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1990 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G019012 35 Years of GUNS Mason William Jan 1990 The way it was in ’55 12
G019027 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Jan 1990 A test report of the newest gun gear 27
G019040 Gun of the Month Massad Ayoob Jan 1990 Colt’s famous Pythin of 1955 40
G019044 Heym’s Magnificent Double Jon Sundra Jan 1990 Test-firing the .500 Nitro Express 44
G019050 Stress Factors on Double Rifles Don zutz Jan 1990 an inside look at double rifle actions 50
G019058 The Handguns of ’55 Massad Ayoob Jan 1990 Evolution of the handgun over 35 years 58
G019070 The Remarkable .30 Caliber Col. Charles Askins Jan 1990 Number one in the U.S.A 70
G019008 Letters to the Editor Jan 1990 Letters from the readers 8
G019018 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jan 1990 Guns versus dogs, and other bad guys of the four legged variety 18
G019020 Airshots J. I. Galan Jan 1990 Choosing the right pellet size and aitgun valiber for the job 20
G019032 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Jan 1990 The reloading challenge of the 9mm parabellum pistol cartridge 32
G019086 Guns and the Law James. J. Baker Jan 1990 Good guns and bad guns: It’s all in the ye of the beholder 86
G019087 Maunal of Arms Al Pickles Jan 1990 Article about the manual of arms 87
G019088 Product Reports Jan 1990 New products from the industry 88
G0190110 Inside GUNS Jerry Lee Jan 1990 Editor’s Corner 110
G029032 The Lure of the Wildcat Jon Sundra Feb 1990 Article on the Wildcat Cartridges 32
G029036 Custom Gunmaker profile: Al Lind Stuart Willaims Feb 1990 Al Lind is one of the best known name in the world of custom rifles 36
G029042 The Laurona Over/ Under Don Zutz Feb 1990 When is a double trigger a single trigger? When it’s a Laurona 42
G029044 Flight of the Double Eagle Massad Ayoob Feb 1990 A test report and an in-depth look at the long awaited double action .45 semiauto from Colt 44
G029050 Gun of the Month Feb 1990 Choice of .223 Remington , .243 Winchester , .270 or .30-06 50
G029062 Perils of the Cartridge Game Col. Charles Askins Feb 1990 Article on the cartridge game 62
G029007 Letters to the Editor’s Feb 1990 Letters from the readers 7
G029011 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Feb 1990 The Dirty Harry Syndrome: A Good example of bad Hollywood cops 11
G029014 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Feb 1990 Some thoughts on crimping metallic cartridge cases 14
G029016 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Feb 1990 An inside look an an analysis of the modern day trap shotgun 16
G029024 Airshots J. I. Galan Feb 1990 South of the border airguns offer European features at bargain prices 24
G029030 Guns and the Law Richard E. Gardiner Feb 1990 Partial facts, skewed statistics distort firearms safety Reoprt 30
G029054 Maunal of Arms Al Pickles Feb 1990 Article on the manual of arms 54
G029084 Product Reports Feb 1990 Reports on certain products 84
G029086 Inside GUNS Jerry Lee Feb 1990 Editor’s Corner 86
G039028 The Varmint Rifle Jon Sundra Mar 1990 Making the right choice for off season 28
G039036 Gun of the Month Mar 1990 Win a Llama 9mm Comp Pistol 36
G039038 The .425 Express Cameron Hopkins Mar 1990 Is this big-bore better than the .416s 38
G039044 The 4516- A First – Full of .45s Charles E. Petty Mar 1990 S&W’s Compact Double Action Auto 44
G039048 The New Model 70 Super Grade Bill Dowtin Mar 1990 It’s the closest yet to the pre-64 48
G039084 Test Report: The Accurate Load II Mike Barach Mar 1990 Ainsworth’s top-of-the-line elctronic scale 84
G039005 Letters to the Editor Mar 1990 Letters from the readers 5
G039012 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Mar 1990 Achieving maximum performance and uniform results with the various .416s 12
G039016 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Mar 1990 Article on hangunner 16
G039019 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Mar 1990 Winchester’s .223 Deer load proves itself on Texas Whitetails 19
G039031 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Mar 1990 In praise of the Merkel, Pioneer of the modern Stackbarrel concept 31
G039058 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Mar 1990 Dangerous misconceptions on the use and definitions of “Deadly Weapon’ 58
G039060 Guns and the Law James J. Baker Mar 1990 The news media continues to inflame anti-gun passions with half-truth 60
G039062 Maunal Of Arms Al Pickles Mar 1990 Article on manual of arms 62
G039085 New Products Mar 1990 New products from the industry 85
G049024 The Eternal Bolt Action Jon Sundra Apr 1990 The Ancient Turnbotl Still Sets the Satndards 24
G049035 Sako’s 22 PPC Stuart Williams Apr 1990 A ultimate Combination for Accuracy 35
G049036 Gun of the Month Apr 1990 A Pair of Lever Actions from Marlin 36
G049037 Marlin’s Classic .25-20 Mike nesbitt Apr 1990 37
G049037 Marlin’s Take-Down .22 John W. Rockefeller Apr 1990 37
G049042 Fighting Magnum Cameron Hopkins Apr 1990 A Serious Smith & Weson customizedfor Combat 42
G049046 “Best Wuality” And the Custom Gun Bill Dowtin Apr 1990 Controversy in the Gunmaking shop 46
G049048 The Toughest Shotgun Game Don Zutz Apr 1990 Live Bird Gunners Go for the Gold 48
G049052 Handgun Harnesses Col. Charles Askins Apr 1990 Pistol Packin’ Preferences and Opinions 52
G049008 Letters to the Editor Apr 1990 Letters from the readers 8
G049017 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Apr 1990 The .223 Remington: A favorite round worthy f “Classic Cartridge” status 17
G049021 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Apr 1990 Some recommened trap reloads for more effective patterns, less recoil 21
G049028 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Apr 1990 Getting the range: Spohisticated optics give today’s Hunter a real advantage 28
G049032 Airshots J. I. Galan Apr 1990 A pairof imports: Marksman’s model 61, and from England , Air Arms’ SE – 90 32
G049034 Guns and the Law David W. Conover Apr 1990 Instant checks: A Law We Can Live With While the Real Work is Done 34
G049065 New Products Apr 1990 New producs from the industry 65
G049066 Ask The Experts Apr 1990 Questions from the readers’ 66
G049076 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Apr 1990 Article on Maunal of Arms 76
G049082 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Apr 1990 Editor’s Corner 82
G059012 Handgun Scopes Massad Ayoob May 1990 Coming to terms with glass 12
G059050 The .30-30 Pistol and Me Sam Fadala May 1990 Once again, Ackley had the answer 50
G059018 The .30-06 Ed Matunas May 1990 Favorite loads for the perennial ’06 18
G059038 Gun of the Month May 1990 Win a Cannon Sout Rifle in .425 Express 38
G059046 Remington’s Black Beauty Clair Rees May 1990 The 700AS in .280 Remington : a senisble solution 46
G059054 Pratical Gunstock Design Jon Sundra May 1990 The good, the bad and the forgettable 54
G059022 Shotgun choke Tubes Don Zutz May 1990 The scope on those screw-in chokes 22
G059040 Gunmaker Profile: Harry Lawson Holt Bodinson May 1990 The Father of the Thumbhole 40
G059026 What’s new in Airguns J. I. Galan May 1990 A roundup of peumatics for the ’90s 26
G059030 Firearms Videos Holt Bodinson May 1990 Instructional videos for gun buffs 30
G059032 SHOT Show ’90 Col. Charles Askins May 1990 A look at the some of the latest guns and gear 32
G059059 Those Slick Media Slogans James J. Baker May 1990 “Assualt Pistols”, the media’s newest target 59
G059007 Letters to the Editor May 1990 Letters from the readers 7
G059012 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob May 1990 Coming to term with galls; Optical handgun sights are here to stay 12
G059016 Ask the Experts May 1990 Questions from the readers 16
G059018 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas May 1990 Choice loads for the all around champ, the .30 claiber Springfield of 1906 18
G059026 Airshots J. I. Galan May 1990 What’s new for 1990: CO2 Pistols, pricey imports dominate the score 26
G059030 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson May 1990 Instructional videos offer variety of tapes of interst to gun enthusiasts 30
G059057 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob May 1990 Bragging words of Mr. Macho Man can come back to haunt him in court 57
G059059 Guns and the Law James J. Baker May 1990 Slick slogans in the media may cost us the right to own our favorite guns 59
G059068 Manual to Arms Al Pickles May 1990 Article on the manual to arms 68
G059082 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee May 1990 Editor’s Corner 82
G069024 Pocket .38s Massad Ayoob Jun 1990 The best choice for personal defense? 24
G069032 Beauty and the Beast John Taffin Jun 1990 Switch-barrel versatility from SSk 32
G069060 Canada’s Hi-Power Al Pickles Jun 1990 The John Inglis P-35 60
G069020 Two New Cartridges Jon Sundra Jun 1990 A legitimized wildcat and a new .338 20
G069036 King of the Hill Tom Turpin Jun 1990 The .375 H&H- all the rifle you need 36
G069050 How Light is Right Jon Sundra Jun 1990 Does your rifle really want to be a lightweight? 50
G069016 10 Gauge Comeback Don Zutz Jun 1990 Steel shot breathes new life into the 10 gauge 16
G069038 Ruger’s Red Label Revisited Don Zutz Jun 1990 A second look at the All American O/U 38
G069048 Gun of the Month Jun 1990 Win a Beretta A -303 Auto Shotgun 48
G069046 Motor City Mountain Rifle Jerry Lee Jun 1990 A Safari Club showpiece from Mountain Riflery 46
G069012 ASLET Seminar Massad Ayoob Jun 1990 Lw nforcement trainers meet in San Diego 12
G069026 So Who Needs Blue Holt Bodinson Jun 1990 There are other choices for that finishing touch 26
G069058 Hunters: An Endnagered Species Gary Anderson Jun 1990 Is the future of hunting doomed? 58
G069072 The Iron Sight Remembered Col. Charles Askins Jun 1990 Peeps, beads and buckhorns of the past 72
G069012 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jun 1990 Lessons learned fom the A.S.L.E.T. law enforcement trainers seminar 12
G069016 The Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Jun 1990 Remington and Browning reperaters ride crest of the 10 gauge comeback 16
G069020 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Jun 1990 They intorduce the newest addition to their lineup 20
G069022 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Jun 1990 The very versatile .243 – Light deer cartirdge, heavy varminter or both? 22
G069024 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Jun 1990 The 3 inch .38- Over-Rated or the Ideal Personal Defense Pocket Gun? 24
G069028 Airshots J. I. Galan Jun 1990 Splat Master’s Rapide Comp Carbine offers new fun for paintball crowd 28
G069030 Ask the Experts Jun 1990 Questions from the readers 30
G069058 Guns and the Law Gary Anderson Jun 1990 Should hunters be placed on the endangered species list? 58
G069060 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Jun 1990 Article on the Manual of Arms 60
G069066 New Products Jun 1990 Nw products from the industry 66
G069082 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Jun 1990 Editor’s Corner 82
G079022 Safety Subtleties on the Range Massad Ayoob Jul 1990 How professional handgunners stay out of trouble 22
G079034 The Smith & Wesson 913 Waldo Lydecker Jul 1990 Here’s a “pocket-nine” that 007 would love! 34
G079036 Gun of the Month Jul 1990 Win a Taurus Laser-Aim 9mm semiwuto pistol 36
G079042 The .40 Smith & Wesson Cameron Hopkins Jul 1990 Exclusive! First tes report of a custom .40 S&W 42
G079047 The New Mauser Rifle col. Charles Askins Jul 1990 The legend continues with the Model 99 47
G079060 The FN FAL Al Pickles Jul 1990 The origins of a great batlle rifle 60
G079014 Zoli’s Z-90 Over/Under Holt Bodinson Jul 1990 A speical stackbarrel designed for sporting clays 14
G079024 Bill Hanus Birdguns Don Zutz Jul 1990 A traditional classic side-by-side at an afforadable price 24
G079038 ACGG/FEGA Custom Gun Show Part 2 Stuart Williams Jul 1990 More great guns from Reno 38
G079020 Reloading for Accuracy Ed Maunas Jul 1990 Tips to use when m.o.a. isn’t enough 20
G079048 Reflecting on Scopes Jon Sundra Jul 1990 Choosing the right scope for the job 48
G079052 How to Really Clean that Gun John W. Rockefeller Jul 1990 The right approach to firearms maintenance 52
G079007 Letters to the Editor Jul 1990 Letters from the readers 7
G079012 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Jul 1990 Hunters are hunters, parts is parts, and the best All Around Reticle is.. 12
G079016 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jul 1990 Improved public policies needed for police-involved shooting 16
G079020 Handloader’s Bench Ed Maunas Jul 1990 If you’re serious about accuracy, try these tips from the Benchrest Crowd 20
G079022 The Hangunner Massad Ayoob Jul 1990 The subtleties and the realities of shooting range safety practices 22
G079024 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Jul 1990 Hanus Birdguns breathe new life into the classic double concept 24
G079028 Airshots J. I. Galan Jul 1990 Latest from Crosman design team, plus a new entry for paintballers 28
G079062 Guns and the Law Gary Anderson Jul 1990 Civilian markmanship: how an olmpic makrsman sees it 62
G079064 Ask the Experts Jul 1990 Questions asked by the readers 64
G079082 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Jul 1990 Editor’s Corner 82
G089022 Helpful Hints for Handgunners Massad Ayoob Aug 1990 Questions from the mailbag 22
G089034 S&W’s G27: the legend Continues Massad Ayoob Aug 1990 The First Amgnum, dressed for the 90s 34
G089052 The ruger 77 Magnum Jon Sundra Aug 1990 Once again, Ruger makes firearms history 52
G089058 The Nurse Lieutenant’s M16 Al Pickles Aug 1990 A non-cobatant from Montana survves Viet Nam 58
G089016 Performance Shotguns Don Zutz Aug 1990 The guns that are winning a trap and skeet’ 16
G089044 The Sporting Clays Gun Don Zutz Aug 1990 Odds are it’s an over-under 44
G089038 The Guns of Paul Jaeger, Inc. stuart Williams Aug 1990 The Jenkintown tradition continues in Tennessee 38
G089012 Three Essential Reloading Tools Ed Matunas Aug 1990 How to ensure top performance handloads 12
G089024 The Rifle Sling Holt Bodinson Aug 1990 Getting a grip on rifle slings 24
G089026 Gun Owner Apathy Wayne LaPierre Aug 1990 Let’s don’t be our own worst enemy 26
G089028 The Airrow Series 6 J.I. Galan Aug 1990 Update on a revolutionary airgun 28
G089032 The Shooting Stance Col. Charles Askins Aug 1990 The Colonel’s position on shooting postures 32
G089008 Letters to the Editor’s Aug 1990 Letters from the readers 8
G089012 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Aug 1990 Three Essential tools help maintain reloading safety and performance 12
G089016 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Aug 1990 Performance Shotguns: A look at the guns that are winning tournaments 16
G089020 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Aug 1990 An organization for serious varmint hunters; and farewell to the seven FS 20
G089022 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Aug 1990 Ask Ayoob: Handy and Helpful Hints fro handgunners from the mailbag 22
G089026 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Aug 1990 Dangers of gun owner apathy: let’s don’t become our own worst enemy 26
G089028 Airshots J.I. Galan Aug 1990 Update on the revolutionary airrow: Introducing the afforadable series 6 28
G089056 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Aug 1990 Crimes against women on campus should your daughter carry a gun? 56
G089058 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Aug 1990 Article on Manual of Arms 58
G089062 Ask the Experts Aug 1990 Questions asked by the readers 62
G099012 Shooting the Glock Massad Ayoob Sep 1990 Maximizing its potential while minmizing the shortcomings 12
G099024 The Glock on the Street Massad Ayoob Sep 1990 Handling under stress is the New York Trigger the answeR? 24
G099032 The Glock pistol: Perspectives from the field Massad Ayoob Sep 1990 An in-depth report and analysis on the King of the Wondernines 32
G099022 Packing for the Hunt Jon Sundra Sep 1990 What to take along and what to leve at home 22
G099044 The Pronghorn Rifle Jon Sundra Sep 1990 Favorite guns and loads for our North American antelope 44
G099080 Hunting Handload Perfromance Ed Matunas Sep 1990 How well will your handguns perform in the field> 80
G099056 Gun of the Month Sep 1990 Win a Steyr- Mannicher .270 ! 56
G099061 The .416 Weatherby Mark V Col. Charles Askins Sep 1990 A loseup look at this most powerful member of the .416 clan 61
G099040 Recoil-Operated Autoloading shotguns Don Zutz Sep 1990 This 90-year-old concept may be on its last legs: is is viable or obsolete? 40
G099048 Browning’s Double Dynasty Don Zutz Sep 1990 Setting the standards in over-unders from he Superposed in the Citori! 48
G099064 Pistolsmith profile: Steve Woods John Taffin Sep 1990 Taffin tests a pair of 10mms fromWoods Pistolsmithing 64
G099007 Letters to the Editors Sep 1990 Letters from the readers 7
G099012 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Sep 1990 Shootng the Glock: Maximizing the good, minimizing the shortcomings 12
G099016 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Sep 1990 IMR’S Hi-Skor 800-X propellant gives maximum velocity,optimum accuracy 16
G099020 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Sep 1990 The single an ingenious flip-down cartridge carrier is still the best 20
G099024 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Sep 1990 Glock’s perfection questioned on the street: Enter the New York Trigger 24
G099028 Guns and the law J. Warren Cassidy Sep 1990 Just what is the NRA? A lot more than some people want you to know 28
G099038 Airshots J. I. Galan Sep 1990 Marksman Biathlon trainer picks up offical endorsement of U.S. Team 38
G099040 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Sep 1990 A Brief on the Demise of the Recoil operated Autoloading Shotgun 40
G099078 Ask the Experts Sep 1990 Wuestions asked by the readers 78
G0990110 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Sep 1990 Editor’s Corner 110
G109040 Firestar Mini Nine Jim Thompson Oct 1990 At last a pocket-nine that lives up to its name 40
G109046 The Fabulous Forties John Taffin Oct 1990 A up-to-date status report on the growing lost of hanfgun middle-bores 46
G109050 S&W’s 4006 John Taffin Oct 1990 This revolutionary round may be the idea compromise for personal defense 50
G109014 Kids and Guns Massad Ayoob Oct 1990 if you can’t child-proof the gun, then do the obvious 14
G109038 Walther’s PP Super Oct 1990 A personal account from the Cold War files 38
G109052 Gun of the Month Holt Bodinson Oct 1990 Two Cimarron Single Action Sixguns, gunleather included 52
G109027 The New Canadian .311 Magnum Jon Sundra Oct 1990 Exclusive first look at a hot new medium-bore big game cartridge 27
G109062 Make Mine a 7mm Don Zutz Oct 1990 Fr al-around use, the Lucky Seven can’t be beat 62
G109024 How Hard are your shot pellets? Charles E. Petty Oct 1990 The truth about those low-priced game loads 24
G109074 The Right Bullet James E. Fender Oct 1990 The never-ending search for th perfect premium big-game bullet 74
G109058 One Man’s Dream Rifle Ed Matunas Oct 1990 A chronology of the pleasures and the pains of a custom rifle 58
G109019 Hidden Signs of Excess Pressure J. I. Galan Oct 1990 What you can’t see can hurt you and your gun 19
G109032 Airguns as Training Tools Col. Charles Askins Oct 1990 The training role of airguns s on the upswing 32
G109044 Letting It All Hang Out Oct 1990 The Colonel gets a few things off his chest 44
G109014 The Handgunner Ed Matunas Oct 1990 Kids and gun safety: Kids whi know what guns are about are safe kids 14
G109019 Handloader’s Bench Massad Ayoob Oct 1990 Absence of visible signs of excess pressure is no guarantee of safety 19
G109022 Ayoob for the Defense Don Zutz Oct 1990 You can’t always get what you want – how to make do with issue handguns 22
G109024 Sporting shotgunner Holt Bodinson Oct 1990 Pellet hardness is a vital factor in optimizing shotshell performance 24
G109027 Hunter’s Den Jon Sundra Oct 1990 First look at a new big game rifle cartrdige, Canada’s .311 Magnum 27
G109032 Airshots James M. Norine Oct 1990 Old tradition continues as airguns are used as military training tools 32
G109036 GUNS and the Law Al Pickles Oct 1990 Today’s four-minute men; Holding the inner line for hunting rights 36
G109038 Manual of Arms Oct 1990 Article on the manual of arms 38
G109086 Ask the Experts Oct 1990 Questions asked about by the readers 86
G1090102 GUNS Insider Jerry Lee Oct 1990 Editor’s Corner 102
G119060 Deer Rifles for the 90s Col. Charles Askins’ Nov 1990 The scope-sighted bolt action finally takes hold 60
G119012 Handgun Weight Factor Massad Ayoob Nov 1990 The right prespective on size,weight and “Handgun Control” 12
G119037 The Bren Ten – Again ! Waldo Lydecker Nov 1990 The reincarnation of the .40 that started it all 37
G119040 Super Grade Combat .45 Nov 1990 a stae-of-the-art custom .45 40
G119018 The .416 JRS Jon Sundra Nov 1990 Just when you thought we had enough .416s.. 18
G119043 Boarding the Heym Express Jon Sundra Nov 1990 Heym’s new magnum-length action intorduces the .338 Lapua 43
G119046 Inside t\Heym;s Big Bore Express Tom Turpin Nov 1990 how this slick new action was creatd and deceloped 46
G119054 Gun of the Month Nov 1990 Win a Dakota Arms .257 Alpine Rifle 54
G119082 Practical Rifle Shooting Dave Anderson Nov 1990 Semi-autos dominate this growing shooting sport 82
G119026 Comeback of the 10 Gauge Don Zutz Nov 1990 Thanks to steel shot,the Big 10 again 26
G119007 Letters to the Editors Nov 1990 Letters from the readers 7
G119012 The Handgunner Massad Ayoob Nov 1990 The weight factor:A compromise between comfort and performance 12
G119016 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Nov 1990 A pair of hot new rimfire offerings from those good ol’ boys 16
G119018 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Nov 1990 .416 JRS Project begins to take hold;New Nosler partitions in .257 & .358 18
G119022 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Nov 1990 Perfromance level of factory ammo makes reloading essential for .270 22
G119029 Guns and the Alw Richard Riley Nov 1990 New NRA president pledges to stem the tide of anti-gun media 29
G119032 Airshots J.I Galan Nov 1990 Increased educational efforts needed to introduce youth to shooting sports 32
G119034 Ask the Experts Nov 1990 Questions asked by the readers 34
G119064 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Nov 1990 Lessons learned from 1986 Miami FBI shootout 64
G119093 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Nov 1990 Article on the Manual of Arms 93
G129026 Warning, Hunters! The Wntis Are Winning Wayne LaPierre Dec 1990 Well-funded animals rights groups are after your sport 26
G129048 The Timeless .270 Tom turpin Dec 1990 Still controversial, after alll these years 48
G129050 Gunning Geese: Where and How Nick Sisley Dec 1990 Waterfowling has changed and so have the guns and loads 50
G129068 A Bird Man and his Quail guns Col. Charles Askins Dec 1990 If there aren’t any bobwhite it heaven, he doesn’t want to go 68
G129014 The Safety Factor Massad Ayoob Dec 1990 Safeeties on auto pistols save lives, period 14
G129040 CHP Chooses S&W’s .4006 Massad Ayoob Dec 1990 Our largest state police force adopts a new sidearm, the .40 S&W 40
G129075 What’s New in Handgun Accessories Massad Ayoob Dec 1990 Christmas Stocking Stuffers for your favorite hangunner 75
G129054 The Return of the Super Grade Model 70 Jon Sundra Dec 1990 This legendary Winchester was worth the wait 54
G129060 Europe is Different Holt Bodinson Dec 1990 A look at some of the fascinating cartridges from “Over There” 60
G129044 Frank Wells: Gunmaker With Versatility Holt Bodinson Dec 1990 From the diminutive My Lady’s rife to the big bore Gibbs 44
G129008 Letters to the Editor Dec 1990 Letters from the readers 8
G129014 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Dec 1990 The safety Factor: Police and civilian lives are saved with on-safe carry 14
G129018 Handloader’s Bench Ed Matunas Dec 1990 Tips on selcetion and use of a handy reloading tool, the powder measure 18
G129022 The Rifleman Jon Sundra Dec 1990 Kimberconsolidates and reorganizes to maintian quality classic-rifle niche 22
G129026 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Dec 1990 Dire warning for hunters from NRA: Organize, or season is over for good 26
G129032 Airshots J. I. Galan Dec 1990 European style underlever cocking system finally gains foothold in USA 32
G129060 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Dec 1990 Cartridge development on the other side of Atlantic; it’s a different world 60
G129073 Manulal of Arms Al Pickles Dec 1990 Article on the Manual of Arms 73
G129075 The handgunner Massad Ayoob Dec 1990 New goodies for handgunners, just in timw for the christmas wish list 75
G129078 Ask the Experts Dec 1990 Questions asked by the readers 78
GAN9004 The Wildey Survivor J. B. Wood Annual Wildey’s Back and is here to stay 4
GAN9016 Perspective on the 10mm Massad Ayoob Annual The 10mm auto pistol is all the rage these days 16
GAN9020 The First Magnunm John Taffin Annual Article on the first magnum 20
GAN9050 The Walther P38 Gene Gangarosa Annual One of the World’s best pistol designs moves into its second fifty years of handgun history 50
GAN9068 Plinking Loads for Pocket Pistols John W. Rockefeller Annual Article on Plinking loads for pocket pistols 68
GAN9082 The All Around Hunting Battery Col. Charles Askins Annual Hwo many guns o you really need, anyways? 82
GAN9086 Guns for the Artful Dodger Sam Fadala Annual Article on Guns for the Artgul Dodger 86
GAN90102 A Late Arrival from Sharps Mike Nesbitt Annual The New Model 1875 102
GAN9008 The Right Combination for Doves Don Zutz Annual Doe season- the ammo manufacturer’s favorite time of the year! 8
GAN9034 Benelli’s Black Eagle Stuart Williams Annual This super-sophisticated,ultra-reliable import from itlay may be the best autoloader on the market 34
GAN9098 The Case for Two Triggers Richard Owen Annual The two trigger has completely lost favor with the American Shooter 98
GAN9060 Gearing up for Gunslinger Games Bruce Thorstad Annual Guns,Garb and other gear for Western Action Matches 60
GAN9074 Full Auto! Jim Thompson Annual An Update on class III ownership 74
GAN9078 Colonel Charles Askins: Pistolero James E. Fender Annual One of the last of the living legends in the gunwriting trade 78
GAN90115 The Assault Rifle: Fact and Fantasy Jim Thompson Annual A look at the history,the myths and the realities of the ru assault rifle 115
GAN90133 Catalog Annual Catalog with all the manufactured rifles,shotguns and handguns 133
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