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1987 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018720 The Gun Box: Hearing Protection Brook & Barbara Elliott Jan 1987 What type of hearing protection is right for you? 20
G018726 The .45 That Never Was J. B. Wood Jan 1987 A promising design that never made it to production 26
G018734 The TEC-9M 9mm Pistol Joe Zambone Jan 1987 Testing this hig-tech 9mm autoloader 34
G018736 Remington’s Neew Mountain Rifle Stanley W. Trzoniec Jan 1987 A lightweight, updated version of the classic Model 700 36
G018739 A Space-Age Reloading Scale Charles Petty Jan 1987 Measure charges accuratley with the Ainsworth electronic scale 39
G018742 “I Was James Bond’s Armourer” Geoffrey Boothroyd Jan 1987 The true story of the man who took aay 007’s .25 Beretta 42
G018745 The Reload-a-stand Greg Moats Jan 1987 Convenient reloading at home or at the rnge 45
G018746 The Art of the Engraver Mary Anderson Jan 1987 America’s fnest gun engravers show off their work 46
G018754 The First Pistol in Combat William McPeak Jan 1987 Hwo the wheellock pistol revolutionized warfare 54
G018756 Turn You .45 into a .308 Al Pickles Jan 1987 Shootingrifle cartridges in a pistol is quite an experience 56
G018760 Hornady’s Pro-Jector Stanley W. Trzoniec Jan 1987 A new progressive reloading press from Hornady 60
G018706 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jan 1987 Remington’s new Duplex shells combine two sizes of shot for better patterns 6
G018709 Plinker’s Corner Massad Ayoob Jan 1987 Great gear and helpful hints to make your plinking more pleasurable 9
G018710 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1987 Authentic accessories for history buffs, from bib-frot shirts to revolver holsters 10
G018712 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1987 For accurate reduced loads in most rifles, try Du pont’s SR 4759 powder 12
G018716 Scope Scene Bill O’Brien Jan 1987 Tasco’s new 1x scopes are ideal for many big-game hunting situation 16
G018718 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jan 1987 The guns,gear and great groups of Super Shoot XIV 18
G018719 Letters Jan 1987 Letters from the readers 19
G018722 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jan 1987 The Smit&Wesson Combat Masterpiece lives up to its name 22
G018724 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jan 1987 Favorite accuracy loads from .270 Winchester fans 24
G028720 The Gun Box: Sporting Scopes Brook & Barbara Elliott Feb 1987 Choosing the right scope for your needs 20
G028734 A Classic is Reborn Staurt Williams Feb 1987 The Dakota rifle recaptures the magic of the pre-64 Model 70 34
G028736 Tough Competition Raymond Page Feb 1987 A new single-shot pistol for hunting and silhouettes 36
G028739 Have Your AK and Shoot it,too Russ Davis Feb 1987 A Chinese-made assault rifle in 5.56mm NATO caliber 39
G028740 Gun of the Month: A Franchi Hunter’s Package Feb 1987 Win a Model 48/AL auto shotgun with interchangeable barrels 40
G028744 The Ruger Bisleys Walter Rickell Feb 1987 Improving on the classic Colt design 44
G028746 The Savage 99 Lightweight Mike Nesbitt Feb 1987 A look back at one of the handiest repeaters ever made 46
G028750 Air-Soft Fun Guns J. I. Galan Feb 1987 Realistic gun replicas that shoot plastic pellets 50
G028753 Gun Trivia Feb 1987 Test your firearms knowledge 53
G028754 What Price Muzzle Velocity? J. I. Galan Feb 1987 As airgun power increases, so will anuto-airgun legislation 54
G028758 The AMT Autoscale Walter Rickell Feb 1987 Precision powder charges the easy way 58
G028706 Scope Scene Cameron Hopkins Feb 1987 The Burris Scout Scope offers long eye relief for the pracical rifleman 6
G028709 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1987 Is the .30-30 improved cartrdige really an improvement 9
G028710 Air Shots J. I. Galan Feb 1987 World-class shooting with the RWS Model 10 pistol 10
G028712 Cap & Flit Mike Nesbitt Feb 1987 Inspecting an original rifle bearing the famous Hawken name 12
G028716 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Feb 1987 Marlin’s first lever-action .22 was also available as a “big-bore” Rimfire 16
G028718 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Feb 1987 Favorite blackpowder loads .45 auto shotshells and more’ 18
G028722 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Feb 1987 Reminton’s versatile Figure-8 wads work with both 1-and 11/8 ounce shot charges 22
G028724 Benchrest Skip Gordon Feb 1987 The 1986 NBRSA Chamionship: Six full days of precision shooting 24
G038720 The Gun Box: Shooting Glasses Brook & Barbara Elliott Mar 1987 Protecting your precious eyesight 20
G038731 Colt’s New Heavy-Barrel AR-15 Ted Dentay Mar 1987 The AR-15 is updated for the Eighties 31
G038732 The Return of Weaver Bob Bell Mar 1987 The Well-known Weaver scopes are once again avaiable 32
G038734 The Weatherby Riberguard Stanley W. Trzoniec Mar 1987 Weatherby quality in a no-frills “working gun” 34
G038736 A Cavalcade of Cannons Joseph Macewicz Mar 1987 A fascinating collection of minature artillery 36
G038740 Gun of the Month: A Thompson/Center Haken Cougar Mar 1987 Win this beautiful finished blackpowder rifle 40
G038746 The Paint Gun Arms Race Tim McMurray & Dennis O’Flaherty Mar 1987 a look at the latest in high-firepower modifications 46
G038748 The “New” Browning 1886 Russ Carpenter Mar 1987 The return of a classic big-bore lever-action 48
G038750 Handloading Away From Home Larry Elliott Mar 1987 Portable reloading tools for the traveling shooter 50
G038753 Ballistics Then and Now Mike Thomas Mar 1987 Suprising changes in load data over the years 53
G038754 Magnum Accuracy Cluad S. Hamilton Mar 1987 Accuracy loads for high-powered handgund 54
G038758 Reloading Japanese Cartridges Don Zutz Mar 1987 Making Worl War !! Surplus rifles perform 58
G038705 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Mar 1987 Reloads for the snubnosed .357 Magnum require special attention 5
G038706 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1987 When it comes to accuracy,blackpowder cartridge rifles follow their own rules 6
G038710 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1987 Marksman brings us a reasonably pricd spring-piston air pistol 10
G038712 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Mar 1987 This pressure/velocity data for 23/4-inch shells in 3-inch chambers may surprise you 12
G038716 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Mar 1987 Unique powder is one old-timer that’s still going strong 16
G038722 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1987 The Smith&Wesson Military & Police is still the guintessential .38 Special 22
G038724 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Mar 1987 What’s the serect to cast bullet accurayc in the .22 centerfires? 24
G048720 The Gun Box: Clean up you act ! Brook & Barabara Elliott Apr 1987 There’s a gun cleaning kit avaiable 20
G048730 aisy’s World Class Pistols Ladd Fanta Apr 1987 Guns for everything from plinking to serious competition 30
G048734 Half-Breed Sixguns Mike Nesbitt Apr 1987 The rare swing-out single action 34
G048736 The All- Around Scout Rifle Cameron Hopkins Apr 1987 Putting together the ultimate general-purpose rifle 36
G048739 The Combat Shotgun Massad Ayoob Apr 1987 The new wave in custom smoothbores 39
G048740 Gun of the Month: A LaRocca Custom Competition Shotgun Apr 1987 Win this combat-modified Remington 1100 40
G048742 The .44-40 Rides Again ! Stanley W. Trzoniec Apr 1987 S&W introdces a modern double-action .44-40 42
G048746 AMT’s Lighting Strikes Walter Rickell Apr 1987 A quality all-stainless .22 rifle 46
G048748 The Blocker “Fast Gun” Rig Walter Rickell Apr 1987 A modern Western-style quick-draw holster 48
G048750 A Private War Scott L. McCarthy Apr 1987 Terrorists strike at a U.S. airport-but hostages fight back! 50
G048753 The Guns of Hunter van Leer Howard French Apr 1987 This Dallas star is also a gun collector 53
G048754 The Clasic 1903 Springfield Gary P. Hansen Apr 1987 A new look at the gun that won Worl War I 54
G048706 Scope Scene Mike Barach Apr 1987 The new Series 2000 Aimpoint sights are lighter and more compact than ever 6
G048709 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Apr 1987 Everything you always wanted to know about loading blackpowder Sharps cartridges 9
G048710 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Apr 1987 Rolling some hard-hitting loads using Fiocchi shells and primers 10
G048712 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1987 The RWS Model 38 returns,with a considerable increase in velocity 12
G048714 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Apr 1987 Some fine reloads for your favorite .44s and .45s 14
G048718 Old Timers Don Zutz Apr 1987 Once uon a time you could get your favorite .22 with a factory peep sight 18
G048722 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Apr 1987 Ao you want to be a gun writer? Here’s what it is really like 22
G048723 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Apr 1987 Excellent hunting accuracy from cheap surplus Mausers 23
G058720 The Gun Box: Sight-In Right ! Brook & Barbara Elliott May 1987 Accessories and tips to take the work out of sigthing-in 20
G058734 Arms by Robar Barrett Tillman May 1987 Custom guns for real-world defense 34
G058738 Modern Muzzleloading Projectiles Toby Bridges May 1987 Bringing blackpowder performance up to date 38
G058740 Magnificent Mini-Browning Jerry Rakusan May 1987 A custom Hi-Power with class 40
G058742 Browning’s New A-Bolt .22 Stanley W. Trzoniec May 1987 A quality bolt-action .22 with target accuracy 42
G058744 the Tri-Barrel Shotgun Larry Sterett May 1987 The scattegun-and-a-half is now a production item 44
G058747 Three Games- One Gun Walter Rickell May 1987 One custom pistol for NRA three-gun compeititon 47
G058753 Winchester’s .45 Colt “Trapper” Lonnie Lindsey May 1987 At last, a carbine for .45 Colt lovers 53
G058754 AC/DC Ammo Sam Fadala May 1987 Choosing a same-caliber rifle/ handgun team 54
G058756 Plating for Pennies Chip Todd May 1987 It’s suprisingly easy to plate guns at home 56
G058766 The Porsider Pistol John Lachuk May 1987 A new .45 auto just for Southpaws 66
G058706 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1987 Top defensive loads for the Charter Arms .44 Bulldog 6
G058710 Shot & Shell Don Zutz May 1987 Improving your hanldoads with Winchester’s Super Grex buffer 10
G058712 Benchrest Skip Gordon May 1987 The 1986 NBRSA Light Varmint champion shares his views of the benchrest sport 12
G058714 Air Shots J. I. Galan May 1987 New paint guns keep popping up as “war games” grow in popularity 14
G058716 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1987 Banning toy guns: A solution that’s even more frightening than the problem 16
G058718 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt May 1987 Exploding the myths surrounding short-barreled blackpowder pistols 18
G058724 Favorite Loads Paul Allen May 1987 Readers share more of their favorite big-bore handgun loads 24
G058728 Product Reports May 1987 New products from the industry 28
G058757 Bookshelf May 1987 A look at the “Modern Guns” of 1913 plus an exciting Western novel 57
G068720 The Gun Box: Slings and Swivels Brook & Barbara Elliott Jun 1987 Taking the work out of carrying a rifle or shotgun 20
G068734 Loony Gun Laws Robert W. Pelton Jun 1987 Ludicrous legislation thats still on the books 34
G068738 The Blaser “Ultimate” Rifle Walter Pickell Jun 1987 An innovative bolt-action design 38
G068741 Centaur Systems Charles E. Petty Jun 1987 New ideas for the old .45 Government Model 41
G068742 Gun of the Month: A Murden custom single-action Jun 1987 Win this limited-edition custom sixgun 42
G068744 The World’s Fastest Gun Jun 1987 Bob Munden’s handgun records may neverbe broken 44
G068746 Enough Gun Cameron Hopkins Jun 1987 Heym’s .470 double rifle will stop the giants 46
G068752 The All-Around Riflescope Bob Bell Jun 1987 A low-powered variable is the way to go 52
G068754 Swedish Love Affair Clay Harvey Jun 1987 The seductive 6.5mm Swedish Mauser cartrdge 54
G068705 Letters Jun 1987 Letters from the readers 5
G068706 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jun 1987 Recommended .45 Magnum Grizzly loads and other winning combinations 6
G068709 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jun 1987 Is modified choke really the best choice for all-around shotgunning? 9
G068712 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Jun 1987 Setting the record straight about the .250 Savage cartridge 12
G068714 Scope Scene Al Pickles Jun 1987 Bad experience with chap scopes are what make you really appreciate quality 14
G068716 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jun 1987 Here’s what to excpet at your very first Super Shoot 16
G068718 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jun 1987 Favorite selections from Ayoob’s bookshelf 18
G068722 Handloading Bench Skip Gordon Jun 1987 Getting the most from the .257 Weatherby Magnum 22
G068766 Product Reports Jun 1987 New products from the industry 66
G068776 Bookshelf Jun 1987 Reading a good gun book is the next best things to shooting 76
G078720 The Gun Box: Stock Refinishing Brook & Barbara Elliott Jul 1987 Bringing new life to tired old guns 20
G078726 So Why Don’t You Make A Rifle? Jim Carmichel Jul 1987 A special excerpt fro, the modern classic Book of the Rifle 26
G078734 Bag Your Buck With a Handgun George Dvorchak Jr. Jul 1987 The challenge and satisfacation of handgun hunting 34
G078738 Sako’s New Southpaw Charles E. Petty Jul 1987 Sako intorduces a new bolt-action for left-handers 38
G078740 Gun of the Month: A Sako Hunter Rifle Jul 1987 Win this top-quality big-game rifle 40
G078742 Colt’s Instant Heirloom Robert O’Meara Jul 1987 Create your own personalized treasure 42
G078743 The Casey Colt Caper James Mason Jul 1987 A restoration that fooled the experts 43
G078748 The Desert Eagle .44 Mike Barach Jul 1987 The Desert Eagle auto is now available in .44 Magnum 48
G078706 Letters Jul 1987 Letters from the readers 6
G078709 Guns and the Law Jim Schneider Jul 1987 Sneaky new tricks from the gun grabbers in Washington 9
G078710 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1987 Whats new in airguns? Everyhing from magnums to old-fashioned cane guns 10
G078712 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1987 Super reloads for those inexpensive Dan Arms shotshells 12
G078714 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jul 1987 Shooters from around the country share their favorite 9mm loads 14
G078718 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jul 1987 After months of anticipation,youre finally on the line at the Super Shoot 18
G078724 Scope Scene Mike Barach Jul 1987 The Elbit Falcon electronic sight: Another good idea from the Israelis 24
G078732 Old Timers Don Zutz Jul 1987 Why shotgunners everywhere dream of owning a Purdey 32
G088720 The Gun Box: Metal Refinishing Brook & Barbara Elliott Aug 1987 Rebuilding isnt as difficult as you think 20
G088733 Born-Again Bisley James Mason Aug 1987 From ugly duckling to top-quality showpiece 33
G088740 Gun of the Month: An Ultra Light Arms Model 20 Rifle Aug 1987 Pick the features you want on this fine hunting arm 40
G088742 Ultra Light Arms Clay Harvey Aug 1987 Ultra-light,ultra-high-quality rifles 42
G088744 Masters’ Dedication to the African Hunter Stuart Williams Aug 1987 The Safari Clubs newest handmade masterpiece 44
G088745 Custom Gunsmith Profile: Duane Wiebe Ron Swartley Aug 1987 One of the major talents behind the Safari Club rifle 45
G088746 Browning High-Grde Guns Stanley W. Trzoniec Aug 1987 Treasures from one of the worlds most respected gunmakers 46
G088706 Guns and the Law Fielding Greaves Aug 1987 Inconsistencies in the anti-gun philosophy defy rational explanation 6
G088709 Letters Aug 1987 Letters from the readers 9
G088710 Air Shots J. I. Galan Aug 1987 An unbelievably low price for a high-velocity side-lever air rifle 10
G088712 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Aug 1987 Real old-time guns give a sense of histroy that’s missing with replicas 12
G088714 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Aug 1987 Making the .257 Roberts into a truly modern round 14
G088718 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1987 Looking back at the highlights of 10 years with GUNS magazine 18
G088722 Benchrest Skip Gordon Aug 1987 Even the most accurate rifle wont give tight groups without a steady bench 22
G088724 Old Timers Al Pickles Aug 1987 New guns come and go,but this classic Colt will always be a faithful companion 24
G088728 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Aug 1987 More favorite 9mm loads,lus .35 Remington .41 Magnum and more 28
G088748 Custom Guns Jerry Rakusan Aug 1987 A first time try at custom gunsmithing shows it takes more than desire 48
G098720 The Gun Box: Replacement Stocks Brook & Barbara Elliott Sep 1987 From carve-it-yourself blanks to fully-inletted drop-in jobs 20
G098734 The Hawaii Gun Club Tom Rasmussen Sep 1987 Some gun enthusiasts travel 3,900 miles to shoot here 34
G098736 Colt’s New King Cobra Walter Rickell Sep 1987 Another winner from the Colt stable 36
G098738 40,060 Without Miss ! Larry Elliott Sep 1987 A new aerial target shooting record 38
G098740 Gun of the Minth: An RWS Model 52 Magnum Air Rifle Sep 1987 Win this new high-powered precicion airgun 40
G098745 A Classic in Miniature Sep 1987 This tiny hand-built shotgun is perfect in every detail 45
G098746 Investing in a Stock Stanley W. Trzoniec Sep 1987 Fajen’s custom stocks for fine rifles and shotguns 46
G098748 Dumoulin Rifles Don Zutz Sep 1987 Classics from an up-and-coming Belgian gunmaker 48
G098706 Letters Sep 1987 Letters from the readers 6
G098710 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1987 Seek advice from experienced shooters before choosing your blackpowder rifle 10
G098714 Handlloading Bench Don Zutz Sep 1987 Faster powder can mean less recoil from the .44 Magnum, even with maximum loads 14
G098716 Guns and the Law Jim Schneider Sep 1987 The fight for gun rights heats up on the state and local levels 16
G098718 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1987 When Friday the 13th rolls around, even handgun Editor Ayoob gets nervous 18
G098722 Benchrest Skip Gordon Sep 1987 One shot can make the difference between the championship and the Heartbreak Award 22
G098724 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Sep 1987 Favorite loads for the .3-20 Contender .45 ACP .308 and more 24
G108720 The Gun Box: Binoculars Brook & Barbara Elliott Oct 1987 Hunters require specialzied binoculars in the field 20
G108733 Ruger’s New Nine Phil Johnston Oct 1987 A full report on this exciting new 9mm pistol 33
G108737 New Calibers for Classic Winchesters Walter Rickell Oct 1987 Treats for the lever-action fan 37
G108738 All-Day Plinker Bill O’Brien Oct 1987 This 100-round .22 may be the utimate plinking rifle 38
G108740 Gun of the Month: A Caspian Arms Combat .45 Oct 1987 Win this powerful reliable combat-customized pistol 40
G108742 Engraved Elegance Mary Anderson Oct 1987 Highlights of the 1987 Firearms Engravers Guild Show 42
G108745 Custom Gunsmith Profile: Lee Kuhns Stuart Williams Oct 1987 A master craftsmen in both wood and metal 45
G108746 Marcel Thys’ Diminutive Double Jerry Rakusan Oct 1987 This finely-made African-Style rifle os really a .22! 46
G108734 Ruger on Ruger James Fender Oct 1987 Bill Ruger talks about today’s gun ,arket 34
G108736 The Army Handgun Trials James Fender Oct 1987 Can the Ruger P-85 replace the Beretta? 36
G108706 Guns and the Law Jerry Rakusan Oct 1987 Contrary to anti-gun propaganda,police support the right to keep and bear arms 6
G108709 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1987 Self-defense or murder? It’s Friday the 13th and justice takes the day off 9
G108711 Letters Oct 1987 Letters from the readers 11
G108712 Air Shots J. I. Galan Oct 1987 Exciting new designs have revived intrest in CO2 guns 12
G108714 Benchrest Skip Gordon Oct 1987 The world’s most accurate precision shooters compete at Super Shoot XV 14
G108718 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1987 Even the most accurate gun won’t perform without the right load 18
G108724 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Oct 1987 Half-MOA .308 loads, plus tips for muzzle-loaders and hunting handguns 24
G108749 Custom Guns Cameron Hopkins Oct 1987 A custom gun isn’t necessarily a beautiful expensive wall-hanger 49
G118720 The Gun Box: Safe and Secure Brook & Barbara Elliott Nov 1987 Keeeping your vaulable firearms safe from theft 20
G118726 The .30-06 Family Col. Charles Askins Nov 1987 If the .30-06 can’t do it, an ’06-based wildcat can 26
G118742 Occult Colt Horace Greeley IV Nov 1987 A uniquely engraved Detective Special 42
G118744 The Gunmakers of Darra Lars Yager Nov 1987 Primitive workships in Pakistan turn out high-tech arms’ 44
G118748 Gun of the Month: A Volquartson Custom Ruger Mark II Nov 1987 Win this accurized .22 target pistol 48
G118760 Elmer Keith Holsters Bob Arganbright Nov 1987 The favorite design of the late, great hanfgun expert 60
G118786 The Charter Arms .380 Auto Joe Zambone Nov 1987 Testing this super-safe defense pistol 86
G118752 Fit for a Czar Howard French Nov 1987 An exact duplicate of a 19th-century masterpiece 52
G118755 Engraver Profile: Lance Kelly Nov 1987 Fine fireamrs and knives are this specialty 55
G118756 Custom Stockmaker Profile: Dale Goens Larry Elliott Nov 1987 Talking with one of America’s finest craftsmen 56
G118706 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Nov 1987 Alcohol and self-defense: understanding the legal issues 6
G118709 Letters Nov 1987 Letters from the readers 9
G118712 Shooter’s Edge Bill Hughes Nov 1987 Are saw-toothed knife blades useful tools or impractical gadgets? 12
G118714 Benchrest Skip Gordon Nov 1987 European shooters share their experiences at Super Shoot 1987 14
G118717 Old Timers Gilbert Newton Nov 1987 Two Books that helped to modernize guns and shooting 17
G118718 Plinker’s Corner Massad Ayoob Nov 1987 Plinking teaches lessons that could save your hide in the real world 18
G118722 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Nov 1987 More Favorite loads than ever- and the mail keeps pouring in 22
G118728 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1987 The ultimate in reproduction leather: new holsters aged to loook 100 years old 28
G118758 Product Reports Nov 1987 Report on different types of guns 58
G128720 The Gun Box: Taking the Ouch Out Brook & Barbara Elliott Dec 1987 Reducing recoil from rifles and shotguns 20
G128734 The Bernaradelli PO18 Jim Thompson Dec 1987 An in-depth look at one of Itlay’s finest handguns 34
G128736 Super SIG Autos Stanley Trzoniec Dec 1987 Rugges, reliable pistols for serious self-defense 36
G128740 Gun of the Month: An M1a Super Match Dec 1987 Win this super-accurate competition rifle 40
G128756 The Rifle For Kodiak Col. Charles Askins Dec 1987 Big bores for Alaskan big game 56
G128742 Engraver Profile: Angelo Bee Wlater Rickell Dec 1987 Fine engraving and percious metal inlays 42
G128744 The Classic Stock Cameron Hopkins Dec 1987 For real beauty, keep it simple and functional 44
G128746 Custom Gunmaker Profile: Brice Russell Stuart Williams Dec 1987 A master craftsmen in both wood and steel 46
G128706 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1987 Is a man with a .38 snubnose a deadly threat at 100 yards? 6
G128709 Guns and the Law Jerry Rakusan Dec 1987 How the anti-gunners influence our lawmakers-and how you can fight back 9
G128710 Air Shots J. I. Galan Dec 1987 Good news for British airgun fans: BSA is back in business 10
G128712 Benchrest Skip Gordon Dec 1987 Benchrest technology makes inexpnsive synthetic sporter stocks a reality 12
G128714 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1987 Kilbuck rifles: Distincitive,funtional , authentic replicas 14
G128718 Scope Scene Mike Barach Dec 1987 Bausch & Lomb variables for every kind of shooting 18
G128722 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Dec 1987 Data is scarce for bg-bores like .50 Browning machine gun and .416 Taylor 22
G128725 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Dec 1987 Reminton’s ealry autoloaders can still bring home the bacon 25
G128727 Product Reports Dec 1987 Report on diferent kind of guns 27
G128749 Custom Guns Jerry Rakusan Dec 1987 There’s more to a custom rifle than a fancy stock 49
GAN8708 Gunsmithing John Olson Annual Try these professional blueing serects for a spectacular finish 8
GAN8710 Hunting Lewis Fineman Annual Natural animal scents can help you bag your buck 10
GAN8712 Benchrest Skip Gordon Annual Benchrest shooting gains popularity abroad as well as in the United states 12
GAN87102 Bookshelf Annual 102
GAN8714 H&K’s Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle M.J. Van Maanen Annual A semiauto Sniper Rifle Article 14
GAN8724 YOU Can Shoot PPC Massad Ayoob Annual You no longer have to be a cop to shoot in the PPC 24
GAN8726 Hoyt Axton’s Favorite Gun Mike Nesbitt Annual Article on Hoyt Axton’s favorite gun 26
GAN8728 Colt’s Hard-Working Huntsman Walter Rickell Annual This no-frills ersion of the popular Woodsman .22 pistol was one of the handiest utility guns ever made 28
GAN8730 Pratical Knife Handles Mike Nesbitt Annual Atricle on practical knife handle 30
GAN8732 Yesterday’s Miltiary .22s Robert Shimek Annual These aren’t high-powered battle rifles, but .22 rimfire versions 32
GAN8739 The Truth About Dry Firing Rick L. Fines Annual Is dry firing a harmless practice, or is it ruining your guns? 39
GAN8740 A Pair of Pocket Pistols Al Pickles Annual Article on a pair of pocket pistols 40
GAN8743 Clint Eastwood’s “Baby” Auto Mag Walter Rickell Annual Clint Eastwood receives a special .22-cailber version of the .44 Auto Mag with serial number Clint 1 43
GAN8744 Customizing the Rem. 1100 Mike Barach & Chip Leas Annual The Remington Model 1100 is one of the best automatic shotguns avaiable for both combat and field use 44
GAN8748 The Historic Steyr Model 1912 Gordon Bruce Annual The history of this early automatic pistol is as rich as the Luger’s 48
GAN8754 Folding Sight Failures Karl Bosselmann Annual Knowing the weaknesses of your folding rear sights can help you avois future trouble 54
GAN8756 The Glock Strikes Emanuel Keplsohn Annual The Glock 17 is an ultra-reliable high-tech defense pistol 56
GAN8760 The Puckle Repeater Louis Schafer Annual Despite clever rhyming slogans and a design ahead of its time, this early “machine gun” was a doomed to failure 60
GAN8762 The Modern .45-70 Mike Nesbitt Annual This old-timer has been around for more than a century but its still alive and kicking 62
GAN8766 The Great GUNS Trivia Quiz Annual Test you knowlegde on GUNS 66
GAN8772 Browning’s Modern “High Wall” Joseph Rychetnik Annual This modern versoin of a classic single-shot desgin shows impressive accuracy right out of the box 72
GAN8774 The Colt Lawman Bob Murphy Annual The Mark V edition of this mid-frame .357 Magnum snubnose has a redesigned grip frame 74
GAN8776 One Shooter’s Wants and Nedds Sam Fadala Annual Today’s shooter has more guns, loads and equipment to choose from than ever before 76
GAN8779 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Annual Know your sporting cartridges 79
GAN8785 Protect Your Guns with a Pack Rat David Wayland Annual These sturdy floor vaults keep handguns safe in your car or truck 85
GAN8788 Some Thoughts on Scopes Bob Bell Annual Hunters should choose their scopes with just as much care asd they choose their rifles 88
GAN8792 The History of the Derringer Robert S. McKay Annual Pocket pistol design has changed greatly in the past 150 years 92
GAN8795 Gun Talk Gary Otnes Annual All those terms that we gun nuts take for granted 95
GAN8796 Anson’s Mills’ Cartridge Belts E.L. Reedstrom Annual A Quaker farm boyu’s decision to join the Army resulted in important changes in the way military handled ammunintion 96
GAN87100 The .223 Improved Cartridge Larry Elliott Annual A change in shoulder angle can give the popular .223 Remington cartrigde a considerable boost in performance 100
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