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1986 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018631 Mag-Na-Port’s Mag-Na-Finishes Mike Barach Jan 1986 Tough, good-lookng finishes for working guns 31
G018632 Caspian Ams’ Match-Grade .45 Autos Richard Savino Jan 1986 Quality guns for competition and defense 32
G018634 Two New Rifles from Thompson/Center Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1986 Single-shot sporters for today’s hunter 34
G018638 But I NEED that .45-70! AL Pickles Jan 1986 Hw the author bought five rifles in nine months 38
G018640 Gun of the Month: RWS Model 38 Air Rifle Jan 1986 Win a powerfu, accurate spring-piston air rifle 40
G018644 Custom Colt Officer’s Model Walter Rickell Jan 1986 Bullseye shooting, 150s style 44
G018647 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Jan 1986 12-gauge buckshot and lugs 47
G018650 A History of Wheelock Pistols William McPeak Jan 1986 A look at the worlds first practical handguns 50
G018654 Is this the Ultimate Magnum? John Taffin Jan 1986 The .44 UltraMag ebeters the “Most Powerful” race 54
G018609 Plinker’s Corner Massad Ayoob Jan 1986 A session of plinking can be just as valuable to the shooter as practice at a fancy range 9
G018612 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jan 1986 The Remington Model 11-48 autoloader gains an underserved reputation as “cheap” 12
G018614 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jan 1986 Every benchrest rifle has its chamber bored to very precise dimensions 14
G018616 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jan 1986 The firearms training programs of many local police departments aren’t all they could be 16
G018620 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1986 Some of the most popular shotshell powder can create unsafe pressures at high velocities 20
G018622 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jan 1986 Why is the .30-06 s popluar? 22
G018626 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1986 The pains that must be taken to be successful on a hunt with muzzleloading rifle 26
G018628 Custom Guns Mike Nesbitt Jan 1986 Scopes have not always been standard equipment on bolt-action sporters 28
G018666 Bookshelf Jan 1986 Read any good books lately? 66
G028628 Firepower from the Far East Jim Woods Feb 1986 Korean Daewoo assault rifles hit the American market 28
G028630 Evaluating Bullet Performance Mason Williams Feb 1986 how to get the most out of your pet load 30
G028636 Death Wish 3 Bill O’ Brien Feb 1986 The wildey pistol makes its film debut 36
G028638 Franchi’s Para’ Carbine J. B. Wood Feb 1986 A handy take-down .22 autoloader 38
G028640 Gun of the Month: Franchi’s Para’ Carbine Feb 1986 Win this accurate take-down .22 40
G028642 The Wonderful Woodsman Mike Nesbitt Feb 1986 Collectors as well as shooters love this Browning design 42
G028646 The Guild Rifle Number Two Stuart Williams Feb 1986 A spectacular example f the custom gunmaker’s art 46
G028650 A Super-Handy Super Blackhawk Mike Barach Feb 1986 Mag-Na-Port Arms makes a good design 50
G028652 Sights for the Sharps Shooter Mike Nesbitt Feb 1986 Equal the lengedaryshooting of yesteryear 52
G028653 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Feb 1986 The .307 and .356 Winchester revive the lever action 53
G028655 Korriphila: .45 Auto Masterpiece Donald Simmons Feb 1986 A modern pistol with old-fashioned quality 55
G028658 The Unknown Marlin Mike Nesbitt Feb 1986 The story of a very rare lever-action 58
G028609 Plinker’s Corner Charles Petty Feb 1986 Ingenuity in selecting targets can tur any plinking session into a real challenge 9
G028610 Old Timers Al Pickles Feb 1986 The author looks back fondly on his favorite police serv ice revolver 10
G028612 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Feb 1986 Whether it is plian or fancy, the powder horn is undounbtedly one of the most important pieces of gear 12
G028616 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Feb 1986 The semi-bar lock adds strength to a shotgun’s frame while retaining the desirable features 16
G028618 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Feb 1986 Readers share their favorite loads for the .30 herrett and 7mm TC/U Contendor, the Ruger .41 Magnum 18
G028622 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1986 Of course you’d rather be out shooting than watching TV 22
G028624 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1986 While heavy charges of powder and shot were once the norm for trap shooting 24
G028632 Air Shots J. I. Galan Feb 1986 When the time comes to work on an airgun it is essential that the proper tools be empoyed 32
G038625 The 10 Gauge Today Don Zutz Mar 1986 Improved loading make the 10 gauge bigger than ever 25
G038626 10 Gauge Buyer’s Guide Mar 1986 all the current shotguns for the 10 gauge fan 26
G038633 The Harolds Club Collection Mar 1986 Reno’s fmous gun collection gets a new home 33
G038636 Beretta’s New Military Weapons Systems Jim van Driel Mar 1986 The latest in fighting technology 36
G038638 Beretta’s AR-70 Sporter J. B. Wood Mar 1986 Testing the civilian version of this Iltalian assualt rifle 38
G038640 Gun of the Month: Custom Fiberpro Rifle Mar 1986 Win this custom-built synthetic-stocked hunter’s rifle 40
G038642 Son of AutoMag Walter Rickell Mar 1986 This handsome .22 plinker will make your day 42
G038646 Americans Love Their .32s Robert H. O’ Meara Mar 1986 Why this caliber never seems to die 46
G038648 Handloading the .32 ACP Mike Venturino Mar 1986 Improving the perfromance of this diminutive round 48
G038650 The Semi-Auto Thomspon M1 J. B. Wood Mar 1986 The latest in the sem-auto Thompson family 50
G038652 Improve Your Accuracy with Factory Loads Clay Harvey Mar 1986 Getting the most from your gun without handloading 52
G038654 The .45 ACP M/P Exprerss Joe Zamboe Mar 1986 a stainless steel Combat Commander copy 54
G038606 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1986 The Mega-Dart MX-7 slingshot, blowgun or airgun? 6
G038609 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Mar 1986 Cast-bullet .30-30 reloads for everything from varmints to big game 9
G038610 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Mar 1986 For the one-shotgun shooter 10
G038614 Old Timers Don Zutz Mar 1986 The Smith Ideal Grade: a classic double at a reasonable price 14
G038615 Benchrest Skip Gordon Mar 1986 When having a custom benchrest rifle made, pay attention to the winner’s guns 15
G038618 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1986 Once upon a time “.38” did not necessariy mean “.38 special” 18
G038619 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1986 Those funny-looking Buffalo Bullets will modernize your muzzle-loader 19
G038620 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Mar 1986 Winchester’s versatile Ball powders for everything from the .222 to the .45-70 20
G048634 Colt: 150 Years of Fine Firearms Robert H O’ Meara Apr 1986 Colt’s anniversary brings new guns for every taste 34
G048637 The Colt Custom Shop Robert H O’ Meara Apr 1986 Where the masterpieces come from 37
G048640 Gun of the Month: Bernardelli’s Hemingway Shotgun Apr 1986 Win this finely engraved take-down double 40
G048642 Colt’s Shrinking Automatics Stanley W. Trzoniec Apr 1986 The .45 Offier’s Models and the new .380 Mustang 42
G048645 Bring Back The Welbley ! Rick L . Fines Apr 1986 This old British revolver is still one of the best 45
G048648 Scopes: Variable or Fixed Power? Jon Sundra Apr 1986 Which type fits your hunting style? 48
G048650 Sidearms for big-Gae Hunters Sam Fadala Apr 1986 Hip gun for hunters are coming back 50
G048668 What’s New from Remington in 1986 Cameron Hopkins Apr 1986 The Mountain Rifle, Rem-Chokes and more 68
G048606 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1986 Crosman’s military look-alikes 6
G048609 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Apr 1986 When stroming castles, beware the mihty rampart gun 9
G048610 Plinker’s Corner Massad Ayoob Apr 1986 The world championship of pinking? 10
G048611 Letters Apr 1986 Letters from the readers 11
G048616 Scope Scene Al Pickles Apr 1986 swarovski Optik scopes may not be cheap, but you get what you pay for 16
G048618 Benchrest Skip Gordon Apr 1986 The 1985 IBS Championship: How NOT to make a benchrest shooter’s day 18
G048620 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Apr 1986 Ayoob reveals his personal favorites for concealed-carry defense guns 20
G048622 Old timers Al Pickles Apr 1986 The Browning-designed Winchester 1895 is still “Big Medicine” today 22
G048624 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Apr 1986 The 24-gauge shotgun is joy to shoot if you’re prepared for serous handloading 24
G058624 Remington’ “Special Field “ Don Zutz May 1986 Field testing this superb sporting sotgun 24
G058634 The Guns of Roy Jinks Robert H. O’ Meara May 1986 The amazing collection of Smith & Wesson’s historian 34
G058636 the No. 3 Frontier single Action Karl Bosselmann May 1986 Smith & Wesson’s answer to the Single Action Army 36
G058638 Gunmaker Profile; Josef Hambrusch Stuart Williams May 1986 This Australian mastr specializes in multiple barrels 38
G058640 Gun of the Month: The Valmet Hunter May 1986 Win this state-of-the-art semi-auto hunting rifle 40
G058645 Smith & Wesson and History Robert H. O’ Meara May 1986 Not every gunslinger carried a Colt 45
G058646 Black Powder Shotgunning Sam Fadala May 1986 20th century performance from muzzle loaders 46
G058648 Black Powder Shotgun Buyer’s Guide May 1986 A baker’s dozen of fine smoothbores 48
G058655 Know Your Hunting Cartridge Ed Matunas May 1986 An in-depth look at the .308 Winchester 55
G058658 .411 Magnum: Big Bore Deluxe Col. K.C. Duran May 1986 A custom rifle for stopping dangerous game 58
G058609 Plinker’s Corner Charles Petty May 1986 Here’s to the favorite target of plinkers everywhere 9
G058610 Handloading Benh Don Zutz May 1986 After years of use in factory loads IMR-7828 is now available 10
G058612 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1986 The last thing you need in a life-and-death encounter is a snagged hammer spur 12
G058613 Favorite loads Paul Allen May 1986 Favorit accuracy loads for the .30-06 .357 Maximum and .32-20 13
G058616 Benchrest Skip Gordon May 1986 Newly propsed “Fun Classes” offer everyone the chance to try benchresting 16
G058620 shot & Shell Don Zutz May 1986 Is your forcing cone ruining your shotgun’s patterns? 20
G058626 Air Shots J. I. Galan May 1986 The Venom Arms magnum conversions take air rifles into Space Age 26
G058674 Product Reports May 1986 New products from the industry 74
G058676 Bookshelf May 1986 GUNs Magazine looks at the latest in literature for shooters 76
G068634 Shooting the Gatling Mason Williams Jun 1986 Power plinking with a historic museum piece 34
G068638 Winchester’s Classic Doubles Stanley W. Trzoniec Jun 1986 A sampling of these fine modern classics 38
G068640 Gun of the Month: Winchester’s custom Two-Barrel Hunting Set Jun 1986 Win this beautiful limited-edition shotgun 40
G068642 Precision Handloading for Hunters Sam Fadala Jun 1986 Creating loads that won’t let you down 42
G068645 John Brigham Call, Bounty Hunter E. Dizon Larson Jun 1986 Guns and cunning were the tools of his trade 45
G068646 Colt’s Early Longslides Robert Shimek Jun 1986 the automatics that started it all 46
G068606 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jun 1986 The truth about buffered shot and improved pattrns 6
G068609 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jun 1986 C. Sharps Arms’ traditionally-styled tang sights with large apertures for hunting 9
G068610 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jun 1986 Many of today’s quality holsters have never even been near a cow 10
G068611 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jun 1986 New Benchrest equipment unveiled at the shooting, hunting and outdoor Trade Show 11
G068612 Air Shots J. I . Galan Jun 1986 Shooting the new Mauser 3000SL precision air rifle 12
G068616 Plinker’s Corner Massad Ayoob Jun 1986 targets that bang and clang add a new dimension to plinking 16
G068618 Scope Scene Bob Bell Jun 1986 The new Golden Five Star scopes eplace Redfield’s “Traditional” line 18
G068620 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jun 1986 Readers’ favorie accuracy loads for miitary Mausers .32 autos and more 20
G068622 Old Timers Don Zutz Jun 1986 The Sterlingworth was the least expensive of the Fox doubles but it’s a prize today 22
G078621 The Plinker’s AK Walter Rickell Jul 1986 A .22 Rimfire version of the Russian battle rifle 21
G078636 Interview: Jameson Parker and Jack Lucarelli Jon Winokur Jul 1986 Hollywood pro-gunners speak out 36
G078638 Shoot that Broomhandle ! Charles Petty Jul 1986 Tips on handloading the .30 Mauser cartridge 38
G078640 gun of the Month: A Mauser Parabellum 08 Pistol Jul 1986 Win this classic 9mm auto pistol 40
G078642 The BAR Story Stanley W. Trzoniec Jul 1986 The first of a two-part series on this semi-auto sporter 42
G078646 The Handgun Huter’s Hall of Fame Guns Jul 1986 a $10,000 + cased pair of custom Rugers 46
G078650 Russia’s TOZ 49 Target Revolver John Robinson Jul 1986 A close look at a sophisticated Soviet gun design 50
G078654 Super Snubbies Pete Weizenegger Jul 1986 Custom .44 and .45 pocket revolvers 54
G078657 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Jul 1986 The 7mm Mauser is still a fine big-game cartridge 57
G078659 Progessive Reloading with Lee Brook Elliott Jul 1986 Testing the Lee Progressive 1000 loading system 59
G078606 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jul 1986 For fast, sure ignition, it’s har to beat a hand-knapped English flint 6
G078610 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jul 1986 What’s so hard about designng a handgun that’s comfortable to shoot? 10
G078611 Letters Jul 1986 Letters from the readers 11
G078612 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Jul 1986 Experienced shooters often stick to a few favorite guns and laods 12
G078617 Old Timers Gilbert Newton Jul 1986 Shooting books from bygone days can be both fun and imformative 17
G078618 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1986 The 7mm Remington Magnum is a truly great long-range big-game cartridge 18
G078622 Plinker’s Corner Bob Arganbright Jul 1986 Now sem-auto shooters can spend more time shooting and less time hunting brass 22
G078632 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1986 The Cobra Strike rifle revives intrest in .25 cailber air guns 32
G088634 The Second Annual Guild Show Stuart Williams Aug 1986 America’s finest custom gunmakers show off their work 34
G088637 Jay McCamnt, Custom Gunmaker Stuart Williams Aug 1986 A talented artist and his work 37
G088638 Springfield Armory’s Government Model Larry Sterett Aug 1986 Testing this quality budget-priced .45 38
G088642 The Littlest H&R Rick L . Fines Aug 1986 A vest-pocket .25 auto from the year 1912 42
G088644 The Anti-Tank Gatling Gun Rick L . Fines Aug 1986 A Space-Age version of a 19th-century design 44
G088648 Shooting the BAR Stanley W. Trzoniec Aug 1986 7mm Magnum hunting loads for this superb rifle 48
G088658 A hunter’s Practical Contendor Arsenal Mike Thomas Aug 1986 Choosing barrels and accessories for handgun hunting 58
G088665 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Aug 1986 A look at the 6.5 mm magnums 65
G088606 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Aug 1986 Readers write on the .30-30 for rifle and handgun, hunting and silhouette 6
G088609 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Aug 1986 Loading a ball without powder is no fun, but it’ no disaster eithetr 9
G088610 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Aug 1986 To be a good shotgunner, you must forge everything you know about rifle shooting 10
G088612 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1986 Answers to sme frequnetly asked questions about handgunning 12
G088616 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Aug 1986 New premium controlled-expansion bullets for rifle and handun hunting 16
G088620 Plinker’s Corner Bill O’ Brien Aug 1986 Primer-powered rubber bullets provide safe, inexpensive pratice 20
G088626 Benchrest Skip Gordon Aug 1986 Is it possible to shoot well in a boil ? 26
G088628 Air Shots J. I. Galan Aug 1986 Terrific new airguns intorduced at the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show 28
G098634 The Return of the Parker Walter Rickell Sep 1986 A legedary shotgun lives again 34
G098637 The AUG Assault System Robert Bruce Sep 1986 The latest in military small-arms technology 37
G098644 The Lawson .270 Duo Stanley W. trzoniec Sep 1986 “California” or classic style, the choice is yours 44
G098646 Two Calls in One Walter Rickell Sep 1986 A Colt 9mm conversion unit doubles your shooting fun 46
G098648 Sharps: The Legend Lives On Mason Williams Sep 1986 C. Sharps Arms keep the old West alive 48
G098651 The Cellini Stabilizer Cameron Hopkins Sep 1986 A muzzle brake that really works 51
G098652 The Genius of Jim Harvey Mason Williams Sep 1986 The man behind many modern handgun bullet 52
G098655 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Sep 1986 The .358 Winchester and the .350 Remington Magnum 55
G098668 Air Cartridge Guns J. I. Galan Sep 1986 An exciting new development in airguns 68
G098606 Old Timers Don Zutz Sep 1986 The Trojan was the economy-grade knockabout of the famous parker line 6
G098609 Benchrest Skip Gordon Sep 1986 Cash prizes are only a small part of the game, but they help to keep it intresting 9
G098610 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1986 Is the little .32 H&R Magnum the ideal trial and utility gun? 10
G098614 Scope Scene Mike Barach Sep 1986 New optics from Bushnell, incuding scopes,binoculars and a range finder 14
G098616 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1986 Bring a rendezous into your living room with Viking Videos 16
G098620 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Sep 1986 The .264 Winchester Magnum is a real winner at long ranges 20
G098622 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Sep 1986 Put cannelures in jacketed bullets with a tool you can make at home 22
G098630 Book self Sep 1986 Reading a good gun book is the next best thing to shooting 30
G108624 Handguns for Squirrels Don Zutz Oct 1986 A truly challenging hunting experience 24
G108632 The PGW .45 Carbine J. B. Wood Oct 1986 Testing this accurate fast handling semi-auto 32
G108634 A New Look for Browning Autos Stanley W. Trzoniec Oct 1986 The 9mm Hi-Power and .22 Buckmark are new and improved 34
G108637 14- Karat firearms E. Dixon Larson Oct 1986 Fully detailed miniature gund in sold gold 37
G108638 Kimber Keeps p the good work Mike Nesbitt Oct 1986 Exciting new rifle from the esteemed company 38
G108642 A Priceless Pinfire Pistol William Blynn & George Hahn Oct 1986 A closer look at the work of art on the cover 42
G108644 The Saurian 4 Bore Bill O ‘ Brien Oct 1986 Holland & Holland takes us back in time 44
G108647 Holland & Holland Commemoratives Don Zutz Oct 1986 Very special guns for discriminating collectors 47
G108649 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Oct 1986 Metric calibers in old military rifles 49
G108654 The H&R Model 5200 Match Rifle Clay Harvey Oct 1986 A compettion-grade .22 that won’t break your budget 54
G108609 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Oct 1986 The wonderful old .32-20 still has its supporters, but its days seem numbered 9
G108610 Plinker’s Corner H Joe Zambone Oct 1986 Live bullseye Targets put the fun back into plinking 10
G108612 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1986 Don’t give up !even the best shooters have occasionalbad days 12
G108614 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Oct 1986 It takes much more than two barrels to make a true “game gun” 14
G108616 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1986 The Smith&Wesson Model 52 proes not all .38s like the same targets 16
G108620 Benchrest Skip Gordon Oct 1986 The “Big Guns” of Unlimited Class competition are making a comeback 20
G108651 Bookshelf Oct 1986 This month we look at a shooting video as well as some good books 51
G118634 Encore .22s Stanley W. Trzoniec Nov 1986 Two high-quality rimfire make a comeback 34
G118638 The Man Behind the 1100 Paul Allen Nov 1986 The story of Remington’s popular automatic shotgun 38
G118640 Gun of the Month: The Ultimate Hunting Machine Nov 1986 Win this fiberglass-stocked rifle from Millett 40
G118644 Safari Club’s $201,000 Rifle Stuart Williams Nov 1986 A fabulous example of the custom gunmaker’s art 44
G118648 The Paris Pin Guns Mike Barach Nov 1986 Accurate, reliable competition .45s 48
G118671 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Nov 1986 The 8mm Mauser and .303 British 71
G118606 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Nov 1986 Personal Protection Systems makes the fine Charter Arms .44 Bulldog even better 6
G118609 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1986 Improper casting techniques can produce imperfect balls from even the bst moulds 9
G118612 Benchrest Skip Gordon Nov 1986 A rookie benchrest tells what he likes about the sport 12
G118616 Old Tmers Mike Nesbitt Nov 1986 The first double-action Colt played an important role in American history 16
G118618 The Gun Box Brook & Barbara Elliott Nov 1986 This new column on sooting acessories starts out with a look at hard gun cases 18
G118620 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Nov 1986 Your choice of wads can have a great effect on pressure, velocity and pattern 20
G118622 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Nov 1986 Loads for .357 Magnum, .35 Remington, .30-06, .41 Magnum but none for 9mm 22
G118651 Bookshelf Nov 1986 Add a few good books to your Christmas list this year 51
G128634 The Wells .510 Express Ron Swartley Dec 1986 A rifle plenty of power for dangerous game 34
G128636 The Guns of General Patton Charles M. Province Dec 1986 The famous ivory-handled Colt and other sidearms 36
G128640 Gun of the Month: A savage 110K ifle Dec 1986 Win this rugged laminated-stock hunting rifle 40
G128642 The 645 Has Arrived Stanley W. Trzoniec Dec 1986 Shooting Smith&Wesson’s first .45 automatic 42
G128646 Tribute to a Tiger Hunter Geffrey Boothroyd Dec 1986 A custom rifle honoring Jim Corbett, hunter of maneater 46
G128648 Steel Challenge 1986 Cameron Hopkins Dec 1986 the world’s fastest handgunners shoot it out 48
G128665 What Makes a Good Hunting Cartridge Ed Matunas Dec 1986 Last installment in the “Know Your Hunting Cartridges” series 65
G128606 Scope Scene Mike Baarach Dec 1986 These 5/8 inch pistol scopes are lighter and less bulky thn 1 inch models 6
G128609 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1986 Don’t bet your life on a handgun that doesn’t shoot to point of aim 9
G128612 The Gun Box Brook & Barbara Elliott Dec 1986 To avoid damaging your guns, the right tools are needed for even minor tinkering 12
G128614 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Dec 1986 Loading the .41 Smith & Wesson Magnum for hunting, defense and target shooting 14
G128617 Old Timers Gilbert Newton Dec 1986 Major Charles Askins, the Colonel’s “Old Man” really knew his shotguns 17
G128622 Benchrest Skip Gordon Dec 1986 Bill Hall’s Unlimited Class guns are some of the most accurate in the world 22
G128624 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1986 Lead was a precious metal to the American frontiersman 24
G128628 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Dec 1986 Shooting cast and jacketed rifle bullets without adjusting your scope 28
G128669 Product Reports Dec 1986 New products from the industry 69
GAN8619 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Annual Situations where a gun is needed can pop up without warning 19
GAN8620 Old Timers Don Zutz Annual The exposed-hammer Winchester Model 97 pump shotgun may not be much to look at 20
GAN8622 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Annual It seems no one has a kind word for the old .38 Special 22
GAN8627 British Leathersmith Al Pickles Annual For someone who carries a gun every day, the choice of holster may be as important as the weapon 27
GAN8628 The Magic of Magnums Mason Williams Annual The word “Magnum” means different things to different people 28
GAN8634 Air Shots J. I. Galan Annual Tody’s adult air guns are attaining ever greater levels f sophistication 34
GAN8648 Plinker’s Corner J . Rakusan Annual Power Plinking offers new opportunities for bigbore pistol or rifle shooters 48
GAN8606 Modern Single Action Myths Don Simmons Annual The habit of loading five chambers in a singe-action six-shooter for safety is not a modern myth 6
GAN8610 Stamps for the Gun Buff Joe Macewicz Annual Firearms-related stamps both U.S. ad foreign offer an exciting specialized collecting opportunity 10
GAN8616 End of trail Matc 1985 Dave Aronld Annual This competition combines all the elements of a modern combat 16
GAN8640 Gun Bluing Ron Swartley Annual All shooters have sme idea as to what the gun bluing process is all about 40
GAN8652 Synthetic Stocks Are Here Stan Trzoniec Annual Fret no more over scratching your wood stock 52
GAN8655 Gun Test: .380 Auto Pistols Ron Terell Annual While some people have dismissed it as “puny” for many years the .380 ACP has continued to gain popularity 55
GAN8663 Pistolsmithing the .45 Auto Charles Petty Annual Sure, your stock .45 is’t all that it could be 63
GAN8666 Air Gunsmithing Tim McMurray & Dennis O’Flaherty Annual With today’s wide slection of sophiscated air guns, airgunsmiting is finally catching on 66
GAN8670 Civil War Carbines Toby Bridges Annual When the boys in blue and gray went to war the gun designers of the day went to work 70
GAN8606 GR-8 Nylon Rifle J. B. Woo Annual The habit of loading five chambers in a singe-action six-shooter for safety is not a modern myth 6
GAN8678 Nylon Holster Revolution Pete Weizenegger Annual They may never completely replace leather, but today’s sophisticated synthetic holsters offer increased choices 78
GAN8690 The Scope Scene 1986 Bob Bell Annual Nikon has now entered the scope market 90
GAN8696 Quartz-Lok Chronograph Charles Petty Annual This small wonder may be the most convenient portable chronograph yet 96
GAN8697 Welbley & Scott Model 1904 Gordon Bruce Annual Article about Webley & Scoot 97
GAN86100 The ABCs of Colt Collecting Bob bolling Annual Colt’s system of letter designations is known by few outside the Colt factory 100
GAN86105 What’s New n Guns for 1986 Larry Sterett Annual A look at what’s in store for shooters in handguns, rfles and shotguns 105
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