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1991 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G019117 The .45 Auto: Relaoding for Reliability Ed Matunas Jan 1991 How to be sure your .45 ACP functions every time 17
G019138 10mm/ .38-40 Blackhawk John Taffin Jan 1991 The hot new auto cartridge amd an old faorit in one gun 38
G019166 Don’t Forget the Revolver Massad Ayoob Jan 1991 Why very autopistol shooter needs at least one sixgun 66
G019142 Feather’s Dynamic Duo Holt Bodinson Jan 1991 A pair of Fun Guns that can Double for Defense 42
G019144 Gun of the Month Jan 1991 Win a Colt Sporter Rfiel 44
G019147 History and Evolution of the Colt Sporter Gary Brown Jan 1991 Sorting out the changes in the evolution of the AR – 15 47
G019180 The Steyr AUG Al Pickles Jan 1991 Austria’s Universal Military Rifle 80
G019152 Hot Rod Rifles Terry Metzgar Jan 1991 Tomorrow’s firearm technology: It’s colser than you think 52
G019162 Sporting Rifles: The Next 10 Years Jon Sundra Jan 1991 Our Shooting Editor gazes into his crystal ball 62
G019168 Wildcatters: The Unsung Heroes Col. Charles Askins Jan 1991 Hats off to those who said factory loads just aren’t good enough 68
G019150 Sabot Shotgun Slugs stanley crist Jan 1991 All shotgun slugs are not created equal 50
G019156 Shotguns for Self Defense David Steele Jan 1991 Serious social applications of the scattergun 56
G019135 Gunmakers guild Rifle No.7 GUNS Staff Jan 1991 A Classic .458 Win. Mag. For the Guild show in Reno 35
G019140 Six Ways to Glamorize Your Gunstock Ron Swartley Jan 1991 How the pros go about customizing a rifle stock 40
G019108 Letters to the Editor Jan 1991 Letters from the readers 8
G019117 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Jan 1991 Componets and produres to get functional reliability in the .45 ACP 17
G019120 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Jan 1991 Protective measures for guns & gear wheb weather conditions get rough 20
G019122 Rifleman John Taffin Jan 1991 Toting tools of the gun writing trade; and taking stock of Ruger’s latest 22
G019126 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Jan 1991 The trials and tribulations of the 16 gauge how about a 3 inch magnum? 26
G019130 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Jan 1991 No “Assault Rifles” found as police round up 160 street gang members 30
G019166 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Jan 1991 Revolvers: Why every respectable autopistol shooter should own one 66
G019171 Ask The Experts Jan 1991 Questions that readers ask 71
G019180 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Jan 1991 An article by Al Pickles 80
G019186 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Jan 1991 Editor’s Corner 86
G029112 Backup Guns Massad Ayoob Feb 1991 The philosophy that two guns are usually betters than one 12
G029138 Colt’s Compact Double Eagle Massad Ayoob Feb 1991 The new and improved Mark II Officers Model 38
G029144 Inside S&W’s Performance Center Waldo Lydecker Feb 1991 A new world -class custom shop from the handgun giant 44
G029140 Bowen’s Classic Revolvers John Taffin Feb 1991 First-class customized Rugers, from .22 rimfires to the .500 Magnum 40
G029146 Pul Piquette, Master Engraver Waldo Lydecker Feb 1991 The Chief of S&W’s Engraving Divison 46
G029116 The U.S. Sporting Clays Championship Don Zutz Feb 1991 European rules challenge our top shotgunners 16
G029166 How to Become a Good Shot Col. Cahrles Askins Feb 1991 These shooting tips from an old pro 66
G029151 The PSP-25 Black Forest Carbine And the Exactor J. B. Wood Feb 1991 A new “Baby” .25 a rare Mauser import 51
G029122 Tasco’s Titan Scope Holt Bodinson Feb 1991 A top-of-the-line variable proves itself in the field 22
G029132 Dillon’s RL450Jr-B Ed Matunas Feb 1991 A progressive press for high volume handloaders 32
G029148 Gun of the Month Feb 1991 Win a Navy Arms Henry Rifle plus a commemorative bronze work of art 48
G029107 Letters to the Editor Feb 1991 Letters from the readers 7
G029112 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Feb 1991 If you need to carry a gun, then you probably need to carry two of them 12
G029116 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Feb 1991 Sporting clays competitors at USSCA Nationals adjust to European Format 16
G029122 Hunter”s Den Holt Bodinson Feb 1991 New Titan 3-9 variable from tasco proves itself on Wyoming antelope 22
G029126 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Feb 1991 Browning gives lever action fans .270, ’09 and 7 Mag options in BLR 26
G029132 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Feb 1991 High performance Reoaders should consider Dillon’s speedy RL – 450JR-B 32
G029156 Airshots J. I Galan Feb 1991 Our annual irgun roundp: a look at that’s new in pneumatics for ’91 56
G029160 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Feb 1991 The “Second Chance’ match- The most fun you can have with a gun 60
G029170 Ask the Experts Feb 1991 Questions that the readers ask 70
G029172 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Feb 1991 An article by Al Pickles 72
G039112 The .224 Weatherby Ed Matunas Mar 1991 How to get the most of this hot .22 centerfire 12
G039118 The Saga of Fred Huntington Col. Charles Askins Mar 1991 A salute to the founding father of RCBS 18
G039122 The Smart Handloader’s Diary Ed Matunas Mar 1991 The case for keeping accurate records of your relaoding pursuuits 22
G039135 Matching the Bullet to the Game Jon Sundra Mar 1991 Proper bullet selection is the real key to successful handloads for big game 35
G039154 Handloading for Handgnners:A Beginner’s Primer John W. Rockefeller Mar 1991 How to get started in relaoding for your favorite handgun 54
G039131 Handguns and the Lawman: A Street Cop’s Advice Massad Ayoob Mar 1991 Why different cops need different guns 31
G039146 Gun of the Month Mar 1991 A “Linkless” 10mm auto pistol Springfield armory 46
G039138 The Mexican Colt Jerry Lee Mar 1991 A 1911 .45 dedicated to General “Black Jack” Pershing and Pancho Villa 38
G039142 The Shotguns of SKB Clair Rees Mar 1991 Something old, something new 42
G039116 Ruger’s Stainless M77 Holt Bodinson Mar 1991 A weatherproof Ruger thatcan go anywhere 16
G039109 Letters to the Editor’s Mar 1991 Letters from the readers 9
G039112 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Mar 1991 Relaoding techniques can out the .224 Wea. Mag. In a class by itself 12
G039116 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Mar 1991 Accuracy and all-weather desgn give Ruger’s mark II special appeal 16
G039120 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Mar 1991 Spare Ammo can be a life saver for cops and licensed civilians 20
G039128 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Mar 1991 New extended range ammo akes spotlight at Remington’s seminar 28
G039164 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Mar 1991 Shotshell reloading with steel shot is a whole new ball game 64
G039168 Manual of Arms Al Pickels Mar 1991 An article by Al Pickles 68
G039170 Guns and the Law Michael McCabe Mar 1991 Indiana supreme court upholds rights of citizens to carry arms 70
G039178 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Mar 1991 Editor’s Corner 78
G049138 The Guns of Desert Storm GUNS STAFF Apr 1991 A look at the combat arms that re starring in the Sands of Saudi Arabia 38
G049135 The African Battery Cameron Hopkins Apr 1991 Rifles and accessories for a successful safari 35
G049142 The Talo Safari Grade Rifle Jon Sundra Apr 1991 McMillian’s new Safari Trade Sporter 42
G049148 A Texas Safari Chalres E. Petty Apr 1991 A new custom rifle proves itself on sateside exotic game 48
G049112 The Belly Gun Massad Ayoob Apr 1991 There’s no better backup than the two-inch .38 12
G049120 Test Report: The Spectre Pistol J. I. Galan Apr 1991 A high performance, high capacity 9mm 20
G049116 Reforming Cartridges Cases Ed Matunas Apr 1991 Is it really worth the effort? 16
G049126 Going Overboard Don Zutz Apr 1991 How to get better shotgun patterns and less recoil 26
G049129 The 7mm/ .300 Weatherby Holt Bodinson Apr 1991 A season with a favorite wildcat 29
G049122 Remington’s Lineup for 1991 Jerry Lee Apr 1991 Ammo takes the spotlight this year 22
G049146 Gun of the Month Apr 1991 Win An A-Square “Hannibal” .416 Rigby! 46
G049107 Letters to the Editor Apr 1991 Letters from the readers 7
G049112 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Apr 1991 Far from obsolete the two-inch .38 special is an ideal backup gun 12
G049116 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Apr 1991 Reforming cartridge cases often leads to serious safety problems 16
G049118 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Apr 1991 Experience makes a soild case for traveling with the takedown rifle 18
G049126 Sporting shotgunner Don Zutz Apr 1991 Go overboard for better shotshell pattern performance & less recoil 26
G049166 Airshots J. I. Galan Apr 1991 Spring-Piston powered carbines add exciting dimension to airguns 66
G049182 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Apr 1991 Editor’s Corner 82
G059130 Handguns of the Middle East Gene Gangarosa JR. May 1991 Military and police sidearms of the various Middle Eastern countires 30
G059142 Battle Rifles of the Gulf War Frank W. James May 1991 How do the allies’ rifles stack up against the guns of Sadden Hussein 42
G059118 Loading the .45 Winchester Magnum Ed Matunas May 1991 How to push a .45 bullet up to 1400 fps! 18
G059146 Gun of the Month May 1991 Win an Automag IV in .45 Winchester Magnum 46
G059148 Ruger’s Stainless P-89 Massad Ayoob May 1991 The latest in the evolution of the P-85 is a decocker 48
G059126 Rifles ’91 – A SHOT Show Review Jon Sundra May 1991 What’s new what’s hot and what’s not 26
G059162 Zeroing In On Barrels Col. Charles Askins May 1991 All about barrels, the business end of the rifle 62
G059121 Two Over- Unders From Europe Don Zutz May 1991 Bargain-priced stackbarrles from Spain and Italy 21
G059154 A Shotgun For All Seasons: Browning’s A-500G Don Zutz May 1991 From lite loads to the havy magnums 54
G059166 The Maltese Falcon GUNS Staff May 1991 A hansome hand-built double rifle from Belgium 66
G059182 The Custom Rifle – A Matter of Style John Babcock May 1991 Wat are those special elements that make a rifle “custom”? 82
G059108 Crossfire Letters to GUNS May 1991 Letters from the readers 8
G059114 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob May 1991 There’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with fighting words 14
G059121 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz May 1991 Two well-made moderatley -priced over-unders from Italy and Spain 21
G059134 The Rifleman Jon Sundra May 1991 Shooting ksills can’t be bought; New ballistic tips from Nosler 34
G059140 Aski The Experts May 1991 Questions from the readers 40
G059172 Airshots J. I. Galan May 1991 A historical prespective on spring piston guns: From bellows to BB’s 72
G059190 Gun Market Classifieds May 1991 Classifieds 90
G059194 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee May 1991 Editor’s Corner 94
G069134 Llama’s Comp Nine Dave Anderson Jun 1991 An in depth look and test report of an out-of-the-box competition 9mm 34
G069168 .308 Backups from Beretta James E. Fender Jun 1991 Beretta proves it’s listening to its customers 68
G069140 The Guns of Reno Holt Bodinson Jun 1991 The Custom Gunm,aer’s Guild Show plus SCI’s Annual Convention 40
G069146 Inside Purdey Wilfrid Ward Jun 1991 GUNs visits the legendary London gunmaker 46
G069138 Gun of the Month Jun 1991 Wn an Olmpic Arms Ultra Match AR-15! 38
G069162 Lightweight Rifles Col. Charles Askins Jun 1991 How far will the trend to lighter, shorter big game rifles go? 62
G069114 Sighting in Your Rifle the Easy Way Jon Sundra Jun 1991 It’s simple f you remember the rule of two and a half 14
G069119 The Lee Turrent Press Ed Matunas Jun 1991 A hig-performance semi-progressive reloading tool 19
G069126 Remington’s 90- T Trap Gun Don Zutz Jun 1991 The hig-priced european imports get some sateside competition 26
G069107 Crossfire Letters to GUNS Jun 1991 Letters from the readers 7
G069114 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Jun 1991 The two-and-a-half rule; A simplle way to sight in your big game rifle 14
G069119 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Jun 1991 Lee Turrent Press Turns Out Ammo At Rapid “Semi-Progressive” Rate 19
G069122 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jun 1991 The answer man responds to some frequently asked handgun queries 22
G069126 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Jun 1991 Remington caters to the serious trap shooter with the model 90-T 26
G069166 Ask The Experts Jun 1991 Questions from the readers 66
G069176 Gun Market Jun 1991 Classifieds 76
G069179 New Products Jun 1991 New products from the industry 79
G069184 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Jun 1991 Editor’s Corner 84
G079136 Sons of the ’75 Jim Thompson Jul 1991 Does your wundernine have realatives in Czechoslovakia? 36
G079144 Caspian Arms Hybrid Commander Cameron Hopkins Jul 1991 A revolutionary new handgun comp system 44
G079156 Handgunning for Varmints Mark Hampton Jul 1991 The real test of handgun marksmanhip 56
G079138 The Two Faces of Recoil Tom Turpin Jul 1991 Taming the effects of “felt” recoil 38
G079139 Recoil: What Really Causes That Kick Brian Holt Jul 1991 Force and momentum are the keys to predicting recoil 39
G079150 Sako’s Safari Grade Holt Bodinson Jul 1991 Testing Sako’s .375 H&H Magnum 50
G079120 Shotgun Manufacturing Techniques Don Zutz Jul 1991 Keeping quality guns affordble 20
G079142 Gun of the Month Jul 1991 Win a Tikka 12 gauge Over-Under Shotgun 42
G079126 When Things go Bump in the Night Waldo Lydecker Jul 1991 You cannot thit what you cannot see 26
G079148 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Jul 1991 a periodic roundip of new accessories for the hunter 48
G079130 Scopes: A Matter of Tradeoffs Jon Sundra Jul 1991 Choosing a scope that’s right for the job 30
G079107 Crossfire Letters to GUNS Jul 1991 Letters from the readers 7
G079113 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Jul 1991 Understanding primers and their hole in a safe successful reloading 13
G079116 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jul 1991 Gun rights issue creates two-class scoiety: the armed and the unarmed 16
G079120 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Jul 1991 New manufacturing techniques keep quality shotguns affordable 20
G079124 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Jul 1991 Vegetarian fascist steak stealers: Send your sick rifle to he doctor 24
G079180 New Products Jul 1991 New products from the industry 80
G079186 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Jul 1991 Editor’s Corner 86
G089136 Return of the Classic Hunter John Taffin Aug 1991 By popular demand, S&W brings back a favorite big-bore sixun 36
G089146 The New Detonics Waldo Lydecker Aug 1991 The story of why you can’t keep a good gun down 46
G089158 Gun of the Month Aug 1991 Win a Para-Ordance P14-45 High Capacity .45 Auto 58
G089139 Brownings Model 52 Limited Editon Clair Rees Aug 1991 The first test report on the resurrection of a classic rimifre 39
G089141 Winchester’s M52 Sporting Rifle Gary Brown Aug 1991 Revisting the original “World’s Ultimate .22 Rifle’ 41
G089143 Custom 52 Sporters Steven Dodd Hughes Aug 1991 Showcasing some of the finest examples of rimfire rifle art 43
G089162 The World’s Most Popular Cartridge Col. Charles Askins Aug 1991 Tracing the history of the mighty little rimfire 62
G089120 The Challenge Of International Skeet Don Zutz Aug 1991 Hwy American skeep is a sisssy sport to the rest of the world 20
G089126 Alternative Rifle Action Jon Sundra Aug 1991 Where to turn if you don’t like a bolt action 26
G089131 Waiting Periods And Carry Permits Massad Ayoob Aug 1991 Is it time for a compromise? 31
G089133 Sonny Jones: Role Model for Women & Guns Massad Ayoob Aug 1991 how one woman is making a difference 33
G089108 Crossfire Letters to GUNS Aug 1991 Letters from the readers 8
G089114 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Aug 1991 New .17 Caliber rimfire magnum under develpoment for next year 14
G089120 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Aug 1991 International skeet: More challenge and better practice for the hunter 20
G089131 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Aug 1991 License to purchase and carry in return for one time waiting period 31
G089160 Powder Horn Sam Fadala Aug 1991 Modern muzzleloaders may not be for everyone, but are here to stay 60
G089170 Airshots J. I . Galan Aug 1991 Magnums on horizon as single stroke pneumatics come of age 70
G089188 New Products Aug 1991 New products from the industry 88
G089194 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Aug 1991 Editor’s Corner 94
G099116 The British Spitfire Frank W. James Sep 1991 From te U.K a new variation of the popular CZ75 Theme 16
G099152 14 X .4 = Firepower Massad Ayoob Sep 1991 High capacity of if bore? Para-Ordance has the ultimate soultion 52
G099122 Hornady’s XTP Bear Stopper Jon Sundra Sep 1991 Marlin’s .444 lever action on a New Brunswick bear hunt 22
G099156 Gun of the Month Sep 1991 Win a Browning Modeal 53 .32-.20 56
G099164 Middle of the Orad Cartridges Sam Fadala Sep 1991 Medium calibers in mid-size actions fill the bill for most Amrican hunters 64
G099132 The .25-06 Ed Matunas Sep 1991 Careful component selction is required for this flat-shooting sizzler 32
G099136 Beretta’s 682 Super Shot Don Zutz Sep 1991 An Italian classic hets the English treatment for psorting clays 36
G099144 The Columbia Conference Massad Ayoob Sep 1991 The 15th anniversary of IPSC 44
G099169 Practical Ballistics Jon Sundra Sep 1991 What you really need to know about your bullet’s path 69
G099146 The .17 KRM J. B. Wood Sep 1991 The first shooting test of a hot nre rimfire magnum 46
G099160 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Sep 1991 A roundup of new products for the hunting season 60
G099194 The Kintrek Carbine J. B. Wood Sep 1991 It’s a bullpup, it’s a .22 an it’s a lot of fun! 94
G099148 The Churchill Purdey Don Zutz Sep 1991 Many experts call Winston G. Churchill America’s best firearms engraver 48
G099107 Crossfire Letters to GUNS Sep 1991 Letters from the readers 7
G099122 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Sep 1991 Hornady’s .444 XTP is bad news for new brunswick black bear 22
G099130 Airshots J. I. Galan Sep 1991 Get the most out of your airgun by choosing the right scope sight 30
G099132 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Sep 1991 Slow burning propleelants, careful bullet selection needed for .25-06 32
G099136 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Sep 1991 British refinement of Beretta O/U Designed forsporting clays fans 36
G099188 New Products Sep 1991 New products from the industry 88
G099198 Gun Market Classifieds Sep 1991 Classifieds 98
G0991102 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Sep 1991 Editor’s Corner 102
G109118 The All Around Rifle: Myth or Reality? Jon Sundra Oct 1991 A challenging look at the one-gun concept 18
G109130 Loading the King of the Magnums Ed Matunas Oct 1991 Why the .30 caliber reigns suprme 30
G109151 Gonic Arms’ .458 express Robert O’Meara Oct 1991 A muzzleloader for the 21st century 51
G109159 SSK’s .450 Nitro Express Holt Bodinson Oct 1991 A big-bor rifle from J.D. Jones 59
G109139 Wilson’s Do-It- Yourself Comp Gun Frank W. James Oct 1991 Hwo you can high performance from a stock pistol 39
G109144 I Like Single Actions Because… John Taffin Oct 1991 If you have to ask, you don’t deserve one 44
G109148 Four Fancy Colts Horace Greeley IV Oct 1991 Single actions just don’t get any better than this 48
G109156 The SSk Calibers Dr. George Dvorchak JR. Oct 1991 A roundup and analysis by J.D Jones himself 56
G109160 Gun of the Month Oct 1991 Win an America Arms Sliver Sporting Over/Under 60
G109176 The Business End of the Scattergun Col. Charles Askins Oct 1991 An inside look at the shotgun barrel 76
G109152 The Steel Challenge Massad Ayoob Oct 1991 Shooting fun in the California barrel 52
G109134 The Remington Ammo Story Ed Matunas Oct 1991 1175 years of ammunition history 34
G109155 The Second Amendment James E. Fender Oct 1991 The Bicentennial of the keystone of the Bill of Rights 55
G109115 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Oct 1991 From PMS to twinkies, a look at the “Diminished Capacity” defense 15
G109122 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Oct 1991 Widespread gorwth of turkey hunting leads to new products 22
G109125 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Oct 1991 Proper bedding and forend pressure necessary for utmost accuracy 25
G109130 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Oct 1991 Favorite loads for the versatile and hard-hitting .30 Magnums 30
G109166 Powder Horn Sam Fadal a Oct 1991 Rifled musket offers power and accuracy in a black powder gun 66
G109198 Advertiser’s Directory Oct 1991 Index for the advertiser’s 98
G1091100 New Products Oct 1991 New products from the industry 100
G1091106 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Oct 1991 Editor’s Corner 106
G119123 The Glock 21 Massad Ayoob Nov 1991 The long awaited Glock .45 is here 23
G119130 Contending with the .30-30 Ed Matunas Nov 1991 How to get the most out of this old favorite in your T/C 30
G119146 Ruger’s No. 1: A Love Affair Jon Sundra Nov 1991 One shooter’s long-term relationship with numero uno 46
G119152 Gun of the Month Nov 1991 Win a Sako Hunter . 30-06 52
G119163 Accuracy in Factory Rifles Col. Charles Askins Nov 1991 Expounding on the myth of MOA 63
G119134 Winchester’s new Shotshells Don Zutz Nov 1991 Olin ‘s hot new Italian imports 34
G119154 The Parker Reproduction Revisited James E. Fender Nov 1991 This wuality side-by-side is stillavaiable and still one of the best 54
G119187 Wheelguns for Big Game Mark Hampton Nov 1991 A roundup of the best revolver rounds for the big game hunter 87
G119158 The Gunstock World Of Reinhart Fajen Sam Fadala Nov 1991 Not many years ago, when you said “custom stock” you meant Fajen 58
G119192 Deadly Information Waldo Lydecker Nov 1991 A video lesson on deadly force and how it will play in the courtroom 92
G119140 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Nov 1991 Rounding up some new items of intrest to the contemporay hunter 40
G119148 The Contender Survival System Clair Rees Nov 1991 This T/C just might save your life 48
G119114 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Nov 1991 Life in the Hunterlands: No longer a guarantee against crime, violence 14
G119119 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Nov 1991 Nosler adds several new bullets and Lyman cures a pian in the neck 19
G119130 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Nov 1991 The Thimpson/ Center contender n .30-30 proves a great combination 30
G119134 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Nov 1991 Winchester offers new speciality shotshells imported from Italy 34
G119136 Airshots J. I. Galan Nov 1991 Crosmna’s Auto air II borrows styling from auto Mag rimfire 36
G119196 New Products Nov 1991 New products from the industry 96
G1191105 Advertiser’s Directory Nov 1991 Index for the advertiser’s 105
G1191106 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Nov 1991 Editor’s Corner 106
G129141 SNIPER ! Cameron Hopkins Dec 1991 GUNS takes the FBI’s sniper training course 41
G129146 The Sixguns of Weihrauch John Taffin Dec 1991 A new line of top-quality Da and SA revolvers from Germany 46
G129126 Do You Really Need a Magnum Jon Sundra Dec 1991 Is higher velocity out of a belted case aways the answer? 26
G129131 The JRS Cartridges Jon Sundra Dec 1991 An update for fans of the author’s 7mm .375 wildcats 31
G129134 How the Bullet Kills Col. Charles Askins Dec 1991 What really happens when the bullet hits the game? 34
G129148 Gun of the Month Dec 1991 Win yourself a Parker Reproduction Double for Christmas 48
G129154 Engraver Profile: Jore Davidson Cameron Hopkins Dec 1991 GUNs discovers a new engraving talent 54
G129158 Second Chance at Sixteen Massad Ayoob Dec 1991 “Look at the firing line! It looks like a gun magazine come to life!” 58
G129109 Crossfire Letters to GUNS Dec 1991 Letters from the readers 9
G129112 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Dec 1991 Carrying a concealed andgun; you have to be willing to pay the price 12
G129118 Reloader’s Bench Ed Matnas Dec 1991 Remington’s extraordinary sevens dominate the .28 caliber spectrum 18
G129122 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Dec 1991 USSCA national chamionship cut in half by rocky mountain deluge 22
G129131 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Dec 1991 7JRS Brass now avaiable and A-Square is loading author’s .375 31
G129138 Powder Horn Sam Fadala Dec 1991 Blackpowder rebound helped by new producs, special seasons 38
G129174 New Products Dec 1991 New products from the industry 74
G129188 Advertisers Directory Dec 1991 Index for the advertiser’s 88
G129194 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Dec 1991 Editor’s Corner 94
GAN9105 Test Report: Automag III .30 Caliber J. B. Wood Annual Article about the Automag III .30 Carbine 5
GAN9110 .45 Colt , Dan Wesson Style John Taffin Annual Article on the .45 Colt Dan Wesson Style 10
GAN9134 Italian Single Action Jim Thompson Annual Just how good are those cowboy guns from Italy? 34
GAN9176 The Desert Eagle .41 Magnum George Dvorchak Annual Article on The Desert Eagle 76
GAN9124 The .500 Van Hon Express Sam Fadala Annual Article on the .500 Van Horn Express 24
GAN9166 The .22 Rimfire: A True Rilfema’s Rifle Howard French Annual Article on the .22 Rimfire 66
GAN9192 Smith’s M-14 Military Match Jim Thompson Annual Article on the Smith M-14 92
GAN9116 Bullet Perfromance on Big Game Col. Charles Askins Annual Article on Bullet Perfomance 16
GAN9119 Getting Started in Handgun Hunting Mark Hampton Annual Getting Satarted in Handgun Hunting Article 19
GAN9146 The Successful Stackbarrel Don Zutz Annual Those Successful Stackbarrels 46
GAN9152 Colt’s Offica; Police .38 Massad Ayoob Annual Article on the Offical Police .38 52
GAN9163 A Very Special .44 Gary Brown Annual A review of .44 S&W Special revolvers and their cartridges 63
GAN9181 The Fabulous and Formidable .405 Mike Nesbitt Annual Article of The Fabulous And Formidable .405 81
GAN9198 Winchesters collectible Commemoratives Sam Fadala Annual Remembering those thrilling days of yesterday through the many speical edition versions 98
GAN9155 A Portable Handloading Shop John W. Rockefeller Annual For the handloader who’s cramped for space or who likes to work up loads 55
GAN91103 1991 Gun Catalog Annual Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns 103
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