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1997 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G049716 Colt’s .38 Detective Special is one of the finest shorty sixguns around. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad April 1997 Ultimate Snubby, The 16
G049754 Custom features make this limited edition .44 a perfect hunting sixgun. Handguns. Petty, Charles April 1997 Hunter Series 54
G049724 Revitalizing a weatherworn G.I. .45 brings back a lot of memories. Handguns. Petty, Charles April 1997 Travels with a Trusted Friend 24
G049736 The Alpha Precision custom Ruger is a sixgun any cowboy would love. Handguns. CAS. Taffin, John April 1997 A Perfect Packin’ .45 36
G049740 An innovative kits turns your 1911 into a single-shot hunter. Handguns. Rees, Clair April 1997 SASS: A Small Name for a Big Gun 40
G049734 New bolt action Sako 75 rifle from Finland breaks all the rules. Rifles. Petty, Charles April 1997 Sako 75 Unveiled 34
G049752 Tackdriving .22-250 from Robar will ruin any prairie dog’s day. Rifles. Petty, Charles April 1997 Custom Varminter 52
G049764 Years of experience bring an end to the .270 vs .280 debate. Sundra, Jon April 1997 The Performance Edge 64
G049768 Primers, an overlooked component, often key to handloading accuracy. Matunas, Ed April 1997 Priming For Accuracy 68
G089714 Enhance concealability of your snub-nosed .38 revolver. Handguns. Mike Oakes August 1997 Lost Shroud of the Snubbies 14
G089742 Gamo’s 10-shot revolver is a great little backyard plinker. Handguns. J.I. Galan August 1997 “The Fun Factor is Plentiful” 42
G089744 Novak’s custom S&W 9mm pistol puts full size carry guns to shame. Handguns. Charles E. Petty August 1997 Reality Check 44
G089738 Sixguns of the infamous frontier lawman come to the auction block. CAS. Tom Murphy August 1997 Guns of John Wesley Hardin 38
G089750 Our western lawman recounts a spectacular Arizona shooting match. CAS. Barrett Tillman August 1997 Frontier Shoot Out! 50
G089768 Hard-working cartridges share a 100-year-old common heritage. Rifles. Jon R. Sundra August 1997 The .308 Family Tree 68
G089724 Despite anti-gunners’ claims, the Supreme Court supports your gun rights. 2nd amendment. Lt. Col. Fielding L. Greaves August 1997 The Gun & The Gavel 24
G089733 gun storage for your truck or 4WD. Cameron Hopkins August 1997 Let’s Get Vertical 33
G089762 This N.C. gunsmith Tommy Abernathy has a flare for combat and competitive 1911 pistols. Charles E. Petty August 1997 Meet the Gunsmith: Tommy Abernathy 62
G129738 Three special forces experts discuss defensive handguns and survival tactics. Oakes, Mike December 1997 Spec Ops 38
G129744 After shooting a P210, every otherr handgun is just a distant second best. Gangarosa, Gene Jr. December 1997 “This pistol requires total dedication.” 44
G129736 Squirrel rifles rekindle the sense of wonder of a child’s first hunt. Turpin, Tom December 1997 Bushytails 36
G129758 Choosing the right gun for the ruffed grouse presents hunters with a challenge. Zutz, Don December 1997 Grouse Guns 58
G129714 Police shoot-outs show a safety catch can be a lifesaver. Ayoob, Massad December 1997 An Issue of Safety 14
G129724 A rangefinding scope that’s so smart it does everything but pull the trigger. Sundra, Jon December 1997 High-Tech Optics 24
G129727 An exclusive interview with with the attorney who defeated the Brady law. Peterson, Dan December 1997 Victory! Brady Law Repealed 27
G129752 Four experts debate the perfect mix of guns and gear to keep your home safe. December 1997 GUNS Round Table: Home Defense Arsenal 52
G129760 A unique new pistol is about to make the world take note of H-S Precision. Sundra, Jon December 1997 The Quiet Gun Company 60
G029760 Smith’s newest .357s run the gamut from pocket gun to powerhouse. Taffin, John February 1997 Minimum…Maximum…Magnum! 60
G029782 Walther’s realistic air pistol is great for plinking or backyard training. Galan, J.I. February 1997 A Spittin’ Image of the Combat Wondernine 82
G029739 You can win a state-of-the-art deer rifle from gunsmith David Miller Bodinson, Holt February 1997 SCI Raffle Rifle 39
G029756 The new Steyr SBS stands out among a select group of great rifles. Sundra, Jon February 1997 Austrian Classic in the Making, An 56
G029778 Take any game in the veldt with this classic and affordable double gun. Turpin, Tom February 1997 Krieghoff Double 78
G029726 These firm Italian shotguns are some of the best sidelocks ever made. Zutz, Don February 1997 Beretta S-Series: A Wingshooting Classic 26
G029744 This is the delightful rimfire conversion 1911 fans have been looking for. Petty, Charles February 1997 Premier Plinker 44
G029750 Try this tiny .22 shotgun for indoor trap or short-range varmint shooting. Bodinson, Holt February 1997 Remington’s Smallest Shotgun 50
G029738 Changing state of the gunmaker’s art may alter the industry forever. Bodinson, Holt February 1997 Custom Evolution 38
G029752 New designs have made the leg holster one of today’s ideal carry methods. Ayoob, Massad February 1997 Art and Science of Ankle Carry, The 52
G019734 Big bore sixguns are comforting companions when hiking in bear country Bettis, Jack January 1997 Trail Guns 34
G019740 Bargain-priced SA for budget-conscious cowboys. Taffin, John January 1997 El Pistolero 40
G019744 Ordinary carry gun becomes a work of art at the hand of John Yanek. Farrell, Scott January 1997 Tactical Class 44
G019720 Weatherby’s new heavy barrel Mark V promises premium performance. Sundra, Jon January 1997 Varmints Beware 20
G019757 World’s oldest gun reaches new heights of performance and style. Turpin, Tom January 1997 This is Not Your Grandfather’s Single Shot 57
G019772 Selected handloads for today’s “frontier” lever- action rifles. Matunas, Ed January 1997 Loading the Modern Cowboy Carbine 72
G019778 Distinctive stock gives an ordinary carbine a certain je ne sais quoi. Rees, Clair January 1997 Siren Song of the Mannlicher 78
G019738 Specially engineered loads to soften the punishment of the tactical 12 gauge. Petty, Charles January 1997 Taming the Beast 38
G019762 Celebrating the shooters who brought home the gold in the 1996 games. Bodinson, Holt January 1997 Olympic Preview 62
G079742 From 1776 to 1997, which gun is purely American? Our experts pick. American guns. Taffin, Smith, Huntington, Bodinson July 1997 Round Table: The Gun That Made America 42
G079744 Freedom Arms .357 Magnum Mid-Frame celebrates the pioneer spirit. American guns. John Taffin July 1997 A Gun Called Freedom 44
G079752 Yankee “can-do” enthusiasm lives on in Dave Sample’s NRA gunsmithing class. American guns. Jeff Smith July 1997 An American Classic 52
G079722 This tough 12 gauge is an ideal close combat weapon. Combat. Massad Ayoob July 1997 Tactical Classic: the Mossberg 500 22
G079759 Emerging from the restrictions of the ‘94 crime law, the new breed of AR-15 is versatile, functional and just plain fun. Combat. John Fasano July 1997 Too Much Fun to be Legal 59
G079761 Our fascination with the AR-15 semi-auto began with the heroes of our youth. Combat. John Fasano July 1997 A Boy and His AR 61
G079736 The Bushnell Holosight enhances the accuracy of nearly any gun. Clair Rees July 1997 Virtual Sharpshooters 36
G079740 This .257 proved unbeatable in the terrain of the desert southwest. Holt Bodinson July 1997 A Season With the Scramjet 40
G079764 Abandoning the Second Amendment endangers the whole constitution. 2nd amendment. Don B. Kates Jr. July 1997 Courting Disaster 64
G079778 Here’s your first look at the new Model 96 straight pull Euro-rifle. Jon R. Sundra July 1997 Thoroughly Modern Mauser 78
G069746 Beretta’s new .32 is the perfect concealed carry gun for summer. Handguns. Mike Cumpston June 1997 Building A Better Mouse Gun 48
G069756 When the mercury sizzles, these special carry methods can keep you cool. Handguns. Massad Ayoob June 1997 Tropi-Carry 56
G069760 Custom touches make the lever gun perfect for any situation. Rifles. Roy Huntington June 1997 The Versatile Lever Gun 60
G069764 The rifle that won WWII is still a great gun by any standard. Rifles. Scott Farrell June 1997 America’s Mighty War Horse: M1A 64
G069716 Tired of attracting unwanted in the airport? here’s a solution. Gun cases. Cameron Hopkins June 1997 The Stealth Gun Case 16
G069730 DOCTORS WITH A HIDDEN AGENDA THINK THE BRADY LAW DOESN’T GO far enough. 2nd amendment. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul June 1997 Diabolical Prescription 30
G069736 New monthly column brings you shooting stuff you can’t live without. Charles E. Petty June 1997 GUNS Gear 36
G069740 Searching for the “Truth of Battle” at the world’s most exciting gun show. Full-auto, firepower demos. John Fasano June 1997 Firepower At the SOF Convention 40
G069768 This year’s show was dominated by a new wave of high-tech field gear. Jon R. Sundra June 1997 What’s Hot at SHOT 68
G069782 Special handloads transform your pounding .458 into a pleasant shooter Holt Bodinson June 1997 In Search of the Gentle Giant 82
G039725 After years of neglect, the one-barrel scattergun in again finding favor. Don Zutz March 1997 Single Barrel Trap Gun, The 35
G039756 The new AR-10 combines tough military design with the .308 cartridge. Mickey Fowler March 1997 “Like an AR-15 on Steroids” 56
G039752 Dynamic methods of utilizing the combat rifle and pistol in concert. Massad Ayoob March 1997 Tactical Transitions 52
G039744 The Steyr AUG is an insectoid combat rifle with a deadly sting. Andy Stanford March 1997 Steel Wasp 44
G039724 Modern technology gives one of the most popular game cartridges a new boost. .375 Sundra, Jon March 1997 A New Look at the .375 24
G039732 Magnificent piece of glass built specifically for the big game rifle. Scopes Hopkins, Cameron March 1997 Steiner “Hunting Z” 32
G039762 Heavy barreled Finnfire .22 makes a great rimfire tack driver. Rees, Clair March 1997 Finnfire Varminter 62
G039764 Versatile cartridge is a good choice for, varmint, antelope and deer. 6mm Matunas, Ed March 1997 Fast-Flying 6mm, The 64
G039778 This gun is light, versatile and pinpoint accurate out to 400 yards. Plains rifle Sundra, Jon March 1997 Plains Rifle, The 78
G039716 The tactical rifle should be the first and last line of defense at home. Massad Ayoob March 1997 Home Defense Rifles 16
G059742 USPFA sixguns bring the Wild West back to life for today’s gunslingers. CAS. Handguns. John Taffin May 1997 Putting “Action” Into Cowboy Action 42
G059744 Walther’s new P-99 is worthy of the company which is synonymous with 007. Handguns Charles E. Petty May 1997 Beyond Bond 44
G059724 This is not your grandfather’s shotgun ammo. Shotguns. Don Zutz May 1997 The Science of the Shotshell 24
G059737 A radical custom paint job turns this Beretta 390 into a puffin’ Diademas. Shotguns. John Fasano May 1997 Smokin’ 37
G059740 A versatile Mossberg autoloader takes on the ring necks of autumn. Fast pointing autoloader with maximum versatility. Shotguns. Clair Rees May 1997 Upland Master 40
G059728 They may be grabbing your guns while you turn your head and cough. Drs. Eisen, Joanne and Gallant, Paul May 1997 Assault Doctors 28
G059734 A magnificent collection of arms and armor comes to the auction block. Tom Murphy May 1997 GUNS at Auction: The Jackson Collection 34
G059752 You can count of these defensive pistols to save your life. Massad Ayoob May 1997 The Myth of “Acceptable” Combat Accuracy 52
G059756 Steve Heilmann brings the tradition of custom rifles to a new generation. Tom Turpin May 1997 Passing the Torch 56
G059778 Today’s rifles are better than ever before, but can a gun be too accurate? Jon R. Sundra May 1997 Pinpoint Performance 78
G119746 Personal protection depends on training and awareness as wll as good guns. Winter CCW. Smith, Clint November 1997 Head Games 46
G119748 This hot .45 is a perfect gun for long-term carry in rain, sleet and snow. Winter CCW. Farrell, Scott November 1997 Meltdown 48
G119736 Kimber’s new single-shot rifle is true to the company’s original spirit. Petty, Charles November 1997 Back to Our Roots 36
G119754 The M-4 carbine may be the ultimate tactical carbine for any situation. Stanford, Andy November 1997 Black Knight 54
G119761 Knight’s RIS makes any AR-style rifle a versatile fighting weapon. Stanford, Andy November 1997 Interface 61
G119742 Explore the different philosophies of America’s two most popular guns. Hunting. Sundra, Jon November 1997 Deer Rifles: East & West 42
G119744 The Savage 210 combines rifle accuracy with thge power of a 12 gauge gun. Hunting. Bodinson, Holt November 1997 Deerslayer 44
G119762 Celebrating 25 years of fine handguns with Mag-Na-Port.. Bodinson, Holt November 1997 Sixgun Silver 62
G119789 Waller’s unique carry case stores firearms with safety and convenience. Oakes, Mike November 1997 Soft Safe 89
G109752 The LR-300 is the next significant phase in the evolution of the AR-15. Rifles. Fowler, Mickey October 1997 A Glimpse of the 21st Century Tactical Rifle 52
G109772 Check out these thrifty tips for buying a classic big game rifle. Murphy, Tom October 1997 Budget Doubles 72
G109794 After 100 years or more, there’s finally a levergun chambered in .45 Colt. Rifles. Taffin, John October 1997 The Guns That Never Were 94
G109737 Special field accessories and tips just in time for the fall hunting season. Bodinson, Holt October 1997 Hunting Gear 37
G109750 Choosing the right gun for the world’s largest selection of game. Hunting. Sundra, Jon R. October 1997 The Other Side of Africa 50
G109720 Exposing the trumped-up claim that police support gun control. 2nd Amendment. Huntington, Roy October 1997 Cops and Gun Control: Deflating the Lie 20
G109735 Leupold’s new top-shelf variable scope breaks all the rules. Hopkins, Cameron October 1997 Shattered Glass 35
G109740 Custom gun collectors make an annual pilgrimage to the ACGG show. Bodinson, Holt October 1997 Gun Mecca 40
G109760 Safes, storage boxes, trigger locks — choose the level of gun security you need. Rees, Clair October 1997 Lockdown 60
G099728 A diploma from this prestigious academy is a powerful weapon. Handguns. Stanford, Andy September 1997 Back to LFI 28
G099748 Grace and power make the new Kahr .40 carry pistol a work of art. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad September 1997 Classic Concealability 48
G099742 The mighty .600 Nitro can put a charging elephant down in its tracks. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron September 1997 Biggest Stick, The 42
G099758 This tough bear rifle won’t become a casualty of the Alaskan elements. Hunting. Rees, Clair September 1997 A Model 70 for the Yukon 58
G099762 a deadly fuffalo encounter is terminated by a powerful Krieghoff rifle. Hunting. Duckworth, Fred September 1997 Ambush on the Moyowoshi 62
G099720 Switzerland’s armed citizens are feeling the grip of gun control. 2nd Amendment. Halbrook, Stephen P. September 1997 In the Shadow of William Tell 20
G099725 Sako’s Finnfire Varmint .22 can shoot a hole barely bigger than the bullet. Tests. Petty, Charles September 1997 Accuracy Measured to the Third Decimal 25
G099738 This new sport combines precision shooting with a challenging 5K run. Competition. Zutz, Don September 1997 Summer Biathlon, The 38
G099756 For far-flying geese, the gauge 3-1/2 inch magnum is an awesome performer. Zutz, Don September 1997 Master of the Autumn Skies 56
G099770 Collectible presentation-grade miniatures look real enough to shoot. Galan, J.I. September 1997 Mini Guns 70
GAN97195 Manufacturer listings. GUNS Annual 1997 Shooting Industry Directory 251; 195
GAN97243 Products & services by category. GUNS Annual 1997 Products and Services 299; 243
GAN97273 www numbers of companies. GUNS Annual 1997 Industry Web Sites 329; 273
GAN9744 Top quality tactical loads to make every shot count. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1997 Manstoppers 44
GAN9751 S&W 457 lightweight compact auto is the newest addition to S&W’s value line. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1997 Working Man’s .45 51
GAN9707 Do these aftermarket accessories perform as promised? Bodinson, Holt GUNS Annual 1997 The Truth About Drop In Stocks 7
GAN9718 Clark 10/22 is super-accurized small game hunting rifle. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1997 Custom Ruger Rimfire 16
GAN9719 The height of technology from the roaring ‘20s to WWII. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1997 The Tommy Gun Today 19
GAN9723 Compact, fast-handling and light weight, full-stocked carbines have a lot to offer. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1997 Marvelous Mannlichers 23
GAN9735 MR-7 featuress eclectic mix of America’s favorite rifles. Sundra, Jon GUNS Annual 1997 Marlin’s “Best” Gun 35
GAN9791 This tactical rifle is precise and deadly enough to perform surgery at 100 yards. Farrell, Scott GUNS Annual 1997 God’s Scalpel 91
GAN97100 U.S.’ most successful battle rifle comes marching home. Thompson, Jim GUNS Annual 1997 The Real Story of the M1 Garand 100
GAN9712 Tailor handloads to create ultimate hunting cartridge. Matunas, Edward GUNS Annual 1997 Game Getters 12
GAN9727 The splendor and style of the artisans of the FEGA. Turpin, Tom GUNS Annual 1997 Masters of Engraving 27
GAN9764 Bushnell holosight represents revolution in sight tech. Williams, Dick GUNS Annual 1997 Holographic Sight 64
GAN9769 Shooting sports teach kids trust & responsibility for life. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1997 Firearms & Family Values 69
GAN9774 Blackpowder guns kindle the spirit of pioneers and give modern hunters an edge. Fadala, Sam GUNS Annual 1997 Recapturing the Frontier 74
GAN9779 Techniques from the cops to tip the scales in your favor. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1997 Police Tactics for Self Defense 79
GAN9786 Today’s cases take anxiety out of traveling with gun. Sundra, Jon GUNS Annual 1997 Have Gun Will Travel 86
GAN97105 Airguns with “real” look & feel are proven training tools. Galan, J.I. GUNS Annual 1997 Realistic Airguns 105
GAN97111 Wring most out of shotgun by following simple steps. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1997 Accurate Scatterguns 111
GCA9708 From dead-eyed minutemen to Civil War marksmen to modern snipers, America’s sharpshooters have always been the best. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Sniper! 8
GCA9710 gunshot wounds. Wolberg, Eugene J. GUNS Combat Annual 1997 The Myth of the One-Stop Shot 10
GCA9714 Sometimes a man just needs killin’. But other times a faceful of pepper spray does the trick. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Non-Lethal Alternatives 14
GCA9721 Self defense training methods. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Controversial Training Trends 21
GCA9736 Tactics, techniques and tools for self defense in darkness. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Fight At Night! 36
GCA9743 the famous shooting school that Jeff Cooper founded customizes some of the finest combat weapons. Sweeney, Pat GUNS Combat Annual 1997 The Guns of Gunsite 43
GCA9748 Riots and looting, mayhem and murder. From Los Angeles to Miami, mob violence is on the rise. Survival in today’s urban jungle means you better be prepared to defend your home. Smith, Clint GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Urban Rifle 48
GCA9757 Combat shotgun considerations. Hackathorn, Ken GUNS Combat Annual 1997 A Thinking Man’s Combat Shotgun 57
GCA9763 How to access your handgun smoothly and with proper tactics. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Transitioning from the Shoulder Weapon 63
GCA9776 Concealed carry guns. Hackathorn, Ken GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Thoughts on Carrying a Concealed Handgun 76
GCA9784 Yes they are made for killing people. That’s why you should have one. It’s a Bill of rights thing. Karwan, Chuck GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Assault Rifles: Weapons of Liberty 84
GCA9792 HK Universal Service Pistol Ayoob, Massad GUNS Combat Annual 1997 HK USP 92
GCA9799 Ten ways to maximize your shooting skills at the range without wasting ammo. Nadel, Seth GUNS Combat Annual 1997 How to Cheat at Practice 99
GCA97105 Gunfight. Looking past the Wild West baggage of this word, it tells us a lot about the task of the defensive shooter. Let’s break it down. Stanford, Andy GUNS Combat Annual 1997 Fundamentals of Weapon Retention 105
Item Article Author Issue Title Page