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1996 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G129656 Morris Tactical .45 Government Model is so good, it deserves to stay in the family. Ayoob, Massad December 1996 Heirloom .45 56
G129664 Big bore lovers will find it difficult to choose between the S&W 457 and Shorty .45 Petty, Charles December 1996 Split Decision 64
G129644 These awesome big game cartridges are just plain fun to shoot. Fasano, John & Capobianco, Fred December 1996 .416 Shoot Out 44
G129650 Administrative techniques with the bolt action rifle for hunters and tactical shooters. Ayoob, Massad December 1996 Manual of Arms: Precision Rifle 50
G129648 Hunters need the right gear for far-flushing pheasant and high-flying dove. Hunting Zutz, Don December 1996 Upland Express 48
G129668 The .25 is the mid-sized cartridge for the thinking man. Hunting Rees, Clair December 1996 Quarter Bores 68
G129672 Fair chase or foul play? Our experts debate the facts. Bodinson, Sundra, Taffin, Hopkins December 1996 GUNS Round Table: Game Ranch Hunting 72
G1296100 These Browning 10 bores offer pounding power for turkey and waterfowl hunters. Hunting Rees, Clair December 1996 A Pair of 10s 100
G129640 One lucky collector will win a magnificent rifle, pistol and knife from the ACGG. Turpin, Tom December 1996 Once in a Lifetime 40
G129686 Convert your favorite centerfire gun into a fun and inexpensive rimfire plinker. Huntington, Roy December 1996 Chamber Inserts 86
G119638 Look-alike .22 pistols make training fun, easy and inexpensive. Ayoob, Massad November 1996 Rimfire Understudies 30
G119643 Disastrous sequence of events has destroyed many a fine sixgun. Petty, Charles November 1996 When Bad Things Happen To Good Guns 43
G119654 Ed Brown Custom guns combine fine handwork and high-tech manufacturing Petty, Charles November 1996 Best of Man and Machine, The 54
G119648 Exotic double rifles embody the spirit of the great African safari. Bodinson, Holt November 1996 Gun of Kings, The 48
G119653 This dangerous game .470 N.E. Italian double is up for grabs. Bodinson, Holt November 1996 SCI Raffle: Big Game Double 53
G119660 New kind of rifle for hunting America’s open fields and desert canyons. Hunting Sundra, Jon November 1996 Beanfield Rifles 60
G119664 These guns perform whether walking the scrub or shooting overhead passers. Hunting Rees, Clair November 1996 Double Duty Dove Guns 64
G119614 The most effective defensive tool is banned by many employers. Ayoob, Massad November 1996 Workplace Self Defense 14
G119668 Four experts reveal the gun they grab when trouble threatens. Ayoob, Galan, Huntington, Smith November 1996 GUNS Round Table: Ultimate Home Defense Gun 68
G119678 Recent political changes have brought some classic guns to US collectors. Thompson, Jim November 1996 Surplus Guns: Great Bargains of the 20th Century 78
G119698 unique new grip combines comfort and stability on pistols and long guns. Bridgeman, Dave November 1996 Gun Grabbers 98
G109641 These handy kits turns any 1911 into a perfect .22 plinker. Petty, Charles October 1996 1911 Conversion 41
G109652 S&W Model 17 is the world’s first 10-shot sixgun Taffin, John October 1996 Ten Shooter 52
G109656 P-95 9mm is a rugged and practical addition to a fine series of handguns. Huntington, Roy October 1996 Survival of the Fittest 56
G109648 This ultralight rifle is ideal for the hunter who takes to the field far from civilization. Hunting Rees, Clair October 1996 Sierra — New Mountain Gun From Savage 48
G109662 This custom H-S Tactical rifle is easily reassembled and maintains sub-MOA accuracy. Hopkins, Cameron October 1996 Mission Critical: Take Down Sniper 62
G109675 Deadly prison breakout and tense hostage standoff halted by a sniper’s shot. Ayoob, Massad October 1996 On Deadly Ground: Justice at 300 Meters 75
G109676 These big-bore sniper rifles are lethally accurate on targets over a mile away. Oakes, Mike October 1996 Tactical .50s 76
G109680 Learn the sharpshooters technique for instantly dialing in a rifle’s point-of-aim. O’Rourke, Mike October 1996 How to Zero Like a Sniper 80
G109626 Hard-hitting 12 gauge bolt guns combine accuracy and maximum takedown power. Sundra, Jon October 1996 Sluggers! 26
G109644 Sleeping giant wakes up and takes its rightful place in the forefront of the industry. Petty, Charles October 1996 New Remington, The 44
G109667 Dozens of catalogs full of great products for collectors and shooters. October 1996 Guns & Gear Catalog Section 67
G099620 Rimfire pocket pistols can be a effective defensive weapons. Rees, Clair September 1996 Tactical .22s 20
G099654 The 10-round limit makes this full-sized .40 pistol a collector’s item. Ayoob, Massad September 1996 Para-Ordnance P-16, The 54
G099689 This dependable Korean pistol is a bargain concealed carry gun. Petty, Charles September 1996 Daewoo Undercover .380 89
G099662 Big guns for stalking North America’s most exciting game: the bruin. Hunting Sundra, Jon September 1996 Hunting the King of the North 62
G099672 Professional hunters track a wounded leopard into an abandoned mine shaft. Hunting Matunas, Ed September 1996 On Deadly Ground: Devil in the Darkness 72
G099642 Exclusive look at this new police-caliber cruiser carbine. Huntington, Roy September 1996 Ruger Police Carbine 42
G099650 Take a tour of the US Shooting Team’s state-of-the-art training facility. Bodinson, Holt September 1996 Atlanta 1996: Shooting for the Gold 50
G099666 A visit with Ed Preslik, the grandfather of fine custom gunstocks. Hopkins, Cameron September 1996 Good Wood 66
G099671 This oriental clay buster has many fans among European shooters. Zutz, Don September 1996 Miroku 6000: Japan’s Handsome Stackbarrel 77
G099694 A new gun safe allows you to display your firearms in maximum security. Petty, Charles September 1996 Out of the Dungeon 94
G099696 AN EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND MANUAL FOR MAINTAINING YOUR GOVERNMENT MODEL. Huntington, Roy September 1996 Book Review: Wilson’s 1911 Manual 96
G089638 Since 1894 this distinctive design has set the standard in target sixguns. Taffin, John August 1996 Celebrating the Bisley 38
G089644 Beretta’s 8000 Cougar is an innovative 9mm pistol for the 21st century. Ayoob, Massad August 1996 On the Prowl 44
G089662 Examining the work of talented pistolsmith Terry Tussey. Huntington, Roy August 1996 Meet the Gunsmith 62
G089634 The Micro Medallion A-Bolt is a powerful rimfire alternative. Raab, Rocky August 1996 Browning’s Littlest Rifle 34
G089640 Exotic rimfire rifles with tack-driving accuracy for action competition. Fowler, Mickey August 1996 Rifles of the AMT Custom Shop 40
G089656 Answering the nagging question: “Why do you need so many guns?” Sundra, Jon August 1996 A Gun for all Reasons 56
G089612 Panic can taint an otherwise justifiable self-defense shooting. Ayoob, Massad August 1996 Wise Choices For Deadly Encounters 12
G089636 Awesome Aussie loads are quiet and effective varmint rounds. Bodinson, Holt August 1996 Rimfire Rounds From Down Under 36
G089650 Director of Thunder Ranch offers advice on training at your local range. Smith, Clint August 1996 Tactical Training at the Indoor Range 50
G089652 A stackbarrel 12 gauge that performs on both upland birds and waterfowl. Rees, Clair August 1996 Wingshooter: Remington Peerless 52
G089672 Pack of urban gangsters launches a deadly nighttime assault. Speir, Dean August 1996 On Deadly Ground: Gunfight in the Hood 72
G089636 Administrative techniques to deploy your .223 as an effective combat weapon. Ayoob, Massad August 1996 Manual of Arms: The Tactical Rifle 36
G079642 Practical high-tech gear that cuts through the darkness in a defensive shoot-out. Stanford, Andy July 1996 Tools to Conquer the Night 42
G079644 The Tommy gun, or “chopper,” ushered in the era of the modern SMG. Taylor, Chuck July 1996 Thompson: The Gun that Made the 20s Roar 44
G079646 Thompson .45 ACP Submachine Gun. Nagata, Ichiro July 1996 Pull-Out Print 46
G079634 Trio of custom flintlocks given to placate the ruthless ruler of the Barbary Coast at auction. Huntington, Roy July 1996 Guns at Auction: Guns of the Pirate King 34
G079650 Anyone who admires fine firearms will love these once-in-a-lifetime guns. Turpin, Tom July 1996 Form & Function: The ACGG Show 50
G079626 This .22-250 uses new technology for pinpoint accuracy with a carbon barrel. Sundra, Jon July 1996 High-Tech Tackdriver 20
G079631 This Herculean cartridge is the undisputed monarch among big game hunters. .460 . Mag. Fasano, John July 1996 King of the Big Bore Magnums 31
G079632 An inside look at the benefits of putting a laminated wood stock on your rifle. Matunas, Ed July 1996 Layer by Layer: Laminated Stocks 32
G079660 If these rifles could talk, they would tell some grand hunting tales. Sundra, Jon July 1996 Those Special Guns 60
G079680 Academy honors the pistol, rifle and shotgun of the year, and more. July 1996 Academy of Excellence Awards, The 80
G069642 Snub-nosed Vaquero replica of the frontier shopkeeper’s best friend. Sandy Garrett. Taffin, John June 1996 Custom Ruger Sheriff’s Model 42
G069643 Streamlined Vaquero designed for fast-draw cowboy shooting action. CAS. Taffin, John June 1996 Prairie Lightning 43
G069644 Choosing a name is just part of the fun of ordering a custom Springfield pistol. Farrell, Scott June 1996 They Call Me Demon Slayer 44
G069646 One-of -a-Kind Springfield Custom Compact June 1996 Pull-Out Print 46
G069650 After nearly 40 years, Marlin is back in the centerfire turnbolt business. Sundra, Jon June 1996 Marlin’s Bolt Gun 50
G069668 Field tested stackbarrels with quality features and a distinctive eastern flair. Zutz, Don June 1996 Turkish Doubles 68
G069636 Machine guns, pupil bouts, .50 caliber rifles, cameo bikinis…life is good! Fasano, John June 1996 Inside the Soldier of Fortune Convention 36
G069654 Does this popular cartridge duplicate the stopping power of the .357 Magnum? Petty, Charles June 1996 Ballistic Analysis: The .357 SIG 54
G069657 Speer has done it right with a new line of high-grade hunting cartridges. Bodinson, Holt June 1996 Nitrex — Speer’s Premium Rifle Ammo 57
G069678 Learn the latest shooting techniques alongside law enforcement’s elite. Ayoob, Massad June 1996 Return to the S&W Academy 78
G059644 A review of Jim Garthwaite’s .40 caliber custom Browning Hi-Power pistol. James, Frank May 1996 A Classic on the Cutting Edge 44
G059656 New high-tech, big-bore pistol from Intratec is a potent defensive handgun. Galan, J.I. May 1996 Big Cat 56
G059620 A unique design makes this fast-shooting German bolt action rifle a winner. Sundra, Jon May 1996 Mauser 96, The 20
G059650 Two exceptional turnbolt rifles from renowned European gunmakers. Rees, Clair May 1996 Rifles of Magnum Research, The 50
G059636 Browning Gold and SKB 785: two great guns in 20 gauge. Zutz, Don May 1996 A Brace of 20s 36
G059654 Our field editor checks out the new products at the world’s biggest gun show. Sundra, Jon May 1996 A Rifleman Tours the SHOT Show 54
G059659 A new primer feeding system streamlines the whole reloading process. Petty, Charles May 1996 Advanced Priming From RCBS 59
G059671 An attacker springs out of the midnight shadows, sparking a bloody battle. Galan, J.I. May 1996 On Deadly Ground: The Manny Roman Incident 71
G059678 These long range, big game cartridges are just gettin’ warmed up at 100 yards. Matunas, Ed May 1996 Beyond the Reach of Others 78
G049642 An examination of the new CCW laws sweeping the nation. Peterson, Dan April 1996 Concealed Carry Reform 42
G049646 A good concealment holster is as important as the right gun and ammunition. CCW Huntington, Roy April 1996 Invisible Element 46
G049648 The Kahr K-9 may prove to be the ultimate concealment gun. CCW Ayoob, Massad April 1996 Watchdog, The 48
G049654 Here’s some real-life CCW advice the range officer never gave you. Ayoob, Massad April 1996 Practical Tips for Concealed Carry 54
G049632 The world’s best selling rifle is also the zenith of simplicity. Sundra, Jon April 1996 Remington’s 700 In Action 32
G049640 This potent .22 Hornet rifle and pistol team makes varmints run for cover. Rees, Clair April 1996 Dynamic Duo 40
G049636 A unique process extends ammo reach without creating dangerous pressure levels. Petty, Charles April 1996 Federal’s High Energy Ammo 36
G049658 Dozens of catalogs full of great products for collectors and shooters. April 1996 Special Guns & Gear Catalog Section 58
G049695 A defensive pistol course at a five-star resort creates a unique learning atmosphere. Farrell, Scott April 1996 Tall Timbers Handgun School 95
G039644 A rugged, limited-edition tactical pistol from Bill Wilson and Caspian Arms. Farrell, Scott March 1996 Thunder Ranch Defensive .45 44
G039652 Bill Ruger just wouldn’t listen when they told him the single action was dead. Taffin, John March 1996 The Gun They Call Flat Top 52
G039624 Utilizing the proven 700 design, Remington has made a modern muzzleloader. Sundra, Jon March 1996 The 700 Goes Charcoal 24
G039634 This fine custom gun is expected to bring a record bid at auction. SCI Quimby, William R. March 1996 Last of the Most Dangerous Game Rifles 34
G039660 Tailoring the gun to the game is the road to top performance in the field. Zutz, Don March 1996 Specialty Shotguns: The Key to Success 60
G039638 Self defense is as simple as this: “If you look like prey, you will be eaten!” Farrell, Scott March 1996 Just Handle It! Thunder Ranch’s Tactical Doctrine 38
G039643 The wit and wisdom of the director of Thunder Ranch Tactical Academy. Farrell, Scott March 1996 World According to Clint, The 43
G039656 Should you trust your life to a laser sight? Four experts give their views. Taylor, Huntington, Ayoob, Taffin March 1996 GUNS Round Table — Tactical Lasers: Tools or Toys 56
G039665 Gun grabbing legislators have a goal for more insidious than an outright ban. 2nd amendment. LaRosa, Benedict March 1996 True Objective of Gun Control, The 65
G039666 Six steps to create the loads that perform their best in your rifle. Sundra, Jon March 1996 Making the Most of Your Handloads 66
G029614 Exciting real-life case proves that concealed handguns save lives. Ayoob, Massad February 1996 Concealed Carry Pistols & Self Defense 14
G029648 A new concealable pistol with the power of a 9mm and the quality of SIG. Ayoob, Massad February 1996 SIG Undercover — The New P-239 48
G029670 Enjoy realistic handgun practice with these look-alike air pistols. Galan, J.I. February 1996 Virtual Handgunning 70
G029626 This great single shot Browning rifle gets a face lift, making it a real shooter. Sundra, Jon February 1996 Updating the Low Wall 26
G029639 A quartet of hot cartridges and a new rifle boost ballistic performance to a higher level. Bodinson, Holt February 1996 Guns of Lazzeroni, The 39
G029644 This unique raffle rifle commemorates a very special gunwriter. Turpin, Tomj February 1996 1996 Custom Gunmakers Guild Gun 44
G029646 Four tack driving, fast shooting custom rifles shoot it out on the range. Fasano, John February 1996 Custom 10/22 Shootout! 46
G029634 For moderate range varminting, this mid-power .22 cartridge is a winner. Matunas, Ed February 1996 .222 Remington, The 34
G029654 These respectable cartridges stand quietly waiting to be discovered. Taffin, John February 1996 Big Bores America Forgot, The 54
G029694 Book review of The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning Jones, Frank W. February 1996 Shooter’s Bookshelf 94
G019640 Two guns, one cartridge. An Idea from the Old West that’s catching on again. CAS Taffin, John January 1996 Sixguns & Saddleguns 40
G019644 Smith’s new .380 represents a radical departure for the company. Petty, Charles January 1996 CCW — Concealed Carry Weapon 44
G019632 This magnificent custom gun will be auctioned to benefit Yukon conservation. Hopkins, Cameron January 1996 SCI’s Alaska Rifle 32
G019636 Demon Vampire Deer Stalks Siberia! (You can’t miss this one.) Sundra, Jon January 1996 Russia Rifle, The 36
G019653 This rifle is a combination of the world’s three most popular combat guns. Taylor, Chuck January 1996 K-2: Korea’s Battle Rifle 53
G019650 Once nearly extinct, this handy scattergun is back in a big way. Rees, Clair January 1996 Trend Toward 28, The 50
G019654 This shotgun can take on either turkey or whitetail with great success. Dvorchak, George E. Jr. January 1996
A Gun for Two Seasons
G019616 Steel doesn’t perform the way lead does — in many ways it’s better. Zutz, Don January 1996 Steel Shot & Today’s Guns 16
G019624 Using technology to enhance the performance of our long guns. Sundra, Jon January 1996 Techno-Loads 24
G019634 These dedicated rimfire optice ensure a more accurate performance. Rees, Clair January 1996 Optics for .22s Only 34
G019663 The most popular hunting cartridge in the world is still going strong. Matunas, Ed January 1996 No Stopping the .30-06 63
GAN9620 Defensive techniques for your home, car and place of business. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1996 Armed to the Teeth 20
GAN9682 Taurus’ .44 Magnum Custom Carry Pack is a controllable powerhouse. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual 1996 Taming the Bull 82
GAN9615 5,000 rounds in four hours was no problem for this wheelgun. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual 1996 Torture Testing the S&W Model 60 15
GAN9659 The single action revolver has been called the gun too good to die. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1996 The Timeless Single Action 59
GAN9669 Pistols from L.A.R. and AMT chambered for the booming .50 AE. Wood, J.B. GUNS Annual 1996 Forgotten Fifties 69
GAN96101 Mid-capacity firearms are coming into their own under the crime law. Gangarosa, Gene GUNS Annual 1996 After the Ban 101
GAN9673 The super accurate Model 116 is sure to win the hearts of lefties. Petty, Charles E. GUNS Annual 1996 Southpaw Savage 73
GAN9676 Do rimfire rifles on both ends of the price scale deliver top quality performance? Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1996 Plain & Fancy .22s 76
GAN9607 Engraved Colt single actions with a Western flair. Custom guns. CAS. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1996 Branded! 7
GAN9628 The fine art of custom fierarms. Custom guns. Farrell, Scott GUNS Annual 1996 Life’s Too Short to Shoot Ugly Guns 28
GAN9636 Scattergunners are taking advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1996 Sophisticated Shotshells 36
GAN9688 Make the job easier with the right tools. Huntington, Roy GUNS Annual 1996 Home Long Gun Smithing 88
GAN9691 Custom knives are the perfect complement to quality firearms. Covert, Patrick GUNS Annual 1996 Edges of Excellence 91
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