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1989 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018933 The Guns of Israel Robert O’ Meara Jan 1989 the Desert Eagle, Uzi, Galil and more 33
G018936 Titanium .357 Magnum Bill O’ Brien Jan 1989 Stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight 36
G018938 H&K’s Model 300 Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1989 Testing this high-quality .22 Magnum autoloader 38
G018940 Gun of the Month: Three Taurus Handguns Jan 1989 Win a Model 99 9mm, Model 85 .38 and a Model 66 .357 Mag. 40
G018948 Scattergun Savy Col. Charles Askins Jan 1989 Tips on choosing the shotgun that’s right for you 48
G018942 Engraver Profile: Sam Welch Larry Elliott Jan 1989 The president of the firearms Engravers Guild of America 42
G018944 Fowlers by Powell Don Zutz Jan 1989 Traditional handmade shotguns from England 44
G018946 The American Masters Series Larry Elliott Jan 1989 The first in a series of handmade exhibition rifles 46
G018906 Letters Jan 1989 Letters from the readers 6
G018907 Guns and the Law Jim Schneider Jan 1989 The anti-gunners whine over waitibg period defest 7
G018910 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Jan 1989 The Winchester 1886:Stronger than dynamite! 10
G018912 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jan 1989 Laoding .32-20 and .32 Magnum for hunter’s Pistol competition 12
G018914 Aiming for accuracy Skip Grdon Jan 1989 True precision shooting requires a precision barrel 14
G018916 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1989 Laoding for power and accuracy with three new hercules powders 16
G018922 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jan 1989 Do paint-ball guns have a legitimate place in our sport? 22
G028922 The Gun Box: Waterfowl Decoys Brook & Barbara Elliott Feb 1989 A wingshooter’s guide to floaters, flyers and field decoys 22
G028932 My Buddy Delbert Charles Petty Feb 1989 The misadventures of victim of magnumitis 32
G028933 “New and Improved” .45 Colt Walter Rickell Feb 1989 Remington brings this old-time cartridge up to date 33
G028934 Practical Pocket Pistol: The Grendel J.B. Wood Feb 1989 This tiny .380 autoloader could be a lifesaver 34
G028936 The .425 Express Bags a Buff Col. Charles Askins Feb 1989 Testing this new cartridg in the Autrailian bush 36
G028940 Gun of the Month: A David Gentry Custom Rifle Feb 1989 Win this fiberglass-stocked .338 Magnum “Outfitters Rifle” 40
G028946 Sporting Clays Don Zutz Feb 1989 A look at the latest trend in the shotgun sports 46
G028948 Today’s Trail Gun Walter Rickell Feb 1989 A modern cowpoke’s alternative to the ponderous Peacemaker 48
G028972 Winchester Firearms Museum E. Dixon Larson Feb 1989 The latest addiion to the Buffalo Bill Histirical Center 72
G028942 Gunmaker Profile: Bruce Farman Stuart Williams Feb 1989 Custom rifles from a highly talented craftsman 42
G028906 Guns and the Law Jim Schneider Feb 1989 Brady pledges new attacks on freedom as a united pro-gun movement gains strength 6
G028909 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1989 Strengths ad weaknesses of the clasic Browning Hi-Power 9
G028910 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1989 When choosing a varmint cartridge, don’t overlook the .225 Winchester 10
G028912 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Feb 1989 This little Hopkins & Aleen single-shot .22 is still a straight shooter 12
G028914 Aiming for Accuracy Skip Gordon Feb 1989 A new 300-yard cartridge sets records at the U.S. International championship 14
G028918 Plinker’s Corner Barry Minear Feb 1989 Mud and muzzle energy: Down-to-earth gun testing 18
G028920 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Feb 1989 Laoding data for sporting rifles chambered for the .5 machine gun round 20
G028978 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Feb 1989 Article of Manual of Arms 78
G038933 The Masters John Taffin Mar 1989 The ulitmate handgun competition contnues to grow 33
G038936 When a Bullet hits the Brush Col. Charles Askina Mar 1989 The real facts about “brush-busting” bullets 36
G038940 Gun of the Month: A Custom A-Square .338 Magnum Mar 1989 Win tis custom heavy-duty big-game rifle 40
G038942 The Empire of Impact Cameron Hopkins Mar 1989 Why top hunters choose A-Square rifles and ammunition 42
G038948 The .270 vs. the .30-06 Sam Fadala Mar 1989 Which is the greatest all-around hunting cartridge? 48
G038944 Gunmaker Profiel: Keith heppler Larry Elliott Mar 1989 The creator of this month’s cover rifle 44
G038946 The Immortal Model 12 Stanley Trzoniec Mar 1989 Browning brings back the classic pump shotgun 46
G038909 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1989 The real reasons behind the “plastic” Glock’s popularty 9
Favorite Loads
Paul Allen Mar 1989 A few serious words about “wimpy” handguns 10
G038912 Handloading bench Don Zutz Mar 1989 Handloading the .30-30 for max. big-game performance 12
G038914 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1989 Try Daisy’s new 93 Super for realistic combat pistol practice 14
G038916 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Mar 1989 Bandits lawmen and target shooters all loved this Smith & Wesson top-break 16
G038972 Product Reports Mar 1989 New products from the industry 72
G038978 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Mar 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 78
G048933 Games for Gunslingers Brue Thorstad Apr 1989 The excitement of “Old West” action shooting 33
G048936 Hunter’s Den Cameron Hopkins Apr 1989 A comprendium oof hunting accoutrements 36
G048940 Gun of the Month:A Custom “Backpacker” Rifle Mason Williams Apr 1989 Win this lightweight .350 Remington Magnum 40
G048947 The Remington Revolver Returns Robert Shimek Apr 1989 The first authentic reproduction of this precussion sixgun 47
G048948 Omega Mason Williams Apr 1989 Testing this hot new multi-caliber competition pistol 48
G048972 Hammer Phobia Don zutz Apr 1989 Choosing the right gun for training new shooters 72
G048944 Re-Creating Historic Firearms steven Dodd Hughes Apr 1989 There’s more to a custom muzzlelaoder than meets the eye 44
G048946 Engraver Profile: Lynton McKenzie Paul Allen Apr 1989 An engraver of high-grade modern and blackpowder rifles 46
G048909 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Apr 1989 Was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handgun the key to the Kennedy assassination mystery? 9
G048910 Handloading Bench Don zutz Apr 1989 New Royal Scot powder recommended for both hadgun and shotgun loads 10
G048912 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1989 The Farco CO2 shotgun adds a new dimension to airgun hunting 12
G048914 Aiming For Accuracy Skip Gordon Apr 1989 The untold story behind the world’s most accurate cartridges 14
G048916 Cap & Flint Sam Fadala Apr 1989 Blending black powder and modern technology 16
G048974 Product Reports Apr 1989 New products from the industry 74
G048978 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Apr 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 78
G058928 Year Round Shotgunning Richard Owen May 1989 A guide to clay tagert sports old and new 28
G058938 Multi-Purpose Custom Rifle Charles Petty May 1989 A gun for all seasons in a new wildcat 38
G058940 Assault Rifles- Yes or No May 1989 A GUNS reader survey 40
G058945 The Sam Colt of Denmark John B. Roberts II May 1989 Rasmussen’s Revolutionary Wheelguns 45
G058946 Off the shelf Varmint Rig Stanley Trzoniec May 1989 A hard to beat package for down range woodchucks 46
G058929 Bauska Barrels Mason Williams May 1989 A profile on a master barrlemaker 29
G058934 Where Have All The Gunsmiths Gone? F. N. Stewart May 1989 The status of gunsmithing today 34
G058936 The Flintlock Detective Paul Benson May 1989 Modern technology unlocks some 18th century bmysteries 36
G058910 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1989 A further look at the Lee Harvey Oswald shooting of Officer Tippit 10
G058916 Aiming For Accuracy Skip Gordon May 1989 More on the story of the famous PPc 16
G058920 Guns and the Law James Jay Baker May 1989 Plastic gun paranoia 20
G058922 Air Shots J. I. Galan May 1989 The new Backpacker carbine from Crosman 22
G058924 Favorite Loads Paul Benson May 1989 All aftermarket goodies are not equal plus: Secrets for half-MOA accuracy 24
G058978 Manual of Arms Al Pickles May 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 78
G068924 Sportman’s Team Challenge Patrick Squire Jun 1989 An innovative apporach to action shooting 24
G068928 The Lever Actions: All American Favorites Col. Charles Askins Jun 1989 A historic perspective on this remarkable design 28
G068930 Make Mine a Mannlicher! L. L. Stewart Jun 1989 This classic European is a popular as ever 30
G068934 Texas /longhorn Arms’ Improved Number Five John Taffin Jun 1989 Elmer Keith’s famous Single Action lives again 34
G068942 The Benelli Super 90 Montefeltro Stuart Williams Jun 1989 Wingshotting the South American way 42
G068950 H-1000 GUNs Staff Report Jun 1989 A first look at a new powder from Hodgdon 50
G068932 Gunmaker Profile: D’Arcy Echols Larry Elliott Jun 1989 One gunmaker’s quest for the perfect rifle 32
G068946 Custom Gunmaker: Jack T. Hough Stuart Williams Jun 1989 This custom gunsmith keeps it all in the family 46
G068906 Letters Jun 1989 Letters from the readers 6
G068913 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1989 Meet Larry Shappy, the guru of commercial cast bullets 13
G068915 Aiming for Accuracy Skip Gordon Jun 1989 Case study: 220 Russian and 6PPC-USA Brass 15
G068918 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Jun 1989 Crime in the streets calls for tough justice, not more gun laws 18
G068920 Airshots J. I. Galan Jun 1989 Field Target Shooting;an idea whose time has come in the USA 20
G068970 New Products Jun 1989 New products from the industry 70
G078932 Hunting Rifle Accuracy Jon sundra Jul 1989 MOA Accuracy in the real wold 32
G078936 The Steyr Luxus Stuart Williams Jul 1989 the evolution of the Mannicher continues 36
G078940 1989 Custom Gunmakers Guild Show Stuart Williams Jul 1989 The Annual Showcase of the Classic Gun 40
G078946 Gun of the Month Jul 1989 The Knight MK-85,a truly modern muzzleloader 46
G078948 The “Assault Rifle” Today Massad Ayoob Jul 1989 If you can still get one, which one is for you? 48
G078956 Special Report: The Airgun Scene J. I. Galan Jul 1989 What’s new for 1989 56
G078907 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Jul 1989 The three stage reality of self defense 7
G078912 Letters Jul 1989 Letters from the industry 12
G078916 Sporting Shotguns Don Zutz Jul 1989 A look at new loads for 1989 16
G078922 Hunters Afield Holt Bodinson Jul 1989 Now’s the time to tune up for fall 22
G078928 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Jul 1989 The saefty factor: a mature and sensible approach to handloading 28
G078931 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Jul 1989 “Assaut Rifle” hysteria:A very serious threat to your guns 31
G078973 New Products Jul 1989 New products from the industry 73
G078978 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Jul 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 78
G088932 The .416 Remington Magnum Col. Charles Askins Aug 1989 Remington joins the battle of the big bores 32
G088940 Joseph James E. Fender Aug 1989 A look at one engraver’s quest for perfection 40
G088942 Drop-In Synthetic Stocks Jon Sundra Aug 1989 An update on the space age approach to stocking your rifle 42
G088945 Good Wood Stuart Williams Aug 1989 An in-depth profile on Darwin Hensley, Custom Gunmaker 45
G088956 Gun of the Month Aug 1989 From Auto Ordnance: The gun that made the twenties roar 56
G088958 GUNS Reader Survey Update Aug 1989 What GUNS readers really think about “Assault Rifles” 58
G088915 Guns and the Law Richard Gardiner Aug 1989 Virginia takes common sense approach to background check 15
G088916 Airshots J. I. Galan Aug 1989 New,improved paintball guns to answer consumer demand 16
G088919 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Aug 1989 Sputzer Bullets: They really are better and here’s why 19
G088924 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Aug 1989 Ted Bundy leaves legacy of defense lessons for society 24
G088926 Hunter’s Den Ed Matunas Aug 1989 Proven products, techniques on care, cleaning of firearms 26
G088962 Product Reports Aug 1989 New Products from the industry 62
G088994 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Aug 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 94
G098914 Colt’s Double Eagle Jerry Lee Sep 1989 The Newest DA . 45! 14
G098930 The Joy of Used Handguns Massad Ayoob Sep 1989 Wheeling and dealing with one of the pros 30
G098940 Is There a Sporting use for Assault Rifles? Charles E. Petty Sep 1989 Sometimes it’s the right gun for the game 40
G098948 The Guns of Paul Dressel Stuart Williams Sep 1989 A GUNS custom gunmaker profile 48
G098956 Take Back the Night Massad Ayoob Sep 1989 Smith & Wesson’s new generation LAdySmith 56
G098962 A Great rifle Returns Jon Sundra Sep 1989 Husqvarna’s FFV is back in the USA 62
G098966 Gun of the Month Sep 1989 Win a Weatherby 20 gauge over/under shotgun 66
G098972 Mitchell’s .44 Magnum’ Walter Ricklell Sep 1989 A target version of a Single Action favorite 72
G098909 Letters to the Editor Sep 1989 Letters from the readers 9
G098916 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Sep 1989 The .45 Auto Pistol: Still the experts choice for defense 16
G098921 Sporting Shotguns Don Zutz Sep 1989 Guns and loads for the long-range sid of upland shooting 21
G098926 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Sep 1989 Getting the best results with the .338 Winchester Magnum 26
G098934 Hunter’s Afield Holt Bodinson Sep 1989 The Fabulous .40’s: a look at some favorite big bore rifles 34
G098968 Product Report Sep 1989 New products from the industry 68
G098973 Guns and the Law Wayne LaPierre Sep 1989 Firearms and violence on the screen: What can be done? 73
G0989104 GUNS Test Report Mike Barach Sep 1989 Test Report on different guns 104
G0989110 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Sep 1989 Article on the Manual of Arms 110
G108932 Favorite Deer Rifles of the GUNS Writers Oct 1989 Six favorite writers pick their best deer guns 32
G108940 Beretta’s Big Little .380 Massad Ayoob Oct 1989 A fistful of firepower 40
G108942 The Perennial Perazzi Don Zutz Oct 1989 Clays of feathers, the best keeps on winning 42
G108948 The Kimber BGR Jon Sundra Oct 1989 The long-awaited Kimber Big Game Rifle is here 48
G108952 Hunter’s Den Holt Bodinson Oct 1989 A review of some choice products for the season 52
G108956 Gun of the Month Oct 1989 Win a custom T/C Contender 56
G108962 Dressed for the Hunt Oct 1989 The Latest look at fashions for the field 62
G108908 Letters to the Editor Oct 1989 Letters from the readers 8
G108909 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Oct 1989 Instinctive shooting calls for careful consideration of grips 9
G108912 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Oct 1989 Short-barrelled pocket guns call for special reloading techniques 12
G108915 Hunters Afield Holt Bodinson Oct 1989 A hunter’s checklist: Now’s the time to plan that hunt 15
G108920 Sporting Shotgunner Don Zutz Oct 1989 Pellet selection for steel shot: Use the rule of two 20
G108926 Airshots J. I. Galan Oct 1989 Crosman and Daisy pneumatics offer value and versatilty 26
G108972 New Products Oct 1989 New products from the industry 72
G108994 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Oct 1989 Article on the Manual of Arms 94
G118936 The World’s Most Popular Caliber Col. Charles Askins Nov 1989 The 8mm still beats the .30 bore 36
G118942 Montana Prairie Dog Safari Jon Sundra Nov 1989 A varmint hunter’s dream 42
G118946 Smith & Wesson’s Model 25-7 Charles E. Petty Nov 1989 A test of S&W’s latest .45 revolver 46
G118950 The Revolutionary Blaser Stuart Williams Nov 1989 A custom quality take-down rifle 50
G118956 .410 With a Flair Don Zutz Nov 1989 Weatherby’d distinctive Athena O/U 56
G118960 Custom Gunmaker Profile Stuart Williams Nov 1989 Texas stockmarket Charley Coffin 60
G118963 the .348 Winchester Gary M. Brown Nov 1989 A case history 63
G118968 .22 Pistol Test Reports J. I. Galan + Mason Williams Nov 1989 Intratec’s TEC-22 + Browning’s Buck Mark Varmint 68
G118908 Letters to the Editor Nov 1989 Letters from the readers 8
G118913 Guns and the Law James J. Baker Nov 1989 The ’89 gun ban: A bitter example of bureaucratic waffling 13
G118915 Sporting Shotguns Don Zutz Nov 1989 Shotgunning’s No. 1 rule: Get your head down and keep it there 15
G118926 Hunters Afield Holt Bodinson Nov 1989 Electroic aids in the field serve the hunter in more ways than one 26
G118928 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Nov 1989 The value of the Affirmative Defense” in the courtroom 28
G118932 Airshots J. I. Galan Nov 1989 Norica’s “Commando” Air rifle plus-a speedloader for BB’s 32
G118966 New Products Nov 1989 New products from the industry 66
G1189102 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Nov 1989 Article on the Manual of Arms 102
G128944 The .454 Casull John Taffin Dec 1989 Some say it’s the best single ction ever 44
G128950 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Jay McCament Stuart Williams Dec 1989 He combines the best of the best 50
G128956 Gun of the Month J. B. Wood Dec 1989 The Wildey survives, and you can win one 56
G128958 Waterfowl Guns: The Changing Scene Don Zutz Dec 1989 The trend is back to the big bores 58
G128962 Custom Rifle Counterpoint Jon Sundra Dec 1989 Just what is a “custom” rifle? 62
G128984 In Pursuit of the Accurate Rifle Sam Fadala Dec 1989 The quest for ballistic excellence 84
G128908 Letters to the Editor Dec 1989 Letters from the readers 8
G128912 Ayoob for the Defense Massad Ayoob Dec 1989 Selecting a police handgun: One department approach 12
G128918 Airshots J. I. Galan Dec 1989 daisy’s competition grade air rifle for shooters on a budget 18
G128922 Handloading Bench Ed Matunas Dec 1989 Premium grade bullets take the gamble out of ammo perfromance 22
G128938 Guns and the Law David Conover Dec 1989 The anti-gun movement: Is it a new American Elitism? 38
G128940 Hunters Afield Holt Bodinson Dec 1989 New ballistics program brings the PC to the shooting range 40
G128980 New Products Dec 1989 New products from the industry 80
G1289110 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Dec 1989 Article on Manual of Arms 110
GAN8904 The M1 Today Jim Thompson Annual Article on the M1 4
GAN8934 Chain Gun James Mason Annual Its made in various calibers and configurations for different use 34
GAN8948 Machine Gun Mecca Jim Thompson Annual Article on Machine Gun Mecca 48
GAN8986 Collecting Military Blanks Linne’ Hansen Annual Article on “Collecting Military Blanks” 86
GAN8908 New Guns for 1989 Jerry Rakusan Annual Article on the new guns in 1989 8
GAN8914 The Great .308 Wayne Van Zwoll Annual Its power,versatility and inherent accuracy make the .308 Winchester a top contender 14
GAN8924 Pattern Your Scattergun George Harting Annual Finding out how your shotgun shoots is an easy way to improve your scores 24
GAN8938 The Pro-Point Challenge Raymond Page Annual Article on the Pro-Point Challenge 38
GAN8942 Rapid-Fire Fun Ladd Fanta Annual Could this semi-auto BB gun from Crosman be the perfect pinking pistol? 42
GAN8944 Ruger Mark II Pistol Test Michael De Vasto Annual This accurate reliable semi-suto is on eof the most popular .22 pistols 44
GAN8947 Colt’s King Cobra Robert H O’ Meara Annual Colt’s newest revolver offers many of the features of the high-grade Python 47
GAN8960 Slug Guns for the ’90s Brook Elliott Annual A scoped shotgun with a rifled barrel 60
GAN8964 Hammer the hammer W.E. Goforth Annual A Histroy of the safety automatic revolvers of Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works 64
GAN8968 Anatomy of a Group Don Lewis Annual Understanding the factors that affect rouping could turn your “inaccurate” rifle into a real tack-driver 68
GAN8970 Guns of the New York State Police Mark B. Crss Annual An in-depth look at the guns of this historic law enforcement agency 70
GAN8976 An Ace in the Hole James E. Fender Annual Article on “An Ace in the Hole” 76
GAN8984 Collector’s Associations Mike Nesbitt Annual Joining a collector’s club is the best way to learn more about your favorite firearms 84
GAN8988 Smallbore Silhouette Success Warren Bishop Annual Tips on getting started in the exciting sport of smallbore silhouette shooting 88
GAN8990 The Hawkeye Hunting Club Col. Charles Askins Annual This Texas wingshooter’s paradise offers a wide variety of game for the shotgunner 90
GAN8993 The Little Buckaroo Mike Nesbitt Annual A well-fitting rifle is essential for proper firearms trainign for youngsters 93
GAN89105 Inside Handguns Annual List of parts for some handguns 105
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