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1993 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G129362 It’s a concept that’s still growing: magnum power in a semi-auto. Handguns. Taffin, John December 1993 Magnumatics! 62
G129365 A more compact approach to .357 auto power. Handguns. Taffin, John December 1993 Coonan Cadet, The 65
G129388 This series of trim little sixguns have served many generations of shooters. Handguns. Taffin, John December 1993 Smith & Wesson Kit Guns 88
G129322 Fine tuning your barrel’s vibrations for the ultimate in accuracy. Rifles. Sundra, Jon December 1993 Good Vibrations: The Browning BOSS System 22
G129345 Steel shot and changing hunting conditions have breathed new life into the 10 gauge. Rifles. Zutz, Don December 1993 Born Again 10, The 45
G129380 Experience counts when it comes to selecting the ideal hunting rifle. Matunas, Ed December 1993 A Gun Writer’s Dream Rifles 80
G129336 You can custom tailor many features on your next Weatherby shotgun. Zutz, Don December 1993 Weatherby Over/Unders, The 36
G129368 A new generation of Winchester over-unders has been born. shotguns. Rees, Clair December 1993 Test Report: Winchester 1001 68
G129351 A half-century of service to shooters and handloaders. Petty, Charles December 1993 RCBS’s 50th Anniversary 51
G129356 Practical shooting with the pros, and the emphasis is on realism. ayoob, Massad December 1993 Night of NTI 56
G129375 The holidays are a good time to remember the best gun you ever owned. Huntington, Roy December 1993 My First Best Gun 119
G119315 This old timer still makes for an excellent house gun. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad November 1993 S&W 1917, Still Good for Defense 15
G119348 A S&W sixgun designed for the modern day cowboy. Handguns. Fowler, Micky November 1993 Mountain Gun, The 48
G119354 Some of the better deals among the fast-growing .40s. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad November 1993 Affordable .40s 54
G119367 This DAO compact makes a good first impression. Handguns. Huntington, Roy November 1993 Exclusive Test Report: Ruger P-93 67
G119372 These flat shooting calibers cover most American hunting needs. Rifles. Zutz, Don November 1993 Versatile .25s 72
G119374 You don’t have to pay a fortune to own a shooting legend. Rifles. Sundra, Jono November 1993 Mark V: Everyman’s Weatherby 74
G119362 This Arizona businessman bay be the last of the breed. Hunting. Hopkins, Cameron November 1993 Last of the Great White Hunters, The 62
G119380 New products for the hunting season. Bodinson, Holt November 1993 Hunter’s Den 80
G119340 Why you can’t believe everything you read in gun magazines. Petty, Charles November 1993 Myth of Stopping Power, The 40
G109336 Choosing the right gun to have in reserve. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad October 1993 Backup Guns 36
G109366 This monstrous sixgun shoots .45s and .410s. Handguns. Galan, J.I. October 1993 Awesome Thunder Five, The 66
G109372 A top pistolsmith puts his custom touches on the Ruger .22 Auto. Handguns. Petty, Charles October 1993 Volquartsen’s Racy Ruger 72
G109380 An innovative, yet traditional sixgun from the French. Handguns. James, Frank W. October 1993 Manurhin’s Cad Cam Revolver 80
G1093102 A new and improved version of a popular polymer-framed .380. Handguns. Wood, J.B. October 1993 Test Report: Grendel P-12 102
G109364 A new and accurate subsonic rifle from J.D. Jones. James, Frank W. October 1993 .300 Whissssper 64
G109368 This all-American big-bore can take on anything on the continent. Rifles. Rees, Clair October 1993 Magnificent Medium: The .338 68
G1093118 The king of the .300 Magnums is still going strong. Rifles. Bodinson, Holt October 1993 Weatherby’s Revolutionary .300 118
G109350 Anytime you compromise, both sides have to give up something. Shotguns. Zutz, Don October 1993 Modified Choke 50
G1093124 Over the last 30 years, theis design has taken over most clay target sports. Shotguns. Zutz, Don October 1993 Age of the Over/Under 124
G109360 Hunters go through several stages as they develop into true sportsmen. Hunting. Sundra, Jon October 1993 Reflections on Hunting 60
G109377 This Olympic Gold Medal-winning ammo is now available to you. Petty, Charles October 1993 Federal’s Gold Medal Ammo 77
G109383 Would you believe a 35mm ball at 410 fps? James, Frank W. October 1993 A Non-Lethal Punch from Manurhin 83
G099348 Here’s why the old stereotypes no longer apply. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad September 1993 Right Choice in Ladies Guns, The 48
G099356 Moving up to the centerfires of precision handgun shooting. Petty, Charles September 1993 Guns of Bullseye, Pt. II, The 56
G099376 When all options are considered, it is still a good choice. Handguns. Carey, L.T. September 1993 In Defense of the Two-Inch .38 76
G0993120 Colt, Glock and Sig offer three approaches to big-bore carry comfort. Handguns. Carey, L.T.GUNS September 1993 Lightweight .45 Autos 120
G099360 What you need to know when hunting regulations call for slugs or buckshot. Zutz, Don September 1993 Shotgunning for Deer 60
G099368 Surveying some of the better rimfires for these challenging targets. Hunting. Sisley, Nick September 1993 Squirrel Rifle, The 68
G099384 Three major manufacturers unveil new varmint rifles. Hunting. Sundra, Jon September 1993 Varmints Beware 84
G099336 How two custom gunmakers fancy up Ruger’s 10-22. james, Frank September 1993 Best of the Breed 36
G099364 Smith & Wesson’s trio wins its fourth match. Leatham, Nyle September 1993 1993 Sportsman’s Team Challenge 64
G0993114 The king of the rimfires fills a niche no other cartridge can claim. Fadala, Sam September 1993 The.22 Magnum: One of a Kind 114
G089320 When selecting a powder for our very first magnum, think fast. Handguns. Matunas, Ed August 1993 Versatile .357 Magnum, The 20
G089334 Everything you know about handling semi-auto pistols may be wrong. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad August 1993 Autopistols: A New Manual of Arms 34
G089358 Italy is setting the new standards for quality single action sixguns. CAS. Taffin, John August 1993 Cimarron Story, The 58
G089364 Gearing up for competition shooting the cowboy way. CAS. Thorstad, Bruce August 1993 Calling All Cowboys 64
G089368 The Vaquero is one of those great guns that had to happen. CAS. Thorstad, Bruce August 1993 New Ruger from the Old West 68
G089338 The search goes on for the ideal replacement for lead shot. Shotguns. Zutz, Don August 1993 Bismuth Shot: The Non-Toxic Answer? 38
G089354 These new generation self-loading shotguns can do it all. Zutz, Don August 1993 Versatile Autoloader, The 54
G089388 Whether the mission is competition or military precision, this rifle is ready. Petty, Charles August 1993 Sako’s Sniper Rifle 88
G079332 The typical western deer rifle is being seen more and more in the east. Sundra, Jon July 1993 Changing Deer Rifle, The 32
G079366 A lot of what you hear about big game rifles is poppycock! Matunas, Ed July 1993 African Rifles 66
G079388 This Limited Edition model 1886 saluted a great cartridge. Rifles. Bodinson, Holt July 1993 Browning’s .45-70 Saddle Ring Carbine 88
G079336 Part one of a two-part series, beginning with the rimfire. Hundguns. Petty, Charles July 1993 Guns of Bullseye, The 36
G079350 The SPP: a fun gun for the plinker and a menacing self-defense weapon. Handguns Galan, J.I. July 1993 EXCLUSIVE: Steyr’s Special Purpose Pistol 50
G079353 The police/military version is a full fledged machine pistol. Handguns. Lenaerts, Jacques July 1993 Selective Fire Steyr: The TMP 53
G079356 So you really thought the revolver was obsolete Think Again. Handguns. CAS Taffin, John July 1993 In Defense of the Sixgun 56
G079361 At last, the right caliber again in a Colt double action sixgun. Handguns. Taffin, John July 1993 .45 Colt Anaconda, The 61
G079371 The quintessential varmint caliber is now available in Remington’s bolt handgun. Williams, Dick July 1993 Test Report: Remington’s .22-250 XP-100R 71
G079324 Sorting out the confusion of so many powder speed choices. Matunas, Ed July 1993 Right Powder, The 24
G079342 Are U.S. shooters becoming too dependent on powders from abroad? Zutz, Don July 1993 Foreign Powders 42
G069352 Shooters and collectors still have a fondness fro the M&P. Handguns. O’Meara, Robert June 1993 S&W’s Military & Police Revolver 52
G069356 One of the world’s great pistols is now available in .40 caliber. Handguns. James, Frank June 1993 Forty Hi Power, The 56
G069361 Many handgunners will tell you that John Browning’s last pistol was his finest. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad June 1993 Browning’s Classic Hi Power 61
G069316 Near picture-perfect bullet performance from the new Fail Safe bullet. Rifles. Sundra, John June 1993 Winchester’s Supreme Black Talon Fail-Safe Ammo 16
G069338 A roundup of the more noteworthy new developments in rifle scopes and binoculars. Sundra, Jon June 1993 What’s New in Shooting Optics 38
G069388 A-Square’s big-bore proves itself as a dangerous game cartridge. Rifles. Fender, James E. June 1993 .470 Capstick, The 88
G069326 There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Zutz, Don June 1993 Gun Engraving: A Critical Look 26
G069332 Two Colt Single Actions become a canvas for western art. CAS. Lee, jerry June 1993 Salute to the Cowboy 32
G069348 A critical look at the development and the definitions of the American Custom Gun. Turpin, Tom June 1993 Classic Rifle, The 48
G059344 Our famed photo editor designs a revolver for the Bianchi Cup. Handguns. Fowler, Mickey May 1993 Ichi’s Bianchi Gun 44
G059379 Concealed carry can be comfortable for anyone. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad May 1993 Carry Modes & Body Shapes 79
G059390 This self protection handgun for times when the culprit is of the four-legged variety. Fadala, Sam May 1993 Protection: Up Close 90
G059317 How accurate should the self defense handgun be? Ayoob, Massad May 1993 Defensive Handgun Accuracy 17
G059348 As the 7.62×39 Russian grows in popularity, so does this handy all-American carbine. Rifles. Rees, Clair May 1993 Ruger’s Mini-30 48
G059352 The long-awaited single shot centerfire rifle and a new .22 sporter. Turpin, Tom May 1993 Dakota’s Dynamic Duo 52
G059362 How to steer clear of those troublesome jams and feeding problems. Rifles. James, Rodney C. May 1993 Troubleshooting .22 Auto Rifles 62
G059366 All it takes are the right supplies and a little bit of elbow grease. Ottman, Jim May 1993 How to Refinish Your Own Stock 66
G059342 Pattern control gets more sophisticated with these special tubes. Shotguns. Zutz, Don May 1993 Extended Choke Tubes 42
G049322 This chronograph measures the chamber pressures of your reloads. Reloading. Matunas, Ed April 1993 Oehler’s Model 43 Personal Ballistics Lab 22
G049328 Reloads tailored for the short-barrelled .39/.357 snubbies. Reloading. Zutz, Don April 1993 Consistent Loads for the Belly Gun 28
G049335 Accurate Arms Nitro 100 covers all temperature extremes. Reloading. Zutz, Don April 1993 An All-Weather Shotshell Powder 35
G049338 This home computer program offers several unique features. Reloading. Sundra, Jon April 1993 Baltec Ballistics Program, The 38
G049344 Are these higher prices bullets worth their extra cost? Reloading. Turpin, Tom April 1993 Premium Bullets 44
G049384 These shorter, lighter medium-caliber rifles are ideal for many hunting needs. Fadala, Sam April 1993 Compact Hunting Rifle, The 84
G049352 These classic designs are the best of the breed. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene April 1993 World’s Best Pocket Pistols, The 52
G049355 A look at current offerings in the most popular pocket gun caliber. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene April 1993 Today’s .380s 55
G049356 A no-nonsense .40 S&W customized by Wayne Novak. Handguns. James, Frank W. April 1993 Novak Business Pistol, The 56
G049362 What if you could only have six guns for all your hunting needs? Rees, Clair April 1993 Basic Hunting Battery, A 62
G049378 It may look like an assault rifle, but this semi-auto is a .22 Magnum fun-gun. Hopkins, Cameron April 1993 Test Report: The Grendel R-31 Carbine 78
G049380 Behind the walls of the world’s oldest oldest firearms manufacturer. Hopkins, Cameron April 1993 A Visit to Beretta 80
G039336 The 1992 Best in the West SWAT team competition. Police & Military. Farrell, Scott March 1993 Showdown 36
G039342 A comparison of some of the better mounting systems on the market. Police & Military. Fender, James E. March 1993 Scope Systems for the AR-15 42
G039343 An update on the Army’s ACR program. Police & Military. Fender, James. E. March 1993 Whither the M-16? 43
G039356 A unique, South African variation of the striker-12/Street Sweeper design. Self Defense. Woods, Gregor March 1993 Protecta Shotgun, The 56
G039362 It may still be your best bet when the chips are down. Self Defense. Ayoob, Massad March 1993 Self Defense Shotgun, The 62
G039316 When velocity counts, this one is still the champion. Rifles. Matunas, Ed March 1993 .220 Swift, The 16
G039346 Was the .284 Winchester a failure, or just ahead of its time? Rifles. Anderson, Dave March 1993 7mm Stepchild 46
G039324 The Peerless over/under and the Viper .22 headline the new products from Big Green. Sundra, Jon March 1993 Remington ‘93 24
G039352 Secrets of the pros to improve your score on clays and in the field. Shotguns. Zutz, Don March 1993 Taking the Mystery out of Sporting Clays 52
G039372 this most unique airgun packs a big payload. Shotguns. Galan, J.I. March 1993 Air Powered Shotgun, The 72
G029328 A Custom Combat pistol from Wilson’s Gun Shop. Handguns. Hopkins, Cameron February 1993 Stealth Pistol, The 28
G029357 Swiss technology makes improvements on the CZ design. Handguns. James, Frank W. February 1993 Spell of the Sphinx 57
G029364 Narrowing it down to the basic six. Or seven. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad February 1993 Building a Basic Handgun Battery 64
G029350 Jon Sundra’s wildcat goes legit, thanks to Winchester and A-Square. Rifles. Hopkins, Cameron February 1993 .375 JRS, The 50
G029332 This custom Weatherby will bring big dollars to the NSSF. Rifles. Lee, Jerry February 1993 SHOT Show Rifle, The 32
G029368 First look at a new series of side-by-sides from what was East Germany. Shotguns. Zutz, Don February 1993 Merkel Doubles, The 68
G029384 A dream shotgun that General Schwarzkopf turned down. Comus, Steve February 1993 Desert Storm Winchester 21, The 84
G029314 The people have chosen the most anti-gun president in history. 2nd Amendment. Peterson, Dan February 1993 Bill Clinton Will Grab Your Guns 14
G029390 The right way to introduce her to the shooting sports. Lockett, Bob February 1993 Take a Lady Shooting 90
G029362 Where to go and how to put together your own African safari. Alexakos, T.N. February 1993 To Benin and Back 62
G019324 Affordable recoil reducers for your carry gun. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad January 1993 Recoil Control for the Practical Pistol 24
G019346 Heckler & Koch beefs up its famous squeeze-cocker for the .40 S&W. Handguns. Tests. James, Frank W. January 1993 HK’s P7M10 46
G019350 From Freedom Arms, a superbly accurate .357 Magnum. Handguns. Tests. Taffin, John January 1993 .353 Casull 50
G019352 The largest of the LadySmiths is a man-sized magnum. Handguns. Tests. Taffin, John January 1993 Magnum LadySmith 52
G019353 Magnum Research down-sizes its Big Bird for the 9mm. Handguns. Tests. James, Frank W. January 1993 Baby Desert Eagle 53
G019338 An inside look at this latest rifle from Finland’s legendary gunmaker. Rifles. Sundra, Jon January 1993 New Sako Model 955 Rifle, The 38
G019354 The Gunmakers Guild rifle for ‘93 is a beautiful rimfire and you could win it. Rifles. Hughes, Steven Dodd January 1993 Guild Rifle No. 9 54
G019336 The newest addition to a long line of Superposeds. Shotguns. Zutz, Don January 1993 Browning’s B-325 36
G019368 How the 50 states handle hunting laws for muzzleloaders. Hunting. Fadala, Sam January 1993 Black Powder Hunting Regulations 68
GAN9304 Action Shooting—exciting action-filled sports for handgun enthusiasts. Anderson, Dave GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Action Shooting 4
GAN9309 The basics of modern Skeet Shooting. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Skeet Shooting 9
GAN9325 Sporting Clays—fastest growing shotgun sport; “golf with a shotgun” Comus, Steve GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Sporting Clays 25
GAN9350 The quest for perfection of rifle, load and shooter is copmbined. Benchrest Shooting Gammuto, John GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Benchrest Shooting 50
GAN9378 From Olympic running boar to 1,000 yard matches, there’s a shooting sport for every rifleman. Sundra, Jon GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 The Rifleman’s Game 78
GAN9389 Combines athletic ability with marksmanship and field judgement to test shooting skills with a big game hunting rifle. Moritz, Mark GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Keneyathalon 89
GAN9342 How to get started in the exciting and affordable game of trap shooting. Zutz, Don GUNS Annual of the Shooting Sports 1993 Trap Shooting 42
Item Article Author Issue Title Page