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1994 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G129442 Modern methods and technology revive the muzzleloading hunter. Hunting. Fadala, Sam December 1994 Blackpowder Hunting 42
G129452 A lightweight Remington 700 takes on Montana pronghorn. Hunting. Turpin, Tom December 1994 A Custom Rifle in Greasy Grass Country 52
G129455 A hilarious look back at this year’s deer hunt. Hunting. Peterson, Dan December 1994 Uncle Dan’s “Guaranteed” Whitetail Strategies 55
G129446 Hunters must choose a gun as swift and deadly as its target. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron December 1994 Rifles For the Great Cats of Africa 46
G129424 This scaled-down version of the Model 76 is a real tack driver. Rifles. Sundra, jon December 1994 Dakota Varmint Rifle 24
G129416 Innovations in ankle carry offer both comfort and reliability. Hundguns. Ayoob, Massad December 1994 Optimum Carry Choice: The Ankle Holster 16
G129456 The Novak touch may make this the ultimate Hi-Power. Handguns. James, Frank W. December 1994 Custom Browning: One of 100 56
G1294102 Here’s an alternative to shooting steel in thin-barreled guns. Shotguns. Zutz, Don December 1994 Bismuth & The Steel Shot Dilemma 102
G129466 An inside look at the first belted magnum from Weatherby. Cartridge. Rees, Clair December 1994 .270 Weatherby Magnum: A Cartridge Classic 66
G129494 This little-known system reduces recoil and boosts power. Galan, J.I. December 1994 Spring Guns 94
G119458 A serious rifle for hunters with an emphasis on utility. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron November 1994 Robar .284 Custom Rifle 58
G119462 These handy tools can improve your performance on the hunt. Hunting. Bodinson, Holt November 1994 Field Rests 62
G119466 A tactical handgun for military and law enforcement. Handguns. James, Frank November 1994 Steyr TMP Full-Auto Pistol, The 66
G119470 The world’s smallest .45 is an excellent choice for self defense. Handguns. Petty, Charles November 1994 Pocket Thunder: The AMT .45 Backup 70
G119480 The courses at the NTI pistol match are designed too be “unsurvivable.” Ayoob, Massad November 1994 Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive 80
G119484 For a cop, this is not an ethics debate, it’s just part of the job. Confiscation. Huntington, Roy November 1994 Realities of Gun Confiscation, The 84
G119485 An eyewitness account of gun confiscation in Communist Cuba. Confiscation. “Max Jorge” November 1994 I’ve Seen it All Before 85
G119486 A serious look at a desperate defense. Confiscation. James, Frank November 1994 Weathering the Storm: Underground Gun Storage 86
G119492 GUNS hosts a readers’ round table on this timely subject. Confiscation. November 1994 Readers’ Forum on Gun Confiscation 92
G119465 A competitive shooter wonders why you wouldn’t gun-proof your kids. Bridgman, Dave November 1994 Kids & Guns — Do They Mix? 65
G119476 Lever action rifles as tough as the pioneers who carried them. CAS. Taffin, John November 1994 Guns that Really Won the West 76
G109482 The model 76 takes on a town of pesky prarie dogs. Hunting. Turpin, Tom October 1994 Dakota’s Prarie Dog Safari 82
G109486 Hunting America’s “Last Frontier” takes a tough gun. Rees, Clair October 1994 Rifles for Alaska 86
G109490 Stalking elusive whitetail in the Mexican Outback. Hunting. Sundra, Jon October 1994 Desert Deer of the Sonora 90
G109495 Zen philosophy adds a dimension to warm-up shooting. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron October 1994 Range Techniques for Mule Deer Hunting 95
G109474 A tiny buzz with a lethal bite for executive security. Handguns. James, Frank W. October 1994 Deadly Serpeant: The MAC-11 .380 74
G109450 The unique features of the Mark III set the trend for other rifles. Sundra, Jon October 1994 A Gun Ahead of its Time: The Steyr Mark III 50
G109462 Conventional wisdom regarding the 26-inch barrel is all wrong. Rifles. Bodinson, Holt October 1994 Return of the Long Barreled Rifle 62
G109436 A hilarious look at the lack of reloading components on dealer’s shelves. Assenza, Tony October 1994 Assenza On: The Great Primer Famine of ‘94 36
G109468 Western leather for historical re-enactment buffs — or for just plain fun. CAS Taffin, John October 1994 Old Time Holsters 68
G109496 A new way of thinking has changed America’s premier handgun maker. Petty, Charles October 1994 Inside the New Smith & Wesson 96
G1094128 Kentucky artillery buffs save a piece of history from the junkyard. James, Frank W. October 1994 French 75 Comes to Knob Creek, The 128
G099452 From rock chucks to rhinos this versatile round is a game better. Hunting. Dvorchak, George September 1994 .375 JDJ 52
G099454 with dozens of models on the market, don’t get cought in the optical confusion. Hunting. Rees, Clair September 1994 Choosing the Right Hunting Scope 54
G099458 Don’t let your quarry turn the tables on you because you’ve got the wrong gun. Hunting. Matunas, Ed September 1994 Dangerous Game Rifle, THe 58
G099466 Nobody will ever accuse these monster revolvers of being “wimpguns.” Handguns. Taffin, John September 1994 Linebaugh’s Super Sixguns 66
G099470 A state-of-the-art competition gun from master gunsmith Claudio Salassa. Handguns. Petty, Charles September 1994 Briley .40 S&W Racegun 70
G099475 The new caliber meets IPSC major requirements and parallels .357 ballistics. Handguns. Petty, Charles September 1994 Briley .356 TS&W Option 75
G099482 For years these surprising pistols were hidden behind the Iron Curtain. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene September 1994 9mms of Hungary 82
G099497 This tiny 9mm lets bodyguards put a sub gun in their coat pocket. Handguns. Farrell, Scott September 1994 HK MP5K-PDW, The 97
G099480 This .50 BMG rifle is capable of one-hole accuracy a 1,000 yards. Rifles Matunas, Ed September 1994 AAO 2000 Rifle, The 80
G099462 A crash course on executive protection at HK’s elite “bodyguard” academy. James, Frank W. September 1994 Sub Guns & Schreeching Tires 62
G099490 At the premier gun show in Europe, the theme was: Back to the Future. James, Frank W. September 1994 IWA: The European Connection 90
G099499 Should bullets be harmless? Why do we need hollowpoint ammo? Petty, Charles September 1994 Legacy of the Black Talon 99
G089462 The new 1911 from Springfield may be one of the finest pistols they’ve ever made. Handguns. Petty, Charles August 1994 Trophy Match 62
G089468 Safe and effective methods for administrative handling of the sixgun. CAS. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad August 1994 Double-Action Revolver Manual of Arms 68
G089476 A cynical old hunter re-discovers the fun of hunting with a blackpowder revolver. Handguns. Hunting. Williams, Dick August 1994 Hunting with the Ruger Old Army 76
G089436 Big game hunters take note: Dakota has six new magnum cartridges and rifles. Hunting. Sundra, Jon August 1994 Magnums of Dakota Arms, The 36
G089455 From the team that brought you the M-16 comes a rifle capable of one-hole accuracy. Rifles. Petty, Charles August 1994 Reed Knight’s SR-25 55
G089466 Standing in the Model 700’s shadow, this lightweight rifle makes a great custom gun. Rifles. Rees, Clair August 1994 Model Seven Custom 66
G0894102 A new way to fill out shotgun patterns and improve those sporting clay scores. Shotguns. Zutz, Don August 1994 Parabolic Choke, The 102
G089414 With the Second Amendment in jeopardy, the First Amendment may be next to go. 2nd Amendment. Ayoob, Massad August 1994 Glass Houses and Constitutional Rights 14
G089440 Sometimes a .22 is the perfect gun to choose for self and home defense. James, Frank W. August 1994 A Rimfire For Self Defense? 40
G089452 Reed Knight takes on the task of designing guns for the 21st Century. Petty, Charles August 1994 A Tour of Knight’s Manufacturing 52
G089456 Combining the best features of the M-16 and AK-47, the Galil is the king of the battlefield. Rifles. Taylor, Chuck August 1994 Galil — The Ultimate Assault Rifle 56
G079458 “Jell-O Junkies” and “Morgue Monsters” find common ground in these rounds. Ayoob, Massad July 1994 Loads of Compromise 58
G079468 Remington’s only handgun, which set the standard for accuracy, gets a facelift. Handguns. Williams, Dick July 1994 The XP 100 Gets Better 68
G079430 Why has the BATF baned this popular, low-cost cartridge? Rifles. Speir, Cean July 1994 7.62: A Round of Controversy 30
G079444 Five simple tricks you can use to reduce wear-n-tear on your shoulder. Rifles. Rees, Clair July 1994 Taming Rifle Recoil 44
G079460 They’re an expression of the gunsmith’s craft and the heart of a rifle’s accuracy. Rifles. Turpin, Tom July 1994 Custom Rifle Barrels 60
G079456 The practice of “backboring” has changed what we expect from our shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1994 Are We Shooting 11 Gauge Guns? 56
G079471 It’s like a second shotgun you can carry in your coat pocket. Zutz, Don July 1994 L.A. Barrel Extensions 71
G079431 A ballastician examines the reality of armor-piercing bullets. Petty, Charles July 1994 Truth Behind the “Copkiller” Bullet, The 31
G079434 When cops take off their badges, they have to live with gun laws too. 2nd Amendment. Ayoob, Massad July 1994 Why Street Cops Oppose Gun Control 34
G079442 The true assault rifle may be state-of-the-art, but the SMG still has an important role. Taylor, Chuck July 1994 SMG: The Gun that Just Won’t Die 42
G069454 At S&W it symbolizes the end of an odyssey as well as a great new pistol. Handguns. Petty, Charles June 1994 Sigma EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK 54
G069420 For versatility at the handgun range, the good ol’ .38 Special is hard to beat. Handguns. Matunas, Ed June 1994 Making the .38 Special 20
G069442 A basic pistol for .40 fans from Smith & Wesson. Handguns. James, Frank June 1994 411 42
G069433 Here’s a new crop of rifles for long-distance accuracy shooters. Sundra, Jon June 1994 Varminters 33
G069476 Someday we may only be allowed to own rimfire hunting rifles. James, Frank June 1994 Are .22 Bolt Actions Politically Correct? 76
G069448 A custom Remington 700 brings benchrest diversity to big game hunters. Rifles. Fender, James June 1994 A Switch-Barrel Rifle for the Field 48
G069462 A high-tech touch that can tame today’s big-bore self defense pistols. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad June 1994 Streetcomps 62
G069438 A super-accurate slug gun and sabot round add up to 125 yard groups. Zutz, Don June 1994 Tar-Hunt & Lightfield: The Perfect Combination 38
G069452 The “false” sideplate is more than just an engraved anachronism. shotguns. Zutz, Don June 1994 Sideplates & The modern Shotgun 52
G069460 If .357 is king, why are the other calibers so successful? Petty, Charles June 1994 A New Look at the Stopping Power Debate 60
G069491 From backyard shooting to Olympic accuracy, these airguns really deliver. Galan, J.I. June 1994 1994 Annual Airgun Round-Up 91
G059452 Many stopping power experts say it’s the way to go. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad May 1994 230 gr. JHP: The Ultimate .45 Load 52
G059458 Today’s Beretta pistols, and a preview of the next generation. Handguns. Williams, Dick May 1994 Revisiting the Pistols of Beretta 58
G0594107 Filling a niche between the rimfires and the serious calibers. Handguns. Rockefeller, John W. May 1994 Do Real Men Shoot .32s? 107
G059448 How to turn your little Ruger into a tack driver. Rifles. Fowler, Micky May 1994 Minute-of-Angle Mini 14 48
G059463 A very special custom rifle by Dietrich Apel. Trzoniec, Stan May 1994 No. 1 Desert Sheep Rifle 63
G059468 Shooters can tailor this versatile break-top to fit their needs. Rifles. Thorstad, Bruce May 1994 Test Report: New England Firearms Handi-Rifle 68
G059484 Trophy Bonded Bullets come to the law enforcement market. Rifles. Petty, Charles May 1994 Federal’s .308 Tactical Load 84
G059440 A classic American side-by-side is back. Shotguns. Zutz, Don May 1994 New Fox Double, The 40
G059470 The single shot is alive and well. Shotguns. Zutz, Don May 1994 Test Report: Return of the H&R Topper Shotgun 70
G059434 Surveying the industry’s new products at the Dallas trade show. Sundra, Jon May 1994 Best of the SHOT Show, The 34
G059487 The man who changed the history of cartridge development. Davis, Larry G. May 1994 Charles Newton: The Original Wildcatter 87
G059428 From the folks who gave you the .454 Casull, a .50 caliber single action revolver! Handguns. Bodinson, Holt May 1994 Freedom Arms’ Big Fifty 28
G049444 A compact carry gun from the Taurus Gun Shop. Handguns. Lee, Jerry April 1994 Hideaway .44 Special 44
G049448 At last: a serious caliber for the ever-popular M-1 Carbine. Rifles. Ayoob, Massad April 1994 LeMag: A .45 Win. Mag. Carbine 48
G049498 The Buffalo Bill Museum welcomes a new exhibit of firearms history. Rifles. Fadala, Sam April 1994 Remingtons on Display 98
G049454 Introducing a significant new high performance powder for reloaders. Reloading. Petty, Charles April 1994 Breakthrough in Propellant Technology 54
G049455 True or False? The .40 S&W is not an accurate cartridge. Reloading. Petty, Charles April 1994 .40 S&W Accuracy 55
G049456 Surveying the fast growing custom bullet industry. Reloading. Turpin, Tom April 1994 Premium Bullets: The Sequel 56
G049459 Straight from the horse’s mouth, the right way to do this popular wildcat. Reloading. Sundra, Jon April 1994 Making of a 7mm JRS, The 59
G039451 a first look at the newest update of the famed P89. Handguns. Farrell, Scott March 1994 Ruger P94, The 51
G039449 Sturm, Ruger & Co. moves into the military and police subgun market. Farrell, Scott March 1994 Ruger MP9, The 49
G039452 Going through the course at Gunsite, the Mcca of Practical Pistolcraft. Handguns. Speir, Don March 1994 Journey to the High Desert Dojo, A 52
G039459 This customized S&W .357 goes one better — it’s a seven shooter. Handguns. Taffin, john March 1994 Perfect Seven, The 59
G039456 Mitchell Arms brings back a classic .22. Handguns. Test. Petty, Charles March 1994 Mitchell High Standard Victor 56
G039458 A scope for the handgun hunter and an almost-custom Ruger. Handguns. Tests. Williams, Dick March 1994 Leupold 2.5×8 EER/Ruger Competition .22 Auto 58
G039449 Guns and gear of the ultimate SWAT squad. Farrell, Scott March 1994 SWAT: Ready for Action 49
G039464 OSS, FDR bodyguard, riot control, knife authority: The Colonel has done it all. Fadala, Sam March 1994 Col. Rex Applegate: Man of Action 64
G039472 All you really need to know about firearms maintenance. Petty, Charles March 1994 Ins and Outs of Gun Cleaning, The 72
G039436 Is the dual-purpose deer/varmint concept still alive and well? Rifles. Sundra, Jon March 1994 6mms: A 30 Year Perspective 36
G029414 The right choice in a self defense caliber may depend on the time of year. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad February 1994 Seasonal Self Defense Handguns 14
G029460 Heckler & Koch’s new Universal Service Pistol stakes out a position. Handguns. James, Frank February 1994 HK USP, The 60
G029464 This switch-barrel design is a classic study in versatility. Handguns. Dan Wesson O’Meara, Robert February 1994 Dan Wesson Revolvers, The 64
G029466 Six generations of Wessons have contributed to the firearms industry. Handguns. Dan Wesson. O’Meara, Robert February 1994 Wesson, the First Family of Firearms 66
G029467 A new series of affordable .38 Special and .357 Magnum sixguns. Handguns. Dan Wesson. O’Meara, Robert February 1994 New Fixed Barrel Wesson Revolvers, The 67
G029426 A handgun man gets bitten by the assault rifle bug. Taffin, John February 1994 I Never Wanted An Assault Rifle 26
G029456 Gunmaker, gunwriter, gun photographer par excellence. Rifles. Turpin, Tom February 1994 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Steven Dodd Hughes 56
G029434 Don’t miss out on the practical lessons you can learn from this game. Zutz, Don February 1994 What Hunters Can learn From Sporting Clays 34
G029436 The scene at Big Green includes new guns, new ammo and a new owner. Sundra, Jon February 1994 Remington ‘94 36
G029452 Say what? The why and the how of avoiding “shooter’s ear.” Rees, Clair February 1994 Hearing Protection for Shooters 52
G019482 How this police department picked the Ruger .45. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad January 1994 Selecting a Service Sidearm 82
G019440 the past, the present and the future of America’s deer rifle. Rifles. Sundra, Jon January 1994 Second Century: The Winchester 94 40
G019444 One of the foremost firearms historians tells the story of this legendary Winchester. Rifles. Wilson, R.L. January 1994 Winchester 94 Centennial 44
G019462 Who says sporterized military Mannlichers won’t shoot? rifles. Hopkins, Cameron January 1994 Sherman Sporterized Mauser 62
G019426 This ingenious design provides painless trap shooting. Shotguns Zutz, Don January 1994 Browning’s Recoilless Trap Gun 26
G019422 Helpful handloading tools that can really improve your accuracy. Matunas, Ed January 1994 Accessories for Accuracy 22
G019478 This newest anti-gun angle treats firearms like a disease. 2nd Amendment. Peterson, Dan January 1994 Are Guns Creating a Medical Epidemic? 78
G0194100 A former NYPD cop tells the truth about practical shooting. Cirillo, Jim January 1994 Practical Street Survival 100
GAN9438 These are the real good ole days for the revolver. Handguns. Taffin, John GUNS Annual 1994 Sixgun Technology Today Part I: Custom Revolvers 38
GAN9448 A .40 S&W well worth the wait. Handguns. James,Frank GUNS Annual 1994 SIG P-229 48
GAN9478 For all-around use, you can’t go wrong with the .45 automatic. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1994 The .45: Still King of the Semi-Autos 78
GAN9418 The best guns and loads for mule deer may not be what you think. Rifles. Hunting. Fadala, Sam GUNS Annual 1994 High-Tech Rifles for the “New” Mule Deer 18
GAN9481 Best guns and loads for the ultimate hunting challenge. Williams, Dick GUNS Annual 1994 Handgun Hunting 81
GAN9406 The Making of Machine Gun Magic. Leatham, Nyle GUNS Annual 1994 Firestorm in the Desert 6
GAN9412 Many well-made, reasonably priced guns are coming in from the East. Gangarosa, Gene GUNS Annual 1994 The Guns of China 12
GAN9433 The “cool and dry” rule still applies. Jones, C. Rodney GUNS Annual 1994 Storing Your Ammunition 33
GAN9456 Classic English Model over/unders — made in the USA. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual 1994 Ruger’s Racy Red Labels 56
GAN9496 The evolution of the Personal Defense Weapon. Crist, Stanley GUNS Annual 1994 Past, Present & Future 96
GAN9498 The guns of Second Chance ‘93. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual 1994 Magnums on the Midway 98
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