galan, J.I. October 1998 Something Wicked This Way Comes 54
G109863 Misconceptions and realities of full-auto in combat. Ayoob, Massad October 1998 Myth of the Machine Pistol 63
G109850 Your equipment better be first rate Sundra, Jon October 1998 X-Treme Hunting 50
G109852 The innovative Model 97 bolt action hunting rifle. Turpin, Tom October 1998 Dakota’s New Rifle 52
G109864 Fajen craftsmen make dream rifle a reality. Petty, Charles October 1998 Gun of a Lifetime 64
G109866 A secret the movie industry doesn’t want you to know. Fasano. John October 1998 Hollywood Loves Guns 66
G109892 Stembridge Gun Rentals arms to heroes of the movies. Fasano, John October 1998 Shoot for Effect 92
G099832 Hunting handgun tough enough to be called “magnum.” Williams, Dick September 1998 Worthy of the Title 32
G099846 Economy-priced .45 for home or personal defense. Petty, Charles E. September 1998 Tactical Pistol: the IAI 5000 46
G099886 Modern sixshooters prove cowboys never had so good. Williams, Dick September 1998 New Guns of the Old West 86
G099864 Water-cooled varmint rifle combines sporting elements. Link, Sheila September 1998 Fire, Water, Lightning and Steam 64
G099874 Are you ready to create the perfect gun? Sundra, Jon September 1998 The Ultimate Hunting Rifle 74
G099854 The creators saw the M16 could be better. Taylor, Chuck September 1998 Genesis: the M16-A2 (cover) 54
G099898 Tribute to elegant austerity of single-shot rifle. Bodinson, Holt September 1998 One Shot at a Time 98
G099828 Muzzle loading hunting rifles of Thompson/Center T/C. Taffin, John September 1998 Tthe Power of Blackpowder 28
G099850 Tactical firearms are his specialty. Petty, Charles E. September 1998 Meet the Gunsmith: Steve Sieberts 50
GAN9806 Durable, priced right and dependable, slide-action scatterguns have earned a place in our history. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1998 The All-American Pumpgun 6
GAN9813 CCW Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1998 All I Really Need to Know About CCW, I Learned in Kindergarten 13
GAN9819 Light, easy, high-capacity rifles for home & self defense. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1998 Politically Correct Survival Rifles 19
GAN9825 Learn to evaluate a used gun so you don’t get burned. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1998 Gem or Junk? 25
GAN9844 Modern design of Ruger 96 resurrects Old West spirit. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1998 The Lever Gun Rises Again 44
GAN9848 Holster packs are the answer for warm weather carry. Nadel, Seth GUNS Annual 1998 The Fabulous Fanny Pack 48
GAN9852 High-tech materials and manufacturing methods revolutionize world of defensive handguns. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1998 Compact Combat Carry Guns 52
GAN9859 Fine English guns trusted companion of royalty. Adams, Cyril and Braden, Robert GUNS Annual 1998 The Gun of Kings 59
GAN9868 Hunting. Handguns. Jones, J.D. GUNS Annual 1998 Handgunning Africa 68
GAN9882 Discover the firearm secrets of professional hunters. Bodinson, Holt GUNS Annual 1998 Guns of the Guides 82
GAN9888 For target practice or hunting small game, the rimfire .22 is a faithful outdoor companion. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1998 Pocket Plinkers 88
GAN9891 Make your dream a reality with a custom once-in-a-lifetime gun. Bodinson, Holt GUNS Annual 1998 Creating a Vision 91
GAN98102 Whether deer hunting or varminting, these quarter-bores get the job done. Sundra, Jon GUNS Annual 1998 Terrific .25s 102
GAN98107 Try practicing defensive scenarios with airguns. Galan, J.I. GUNS Annual 1998 Practical, Tactical and Affordable Training 107
GAN98117 Be familiar with every working part of your gun. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1998 Unveiling The Mysteries of the 1911 117
GAN98123 Currently manufactured handguns, rifles and shotguns. GUNS Annual 1998 Catalog 123
GCA9806 Tactical weaponry on display. Fasano, John GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Expo Extreme 6
GCA9808 Elite anti-terrorist training in Texas. Fasano, John GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Terrs Beware 8
GCA9814 Serious firepower for serious social purpose. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Ultimate Urban Rifle 14
GCA9820 Use of practical accessories for home defense. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1998 The Tactical Combat Shotgun 20
GCA9830 Top 4 battle rifles of all time. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Battle Rifles 30
GCA9840 Little known BM-59 is italy’s answer to M14. Fasano, John GUNS Combat Annual 1998 The Italian Connection 40
GCA9842 Latest tricks to assure one shot, one kill. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Sniper Rifle Technology 42
GCA9844 Super small 9mm makes perfect pocket pal. Nadel, Seth GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Firestar Plus 44
GCA9856 Called “Snout,” a scout/sniper hybrid. Tillman, Barrett GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Robar’s Radical Rifle 56
GCA9860 Rundown of every Springfield Armory rifle. Fasano, John GUNS Combat Annual 1998 The M1A Family 60
GCA9867 Official military sidearm now “combat proven.” Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Beretta M9 67
GCA9875 Hollywood has got it way wrong. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Machinegun Myths 75
GCA9884 Bold new shooting techniques. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Emergency Rifle Concepts 84
GCA98105 Fascinating history of FN-FAL battle rifle. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Fusil Automatique Legere 105
GCA98112 How to use firearms as impact weapons. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1998 Pistol Whipping and Butt Stroking 112
Item Article Author Issue Title Page