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1985 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018534 5th Annual GUNS Magazin Knife Showcase Jim Woods Jan 1985 The knifemakers’ art has never been better! 34
G018538 The Hege-Siber Pistol Russ Carpenter Jan 1985 The most popular target pistol of the 1850’s is back 38
G018542 Guns of the Bianchi VI Shoot Fred Romero Jan 1985 Revolvers bury the auto pistols 42
G018546 Classic Load for the .44 Magnum Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1985 Author recreates the Elmer Kieth loading 46
G018550 Test Report: Remington .223 Ammunition Performance Edward Matunas Jan 1985 The first in a series of hunting cartirge articles 50
G018558 Silueta’s Top Ingredients Walt Rickell Jan 1985 The three main parts to successful silueta shooting 58
G018532 Test Report: Culver ‘Zero-One’ Rifle Rest Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1985 32
G018540 Gun-of-the-Month: Custom Ruger Redhawk Barry Mowry Jan 1985 40
G018549 Japanese Nambu Type 94 Jim Carter Jan 1985 Strange G.I. souvenir from World War !! 49
G018557 Clayco’s Red Chinese Shotgun Jim Woods Jan 1985 Budget-priced ver/under for the Americna masses 57
G018510 Bookshelf Jan 1985 Read any good books lately? 10
G018512 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jan 1985 Old guns, like old friends, have a tendency to tir old memories and make us aware of a time 12
G018514 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jan 1985 Just because a knife has a dozen blades and tools and comes from Europe, that doesn’t mean make it a Swiss Army knife 14
G018516 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jan 1985 Many huters and shooters don’t nderstand why their guns shoot different patterns with different ammunitin 16
G018518 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1985 For those of you ho enjoy testin the velocity of your home-made loads 18
G018524 Scope Scene James Davis Jan 1985 With technonlogy invading our everyday lives more than ever, consider the application to the shooting 24
G018526 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1985 What looks like a .22 Short but is even more quiet and tame? 26
G018528 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jan 1985 Like any other sport, Benchrest shooting has its super stars and state-of-the-art equiment 28
G018530 Plinker’s Corner Patrick Squire Jan 1985 Plinking is not only a joy to the soul, it can also teach acurate shooting 30
G018531 Wishing Well Jan 1985 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-realted ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public. 31
G028526 Austro-Hungarian Auto Pistols Gordon Bruce Feb 1985 New data on these ancient autoloaders 26
G028534 The L.A.R. Grizzly J. B. Wood Feb 1985 The most powerful auto pistol in the world! 34
G028538 A Star is Born – The P3OK AL Pickles Feb 1985 One of the finest 9mm handguns avaiable 38
G028542 Colt’s Dependable D-Frames Stanley Trzoniec Feb 1985 The highest quality Colts ever 42
G028546 Anatomical Grips George Steed III Feb 1985 Make your own cusom grips for under $20 46
G028552 H&R Magnum Revolvers Mason Williams Feb 1985 Old American gunamker with a hot,new caliber 52
G028554 Ruger Retro-Fit Donald Simmons Feb 1985 Converting Ruger handguns will continue for years 54
G028568 Smith & Wesson Model 547 Dave Reyonlds Feb 1985 Superb 9mm revolver with unique extractor system 68
G028523 Computer Barrels and the XP-100 Paul Allen Feb 1985 The result of three unrelated ingredients 23
G028537 The Sino-American Connection Chester Peterson Jr. Feb 1985 Quality Red Chinese Arms through Clayco 37
G028506 Air Shots J. I. Galan Feb 1985 Few people know that Haenel is a German air gun 6
G028509 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Feb 1985 Buck and Gerber are two manufacturers known for their high quality work knives 9
G028510 Old timers Mike Nesbitt Feb 1985 One of the lightest and handiest centerfire rifles Winchester ever produced 10
G028512 Letters Feb 1985 GUNS Magazine rarely prints any of the letters that come across our desk daily 12
G028513 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1985 Although proper handgun terminolgy is good to know and very approriate on occasion 13
G028516 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Feb 1985 C. Sharps Aarms Company offers more than just fine rifles 16
G028520 Scope Scene Bob Bell Feb 1985 Here’s a new trick that Model 1894 deer rifle of yours 20
G028524 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1985 Magnumm rifles have never been considered as accurate as the sub-magnum calibers 24
G028528 Custom Guns Mason Williams Feb 1985 Custom rifles generally have visually exciting woodwork accented by fine chekering 28
G028531 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Feb 1985 Everyone has their own pet theory about what pellet size to use on game birds like pheasant 31
G038523 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Mar 1985 The .270 Winchester is a shootable cartridge 23
G038525 Magnum Rimfires from Marlin John Rockefeller Mar 1985 A bolt and a lever fr the hot rimfire 25
G038526 Buyer’s Guide to .25 auto Pistols Guns staff Mar 1985 The most popular if not the most repsected 26
G038530 Mechanical Marvels of the 19th Century Lee Calif Mar 1985 Strange guns patented in the 1800s 30
G038533 S&W .44 Special Combat Frank James Mar 1985 Special order gun is a big hhit 33
G038536 The French Connection Don Zutz Mar 1985 Handvrafted guns by Voueland 36
G038538 Battery For a Buck Hunt Jim Woods Mar 1985 Th First Annual Buck Knives Hunt 38
G038539 Kassnar’s new “Churchill” Shotguns Stuart Williams Mar 1985 Test report on the Regent VII 39
G038540 Gunn-of-the-Month Kassnar Doubles Mar 1985 Win one of two new Kassnar shotguns 40
G038542 American Custom Gunmaker’s Guild Stuart Williams Mar 1985 The Guiild’s #1 art rifle 42
G038547 Colt Mid-Frame Snubbies Bob Murphy Mar 1985 The lineaage of these famous Colts 47
G038548 English Police Pistol Gordon Bruce Mar 1985 For 60 years, the Webley Scott sereved 48
G038550 Steady Rest Your Handgun Brook Elliott Mar 1985 A legal means to stock your handgun 50
G038552 Remember the Star C.O. Pistol? Jimmy Carter Mar 1985 Old and broken, it turned out a keeper 52
G038554 Browning’s Take-Down .22 H. Walt Lan Mar 1985 A popular rimfire auto since 1913 54
G038506 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1985 Most ew airgun designs have centered around rifles lately 6
G038509 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Mar 1985 Pocket survival/knife tools are becoming more sophisticated all the time 9
G038510 Benchrest Skip Gordon Mar 1985 One of the most crucial components in the sport os benchrest 10
G038512 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1985 The true purpose of a snubnose revolver is not to be found on the range 12
G038516 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Mar 1985 It is one of the lessons of firearms history that a very fine rifle never become popular 16
G038519 Scope Scene Stan Trzoniec Mar 1985 In the world of high qualitt optics, Bausch and Lomb is one of the leaders 19
G038520 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1985 Many people think that balck powder cartridges ended when smokeless arrived on the shooting scene 20
G038522 Plinker’s Corner Mike Nesbitt Mar 1985 Is there’s one thing plinkers love, it has got to be convenient targets 22
G048516 Reloading for the Penny-Pincher Paul Allen Apr 1985 Save even more with these tips 16
G048522 Air Rifle Hunting Sam Fadala Apr 1985 Use the limited powder wisely 22
G048531 Know Your Hunting Cartridges the 7mm Mag Ed Matunas Apr 1985 31
G048534 Colt Officer’s ACP Stan Trzoniec Apr 1985 New pocket-size .45 auto 34
G048536 Trailsman from Iver Johnson Stan Trzoniec Apr 1985 A .22 Woodsman look-alike 36
G048539 Tribute to Sam Houston Merrill Lindsay Apr 1985 A fine comemorative Colt 39
G048540 Engravers Guild Best of Show Ray Viramontez Apr 1985 Three examples of fine American engraving 40
G048560 Air Soft Guns J. I. Galan Apr 1985 New dimension in air guns 60
G048562 Mossberg’s Brownie Pistol Norm Zaleski Apr 1985 A look back at a rare gun 62
G048574 Military Plastic Ammo Joe Zambone Apr 1985 Low cost training ammo is unique 74
G048577 Targaire – an air pistol from the p[ast Georoge Lowe Apr 1985 Author traces its beginnings 77
G048510 Scope Scene Mike Barach Apr 1985 If you’re looking for high magnificaion in a handgun scope how about a 10x? 10
G048514 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1985 It seems like every time you turn around these days, there is a new air gun design 14
G048520 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Apr 1985 The First Annual Buck Knive Hunt proves to all participants that the long line of Buck blades can easily handl chaores afield 20
G048524 Handloading Don Zutz Apr 1985 Beileve it or not, bullet seating deth can either improve or destroy accuracy 24
G048528 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Apr 1985 A new black,powder replica is always a thrill but when it’s made by C.V.A. it’s even more exciting 28
G048530 Plinker’s Corner Bob Arganbright Apr 1985 When this die-hard plinker and trick shooter moved to a large city his plinking days seem over 30
G058530 Lightweight Mountain Rifle John Olson May 1985 Putting your sporter on a diet 30
G058531 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas May 1985 The .222 Remington 31
G058533 Colt’s New AR-15A2 Jim Weller May 1985 Newest version of the civilian M-16 33
G058537 Ron Wagner-Colt Historian Robert H. O’ Meara May 1985 Guns in his collection 37
G058539 If Your Colt Could Speak Robert H. O’ Meara May 1985 Tracing the history of a Lightning 39
G058542 Replica Guns Go Full Auto J. I . Galan May 1985 Just like the real thing 42
G058548 Single Six Goes Centerfire Dave Reynolds May 1985 Now in .32 H&R Magnum 48
G058550 Swaging Handgun Bullets Joe Zambone May 1985 how Alerts makes bullets by the millions 50
G058552 Guns of the Yellowstone Mike Venturino May 1985 They played an important role 52
G058554 Get a Grip on Your Single Action Bob Arganbright May 1985 Custom stocks make a difference 54
G058574 How Practical is IPSC? John Le Vick May 1985 It’s not difficult to get practical fever 74
G058576 1984 IPSC Nationals Cameron Hopkins May 1985 The ultimate test is here, where the best competitors gather to vie 76
G058506 Scope Scene Bob Bell May 1985 Simmon Outdoor optics is a newcomer to the scope business 6
G058510 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1985 Ther reloaders and the then there are the experimenters 10
G058512 Benchrest Skip Gordon May 1985 When American benchrest shooters travel to Europe for some friendly competition 12
G058518 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods May 1985 There are mnay things which can take the edge off a knofe 18
G058520 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt May 1985 one of the best black powder outfitters in the country is very little known 20
G058522 Plinker’s Corner Al Pickles May 1985 Whether you call yourself a plinker or target shooter, animated targets are the most fun t shoot 22
G058529 Old Timers Al Pickles May 1985 The author has been a olice officer for over 30 years 29
G068516 USRAC- What’s New for ’85 Staff Jun 1985 Newest Winchester’s guns are spotlighted 16
G068530 Confused About Welocity? Dan Cotterman Jun 1985 A chronograph will clear things up 30
G068532 Improve Accuracy for Pennies Bob Grewell Jun 1985 Try a simple trigger shoe-it works 32
G068534 Gunsimth Profile- Pete Grisel Stuart Williams Jun 1985 Stockmarker and man os action(s) 34
G068536 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Walter Rickell Jun 1985 The latest in the line-up 36
G068537 Dischulnigg – Gunmaker to Stars Stuart Williams Jun 1985 Austrian gunmaker with elite clients 37
G068542 Million Dollar Shotgun Roger Barlow Jun 1985 It was not Napoleon’s gun 42
G068548 Charter’s Stainless Revolvers Stan Trzoniec Jun 1985 A look at the complete line 48
G068551 Shotshell Loading is Easy Logan Bertolette Jun 1985 It’s enjoyable and saves money 51
G068554 Sub-Caliber Loads for Big Bores Mike Nesbitt Jun 1985 Cartridge adapters- new and old 54
G068557 General Patton Commemorative Holster Bob Arganbright Jun 1985 A very special limited edition 57
G068565 Know Your Hunting cartridges – 7mm-08 Ed Matunas Jun 1985 Data on selecting bullets and loads 65
G068509 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jun 1985 To prevent your next flintlock hunting trip fom becoming a flash in the pan 9
G068510 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jun 1985 Daisy is ready for those wanting an American made match target rifle 10
G068514 Custom Guns Bruce Thorstand Jun 1985 As in every other endeavor in customizing a gun, if you can’t do it right 14
G068518 Shot & shell Don Zutz Jun 1985 The competition guns coming from Kreighoff are well known 18
G068522 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jun 1985 Call them one-of-a-kind, exotic or works of art they are unique 22
G068524 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jun 1985 The saga of the one-hole shooters in Europe continues 24
G068526 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1985 Squeezing he utmost accuracy and performance from the 8mm Mauser 26
G068528 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jun 1985 Here’ a new way to carry guns and gear to the range 28
G078524 The .256 Winchester Norm Zaleski Jul 1985 Fun with this forgotten cartridge 24
G078528 Understanding Britsih Breechloaders Geoffrey Boothroyd Jul 1985 Development of the double shotgun 28
G078534 The Unknown Gunsmith Curt Rich Jul 1985 There’s unrecongnized talent out there 34
G078536 Custom Gunsmith Guild Stuart Williams Jul 1985 Masters show their specialities 36
G078538 Rambo: First Blood Part II Jul 1985 Sylvester Stallone returns as Rambo 38
G078540 Gun-of-the-Month: Pawnee Scout Jul 1985 Win this limited edition Ruger 40
G078544 Colt Newest- Stainless .45 Auto Walter Rickell Jul 1985 All stainless and all Colt 44
G078547 Shooting- Down in the Dumps Bruce Thorstand Jul 1985 You won’t find a better pratice area 47
G078548 Quick detachable Scope Mounts James E. Fender Jul 1985 A necessity for dangerous game 48
G078550 One Plus One Equals Two John Remling Jul 1985 Serial number collecting fu 50
G078555 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Jul 1985 A look at the .30 Magnums 55
G078506 Benchrest Skip Gordon Jul 1985 Whatever sport is up for discussion, people want to know how he suerstars become so successful 6
G078509 Plainker’s Corner Al Pickles Jul 1985 Plinking with cneterfire cartridges can be costly unless you can find all the spent brass 9
G078512 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1985 Here are some silhouettes specially made for air gunners 12
G078514 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jul 1985 More and more ladies are discovering the fun of getting involved with knives 14
G078516 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jul 1985 What’s one of the most exciting forms of black powder shooting? 16
G078520 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1985 Finding the accurate loads for bullseye is a matter of trial and error 20
G078522 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jul 1985 Despite its ups and downs the name W&C Scott still adorns fine double shotguns with some designed 22
G078532 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jul 1985 Some of the author’s personal thoughts on the misunderstood blank cartridge 32
G088522 Try a Pro-Ported Shotgun Don Zutz Aug 1985 Eliminate the slap on the check 22
G088525 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Aug 1985 The .22 rimfires are hunting cartridges 25
G088534 Guns of Douglas MacArthur Robert O ‘ Meara Aug 1985 Mementos of the Gerneral’s military life 34
G088538 Spanish Shotguns in the Carolinas Jim Woods Aug 1985 Guns of Exel Arms go for Bobwhites 38
G088540 Gun of the Month Aug 1985 Win a Beeman P-1 Magnum Pistol Outfit 40
G088542 Seecamp’s New .32 Auto Charles Petty Aug 1985 In a .25 auto size package 42
G088546 Safari Club Rifle # 4 Stuart Williams Aug 1985 The $140,000 spectacular 46
G088550 Selecting the blac Powder Hunting Rifle Sam Fadala Aug 1985 Caliber is an important as style 50
G088552 Faster Than McGivern Bob Arganbright Aug 1985 Two-gun shooter is the fastest 52
G088554 Air-Soft Gun Update J. I. Galan Aug 1985 Two sources for these unique guns 54
G088574 Six-Guns for Varmints Mike Venturino Aug 1985 You may miss more, but it’s fun 74
G088506 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1985 Should the guns you use in ‘games’ relate to those used for dutyor self defense? 6
G088512 Plinker’s corner J. Rakusan Aug 1985 Power Plinking ofers new opportunities for bigbore pistol or rifle shooters 12
G088513 Letters Aug 1985 Letters from the readers 13
G088514 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Aug 1985 Consistency in the cases is the reason for the accuracy of factory loads 14
G088516 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Aug 1985 When asked to name the King of the .22 ato Rifles, 16
G088518 Benchrest Skip Gordon Aug 1985 Those who bemoan the passing of the era of innovation and experimentation in benchrest 18
G088524 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Aug 1985 An extra special gun deserves an extra specia;l knife 24
G088530 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Aug 1985 The gun makers and ammo loaders are beinning to recognize the speical needs of the turkey shooter 30
G088532 Bookshelf Aug 1985 Read any good books lately? 32
G098532 Gunsmake at the O.K. Corral Bob Arganbright Sep 1985 A modern quick-draw showdown 32
G098534 1985 Steel Challenge Cameron Hopkins Sep 1985 A real test of shooer’s ettle 34
G098539 Gun of the Month: Ebgraved Double Deuce Sep 1985 a work of art by Scott Pilkington 39
G098540 Getting Started in Scheutzen Ron Swartley Sep 1985 A sport combining nostalgia and precision 40
G098542 New Czech .32 Auto Don Shumar Sep 1985 A pocket version oof the the CZ75 42
G098544 Gene Autry Commemoratives Jim Woods Sep 1985 Fancy silver screen sixguns 44
G098546 Weaver nighthawk Larry Sterett Sep 1985 New semiautomatic 9mm carbine 46
G098550 Adjustable Triggers for Airguns Ladd Fanta Sep 1985 Make your air gun a top-noth performer 50
G098552 Synthetics Hit the Stock Market Jim Woods Sep 1985 New fibergass stocks are rugged and reliable 52
G098553 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Sep 1985 The verstaile .25-06 53
G098556 Dixie’s “Half Pint” Muzzleloader Toby Bridges Sep 1985 A new small-scale smokepole 56
G098570 Spice for the Colt Collector Robert H. O’ Meara Sep 1985 Collecing custom single actions 70
G098512 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Sep 1985 Steel shot reloadng components are finally here, but relaoders must take time to learn new techniques 12
G098514 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1985 For women in particular there are times when a gun can mean the difference between keeping control and turning it over to an assailant 14
G098516 Air Shots J. I. Galan Sep 1985 Woud it be a good idea to tote an air pistol for self defense? 16
G098518 Benchrest Skip Gordon Sep 1985 From home workshop gun tinkerers to reloaders and hunters 18
G098520 Plinker’s Corner Thomas Bozick Sep 1985 If you just can’t seem to curb that urge to try a quick draw just like on T.V. practice 20
G098524 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Sep 1985 Survival knives are definitley “in” and the knofe companies are offering a dazzling array of variations 24
G098526 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Sep 1985 Developing an accurate load for any one gun takes a lot of trail and erroe 26
G098528 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1985 Reduced-load blackpowder cartridges dor short range shooting are easy and fun 28
G108528 Give Your Rifle a Rest Brook Elliott Oct 1985 Shooting supports that go anywhere 28
G108534 New Double Action Derringer James Mason Oct 1985 Compact .38 Special backup gun 34
G108540 Gun of the Month Oct 1985 Win a Fox B-SE side-by-side shotgun 40
G108542 The Manurhin Walthers AL Pickles Oct 1985 What’s in a name ? 42
G108544 Brno- Czech Rifles with Class Stuart Williams Oct 1985 Fine sporters from behind the Iron Curtain 44
G108546 S&W’s Fixed-Sight Heavyweights Frank James Oct 1985 Indiana Jones’ revolver and others 46
G108548 The Neutralizer Tunnel Point Joe Zambone Oct 1985 Super-expanding manstopper ammo 48
G108552 Choosing a Black Powder Handgun Sam Fadala Oct 1985 Get the gun that’s right for you 52
G108555 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Oct 1985 The .243 Win. And 6mm Rem. 55
G108510 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1985 A woman’s choice of handgun must be based on a serious consideration of her particular needs 10
G108514 Benchrest Skip Gordon Oct 1985 he best way to learn more about benchrest shooting is to visit a match 14
G108516 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Oct 1985 Many folks believe only a tight-fitting ball will shoot accurately from a muzzle 16
G108520 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Oct 1985 Although always popular in Europe, Fiocchi shotshell 20
G108523 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1985 Shooting from the bench intensifies recoil due to the positions involved 23
G108524 Old Timers Don Zutz Oct 1985 Why aren’t Ithaca doubles as sought after by collectors 24
G108532 Air Shots J. I. Galan Oct 1985 Airgun enthusiasts who attended this years’ SHOT Show found a bonanza 32
G118531 Know Your Hunting Cartridges Ed Matunas Nov 1985 The .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington 31
G118538 .22 Centerfires Stanley Trzoniec Nov 1985 Comparing the ulitmate varmint cartridges 38
G118540 Gun of the Month: Parker-Hale M81 Classic Nov 1985 Win this fine British sporting rifle 40
G118542 Ruger’s custom Bighorn Rifle Bill O’ Brien Nov 1985 First in a series honoring North American big game 42
G118546 The 1985 NRA Show Jim Woods Nov 1985 A look at what’s new in the shooting sports 46
G118549 Frigon Shotguns Chester Peterson Jr. Nov 1985 A new line of compeititon and field guns 49
G118554 New Crossbows for 1986 Nov 1985 Space-Age versions of an ancient design 54
G118506 Scope Scene Mike Barach Nov 1985 In keeping with today’s trend towards light mountain rifles 6
G118511 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Nov 1985 Getting time for pratcice is sometimes hard even for top competitive shooters 11
G118512 Plinker’s Corner Russ Gaertner Nov 1985 The often overlooked art of instinctve point shootng taes pratcie to learn 12
G118514 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1985 even black powder loads can cause separation of old balloon-head cases 14
G118518 Air Shots J. I. Galan Nov 1985 The beeman P1 Magnum looks a lot like a Colt .45 Automatic 18
G118521 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Nov 1985 The latest attempt by Washington loonies to take away your rights sounds like a bad joke 21
G118522 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Nov 1985 Despite what the old advertisements claim the .303 savage is not a suitale cartridge 22
G118526 Benchrest Skip Gordon Nov 1985 Is a shooter has the money, a custom-built benchrest rifle ca be a lot of fun 26
G118528 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Nov 1985 Knwoing what loads have worked for others in a particular cartridge and gun can save a lot of time 28
G128534 A History of Sako Rifles Stanley Trzoniec Dec 1985 From reconditioned military guns to super sporters 34
G128538 Winchester’s Eagle Scout Commemorative Jim Woods Dec 1985 Limited-edition Model 9422 honors top Scouts 38
G128540 Gun fo the Month: Colt’s 9mm AR-15 Jim Woods Dec 1985 Win this handy semiautomatic carbine 40
G128544 Gottlieb Kothe: Austrian Gunmaker Stuart Williams Dec 1985 Creator of hand-made masterpieces 44
G128546 Springfield Armory’s M1A-A1 Robert T. Shimek Dec 1985 Paratrooper-style M1A 46
G128551 The Masuer Model 1910 Pocket Pistol Gordon Bruce Dec 1985 The evolution of a classic semiautomatic 51
G128554 Surplus Guns are Back ! Al Pickles Dec 1985 Revised laws promise bargains for collectors 54
G128509 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1985 Colt’s Government Model and Combat Comman der have been available in 9mm 9
G128511 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1985 Whether they are store-bought or made at home 11
G128512 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Dec 1985 For the reloader or experimeter who is not satisifed with the options of homemade lead ullets 12
G128516 Scope Scene James Mason Dec 1985 For those shots where open sights are needed 16
G128518 Plinker’s Corner Al Pickles Dec 1985 If you’re bored with just shooting at cans, a new swinging-plate “plinking Tree” can provide hours of fun 18
G128520 Benchrest Skip Gordon Dec 1985 It takes more than a fine rifle and a fine shooter to turn in a match-quality benchrest 20
G128522 Favorite Loads Paul Allen Dec 1985 Maximum loads in the .44 Remington Magnum 22
G128524 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Dec 1985 D.M. Lefever brought out the first American made double-brrelled hammerles shotgun 24
GAN8506 Letters Annual Letters from the readers 6
GAN8509 Battery for End of the Trail Jerry Usher Annual The End Trail match is totally ‘Western’ event 9
GAN8512 Black Powder Immortality Sam Fadala Annual Black powder shooting is an American tradition 12
GAN8518 Six Milimeter Rifles Stanley Trzoniec Annual When it comes to the desirability of the 6mm rifle 18
GAN8524 Thompson/Center’s TC-Rifle Al Pickles Annual Most handgun shooters are aware of the fine single sht handguns from Thompson/Center 24
GAN8528 Ruger’s Short-Barreled Redhawk David Bradshaw Annual When it comes to the best big-bore handgun for overall hunting and carry it has got to be Ruger’s Redhawk 28
GAN8532 Introducing the Bren 10 Carl Stone Annual Carl wring-out the Bren 10 in a combat course for evaluation 32
GAN8536 Armed Self-Defense Tactics Brian Butt Annual Article on self-defense tactics 36
GAN8544 Ulysses Grant Speed- Cowboy Sculptor E. Dixon Larson Annual Article on the Ulysses Grant Cowboy sculptor 44
GAN8546 Custom Siamese Mauser in .45-70 Paul Moore Annual If ou have a little spare cash,time and a penchant for a unique bolt-action rifles the you should build a custom Siamese Masuer 46
GAN8552 Latest Handgun Update Larry Sterett Annual Handguns continue to grow in populaity as new designs become available 52
GAN8558 Colt Commander and Silvertips=Perfect Match Stanley Trzoniec Annual Test-firing reveals aspects of this combination 58
GAN8562 Winterkill Pete Weizenegger Annual What could possibly happen when three good friends decide on a Winter hunting trip? 62
GAN8576 New Twist for the Pumpkin Ball Paul Peck Annual How do you make a shotgun shoot slugs with the accuracy of a rifle? 76
GAN8580 Varmint Rifle Roundup bud Lang Annual Varmint hunting isn’t a new shooting sport, but it’s a popularity is at an all time high 80
GAN8589 Marlin’s New Model 1894S Stanley Trzoniec Annual An article describing the new Marlin model 1894S 89
GAN8591 Leather Handgun Holsters Al Pickles Annual There is something very appealing about carrying a fine gun in a superbly-made leather holster 91
GAN8592 State-of-the-Art Rifles Jim Woods Annual There has been no previous time in American history to compare with the sophistication and variety of rifles 92
GAN8598 Airgun Highlights J. I. Galan Annual Air un technology can no onger be confused with BB-guns 98
GAN85106 End of the Trail Match Mike Venturino Annual Is you love the guns and history of the Old West, then you can’t miss the excitement of the only match of its kind 106
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