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1984 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018430 Frost and Thunder Part II Randall Garrett Jan 1984 The gripping climax and conclusion to our story! 30
G018433 Double-Action Viking .45 ACP Dave Reyonlds Jan 1984 ODI offers the only stainless, double-action .45 auto 33
G018436 Custom Knife Showcase for 1984 Jim Woods Jan 1984 GUNS Magazine displays its annual custom cutlery ! 36
G018440 Superior Firearms from Europe Don Shumar Jan 1984 Euroepan Connection to rare and fine gus 40
G018444 Custom Gunsmith Profile: Phil Fischer Stuart Williams Jan 1984 Gunmaking artisan from the Pacific Niorthwest 44
G018449 Combat Tactics for Double-Action Autos John McGivney Jan 1984 Tactics and tips for utilizing these weapons 49
G018407 Customized Ruger Single-Sixes Mike Bedwell Jan 1984 Rocky Teague makes unusual sixguns snubbies ! 7
G018432 Test Report: Taylor MK- 1 Pistol Drum Fredrick Stumpf Jan 1984 For those of you who fantasize about drum magazines 32
G018435 Gun of the Month: The Viking from ODI Jan 1984 Wrold’s only double-action, stainless steel .45 ACP ! 35
G018442 Coors Schuetzenfest Mike Ventruino Jan 1984 19th century shooting at its best ! 42
G018448 EngraverProfile: Bernie Wolf Justin Gleichauf Jan 1984 One of the few master engravers left ! 48
G018406 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jan 1984 It was only a matter of time before teescope sights, muzzlebrakes and shoulder stocks made their appearance 6
G018409 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1984 With the few simple steps it takes to load the muzzlelaoder 9
G018410 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jan 1984 Since the advent of firearms, the combination of guns, and kniveshave added to the mystique of a man’s personal weaponry 10
G018412 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1984 Federal’s new ‘Gold Medal’ shotshell holds much promise for a bright future in sports and field 12
G018416 Custom Guns Greg Moats Jan 1984 Eddie Brown is one of the few custom gunsmiths who does all the work himself 16
G018418 Scope Scene Mike Barach Jan 1984 Do you need a scope for your heavy recoil handcannon? 18
G018420 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jan 1984 Probably the most creative concept in shtshell to date is the Pattern Control Postwad 20
G018425 Benchresting Skip Gordon Jan 1984 The 1983 NBRSA National Championships was held in ‘desert surviva’l conditions this year 25
G018426 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Jan 1984 Savae made their last .410 shotgun barrels for the Model 99 take-down rifle on 1939 26
G018429 Wishing Well Jan 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine, gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 29
G028432 Winchester’s Perfect Cartridge Jim Woods Feb 1984 The .22 Magnum is a superb hunting round 32
G028433 Plain Jane’ Snubbies from Colt Walter Rickell Feb 1984 The Agent now comes parkerized 33
G028436 Beretta’s 680 Trap ‘Combo’ Stanley Trzoniec Feb 1984 Magnificient multi-gun from 600 year-old firm 36
G028442 Classic vs. California Stocks Jm Williamson Feb 1984 Which is best – the ‘stock’ answer 42
G028446 Test Report: Steyr GB 9mm Stanley Trzoniec Feb 1984 Austrian double-action with 19 rounds ! 46
G028450 Mannlicher Pistols from Yesteryear Gordon Bruce Feb 1984 Ferdinand Mannlicher made handguns too 50
G028454 Collectable Colt Single- Action Patrick Rogers Feb 1984 The New Frontier revolvers are a good investment 54
G028440 Gun of the Month: RWS Model 75 Feb 1984 Competition Match air rifle courtesy of Dynamit-Nobel 40
G028452 New Squirrel Rifle from Thompson/ Center Toby Bridges Feb 1984 Cherokee rifle has interchangeable barrels 52
G028406 Ai Shots J. I. Galan Feb 1984 The ‘super-pellet’ from England is a reality ! 6
G028409 Custom Guns Brian Butt Feb 1984 With the formation of thr Firearm’s Engravers Guild of America 9
G028410 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Feb 1984 When it comes to innovation barrelsmiths, one of the best is Stan Baker. 10
G028412 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1984 Trap and Skeet shooters will appreciate these one-ounce 12 gauge reloads 12
G028414 Plinker’s Corner Al Pickles Feb 1984 For those of you who thought that P;linking was reserved for only a select elite. 14
G028418 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Feb 1984 Most people like gadgets that relate to their hobbies or sports 18
G028420 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1984 The Committee for the Year 200 believes that the sole responsibility for promoting the progun cause 20
G028424 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Feb 1984 Many people forget that those old balck powder cartridges had plenty of power, accuracy and velocity 24
G028426 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Feb 1984 If you think the Winchester .33 sounds like a strange cartridge to you, then obviopusly you weren’t much of a big game hunter 26
G028428 Benchresting Skip Gordon Feb 1984 In January’s coulumn the author discussed the cruel shooting conditions and reults of the NBRSA 28
G038434 Shotguns of Ulm Don Zutz Mar 1984 Luxury shotguns from the makers of Krieghoff 34
G038438 Guns of the Famous Mike Nesbitt Mar 1984 Colonel Applegate’s hall-of-fame 38
G038442 A Rifleman’s Rifle Roger C. Rule Mar 1984 Excerpt from the book depiciting Winchester’s Model 70 42
G038445 The Tnnessee ‘Hog ‘ Rifle Richard and Terry Becker Mar 1984 The most enduring Amerrican classic 45
G038446 So You Want a Light-Weight Rifle? John Maxson Mar 1984 Custom Riflemakers really do influence the industry 46
G038452 Weapons of the Raj John F. Murphy Mar 1984 The gunns that ruled an empire 52
G038454 Grand American Trapshoot Don Zutz Mar 1984 The Mecca for shotgun enthusiasts 54
G038433 Engraver Profile: paul Blanchette Paul Niemi Mar 1984 Master artist,engraver, and knifemaker 33
G038437 Stainless Steel Ruger Barrels Brian Butt Mar 1984 Superb accessory for the .22 auto from AMT 37
G038440 Gun of the Month: The Krico 400 Mar 1984 West German .22 hornet bolt-action from Beeman 40
G038406 Custom Guns Peyton Autry Mar 1984 For those wo appreciate fine stock-work with elaborate checkering 6
G038409 Plinker’s Corner Jaime Lopez Sr. Mar 1984 Everyone knows that plinking is a harmless and pleasant activity 9
G038410 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Mar 1984 Of all the modern excursions in shotgun barrew experiments, perhaps the most revolutionary is the ultra-scientific approach 10
G038412 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1984 In last month’s column the author presented the findings of the ‘Committee for the Year 2000’ 12
G038414 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt Mar 1984 The multitude of today’s .22 auto rifles owe their existence to the very first semi-auto .22 rifle 14
G038418 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Mar 1984 Say ‘goodbye’ to the Remington SP field hull 18
G038422 Scope Scene Albert Yendes Mar 1984 How many times have you stopped your hunt at dusk because of the poor lighting conditions? 22
G038424 Benchresting Skip Gordon Mar 1984 It was a welcome change from Midland, Texas, to the IBS Championship at Wopwallopen, PA 24
G038426 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1984 Most people understand that no two mechanical device will ever perform exactly alike 26
G038428 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1984 Of all the bullet moulds avaiable, the black powder breech loader moulds may be the most difficult 28
G038432 Wishing Well Mar 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 32
G048433 Shooting Your Interest Don Simmons Apr 1984 Collect your interest in the gun of your choice 33
G048434 What’s New Smith & Wesson? Stanley Trzoniec Apr 1984 Three exciting guns from the premier handgun maker 34
G048437 Tuning the Black Powder Revolver George Gamble Apr 1984 Olmpic shooters tell how it’s done 37
G048438 African Safari Battery Jim Woods Apr 1984 Rifles and calibers for that frist safari 38
G048444 Shotgun Pistols Bill Larson Apr 1984 Deadly fun-guns from an age of innocence 44
G048446 Airgun Roundup for 1984 J. I. Galan Apr 1984 world-wide state-of-the-art technology in airguns 46
G048450 The Springfield Armory M1A Bud Lang Apr 1984 Superb descendant of the M-1 Garand 50
G048440 Gun of the Month: Michigan Arms Wolverine Apr 1984 Futuristic Black Powder percussion rifle 40
G048449 New Airgun Products Apr 1984 Latest news from the airgun industry 49
G048406 Wishing Well Apr 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 6
G048410 Custom Guns Lin Trapper Apr 1984 Custom’ is a word that makes gun lovers drool 10
G048412 Air Shot J. I. Galan Apr 1984 The European invented the Running Boar target shooting event years ago 12
G048414 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Apr 1984 Why is Federal turning out lots of .32 auto ammo 14
G048416 Scope Scene Brian Butt Apr 1984 Whether you are a hunter,fisherman, wildlife photographer, or natural sportman you meed quality 16
G048422 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Apr 1984 With a uzzle velocity of 4,100 fps. The .220 Swift is one hot varmint cartridge 22
G048424 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Apr 1984 There is somethng about balck powder rifle tha just needs some form of a patchbox 24
G048426 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Apr 1984 There are many myths that plague the shooting sports, espeially when it comes to shotguns 26
G048428 Benchresting Skip Gordon Apr 1984 Repeatability is the one essential quality of benchresting 28
G048430 Plinker’s Corner James W. Phillips Apr 1984 This plin king author has very good credentials when it comes to collecting,reloading, and above all plinking 30
G058425 Smith & Wesson Air Pistols from Daisy Ladd Fanta May 1984 CO’s Look-a-likes for air gun shooters 25
G058432 Colt’s Newest .22 – A Tribute to the “Duke” Stanley Trzoniec May 1984 A Single Action Army to honor John Wayne 32
G058434 The Python Barrel Strikes ! Stanley Trzoniec May 1984 Three revolvers with the under-lug barrel 34
G058438 Survival with the M – 6 “Scout “ Joe Zambone May 1984 Springfield Armory resurrects the Air Force gun 38
G058440 The Immprtal L.C.c Smith Ry Tolley May 1984 Restoration of a 10 – gauge classic 40
G058446 Rifle Silhouette Shooting Paul Allen May 1984 Status report on the sport of Siluetas Metalicas 46
G058448 The All-American Caliber Claud Hamilton May 1984 The .45 is the most famous American cartridge 48
G058450 The Magnificent Sevens L.. R. Wallack May 1984 The confusing story of this fine rifle cartridge 50
G058452 The .44 Super Magnum John Taffin May 1984 Super Magnum of Maximum – cartridge keep getting bigger ! 52
G058437 Gun of the Month: The Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle May 1984 Improved buffer system and scope mounts for this classic 37
G058455 Van Ripper Custom Ammo Brian Butt May 1984 Outstanding loads for hunting,target shooting or defense 55
G058406 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt May 1984 Although the balck powder shotgun may not be as popluar as other muzzleloading firearms, it has a flexibility 6
G058409 Scope Scene Walter L. Rickell May 1984 The W. R. Weaver Company of El Paso, Texas is always improving their product for this shooting sprtsman 9
G058410 Air Shots J. I. Galan May 1984 It seems that whatever trends take place iin the firearms field eventually spills over into the world of airguns 10
G058412 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods May 1984 About the time you get to feeling prety smug about your skill with a skiinning knife, a trip to Africa can be avery humling experience 12
G058416 Old Timers Mike Nesbitt May 1984 Many shooters today think that the custom bolt-action rifle is a current phenomenon 16
G058418 Shot & Shell Don Zutz May 1984 There are as many myths concerning steel shot in shotguns and their performance, as there are pellets 18
G058420 Benchrest Skip Gordon May 1984 Benchrest rifle barrles have a maximum life-span of approximately 3,000rounds 20
G058424 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1984 If you have been looking for a rifle cartridge in .30 caliber that doesn’t have the recoil of a magnum 24
G058426 Bookshelf May 1984 Read any good books latley ? 26
G058430 Plinker’s Corner Al Pickles May 1984 For those in the plinking fraternity .22 ammmo is the popular favorite 30
G058431 Wishing Well May 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 31
G068434 The Art of Gun Engraving Ron Sweartly Jun 1984 How to get started in gun engraving 34
G068438 Winchester’s Featherweight Champion Stanley Trzoniec Jun 1984 This 20- gauge is a field hunter’s dream 38
G068440 New Military .50 Sniper Rifle James D. Mason Jun 1984 Sniping at two-hundred yards 40
G068405 Gun of the Month: Titan .380 Auto Jun 1984 5
G068446 Handloading Review Stanley Trzoniec Jun 1984 new products unveiled at the Shot Show 46
G068448 Colt’s New Government Models Dave Reynolds Jun 1984 Redesigned safety for the .45 and .380 48
G068452 The New 1984 Lineup from U.S. Reporting Arms Jun 1984 Brave New World of Winchester guns 52
G068454 Pronghorn Hunting in Wyoming Jim Woods Jun 1984 The best equipment for a memorable hunt 54
G068406 Custom Guns Brian Butt Jun 1984 How many times have yyou admired a beautifully engraved gun and wished you could afford it? 6
G068409 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jun 1984 How many times do we forget the basic elements when we’re doing something vary familiar? 9
G068410 Shot & Shell John W. Rockefeller Jun 1984 If you are in the market for a high quality, autoloading shotgun that can be adjusted for light field and magnum loads 10
G068412 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jun 1984 There are great many black powder shooters who think that a flintlock is slightly better than nothing at all 12
G068414 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jun 1984 Like any other hobby, the collecting of antique airguns can get into your blood for life 14
G068418 Scope Scene Brian Butt Jun 1984 Beeman Precision Firearms is offering what may be the best short rifle scopes in the industry 18
G068420 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1984 Most handloaders know that pure lead bullets are inexpensive and easy to work with 20
G068424 Benchresting Skip Gordon Jun 1984 The Benchrest sport is based on near perfection in equipment and results 24
G068426 Old Timers Bill Hughes Jun 1984 If you own a Winchester lever-action Model 71, you should consider yourself very fortunate 26
G068428 Bookshelf Jun 1984 Read any good books lately? 28
G068432 Plinker’s Corner Mike Nesbitt Jun 1984 This plinking author got his inspiration from the ‘Wishing Well’ column 32
G078434 Hartmann and Weiss – German Rifle Makers Stuart Williams Jul 1984 The highest form of the gunmaker’s art 34
G078436 Armed Defense – A Woman’s decision ! D. S. Duffy Jul 1984 Shoots down the myths concerning women and guns 36
G078438 Tip – Up Bresschloaders Roger Barlow Jul 1984 Modern concept in an ancient design 38
G078442 Survival Rifles Al Pickles Jul 1984 Charter Arms versus Iver Johnson 42
G078446 Custom Gunsmith Profile: Vic Strawbridge James E. Fender Jul 1984 Master gunmaker with some unique ideas 46
G078448 Ruger’s 77/22 Bolt- Action Rifle Stanley Trzoniec Jul 1984 The long-awaited .22 is here ! 48
G078452 Plastic Cased Ammunition from U.S.A.C. Mike Nesbitt Jul 1984 The wave of the future in cartridges 52
G078454 The AMT Lightning Jim Woods Jul 1984 A stainless ‘non-Ruger’ .22 auto 54
G078456 Half-Mile Handgunning Albert Yendes Jul 1984 What the English can do, Americans can do better 56
G078409 Scope Scene Brian Butt Jul 1984 From the manufacture of the first binoculars to the stae-of-the-art optics today 9
G078410 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1984 Air rifles are becoming more powerful all the time 10
G078412 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jul 1984 Our Shooter’s Edge author concentrated on the knofe manufactures at the S.H.O.T. Show this year 12
G078414 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jul 1984 Are you ready for all-plastic shotgun shells? 14
G078416 Benchresting Skip Gordon Jul 1984 By the time this column is publishes, there will porbably be only one National Benchrest Association 16
G078422 Old Timers Don Zutz Jul 1984 Winchester made a major error in the early 1900’s by not using John Browning’s recoil system 22
G078424 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jul 1984 When it comes to comparing the advantages of a precussion system over flintlock, there are not as many as you would thinks 24
G078426 Plinker’s Corner Brian Butt Jul 1984 People in the shooting fraternity know that plinking is the greastest of shooting sports 26
G078428 Handloading Don Zutz Jul 1984 The 5.56mm is a prolific cartridge in today’s world of assault rifles and varmint shooting 28
G078430 Wishing Well Jul 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 30
G088430 Quartermasters Bud Lang Aug 1984 Ultimate power and accuracy in the .25 calibers 30
G088435 Safari Club Rifle Tom Turpin’ Aug 1984 Record bid of $65,000 won this rile 35
G088438 Smith & Wesson’s Submachine Gun Frank W. James Aug 1984 The only full uto weapon from this manufacturer 38
G088440 Gun of the Month: Ruger 77 Aug 1984 Customized by Lowell Manley 40
G088442 Virginian .22’s Bruce Thorstand Aug 1984 Slick .22 single-action iimported by Interarms 42
G088446 Voodoo Carbine Al Pickles Aug 1984 Revolutionary new concept in .45ACP carbine 46
G088448 Buyer’s Guide to 9mm Handguns Aug 1984 Exclusive list of guns and manufacturers 48
G088434 Biathlon Revolver Brian Butt Aug 1984 Smith & Wesson’s contribution to the Olympics 34
G088433 Engraver Profile: E.F. Clark Don Findley Aug 1984 Master engraver from Lubbock, Texas 33
G088456 Unseen Olympics Jerry Rakusan Aug 1984 The Shooting sports ignored by television 56
G088406 Air Shots J. I. Galan Aug 1984 Air guns are coming on strong in 1984 ! 6
G088409 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Aug 1984 At last there is a shotgun patterning target, known as the Winchester Printed Pattern Target 9
G088410 Scope Scene Dick Thomas Aug 1984 If you are the kind of hunter who is hard on his equipment 10
G088412 Old Timers Ladd Fanta Aug 1984 What does USRA mean to you ? 12
G088414 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1984 Ever hear of a bad Ruger? That’s because Bill Ruger never designed a lemon 14
G088418 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Aug 1984 There is more to ‘bucksmithing’ than black powderand white smoke 18
G088420 Wishing Well Aug 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 20
G088424 Handlaoding Bench Don Zutz Aug 1984 For those rifleemen who enjoy nostalgia, the Remigton Model 700 Classic is being made in a limited run 24
G088426 Plinker’s Corner Jerry Rakusan Aug 1984 By now, most people must realize that plinking is at the heart of the shooting sports 26
G088428 Bookshelf Aug 1984 Read any good books lately? 28
G098428 Camper/Survival from Savage Johhn W. Rockefeller Sep 1984 Up-to-date concept in an outforr combo gun 28
G098434 Krico .22 Silueta Rifle Walter Rrickell Sep 1984 New beeman import designed to compete with Anschutz 34
G098438 Buffalo Bill’s 1860 Colt Army Revolver Merril Lindsay Sep 1984 Unique commemorative honoring the man and his life 38
G098440 Gun of the Month: Roy Rogers Commemorative Jerry Ahern Sep 1984 A custom Ruger depicitng the ‘King of Cowboys’ 40
G098442 Remington’s Custom Gun House stanley Trzoniec Sep 1984 Inside America’s custom rifle works 42
G098446 The 1877 Sharps Rifle Mike Venturino Sep 1984 One of the most accurate and beautiful rifles ever made 46
G098406 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Sep 1984 There has always been a market for a quality shotgun that handled well and was made in the U.S.A. 6
G098410 Benchresting Skip Gordon Sep 1984 Most competing shooters have’nt the slightest idea what goes into organzing a major match 10
G098412 Scope Scene Bob Bell Sep 1984 The year 1984 mean different things to many people 12
G098416 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Sep 1984 Historians know that the finest edged steel came from the swordmakers of Japan 16
G098422 Handloading Don Zutz Sep 1984 It is no serect that the Germans have always been leaders in the scientific aspect of guns and ammunition 22
G098424 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1984 Black powder revolvers can be a lot of fun 24
G098426 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1984 Having trained some 1,500 people in handgun defense ast year 26
G098430 Bookshelf Sep 1984 Read any good books latley? 30
G098432 Wishing Well Sep 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 32
G098452 Old Timer’s Mike Nesbitt Sep 1984 Many cartridges made the transition from black powder to the new smokeless variety 52
G108436 Ruger #1 12- Gauge Roger Barlow Oct 1984 What is a Ruger #1 Shotgun ? 36
G108438 The New Vanguard Rifles from Weatherby Stanley Trzoniec Oct 1984 These improved rifles are setting new ndustry standards 38
G108440 Gun of the Month: Cstom Lynx Rifle Joe Morrison Oct 1984 40
G108442 Gunmaker Profile: Roger Green Stuart Williams Oct 1984 Expect to hear more from this master gunsmith 42
G108446 Buyer’s Guide to Autoloading Shotguns Oct 1984 Exclusive list of the gns and manufacturers 46
G108452 Taylor Slip- In Bullets John Taffin Oct 1984 \Get the most out of shooting ! 52
G108454 Screwdrivers for Guns Pete Mazur Oct 1984 The simplest tool can destroy a masterpiece 54
G108406 Air Shots J. I. Galan Oct 1984 Dynamit Nobel is now distributing three new spring-piston, brrel-cocking air rifles 6
G108408 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Oct 1984 We will probably never see a .410 skeet shotgun again, but one of the finest pumpguns in this tiny caliber 8
G108414 Scope Scene Bob Bell Oct 1984 In the post-war years, Weatherby mad more than high-powered rifles 14
G108417 Plinker’s Corner Brian Butt Oct 1984 If your informal plinking sessions need some excitement, then try targets that explode when shot ! 17
G108418 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Oct 1984 There have been many makers of reproduction black powder rifles over the years 18
G108422 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1984 Part II of Massad Ayoob’s self-defense loads deals exclusively with the big bore handgun rounds 22
G108426 Benchrest Skip Gordon Oct 1984 The first major benchrest event of the year, the Cactus Classic 26
G108432 Wishing Well Oct 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 32
G118434 The New Charter Arms .380 Stanley Trzoniec Nov 1984 Stainless pocket pistol from a U.S. company 34
G118436 Lynton McKenzie: Engraver Supreme Paul Allen Nov 1984 one of the world’s top firearms engravers 36
G118440 Gun of the Month: The Carl Gustaf Rifle Jim Woods Nov 1984 The return of a classic to the American market 40
G118442 The Care and Feeding of Auto Pistols Stanley Trzoniec Nov 1984 Automatics need love too ! 42
G118448 Rommel’s Counterfeit Revolver Al Pickles Nov 1984 Never judge a gun unless you actually see it ! 48
G118450 Springfield 1861 Toby Bridges Nov 1984 A replica that’s better than the original 50
G118452 Rimfire Revolver Roundup John W. Rockefeller Nov 1984 The best value guns are American-made 52
G118457 Bolt-Action Pressures in Lever Guns L. R. Wallack Nov 1984 Two hot cartirdges for the Model 94a nd Marlin 57
G118416 Smith & Wesson Field Barrel Stanley Trzoniec Nov 1984 Makes the target Model 41 a ‘field ‘ gun as well 16
G118445 British Colt Confusion E. Dixon Larson Nov 1984 Sorting out the Eley/ Boxer Colts 45
G118406 Air Shots J. I. Galan Nov 1984 Don’t let te first glance fod you 6
G118409 Scope Scene Russ Carpenter Nov 1984 Thompson/Center does more than m,ake fine rifles and handguns, they aso manufacture excellent ElectraDot rifle scopes 9
G118410 Plinker’s Corner Al Pickles Nov 1984 What better way to insure positive feelings toward the shooting sports than to teach the women in our lives? 10
G118412 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Nov 1984 Part III of Massad Ayoob’s defense loads series concludes wih the micro-calibers 12
G118420 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Nov 1984 It was only a matter of time before knife grips were made out of stainless steel 20
G118422 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1984 Early smoothbore muskets were meant to be fired once and used as a spear or pike thereafter 22
G118426 Old Timers Massad Ayoob Nov 1984 There were many fine American rifles made in the early 1900’s 26
G118428 Wishing Well Nov 1984 GUNS Magazine believes there are many fine gun-related ideas alive in the minds of the shooting public 28
G118430 Benchresting Skip Gordon Nov 1984 The Crawfish Invitational has got to be the best benchrest tournament there is 30
G128432 Benelli Autoloading Shotgun Don Zutz Dec 1984 Unique Italian method for harnessing recoil 32
G128434 Left-Hand Heym Jim Woods Dec 1984 Classic German safari rifle for southpaws 34
G128436 Shotguns by Armi Marocchi Stuart Williams Dec 1984 Gorgeous guns from Italian artisans 36
G128438 The Sevens of Silhouette Bruce Thorstand Dec 1984 Handgunning with the hot 7mm wildcat 38
G128444 Engraver Profile: George Sherwood Mike Nesbitt Dec 1984 Hard t believe he was ever a beginner 44
G128450 Pachmayr Hunting School Stuart Williams Dec 1984 Hunting school for the novice or veteran 50
G128452 Iver Johnson’s Pocket Trio John Rockefeller Dec 1984 Old American gunmaker’s three pocket pistols 52
G128454 Dracula Droppers for Home Defense Joe Zambone Dec 1984 Oak slugs fr your .44 magnum 54
G128456 Snubbies are for Suckers Claud Hamilton Dec 1984 After careful testing, snubbies are condemned 56
G128440 Gun-of-the-Month: Mossberg’s 5500 Autoloader Dec 1984 40
G128449 Marlin’s .30-30 Texan Mike Nesbitt Dec 1984 A verstaile rifle for an old time favorite 49
G128406 Benchrest Skip Gordon Dec 1984 Benchrest Super Shoots are always the scene of anxiety,tension,heartbreak,and good fun 6
G128409 Scope Scene Bob Bell Dec 1984 Leupold and Stevens may not be he oldest or the biggest scope maker in the country 9
G128410 Air Shots J. I. Galan Dec 1984 The trend in air guns these days is increased power 10
G128412 Plinker’s Corner Joe Alinsky Dec 1984 After sorting through the stacks of articles received in the Plinker’s Contest, we at GUNS Magazine have chosen the following article 12
G128416 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1984 Recongnized as one of America’s leading combat handgun experts 16
G128420 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Dec 1984 Hollow-handled survial knoves are definitely here to stay 20
G128422 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Dec 1984 One of th most beautiful and unique double gns was the Darne 22
G128424 Old Timers Phil Johnston Dec 1984 How would you like a revolver that fires .22 Long Rifle ammunition as well as a hot neckeddown .357 magnum? 24
G128426 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1984 Black powder handlaoders have long known the need for a gas chjeck over their powder loads 26
GAN8433 Assault Rife Accessories Pete Weizenegger Annual These assault/survival rifles are among the best in the world 33
GAN8464 How to Buy Used Guns C. George Charles Annual The defects you spot before you lay down your cash could save you from financial disaster 64
GAN8406 What Would You Do? George Russell Annual Article on what would you do 6
GAN8422 Savage Over-Under Guns Mel Arthur Annual More than a million of these unique combination guns have been sold 22
GAN8446 Contender Combo Dale Storey Annual A four-in-one set using the Contender action that’s ready for a wide variety of game 46
GAN8478 Current Chronographs Kenneth L. Walters Annual Comparing the old and new for vaules in expensive and maybe indispensable tools 78
GAN8412 Air Shots J. I. Galan Annual Article on air shots 12
GAN8413 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Annual Rugged,reiable,practical: The Swiss Army Knife lives ! 13
GAN8414 Test Report- Secamp .25 ACP Dave Reynolds Annual Potent pocket pistol features fast,double-action only operation 14
GAN8416 Swenson Combat .45s Dick Thomas Annual Copied by many- surpassed by few ! 16
GAN8428 M-16 Rifleman’s Rifle? Joe Montswillo Annual Hated,loved,scorned and admired the M – 16 28
GAN8445 Gun Test – S&W M-1500 Stuart Williams Annual Teamed with a Burris scope and with a bit of tuning, it performed well in the field 45
GAN8482 Air Guns Annual Article on air guns 82
GAN8484 What’s New for 83-84 Annual Article on whats new for ’83-’84 84
GAN8490 Black Powder Guns Annual Article on balcpowder guns 90
GAN84115 Long Guns Annual List of rifles 115
GAN84128 Military – Style Rifles Annual List of military type rifles 128
GAN84130 Directory of Manufacturers and Improters Annual A list of all the Firearms Manufacturers and Importers 130
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