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1992 GUNS Magazine Articles

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G129244 The latest version of this classy German import is an easy-to-handle compact. Handguns. James, Frank W. December 1992 Walther’s P-88 Compact 44
G129247 A roundup of current offerings from the industry’s number one importer. Handguns. Gangarosa, Gene December 1992 Interarms Update 47
G129260 This classic favorite is once again in the Colt catalog. Handguns. Taffin, John December 1992 Revisited: Colt’s Single Action Army 60
G129217 The best handloads for Weatherby’s flat-shooting .270 Magnum. Rifles. Matunas, Ed December 1992 The Other .270 17
G129230 Today’s rifle makers offer an astounding array of variations, styles and options. Sundra, Jon December 1992 State of the Rifle, 1993 30
G129236 Some friendly suggestions for the gun and ammunition makers. Shotguns. Zutz, Don December 1992 Shotgunner’s Christmas Wish List 36
G129254 Changes in hunting conditions and ammo are redefining the waterfowl gun. Shotguns. Sisley, Nick December 1992 shotguns for Waterfowl 54
G129282 This time honored system really can improve your shooting skills. Shotguns. Rees, Clair December 1992 Shoot Where You Look 82
G129250 Our periodic roundup of products for the comtemporary hunter. Hunting. Bodinson, Holt December 1992 Hunter’s Den 50
G129285 If you don’t have the time or the money to trek to Africa, here’s the next best thing. Turpin, Tom December 1992 Video Safari 85
G119214 How long are we going to keep looking for that ”magic bullet?” Handguns. Ayoob, Massad November 1992 Stopping Power and Common Sense 14
G119240 It’s the real thing — getting reacquainted with a much copied original. Handguns. James, Frank W. November 1992 Ceska Zbtojovka Story, The 40
G119244 This CZ is a full-auto machine pistol. Handguns. James, Frank W. November 1992 Selective Fire CZ-85, The 44
G119245 Introducing a limited-production competition version of the CZ-85. Handguns. James, Frank W. November 1992 CZ IPSC Pistol, The 45
G119264 Two new five-shot .44s from Taurus and Rossi. Tests. Taffin, John November 1992 Return of the .44 Special, The 64
G119252 More shooters are discovering the virtues of this fine old quarter bore. Hunting. Van Swoll, Wayne November 1992 Savage’s Feisty .250-3000 52
G119260 A gathering of America’s premier handgun hunters in Alabama. Hunting. Dvorchak, George November 1992 White Oak Whitetails 60
G119270 Comparing standard and premium ammo from Federal, Remington and Winchester. Hunting. Sundra, Jon November 1992 How Premium is Premium Ammo? 70
G119250 A custom, hand-crafted side-by-side that’s made right here in the USA. Custom guns. Rees, Clair November 1992 Hatfield Double Shotgun, The 50
G119256 This former ACCG president is now teaching his craft to others. Custom guns. Elliot, Larry November 1992 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Steve Billeb 56
G109238 Getting the most out of the “cartridge of the year.” Handguns. Matunas, Ed October 1992 Reloading the .40 S&W 38
G109246 These SSK custom jobs ar unlike any other Ruger rimfires you’ve ever seen. Handguns. Taffin, John October 1992 Radical Ruger Rimfires 46
G109249 Testing two twenty-twos and the Super Blackhawk Hunter. Handguns. Rees, Clair October 1992 Three New Rugers 49
G109252 Just how well do those combination varmint/deer calibers perform? Hunting. Sundra Jon October 1992 Dual Purpose Rifles 52
G109266 New products just in time for hunting season. Bodinson, Holt October 1992 Hunter’s Den 66
G109288 Fifteen criteria for comparing rifle cartridges. Hunting. Fadala, Sam October 1992 Right Cartridge for You, The 88
G109217 GUNS goes to the first Weatherby writer’s seminar. Sundra, Jon October 1992 What’s New at Weatherby? 17
G109232 They’re not just making skeet tubes down in Houston these days. Petty, Charles October 1992 Industry Profile: Briley Manufacturing 32
G109234 Your best all around choice may not be what you think. Zutz, Don October 1992 Shotgun Choke Selection 34
G109216 It’s what the Second Amendment is all about. 2nd Amendment. Self Defense. Ayoob, Massad September 1992 Lessons of the L.A. Riots 16
G099299 A semi-auto that anyone can handle. Handguns. Self Defense. Ayoob, Massad September 1992 Beretta’s Tip-up .380 99
G099234 Getting geared up for dove shooting south of the border. Hunting. Zutz, Don September 1992 Guns and Loads for Whitewings 34
G099248 For America’s most popular big game target, be sure you have enough gun. Hunting. Sundra, Jon September 1992 Elk Rifle, The 48
G099261 Handgun hunting in Australia with the Thompson/Center Contender. Hampton, Mark September 1992 Contender Down Under, The 61
G099266 Today’s bird hunter can pick from a wide range of excellent smoothbores. Hunting. Sisley, Nick September 1992 Upland Shotguns for the 90s 66
G099240 How to avoid experiencing that maddening “click” when the trigger is pulled. Performance. Matunas, Ed September 1992 COMMON RELOADING MISTAKES 40
G099254 Are handgunners better all around shooters than riflemen and shotgunners? Competition. Leatham, Nyle September 1992 1992 Sportsman’s Team Challenge 54
G099220 Don’t believe everything your shooting instructor told you. Askins, Col. Charles September 1992 Shooting Positions in the Field 20
G099272 It’s been a long and winding road to success. Lee, Jerry September 1992 Engraver Profile: The Guns of Peter Frankson 72
G099278 Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about firearms! Peterson, Dan M. September 1992 Ask Dan 78
G089214 Balancing a batch of Berett’s, all variations of the 92 theme. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad August 1992 Different Strokes 14
G089246 T high capacity, double action .45 from European American Armory. Handguns. Taffin, John August 1992 .45 Witness, The 46
G089264 Tips on handloading the All American pistol cartridge. Handguns. Rockefeller, John W. August 1992 Handloading the .45 Auto 64
G089232 Three top gunmakers introduce a new generation of varmint rifles. Sundra, Jon August 1992 New Wave Varminters 32
G089238 Selected handloads for the rifle cartridge of the century. Rifles. Matunas, Ed August 1992 .30-06 Revisited, The 38
G089260 An upstart David takes on the Goliaths ofn English gunmaking. Rifles. Turpin, Tom August 1992 London’s Newest Best Guns: Symes & Wright 60
G089243 Fabrique Nationale’s radical military weapon. Tests. James, Frank August 1992 EXCLUSIVE: The FN P90: 20th Century Bullpup 43
G089250 Our periodic roundup of accoutrements for the contemporary hunter. Tests. Bodinson, Holt August 1992 Hunter’s Den 50
G089278 An ideal flintlock for the beginning blackpowder shooter. Tests. Nesbitt, Mike August 1992 Dixie Deluxe Cub, The 78
G089218 Tales of adventure during the earlyu days of the Border Patrol. Askins, Col. Charles August 1992 On the Border 18
G079235 Kids and handguns are a fact of life. Here’s how to deal with it. Ayoob, Massad July 1992 Kids and Guns 35
G079238 Special edition Smiths and Colts you won’t find in the catalogs. Handguns. Lydecker, Waldo July 1992 Guns of Lew Horton, The 38
G079246 The guns and the loads that have made it the cartridge of the century. Handguns. Taffin, John July 1992 four Decades with the .44 Magnum 46
G079257 An ingenius solution to a real problem. Handguns. Moritz, Mark July 1992 Counterpoint: Double Action Only 57
G079222 How to give your bolt action rifle a custom action job. Sundra, Jon July 1992 Tune that Turnbolt 22
G079272 A low cost way to keep your shooting skills in shape. Rifles. Galan, J.I. July 1992 Airguns and Plinking 72
G079232 SKB and Beretta offer up a pair of Sporting surprises. Shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1992 Two New Sporting Clays Guns 32
G079244 The top of the line in autoloading shotguns. Zutz, Don July 1992 Benelli’s Super Black Eagle 44
G079253 An inside look at Colt’s 21st century autopistol. Tests. James, Frank July 1992 Colt’s All American 2000 53
G079287 It’s a Special and Limited Edition, but how does it shoot? Tests. Lydecker, Waldo July 1992 Lew Horton Tactical Pistol, The 87
G069244 A compact 9mm introduces a new family of Springfield Armory pistols. James, Frank June 1992 Firecat! 44
G069246 Combining the best of both worlds: skilled craftsmen and mass production. Springfield Armory. James, Frank June 1992 Springfield Armory Custom Shop 46
G069214 Which factory loads whould you trust with your life? Handguns. Ayoob, Massad June 1992 Recommended Loads for Self Defense 14
G069234 A unique 9mm revolver fills a special niche in the handgun field. O’Meara, Robert June 1992 S&W 940, The 34
G069278 A well designed pocket pistol that can protect you when the chips are down. Handguns. Galan, J.I. June 1992 Protec-25, The 78
G069252 Safari Club International’s record setting $225,000 rifle. Custom guns. Bodinson, Holt June 1992 Grizzly Rifle, The 52
G069257 Larry Hagman’s shotgun honors the stars of the Dallas TV show. Custom guns. Lee, Jerry June 1992 J.R.’s Shotgun 57
G069226 Welcoming back a great sporting rifle from Sweden. Sundra, Jon June 1992 Carl Gustaf Rifle, The 26
G069230 Are good shots born? Or are they made on the shooting range? Rifles. Askins, Col. Charles June 1992 Best Shots, The 30
G069258 These calibers can handle any big game assignment on the continent. Rifles. Fadala, Sam June 1992 Middle Magnums 58
G069266 Rifle-like accuracy and lown range performance for your shotgun.Performance & Do-It-Yourself. Zutz, Don June 1992 Winchester’s BRI Sabot Slug 66
G069284 Step-by-step instructions show you how to do a professional job yourself. Performance & Do-It-Yourself. Ottman, Jim June 1992 How to Install Your Own Recoil Pad 84
G059235 What’s new in autopistols and revolvers. SHOT show. James, Frank May 1992 Handguns 35
G059237 Putting the spotlight on significant new trends in rifles. SHOT show. Sundra, Jon May 1992 Rifles 37
G059238 Rounding up the newest smoothbores. SHOT show. Zutz, Don May 1992 Shotguns 38
G059230 Behlert’s Carry Comp tames the .45 for street carry. Handguns. Ayoob, Massad May 1992 Street Comp .45 30
G059272 A no-nonsense, military-style Government Model. And it’s a Colt. Handguns. James, Frank May 1992 Colt Model 1991A1, The 72
G059220 It’s 95% a Mauser. The other 5% is up to you. Rifles. Sundra, Jon May 1992 Ruger Mark II Express Rifle, The 20
G059249 This sizzling 6.5 from the 1950s refuses to give up the ghost. Rifles. bodinson, Holt May 1992 .264 Winchester Magnum, The 49
G059256 An ideal rimfire to introduce the next generation to the shooting game. Rifles. James, Frank May 1992 Marlin 2000, The 56
G059246 Fine examples of the Italian art of double gun making. Shotguns. Turpin, Tom May 1992 Gamba Shotgun, The 46
G059242 Imports of military arms are on the upswing again. Thompson, Jim May 1992 Surplus Gun Update 42
G059250 The work of this extraordinary gunmaker is worth the two year wait. Custom guns. Bolster, Gary May 1992 Gunmaker Profile: Maurice Ottmar 50
G049236 How will does the mini-version of the legendary Iseraeli SMG perform? James, Frank April 1992 UZI! 36
G049212 Do these “Compromise Calibers” make the 9mm and .45 endangered species? Handguns Ayoob, Massad April 1992 10mm and .40 S&W, The 12
G049232 A close-up look at the Winchester Model 70, Remington 700 and Ruger 77. Rifles. Sundra, Jon April 1992 Big Three, The 32
G049244 Why the self-loader can be an aideal choice for your hunting rifle. Rees, Clair April 1992 Autoloading Deer Rifles 44
G049226 These convenient muzzle gadgets are still a viable option for today’s shotgunner. Zutz, Don April 1992 Variable Choke Devices 26
G049246 Scatterguns designed for the springtime turkey hunter. Hunting. Shotguns. Sisley, Nick April 1992 Guns for Gobblers 46
G049216 How to avoid serious problems at the handloading bench. Performance & Reloading. Matunas, Ed April 1992 Reloading Bench Errors 16
G049260 How to know how your load will perform against any game. Performance & Reloading. Matunas, Ed April 1992 OGW: The Optimum Game Weight formula 60
G049266 Shotshell recipes designed especially for this hot clay target sport. Performance & Reloading. Zutz, Don April 1992 Right Stuff for Sporting Clays, The 66
G049257 An old pro’s advice on protecting the domicile. Askins, Col. Charles April 1992 Gun Around the House, A 57
G049278 Black-powder shooting isn’t limited to front loaders. Fadala, Sam April 1992 Black Powder Cartridge, The 78
G039232 Wringing out the long awaited Ruger .45 auto. Sturm, Ruger. Ayoob, Massad March 1992 Ruger P90 — .45! 32
G039239 A visit with Bill Ruger at his Arizona gun plant. Sturm, Ruger. Askins, Col. Charles March 1992 Sturm, Ruger & Co—Our Leading Gunsmaker 39
G039240 From the Single-Six to the latest Super Blackhawk. Sturm, Ruger. Taffin, John March 1992 Ruger: 40 Years of Classic Sixguns 40
G039242 Fond memories and fun times with the littlest Ruger. Sturm, Ruger. Bodinson, Holt March 1992 Ruger Bearcat, The 42
G039216 The newest in rifles and ammo from “Big Green.” Sundra, Jon March 1992 Remington Rifles for 1992 16
G039218 One man’s pick of rifle cartridges that really made a difference. Rifles. Sundra, Jon March 1992 Eight Great Cartridges 18
G039228 SHORT-BARRELED SHOTGUNS FOR SPORT AND DEfENSE. Zutz, Don March 1992 Riot Gun, The 28
G039246 Here’s a twelve gauge that really handles like a twenty. Shotguns. Rees, Clair March 1992 Avanza: Lightweight O/U for Italy 46
G039248 What goes on behind the walls of a famous English proof house. James, Frank March 1992 Birmingham Proof House 48
G039252 Our periodic roundup of new products for the contemporary hunter. Hunting. Bodinson, Holt March 1992 Hunter’s Den 52
G029232 Is this Italian version of the CS-75 better than the original? Handguns. Wood, J.B. February 1992 Witness for the Defense 32
G029256 An exclusive look at a new pair of pocket pistols. Handguns. GUNS Staff February 1992 Taurus Pocket Power 56
G029258 Is there a place in your battery for the packet auto? Handguns. Ayoob, Massad February 1992 The Littlest Guns 58
G029260 Why most serious handgunners turn to after-market grips. Taffin, John February 1992 Coming to Grip with Grips 60
G029266 Instinctive handgunning techniques pay off in real life shootouts. Askins, Col. Charles February 1992 From the Hip 66
G029282 Selecting the right gun for cottontails, bushytails and varmints. Handguns. Rockefeller, John W. February 1992 The Small Game Handgunner 82
G029249 General Norman Schwarzkopf speaks out on guns and hunting. Schwarzkopf Cup. February 1992 Exclusive Interview: The Bear 49
G029252 This Hollywood star is in the Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame. Schwarzkopf Cup. February 1992 Robert Stack on Guns and Clays 52
G029218 Choice reloads for the classic all-around medium bore. Rifles. Matunas, ed February 1992 The .375 H&H Magnum 18
G029240 An inside look at those fascinating German switch-barrel rifles. Sundra, Jon February 1992 Switchen-Scheutzen! 40
G029280 Testing Thompson/Center’s new .58 caliber cap-lock. Rifles. Fadala, Sam February 1992 The Big Boar Rifle 80
G019268 A fine custom gun deserves a custom case be Marvin Huey. Custom guns. Elliott, Larry February 1992 A Case for the Custom Gun 68
G019212 Here are seven rifle cartridges that can “do it all” for the handloader. Reloading. Matunas, Ed January 1992 The Reloader’s All-Around Battery 12
G019220 The latest equipment for loading metallic cartridges. Reloading. Matunas, Ed January 1992 Reloading Roundup: Bullets & Brass 20
G019221 All the latest gear and components for shotshell reloaders. Zutz, Don January 1992 Reloading Roundup: Shot & Shell 21
G019252 The myths and mysteries of casting and swaging your own bullets. Reloading. Gosnell, Jim January 1992 Do-It-Yourself Bullets 52
G019244 Cover Story: Testing AMT’s new DA only pistol. Handguns. Moritz, Mark January 1992 On Duty with AMT 44
G019240 Two top gunmaking talents collaborate on a .375 H&H magnum. Custom guns. Bodinson, Holt January 1992 The Fisher-Talley Rifle 40
G019280 The star attraction at this month’s ACCG/FEGA show in Reno. Custom guns. Lee, Jerry January 1992 Custom Gunmaker’s Guild Rifle Number 8 80
G019243 Team Springfield’s Doug Koenig wins the ‘91 Masters. Competition. James, Frank January 1992 Masters VI 43
G019232 The classic Remington bolt gun gets the laminated stock treatment. Rifles. Sundra, Jon January 1992 Remington’s 700 LS 32
G019247 What’s the reason for all the fuss about “Double Action Only?” Handguns. Ayoob, Massad January 1992 The Tao of the DAO 47
GAN9204 An overview of the basic guns and gear of America’s most elite anti-terrorist units. Lonsdale, Mark GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 SWAT Weapons 4
GAN9212 Fighting up-close requires special shooting techniques. Lonsdale, Mark GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Close Quarters Battle 12
GAN9220 The innovative Calico 9mm submachine gun is causing a revolution in the small arms market. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 The Helical Edge 20
GAN9225 Belt-fed guns, machineguns. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 The Best of the Belt Feds 25
GAN9239 Techniques for getting an unloaded pistol into action quickly. Condition 4. Self defense. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Condition 4 39
GAN9244 East meets West when an AR-15 converts to 7.62×39 in the saga of the Yankee rifle with a Russki cartridge. Moritz, Mark GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Glasnost Gun 44
GAN9250 Spurred by demand from the FBI, Heckler & Koch’s unsurpassed subgun is now chambered in manstopping 10mm Auto. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 10mm MP-5 50
GAN9258 On the necessities of the .223 in a rural New England police department. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Mini-14: Does it Obsolete the Shotgun? 58
GAN9262 semi-automatic military rifles. The semi-auto boom. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 A Farewell to Arms? 62
GAN9290 The most elite member of a special weapons team is the marksman whose creed is simply “One shot, one kill.” Lonsdale, Mark GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Sniper! 90
GAN9297 Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Gimmicks that Work! 97
GAN92102 The high tech edge in tactical weaponry. Lonsdale, Mark GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Lights & Lasers 102
GAN92106 Though generally thought of as a defensive weapon, the pistol is often the superior tactical weapon for offensive situations. Ayoob, Massad GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Thoughts on the Offensive Pistol 106
GAN92110 The legendary “Tommy gun,” through war, peace and criticism, is one of America’s surviving heroes. James, Frank W. GUNS Annual of Heavy Metal Weapons 1992 Tommy Gun! 110
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