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1988 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018820 The Gun Box: Recoil Reducers II Brook & Barbara Elliott Jan 1988 More ways to take the ouch out of shooting 20
G018832 Shooting the Bull Col. Charles Askins Jan 1988 Africa-style hunting adventure along the Rio Grande 32
G018834 The Shape of Stocks to Come? Mike Stewart Jan 1988 Improved biathion rifles may change shooting for everyone 34
G018836 The Mini-2 Air Pistol Walter Rickell Jan 1988 An accurate CO2 target pistol 36
G018838 The Collectable 1895 Winchester Gary Brown Jan 1988 A superior lever-action rifle design 38
G018840 Gun of the Month: A Grizzly Win Mag Pistol Jan 1988 Win a fistful of .45 Winchester Magnum power 40
G018848 Target Shooting, Cajun Style Hilda Sonnier Jan 1988 A traditional shooting game from the bayou country 48
G018849 Pop Eimer, Old-Time Gunsmith Marie Eimer Lundgren Jan 1988 Tlented gunsmith, champion shooter and colorful character 49
G018856 Gun Test: Ruger’s Stainless GP-100 Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1988 A new finish for Ruger’s most innovative revolver 56
G018860 Benchrest for .22 Rimfires Larry Elliott Jan 1988 Pinpoint accuracy is the name of the game 60
G018844 Opus Sporting Arms Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1988 Classic rifles for te serious hunter 44
G018846 Wild About Walnut Stuart Williams Jan 1988 Why a walnut stock is the ulitmate in a functional beauty 46
G018807 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Jan 1988 New Reloader 12 powder is ideal for many old-timer cartridge guns 7
G018809 Guns and the Law Jerry Rakusan Jan 1988 Why not a moratorium on all new gun-control laws? 9
G018811 Letters Jan 1988 Letetrs from the readers 11
G018814 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jan 1988 Daisy’s look-alike pellet pistols are the next best thing to cartridge guns 14
G018816 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jan 1988 The big names aren’t always the big winners in benchrest competition 16
G018818 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jan 1988 Precicion handloads for the .300 Winchester Magnum and other favorite 18
G018822 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1988 The 16 gauge is sweeter than ever, especially for users of steel shot 22
G018824 Custom Guns John Babcock Jan 1988 Buying rough Stock blanks can be rewarding-if you know what to look for 24
G028834 The Luger Wizard J. B. Wood Feb 1988 Taking the old toggle-top into the ’80s-and beyond 34
G028836 Automag II James Mason Feb 1988 The first successful gas-operated .22 Magnum pistol 36
G028838 The Century .45-70 Revolver Michel Dubber Feb 1988 A sixgun for serious big-bore fans 38
G028839 Inside the Centruy J. B. Wood Feb 1988 What it takes to make a .45-70 handgun 39
G028840 Gun of the Month: A desert Eagle .357 Magnum Feb 1988 Win this innovative .357 Magnum autolaoder 40
G028860 The Magic of 3000 fps Col. Charles Askins Feb 1988 The Colonel’s favorites are fast 60
G028872 Test Report: Astra A-90 .45 Chris Martindale Feb 1988 A reloable doube-action auto for self defense 72
G028842 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Don Klein Feb 1988 One of America’s most respected gunmakers 42
G028843 Handgun Aristry Feb 1988 Custom handguns for the connoisseur 43
G028848 The Weatherby Euromark Stanley Trzoniec Feb 1988 A attractive departure from the Weatheryby tradition 48
G028809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1988 Real-life gunfights show stopping power of high-tech defense loads 9
G028810 Letters Feb 1988 Letters from the readers 10
G028811 Old Timers Don Zutz Feb 1988 Winchester’s unwanted Model 25 shotgun finds its niche with modern slug shooters 11
G028812 Guns and the Law Jerry Rakusan Feb 1988 The citizen’s guide to gun control: Latest addition to the anti-gun library 12
G028814 Air Shots J. I. Galan Feb 1988 The “Un-Gun”: A CO2 hand cannon designed for non-lethal self-defense 14
G028818 Shooter’s Edge Mike Nesbitt Feb 1988 Remington bullet knives: The old and the new 18
G028822 Handlaoding Bench Don Zutz Feb 1988 Why that “fantastic” load you read about won’t group worth a darn from your rifle 22
G028824 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Feb 1988 Just how popular is the old .45 ACP cartridge these days? 24
G038820 The Gun Box: Getting a Grip Brook & Barbara Elliott Mar 1988 Synthetic handgun grips are here to stay 20
G038833 High-Tech Target Pistols Sam Baiocco Mar 1988 The latest in precsion bullseye handguns 33
G038837 Colt’s Mighty Mustang Robert O’Meara Mar 1988 An in-depth look at this compact .380 defense gun 37
G038838 The Hundred-Round Handgun J. B. Wood Mar 1988 The Calico M-100P is the ultimate in one-hand firepower 38
G038840 Gun of the Month:An “Uplander” 20-gauge shotgun Mar 1988 Win this classic British-style game gun 40
G038842 Single-shot Pistols- Alive and Well Stanley Trzoniec Mar 1988 Holding their own against modern repeaters 42
G038858 New Cartridges for the Year 2000 Col. Charles Askins Mar 1988 Toay’s wildcats are tomorrow’s factory loads 58
G038872 Test Report: The “Baby” TA90 Mike Barach Mar 1988 A pocket-size 9mm with big-gun accuracy 72
G038845 Engraver Profile: Dan Bratcher Larry Elliott Mar 1988 Fine guns are the canvas for this artist 45
G038846 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Dave Talley Larry Elliott Mar 1988 Turning rough steel into fine custom rifles 46
G038847 Engraver Profiel: Bryson Gwinnell Kathleen Carlson Mar 1988 The artist behind the Colt 150th Anniversary gun 47
G038806 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1988 Beware the one-gun man-until he’s fored to change guns 6
G038812 Benchrest Skip Gordon Mar 1988 Highlights of the 1987 National Bench Rest Shooters Association Chamionship 12
G038816 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Mar 1988 .25-06 track-drivers, mild magnums, and other favorites from our readers 16
G038818 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1988 A clasy Mannlicher sporter from BSA and a new Min-14 look-alike from Daisy 18
G038822 Guns and the Law Bill O’Brien Mar 1988 Be sure you know the law before carrying a knife for self-defense 22
G038824 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Mar 1988 The .223 s. the .22-250-Which is the better choice for serious varminting? 24
G038878 Jim’s Gun Shop Jerry Rakusan Mar 1988 Editor’s Corner 78
G048814 The Gun Box: Calling All Deer! Brook & Barbara Elliott Apr 1988 Research shows deer calls really work 14
G048834 A Shooter’s Stag Party Robert O’ Meara Apr 1988 Nothing beats the beauty of stag Handgun grips 34
G048836 The Colt Delta Elite J. B. Wood Apr 1988 A hot new cartridge for the world’s greatest auto pistol; 36
G048838 Gun of the Month:A Cannon Scout Rifle Apr 1988 Win this ultra-modern custom hunting rifle 38
G048858 Better Glasses for Better Shooting Don Zutz Apr 1988 The right eyeware is importan as the right gun 58
G048870 Synthetic Stocks are Hee to Saty Col. Charles Askins Apr 1988 A hard look at synthetic rifle stocks 70
G048883 The Cannon Recoil System Mason Williams Apr 1988 An effective recoil reducer for magnum rifles 83
G048884 Design Corner: .45 Luger Look-Alike John Winter Apr 1988 Is there a future for this combat handgun design? 84
G048853 Engraver Profile: Guiseppi Forte Larry Elliot Apr 1988 A master engraver and his work 53
G048856 The Ultimate Air Rifle Tim Mcmurray&Dennis O’Flaherty Apr 1988 The Venom Arms Mach 1 is hand-built by english craftsmen 56
G048860 Sterling Davenport, Custom Gunmaker Stuart Williams Apr 1988 First-rate custom rifles, from .22s to magnums 60
G048806 Guns and the Law Jerry Rakusan Apr 1988 Anti-gun “10-ponit Plan” to take away your rights 6
G048810 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Apr 1988 Winning a match is always nice, but losing can teach you life-saving lessons 10
G048812 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Apr 1988 Les Bowman may be gone, but his contributions to shooting live on 12
G048820 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Apr 1988 Try saw-toothed .45 bullets and faster powders for more efficent pin busting 20
G048822 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1988 New paint guns and accessories plus a lok at a brand-new pellet machine gun 22
G048826 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Apr 1988 Expert advice on cast bullets, plus more favorite accuracy loads 26
G048868 Custom Guns Jerry Rakusan Apr 1988 A few thoughts on engraving-highly subjective and very personal 68
G048890 Jim’s Gun Shop Jerry Rakusan Apr 1988 Editor’s Corner 90
G058834 .425 Express Cameron Hopkins May 1988 A powerful new wildcat cartridge for the toughest big game 34
G058838 Winchester’s Diamond Grade Trap Gun Charles E. Petty May 1988 A gem of a competition shotgun 38
G058840 Gun of the Month:A Benjamin Sterling Air Rifle May 1988 Win this sophiscated American-made air gun 40
G058842 Franchi’s Combat Shotgun Trio Jim Thompson May 1988 Three awesome scatterguns for serious business 42
G058864 The Gun Box: Mobile Gun Rocks Brook & Barbara Elliott May 1988 Tips on keeping firearms secure in your vehicle 64
G058845 Custom Gunmaker Profiel; J Earl Bridges Larry Elliott May 1988 A master of the art of building fine rifles 45
G058846 The .35 Whelen Comes of Age Stanley Trzoniec May 1988 Remington introduces factory rifles and ammo for this wildcat 46
G058848 Return of the Sweet Sixteen Col. Charles Askins’ May 1988 Once believed almost extinct, the 16-gaugge is making a comeback 48
G058850 Happy Birthday, Hammerli ! May 1988 A special pistol commemorates Hammerli’s 125th anniversary 50
G058806 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1988 Getting the most from the “new” .35 Whelen cartridge 6
G058810 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1988 Another clear-cut self-defense case turns into a legal nightmare 10
G058812 Shooter’s Edge Bill Hughes May 1988 Joe-Pro brings fine handmade knives within the reach of the average guy 12
G058814 Favorite Loads Paul Allen May 1988 Versatile powder,copper-plated bullets,and more favorite loads 14
G058818 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt May 1988 One of Lyman’s best bullet moulds dates back to the early days of smokeless powder 18
G058820 Benchrest Skip Gordon May 1988 A former pro baseball player shares his thoughts about the benchrest sport 20
G058878 Jim’s Gun Shop Jerry Rakusan May 1988 Editor’s Corner 78
G068832 The Gun Boz: Action Targets Brook & Barbara Elliott Jun 1988 Steel targets add a new dimensio to plinking 32
G068834 Contender Skeet Dick Eades Jun 1988 The challenge of wingshooting with a handgun 34
G068836 Do you need a MOA Rifle? Col. Charles Askins Jun 1988 Just how accurate should a hunting rifle be? 36
G068838 Super Redhawk Staney Trzoniec Jun 1988 A Close look at this big new .44 Magnum from Ruger 38
G068842 Browning’s Bull-Barrled Buck Marks Raymond Page Jun 1988 Testing these accurate long-range .22 auto pistols 42
G068848 Winchester’s Finest Jim Fender Jun 1988 A first look at the “Supreme” line of high-grade ammo 48
G068849 The Long and Short of Stock Refinishing Ron Swartley Jun 1988 Fine-tuning that oil finish the way the pros do it 49
G068852 Test Report:Brno ZKB 680 Varmint Rifle Stuart Williams Jun 1988 A superby accurate little bolt-action sporter 52
G068868 Colt .45 Grips, 1911- Present Gary Brown Jun 1988 Your Colt’s grips can provide clues to its history 68
G068844 Shotgun Stock Fit Howard Clarke Jun 1988 Proper stock fit is a mist for successful wingshooting 44
G068845 Custom Gunsmith Profile: W.J Nittler Howard Clarke Jun 1988 A world-reowned expert on fine shotguns 45
G068846 Those Magnificent Mausers Ron Swartley Jun 1988 Why top custom gunmakers prefer the old-time Masue action 46
G068847 Custom Gunmaker Profile: J.M Rabourn Larry Elliott Jun 1988 A look at the Mauser Master and his work 47
G068806 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1988 The best of all the medium-bores may be the forgotten .375 Weatherby round 6
G068810 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jun 1988 More accuracy records are shattered by the remarkabe 6mm PPC cartridge 10
G068812 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jun 1988 Air Arms creates a match-winning air rifle based on a 200-year-old design 12
G068816 Letters Jun 1988 Letters from the readers 16
G068818 Old Timers Ladd Fanta Jun 1988 Daisy brings back fod memories along with faorite old-time airguns 18
G068820 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jun 1988 Readers write with favorite loads for .41 Magnum .300 Magnum and more 20
G078820 The Gun Box: Bullet Casting Brook & Barbara Elliott Jul 1988 Getting the lead-in the right way 20
G078834 The .30 Russian in America Al Pickles Jul 1988 One of the few good ideas from the Soviet Union 34
G078836 Bullseye at 500 Meter Dick Hess Jul 1988 Long-range handgunning that will amaze you 36
G078839 Remington 11-87 Torture Test Stuart Williams Jul 1988 This new shotgun takes anything you can dish out 39
G078840 Gun of the Month:A custom-engraved Remington 11-87 Jul 1988 Win this one-of-a-kind autoloading shotgun 40
G078868 Prairie Dog Safari Col. Charles Askins Jul 1988 A hunt for this wily little rodent is big on excitement 68
G078840 Engraver Profile: Virgil Graham Charles Petty Jul 1988 Meet the man who created the July Gun of the Month 40
G078844 The Classic .357 Stanley Trzoniec Jul 1988 Smith&Wesson’s Model 27 is stil going strong at age 53 44
G078846 Champlin Rifle Lerry Elliot Jul 1988 Custom big-bore hunting rifles built from scratch 46
G078847 An End to Double Trouble Don Zutz Jul 1988 Double-triger guns that don’t bruise your fingers 47
G078809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jul 1988 Africa has some suprises in store for the American Handgunner 9
G078810 Letters Jul 1988 Letters from the readers 10
G078812 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1988 Getting the most out of the .30Russian cartridge 12
G078816 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1988 New developments in the world of airguns from fun plinkers to high-tech match rifles 16
G078822 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jul 1988 A few words with the man behnd the leading journal of the benchrest game 22
G078826 Cap & Flint avid Gross Jul 1988 Hunt everything from grizzlies to gophers wth just one muzzle-loader 26
G078830 Favorite Laods Paul Allen Jul 1988 A 1.12-inch group at 500 meters:Too good to be true? 30
G078848 Custom Guns Cameron Hopkins Jul 1988 If you consider all the work involved, a fine custom rifle is quite a baragain 48
G078878 Jim’s Gun Shop Jerry Rakusan Jul 1988 Editor’s Corner 78
G088816 The Gun Box: Gun Core Products Brook & Barbara Elliott Aug 1988 Keeping your guns clean,lubricated and rust-free 16
G088836 Rebirth of the Broomhandle James Mason Aug 1988 A “New” version of a classic handgun 36
G088838 Marlin .45 ACP Carbine Test Joe Zambone Aug 1988 This sem-auto is a welcome addition to the Amrlin family 38
G088840 Gun of the Month: A North American Arms Mini-Revolver Bonanza ! Aug 1988 Win our four Mini-Revolvers lus loads of accessories 40
G088842 Dan Wesson’s .22 Magnum Varminter Phil Johnson Aug 1988 The ultimate smallbore hunting handgun? 42
G088848 Weaver: The Next Generation Russ Carpenter Aug 1988 New Weaver scopes porve their worthiness 48
G088844 Guild Show ’88 Larry Elliott Aug 1988 The finest of the year’s custom guns 44
G088846 Stockmaker Profile: Darwin Hensley Stuart Williams Aug 1988 Each stock is a graceful sculpture 46
G088847 The Clasic Shotgun Stock Don Zutz Aug 1988 A style as functional as it is good-looking 47
G088807 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1988 The Transition gun: A special piece of history 7
G088811 Guns and the Law Richard Sargent Aug 1988 Are laws against toy guns a threat to our freedom? 11
G088814 Letters Aug 1988 Letters from the readers 14
G088818 Bookshelf Aug 1988 Reading a good book is the next best thing to shootign 18
G088820 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Aug 1988 The best loads yet for Hercules Reloader 12 powder 20
G088822 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Aug 1988 Readers’ reloading data for really accurate ammunition 22
G088827 Benchrest Skip Gordon Aug 1988 Buying a custom rifle without getting burned 27
G098822 Bullet Design Made Easy Don Zutz Sep 1988 Designing bullets with your home computer 22
G098824 Showdown in San Gabriel Bob Arganbright Sep 1988 The world’s fastest guns shoot it out 24
G098838 The Steel Shot Controversy James Fender Sep 1988 Are anut-gunnners behind lead shot bans? 38
G098840 The “Other” Rifles Jim Moore Sep 1988 The case against the bolt action 40
G098842 The Raest Browning Patrick Squire Sep 1988 A one-of-a-kind prototype shotgun 42
G098848 Gun of the Month: A Mowry Custom Ruger Super Redhawk Sep 1988 Win this powerful .44 Magnum hunting handgun 48
G098856 A New Look for Your XP-100 Phil Johnston Sep 1988 It’s a whole new handgun with a Herrett stock 56
G098888 Roy Weatherby Remebered Col. Charles Askins Sep 1988 A tribute to the late, great firearms designer 88
G098894 Fire in the Hole ! Bob Arganbright Sep 1988 A spectacular “chain fire” at a fast-draw match 94
G098846 Classics Afield Don Zutz Sep 1988 There’s no better game-getter than a clasic shotgun 46
G098853 Engraved Shotgun Showcase Sep 1988 Superb smootherbores to delight the eye 53
G098806 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Sep 1988 Top loads for the Glock 17 and toher high-tech 9mm pistols 6
G098809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1988 The time may come when your life deoends on a lightning-fast reload 9
G098810 Benchrest Skip Gordon Sep 1988 Today’s “backyard benchrester” may be tomorrow’s chamion competitive shooter 10
G098812 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Sep 1988 Is there one single all-around bullet that’s best for your gun? 12
G098816 Letters Sep 1988 Letters from the readers 16
G098818 Shooter’s Edge Mike Nesbitt Sep 1988 Is the new Combat Smatchet the ulitmate survival knife> 18
G098820 Bookshelf Sep 1988 Books for fans of big-bore shotguns and Colt revolvers 20
G098890 Product Reports Sep 1988 New products from the industry 90
G108840 Hunting Season Foresiht Mike Thimas Oct 1988 Get up off your bench and get some real practice 40
G108844 .404 Jeffery: The Forgotten Big-Bore Cameron Hopkins Oct 1988 A clasic round for large and dangerous game 44
G108848 Gun of the Month : A “Cavalry Colt: Reporduction Oct 1988 Win this fine collectors gun from Cimarron Arms 48
G108856 Magnum ! Col. Charles Askins Oct 1988 The hottest rifle cartridge of all time 56
G108878 The Gun Box: Hunting Leather Brook & Barbara Elliott Oct 1988 What to look for in a hunting holster 78
G108889 Colt Historian Honored Robert H. O’Meara Oct 1988 A one-of-a-kind custom Colt Single Action army revolver 89
G108850 Constitution Commemorative Bill O’Brien Oct 1988 A closer look at our cover rifle 50
G108852 Tomorrow’s Custom Gunmakers Larry Elliott Oct 1988 Talneted students at the Colorado School of Trades 52
G108854 Custom Gunmaker Profile: John Bolliger Stuart Williams Oct 1988 Creator of the North American Elk Foundation commermoratives 54
G108809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1988 Is a 9mm istol really a good choice for self-defense 9
G108810 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Oct 1988 Old-timers: European combination guns, .450 Express rifles and more 10
G108814 Hanloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1988 A source of brass for big-bore express rifles and other rarities 14
G108816 Benchrest Skip Gordon Oct 1988 Answeres to the most frequnetly asked questions about precision shooting 16
G108820 Letters Oct 1988 Letters from the readers 20
G108822 Bookshelf Oct 1988 Old-fashioned muzzle-loaders and futuristic military guns 22
G108826 Airshots J. I. Galan Oct 1988 Today’s precision air rifles are ideal for small-game hunting 26
G118814 Lee Loader John W. Rockefeller Nov 1988 Getting the ost from this inexpensive reloader 14
G118822 Armoire Gun Cabinet Mike Thomas Nov 1988 An attractive gun cabinet with a minimum of work 22
G118828 Special Reloading Roundup Jerry Rakusan Nov 1988 A look at whats new on the reloading scene 28
G118848 Paper Patches for Modern Magnums Raymond Page Nov 1988 the new/old way to shoot cast bullets at high velocities 48
G118850 The Gun Box: Punching Paper Brook & Barabra Elliott Nov 1988 Targets for every type of shooting 50
G118856 Gun of the Month: A Mossberg 2-barrel Shotgun Set Nov 1988 Win this camo-finish waterfowl/deer combo 56
G118862 Numero Uno Richard Savino Nov 1988 A first look at a brand-new autopistol design 62
G118866 The Remakrable Model 70 Col. Charles Askins Nov 1988 Winchester’s classic bolt-action is still a winner 66
G118868 Is the Brush Gun Dead? Mike Nesbitt Nov 1988 What’s happening to the lever-action hunting rifle 68
G118872 Put Teeth in yOur Bulldog Joe Zambone Nov 1988 Pre-froagmented .44 Special loads for home defense 72
G118858 The 1989 Guild Gun Steven Dodd Hughes Nov 1988 Next year’s showcase rifle from the ACGG 58
G118860 Stock Secrets Bill Dowin Nov 1988 There’s more to a fine gunstock than meets the eye 60
G118806 Letters Nov 1988 Letters from the readers 6
G118809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Nov 1988 Fumbling for a safety that isnt there could cost you your life 9
G118810 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Nov 1988 Hard-cost bullets may not be the best for silhouette shooting 10
G118818 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Nov 1988 Wanted: Accuracy loads for snubnosed revolvers 18
G118820 Shooter’s Edge Mike Nesbitt Nov 1988 Even the most expensive knife is useless if it isn’t kept sharp 20
G118826 Benchrest Skip Gordon Nov 1988 Rifles with aluminum actions are capable of match-winning accuracy 26
G118844 Air Shots J. I. Galan Nov 1988 Now not even your airguns are safe from the anti-gun fanatics 44
G1188106 Product Reports Nov 1988 New products from the industry 106
G128844 Self-Defense Guns Col. Charles Askins Dec 1988 Life-saving advice from a combat veteran 44
G128846 Kimber’s Government Model Larry Elliott Dec 1988 Testing this new .22 target rifle 46
G128848 Gun of the Moth: A Custom Ruger Revolver/Knife Set Dec 1988 Win this one-of-a-kind engraved collector’s pair 48
G128854 The Gun Box: Shooting Gloves Brook & Barbara Elliott Dec 1988 Taking the sting out of magnum handgun shooting 54
G128856 Fun with a Marlin Mike Nesbitt Dec 1988 The shorest,lightest lever-action .22 ever 56
G128864 Robar’s Russian Remington Howard French Dec 1988 A custom sniper rifle in .30 Russian caliber 64
G128889 I hate the .30-06 Francis Tedford Dec 1988 The sad story of a one-gun man 89
G128850 The Buffalo Rifle Howard Clarke Dec 1988 A work of art in .416 Rigby caliber 50
G128852 Engraver Profile: Mitchell Moschetti Larry Elliott Dec 1988 The fine art of firearms engraving 52
G128809 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1988 If you could have only one handgun, what would it be? 9
G128812 Aiming for Accuracy Skip Gordon Dec 1988 Are uniform case necks really important for accurate shooting? 12
G128814 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Dec 1988 Good,clen shootng fun with new Solo 1000 powder 14
G128816 Old Timers Don Zutz Dec 1988 Savage’s Browning shotgun: The Model 720 autoloader 16
G128818 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1988 Get maximum performance from your sharps rifle with paper-patched bullets 18
G128820 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Dec 1988 Handloading advice for the fgood ol’ .38-55 cartridge 20
G128824 Air Shots J. I. Galan Dec 1988 Hot new air rifles from south of the border 24
G128890 Product Reports Dec 1988 New products from the industry 90
G128894 Manual of Arms Al Pickles Dec 1988 Article on the Manual of Arms 94
GAN8806 Home Gunsmithing Annual The do-it yourselfer needs the right tools just as much as the professional 6
GAN8809 Care and Cleaning Annual Cleaning and lubrication products to keep your handguns in tip-top shape 9
GAN8813 Hearing Protection Annual Hearing loss is the most common injury suffered by recreational shooters 13
GAN8814 Gun Cases Annual Don’t rely on a holster for pretection when transporting or storing a handugn 14
GAN8861 Exploded Drawing: Smith & Wesson 422 Annual A List of the Parts inside the .22 Auto 61
GAN8866 Handgun Accessories Annual Gadgets galore to fit every budget and every shooting style 66
GAN8867 Ammo Insights Annual The modern handgunner has more different calibers to choose from than ever before 67
GAN8816 High- Tech Team Roy Ruel Annual The impact of these two futuristic deisgns on the gun world will be felt for manny years to come 16
GAN8820 Fully Automatic and Legal ! J. I. Galan Annual This primer-powered full-auto paint gun is the closest you can get to a real submachinegun 20
GAN8824 Make Mine A Marlin Mike Nesbitt Annual Article on the Marlin 24
GAN8826 The Shotgun Scene Stan Trzoniec Annual Article on the Shotgun Scene 26
GAN8830 Outfiitting for Adventure Thatcher MacLean Annual Article on the Adventure of outfitting 30
GAN8836 Ruger’s American Mannlicher Bert Springfellow Annual How the Ruger Model 77 international rifle stacks up against the European 36
GAN8840 Flocchi Shotshells Wallace Labisky Annual Article on the Fiocchi Shotshells 40
GAN8842 Ruger’s “.30 Magnums” Don Henry Annual Article on the .30 Magnum Revolvers 42
GAN8846 15 Years of Commemoratives J. Rakusan Annual Article on the 25 years of commemorative firearms 46
GAN8852 Aussie Assault Rifles Greg Mattews Annual A new line of .223 carbines from Down under 52
GAN8856 Old-Tim Sixgun Stunts Joseph bilby Annual Some suggestions from 19th-centur hanfgunning “experts” prove practical in modern-day testing, but others are downright ridiculous 56
GAN8862 Bullet Hardness Mike Barach Annual Smart shooting know that lead bullet hardness can make a difference in performance 62
GAN8864 The Misunderstood Shotgun Cameron Hopkins Annual Rifles and shootguns are both fired from the shoulder, but the similarity ends there 64
GAN8870 My One and Only Big-Game Rifle Sam Fadala Annual IF you had to choose a single rifle for all your huting what would it be? 70
GAN8873 Editor’s Choice J. Rakusan Annual In the face of the slings and arrows of outraged gunmakers, here are one man;s personal choices 73
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