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1995 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G129514 Why military sidearms are the same pistols we should use for defense and duty. Handguns Ayoob, Massad December 1995 Perfect Defensive Guns, The 14
G129548 Colt resurrects the classic .38-40, a sixgun which was ahead of its time. Handguns Taffin, John December 1995 Last of the Big Bore Sixguns 48
G129556 A look at the first 10 years of service for the US military’s 9mm pistol. Handguns Ayoob, Massad December 1995 Beretta’s M9: Taking the Field 56
G129552 Gary Goudy. Artist’s beautiful custom rifles are rugged enough for field use. Rifles Turpin, Tom December 1995 GUNS signature Series: Gunstocks of Gary Goudy 52
G129566 Hunting .44 Magnums for deer — all the rest are just wanna-bes. Hunting Rees, Clair December 1995 Do You Feel Lucky, Buck? 66
G129570 North America’s largest game deserves a special rifle — and a little respect. Hunting Sundra, Jon December 1995 Moose Rifles 70
G129572 Last month we looked at the loads, this month we examine bird guns. Hunting Zutz, Don December 1995 Fowl Weather II: Guns for Duck & Goose 72
G129534 Exploring the dual nature of our right to keep and bear arms under the law. 2nd amendment. Wright, Randall December 1995 Two Sides of the 2nd Amendment, The 34
G129562 Why do so many handgunners feel the compelling “need for speed?” Petty, Charles December 1995 Who Put the “Plus” in the +P? 62
G129564 Turn on your VCR and you can re-live a day at the range or on the field. Bodinson, Holt December 1995 Cyber-Sniper Scope 64
G129585 These innovative air weapons offer some unique tactical possibilities. Galan, J.I. December 1995 Non-Lethal Options for Defense 85
G129591 Faced with a panicked pachyderm herd, a hunter has nowhere to hunt. Matunas, Ed December 1995 On Deadly Ground: Elephant Stampede 91
G119564 Big-bore custom pistolsmith Hamilton Bowen shows his kinder, gentler side. Handguns. Taffin, John November 1995 Sensible sixguns of Hamilton Bowen 64
G119574 Big bore handguns are lifesavers in true-life defensive encounters. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad November 1995 Street Reports: .45 Double Action Autos 74
G119554 A rugged Springfield 1911 for close combat from Wilson’s Custom Shop. Law enforcement guns. Huntington, Roy November 1995 Sworn to Protect 54
G119562 This 12 gauge gives awesome stopping power without an “assault gun” appearance. Law enforcement guns. Huntington, Roy November 1995 Entry Gun! 62
G119524 Part museum, part gun shop Remington’s new facility is open to shooters. Rifles. Sundra, Jon November 1995 Remington Custom Shop 24
G119538 For over 100 years, this incomparable bolt action rifle has been without peer. Rifles. Sundra, Jon November 1995 Genesis of the Mauser 38
G119548 Hunters utilize these quality open sights for just one reason: reliability. Hunting. Rees, Clair November 1995 When All Else Fails: Iron Sights 48
G119550 Duck and goose hunters bring down the birds with a wide variety of waterfowl loads. Hunting. Zutz, Don November 1995 Fowl Weather 50
G119552 Improving Hydra-Shok through analysis of real-life police shootings. Handguns. Petty, Charles November 1995 GUNS Exclusive: Federal’s New Tactical Ammo 52
G1195100 A new high-performance cartridge for police carbines and light sniper rifles. Handguns. Petty, Charles November 1995 Federal’s Tactical .223 100
G109538 A pair of six shooters carried by Jesse James bring $71,500 on the block. CAS. Handguns. Huntington, Roy October 1995 Guns at Auction: The guns of Jesse James 38
G109550 The new rimfire pistol from Colt is both accurate and fun. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene October 1995 Colt .22: Best of the Breed 50
G109556 S&W’s tiny J-frame revolver turns intoa turbocharged .357 Magnum. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad October 1995 Fistful of Thunder 56
G109580 The notorious derringer is making a comeback in the cowboy action games. CAS. Handguns. Taffin, John October 1995 When the Chips Are Down 80
G109543 A look inside this new company and their extraordinary rifles. Rifles. Tabor, Thomas October 1995 Cooper: Rimfire’s Rising Star 43
G109546 These “backwards” guns are made for lefties tired of shooting upside-down. Rifles. Petty, Charles October 1995 Rifles for Southpaws 46
G109518 A unique barrel insert turns your 12 gauge into an indoor clays gun. Shotguns. James, Frank W. October 1995 Rimfire Scatterguns & Indoor Trap 18
G109554 You’ll be surprised at all the things Remington’s 870 pump 12 gauge can do. Shotguns. Matunas, Ed October 1995 World’s Most Versatile Gun, The 54
G109564 A no-holds-barred analysis of microchips, laser beams and hunting ethics. Hunting. “John Fox” October 1995 Hunting Technology or The Death of Field Craft 64
G109566 A powerful .356 single shot pistol for North American big game. Hunting. Williams, Dick October 1995 XL Elk Hunter, The 66
G109532 Choose the right mounting system to create a strong marriage of rifle and scope. Sundra, Jon October 1995 With These Rings… 32
G109536 These new power tools take the tedium out of case trimming and prep. Petty, Charles October 1995 Dynamic Duo: RCBS Trim Pro & Trim Mate 36
G109568 Dozens of catalogs full of great products for collectors and shooters. October 1995 Special Guns & Gear Catalog Section 68
G099556 The SRP .45 is an exact duplicate of the FBI’s custom tactical pistol. Farrell, Scott September 1995 Lethal Response 56
G099538 New fiberglass technology gives riflemen a solid advantage. Sundra, Jon September 1995 Synthetic Stock Gets Better, The 38
G099564 A custom rifle chambered in an enhanced version of the classic govt. round. Bodinson, Holt September 1995 .45-70 Elko Magnum 64
G0995100 This exciting game has attracted quite a following among female shooters. Zutz, Don September 1995 Women & Clays: A Whole New world 100
G099566 choosing a rifle for the wide variety of game on the African plains. Hunting. Matunas, Ed September 1995 Light Rifle in Africa, The 66
G099570 These are the guns the pros use when stalking the killer of men: Cape buffalo. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron September 1995 Rifles for Africa’s Deadliest Game 70
G099548 These inexpensive little components can have a huge effect on accuracy. Turpin, Tom September 1995 Scope Mounts 48
G099552 Testing 32 varieties of .22 ammo to find the most accurate round available. Petty, Charles September 1995 Taking On the Little Guys 52
G099562 A look at the hard-hitting cartridges from .308 to .300 Weatherby Magnum. Rees, Clair September 1995 Indomitable .30s, The 62
G099577 A true-life adventure tale of a gruesome encounter in darkest Africa. Hopkins, Cameron September 1995 On Deadly Ground: Cape Buffalo Attack! 77
G089548 Like a bird of prey, this 9mm pistol is both elegant and deadly. Handguns. Williams, Dick August 1995 Baby Eagle: Prince of the Raptors 48
G089562 Regarded as one of the finest target pistols ever, this .22 is available again. Handguns. Petty, Charles August 1995 High Standard Returns 62
G089536 These top-quality loads can bring any rifle up to its peak of performance. Matunas, Ed August 1995 Match Grade Rifle Ammunition 36
G089580 Heading into the woods this summer?jDon’t forget this vital wilderness tool. Handguns. James, Frank W. August 1995 Kit Gun, The 80
G089554 Combining several designs, the Apollo may be the world’s strongest rifle. Sundra, Jon August 1995 Hail! The Mighty Apollo 54
G089560 Teddy Roosevelt’s big-bore double rifle goes on the auction block. Huntington, Roy August 1995 Guns At Auction: $500,000 Roosevelt Rifle 60
G089539 This special Colt six shooter was restored in honor ofthe man who designed it. CAS. Rickell, Walter August 1995 “Big Iron” Custom Cowboy sixgun 39
G089540 See the breathtaking custom guns on display at this convention of the masters. Turpin, Tom August 1995 Magnificent Guns of the ACGG 40
G089544 Conspicuous consumption is the goal of these millionaire hunters. Hopkins, Cameron August 1995 Safari Club: The Greatest Show on Earth 44
G089522 New advances in optical technology give hunters more accuracy, greater reach. Sundra, Jon August 1995 High-Tech Optics 22
G079516 The Detective Special — finest of the six-shot .38 snubbies — is back in production! Handguns. Ayoob, Massad July 1995 Classic Colt .38 Snubbie 16
G079542 The electronic .223 from Voere proves that lightning can strike twice. Handguns. Bodinson, Holt July 1995 Jagersport Caseless Pistol, The 42
G079548 Despite a turbulent beginning, the hardy Czech 9mm outlasted the iron curtain. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene July 1995 20 Years of the CZ-75 48
G079554 High tech sixguns provide a tactical advantage for survival in the streets. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad July 1995 Streetcomps II: The Revolvers 54
G079528 Burris Pos-Align system brings new levels of accuracy to optics. Rifles. Sundra, Jon July 1995 Scope Mounts Supreme 28
G079530 New powder developments can help make the most of stumpy scatterguns. Shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1995 Wring the Most Out of a Short Barrel 30
G079558 This rare bird provides performance and reliability for the budget shooter. Shotguns. Rees, Clair July 1995 Condor Supreme: A Bird on the Wing 58
G079535 Utilizing steel targets can be fun, if the right safety precautions are observed. James, Frank W. July 1995 Steel & Safety 35
G079562 Weatherby’s striking shotgun duo have caught the attention of American wingshooters. Shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1995 Hunters of Olympus, The 62
G079560 A new shooter’s introduction to the world’s most challenging shotgun game. Shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1995 International Sporting Clays 60
G069516 These micro-revolvers are the best choice in steamy summer heat. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad June 1995 Featherweight Carry Guns 16
G069548 Gunsmith Dave Lauck’s custom streetfighter for self defense. Handguns. Anderson, CCave June 1995 Professional Endeavour 48
G069558 The P91 provides plenty of .40-caliber tactical firepower. Handguns. Taffin, John June 1995 Ruger’s Mid-Size Pistol 58
G069561 Does this middle of the road cartridge perform up to its reputation? Handguns. James, Frank June 1995 Expert Analysis: The .40 S&W Cartridge 61
G069562 The original .40 S&W pistol goes head to head with the Sigma. Handguns. O’Meara, “Doc” June 1995 .40s From Smith, The 62
G069540 This spectacular custom rifle comes with not one, but two barrels. Rifles. Turpin, Tom June 1995 Signature Rifles of Gary Stiles, The 40
G069546 The Model 70 gets a boost with a new optimizing system. Rifles. Sundra, Jon June 1995 Optimizing the Rifleman’s Rifle 46
G069526 The real reasons behind buffer and plated shot. Shotguns. Zutz, Don June 1995 Shot: State of the Art 26
G069534 A review of Wayne LaPierre’s “Guns, Crime and Freedom.” 2nd amendment. Seymour, Lee June 1995 Shooter’s Bookshelf 34
G069544 The .22 cartridges which define screaming, burning, super-sonic velocity. Rees, Clair June 1995 Mo’ Hotta, Mo’ Betta! 44
G069580 Replica guns bring the enjoyment of collecting to budget buyers. Galan, J.I. June 1995 “Our Goal is Supreme Realism” 80
G059547 This little .380 is the gun that rode beneath the coat of the man called 007. Handguns. James, Frank W. May 1995 A Black Tie Affair: The Walther PPK 47
G059556 A quest for six manstopping rounds in a lightweight wheelgun. Handguns. Huntington, Roy May 1995 Custom Off-Duty Revolver 56
G059564 A new compact 9mm that’sperfect for undercover carry. Handguns. Galan, J.I. May 1995 Claws of the Cat, The 64
G059536 The new guns and gear unveiled the ‘95 by Big Green. Rifles. Sundra, Jon May 1995 New From Remington 36
G059582 Sako’s premium rimfire deliveres quality and accuracy. Rifles. James, Frank W. May 1995 The Finnfire — Europe’s Super .22 82
G059560 The most accurate rifle on the plains is available once again. Rifles. CAS. Taffin, John May 1995 Sharps 1874 60
G059563 This rifle helped the army transition from muzzleloaders to modern guns. Rifles. CAS. Prowse, Brad May 1995 Trapdoor Springfield, The 63
G059522 Creating shotguns should be done by shotgunners, not computer designers. Shotguns. Zutz, Don May 1995 How I wish They’d Make Shotguns 22
G059540 What bullet you use depends on what you expect it to accomplich. Turpin, Tom May 1995 Form Follows Function: Bullet Design 40
G059552 A whirlwind tour of the world’s largest gun show in Las Vegas. Petty, Charles May 1995 A Backstage Pass to the SHOT Show 52
G059550 A custom pistol dedicated to nighttime defensive encounters. Handguns. Farrell, Scott May 1995 Ultimate Nightstand Gun, The 50
G049554 Admire the new stainless steel replica of this classic 9mm pistol. Handguns. Petty, Charles April 1995 Luger: Waffe Der Soldaten 54
G049560 Being out of production for 115 years hasn’t harmed Schofield. Handguns. James, Frank W. April 1995 Gun that Maj. Schofield Built, The 60
G049523 As bipod technology improves, long-distance shooters benefit. Rifles. Sundra, Jon April 1995 Versatile Bipod, The 23
G049564 Gunsmith Keith Dehart works magic on a pair of Marlin rifles. Taffin, John April 1995 Big Bore Custom Leverguns 64
G049568 Italy’s modern battle rifle is a study in ingenuity and expediency. Rifles. Taylor, Chuck April 1995 Beretta BM59, The 68
G049542 Administrative handling techniques for the tactical 12 gauge. Shotguns. Ayoob, Massad April 1995 Manual of Arms: Combat Shotgun 42
G049517 Realistic training tips to enhance survival in defensive encounters. Ayoob, Massad April 1995 Tactical Defense Training 17
G049530 Peers of the realm may own guns — only commoners must go unarmed. 2nd amendment. Combs, Beverly J. April 1995 Gun Control Is For Peasants 30
G039538 these semiauto Argentine belly guns are muy bueno. Handguns. Taffin, John March 1995 South of the Border Bersas 38
G039544 A star is borne if you carry these two lightweight self-defense pistols. Handguns. Huntington, Roy March 1995 A Pair of Stars 44
G039524 A portable, free-standing rilfle rest for those who want ultimate accuracy. Rifles. Sundra, Jon March 1995 Stability in the Field 24
G039550 If you think there’s nothing new in bolt action rifles, read this. Rifles. Sundra, Jon March 1995 Innovation in Action — The Blaser 94 50
G039514 Supporters of liberty send a message to Washington: “don’t tread on us.” 2nd amendment. Ayoob, Massad March 1995 Celebrating the November Sweep 14
G039532 Join law enforcement’s elite SWAT teams on the training field. Farrell, Scott March 1995 Trial by Combat 32
G039541 For 103 years this cartridge has been a success in rifles around the world. Rifles. Rees, Clair March 1995 7mm Mauser: A Cartidge Classic 41
G039543 A hilarious look at the guns (and shooters) you fimd in the classifieds. Assenza, Tony March 1995 Assenza-ism: Gun For Sale 43
G039554 Safely introducing guns to non-shooters. Petty, Charles March 1995 “I’m Thinking of Buying A Gun…” 54
G039570 Gun owners took some hard blows in ‘94, but we won a few battles. 2nd amendment. Peterson, Dan March 1995 Victories of a Dark Year 70
G029528 A unique .22 conversion for the Government Model is rediscovered. Handguns. James, Frank February 1995 1911 Goes Rimfire, The 28
G029544 Gunsite’s gunsmiths present their version of the ideal fightin’ .45. Handguns. James, Frank February 1995 Raven’s Claw, The 44
G029520 The grand old ‘98 Mauser is back from the company that introduced it. Rifles. Sundra, Jon February 1995 Classic Mauser 20
G029550 Up- and down-hill marksmanship pays off on a South Pacific hunt. Rifles. Hunting Jundra, Jon February 1995 Hunting the Hill Country 50
G029530 Unique slugs from SGB bring new performance the 12 ga. hunters. Shotguns. Hunting. Zutz, Don February 1995 Buckbusters, The 30
G029534 Hard-kicking rifles ncan be softened at the reloading bench. Matunas, Ed February 1995 Loading to Tame Big Bore Guns 34
G029538 This well-behaved round blazed the trail for tody’s flat-shooting .22s. Rees, Clair February 1995 .22 Hornet: The Quiet Varmint Cartridge 38
G029554 Thousands of hours of research went into Speer’s 12th edition best seller. Petty, Charles February 1995 Making of a Reloading Manual, The 54
G019564 A loving look at the most timeless of sixguns, the Colt Single Action. Handguns. Taffin, John January 1995 Frontier Sixgun 64
G019574 In the field, the .454 Casull is the undisputed monarch. Handguns. Williams, Dick January 1995 King of the Hunting Handguns 74
G019562 This little-known classic rifle is great for the grasslands. Rifles. Zutz, Don January 1995 Remington 725 62
G019570 Four master gunsmiths came together to create this unique double rifle. Rifles. Farmer-Dressel, Sharon January 1995 1995 ACGG Gun 70
G019580 After 50 years, there is finally a Mark V that says, “Made in USA.” Bodinson, Holt January 1995 Weatherby comes Home 80
G019592 Sundra puts the Savage factory to the test as he makes his own gun. Rifles. Sundra, Jon January 1995 Savage Rifle…Start to Finish 92
G019576 Binoculars and spotting scoped for shooters who expect the best. Rees, Clair January 1995 Field Optics 76
G019543 Look back at four decades of GUNS Magazine. January 1995 40 Years of GUNS 43
G019549 Keith, Skelton, Jordan, Askins… They’ve all written for GUNS. January 1995 Great Gunwriters 49
G019550 Inside the magazine that set the trend for all the others. O’Meara, Doc January 1995 GUNS Magazine: In the Beginning 50
G019552 A young boy discovers a great new publication. Taffin, John January 1995 Growing Up With GUNS 52
G019553 Great advertisements which have become a part of our lives. January 1995 GUNS Classic Ads 53
G019556 After 40 years of shooting, this gunwriter still loves his job. Rees, Clair January 1995 Where’s the Catch? 56
G019557 The ups and downs of the last 40 years on the gun world. Hopkins, Cameron January 1995 GUNS: A Retrospective 57
G019558 A publication devoted strictly to firearms was only logical in 1955. Sundra, Jon January 1995 A Magazine That Made Sense 58
G019561 Standing in awe of the great men who blazed trails for us. Ayoob, Massad January 1995 In the Company of Legends 61
GAN9540 Quality firearms have propelled this company to the top of the popularity scale. Handguns. Williams, Dick GUNS Annual 1995 Ruger Handgun Roundup 40
GAN9573 Are today’s replica guns better than the originals? Handguns. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1995 Single Action Replicas 73
GAN9522 A working example of precision American rifle manufacturing. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1995 The Savage 110 22
GAN9561 A look at the latest innovative designs in the shotgun market. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1995 What’s Hot for Shotgunners 61
GAN9580 This “three barrel gun” adapts for all your hunting needs. Fender, James E. GUNS Annual 1995 The Versatile Drilling 80
GAN9585 Winchester’s Model 70 — an improved version of the pre-’64. Sundra, Jon R. GUNS Annual 1995 The Return of a Legend 85
GAN9518 Two production guns are transformed into custom hunting packages. Williams, Dick GUNS Annual 1995 The .44 Goes Afield 18
GAN9548 Improving on the classic western revolver. Custom guns. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1995 The Sixguns of Texas Longhorn Arms 48
GAN9592 A photographic display of Safari club International’s best custom rifles. Bodinson, Holt GUNS Annual 1995 The Magnificent Guns of SCI 92
GAN9508 The best firearms for hunting North America’s big game. Hunting. Rees, Clair GUNS Annual 1995 The Right Rifle for the Game 8
GAN9530 This great little varmint rifle from Ruger is capable of minute-of-angle accuracy. Hunting. Taffin, John 1GUNS Annual 1995 The Model 77/22R 30
GAN9534 A look at the personal defense weapon choices of experts around the world. Self defense. Steele, David E. GUNS Annual 1995 Serious Sidearms 34
GAN9551 An inside look at the San Diego Sherrif’s unique tactical training facility. Self defense. Farrell, Scott GUNS Annual 1995 The Mean Streets of Duffytown 51
GAN9589 Combat skills honed in competition can save your life. Self defense. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1995 Preparing for the Worst 89
GAN95102 How and why the shotgun is the ultimate defensive weapon. Self defense. Taylor, Chuck GUNS Annual 1995 The Home Defense Shotgun 102
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